Passion Fruit Juice


Millet of Davao mentioned passion fruit juice in my pavlova post a few days ago, and I recall the same suggestion was also mentioned the first time I featured passion fruit, here. So I decided to experiment with several more wrinkled and ripe passion fruit left over from the Bacolod trip. I added the pulp and seeds of 5-6 very ripe passion fruit into a small pitcher, added water and cooled simple syrup. Mix well. After 1-2 hours in the fridge, it tasted surprisingly good!


We drank this with seeds and all the first time around, but strained it for round two. Straining it is highly recommended. I can better appreciate why a good tart/sweet passion fruit is attractive to chefs and foodies alike. And since we only paid 50 centavos per fruit, a 10-12 oz glass probably cost less than a peso to make… If you make a very concentrated passion fruit extract, I bet it WOULD make a great sorbet as suggested anonymous Paul in previous posts on this fruit. If you have never tried this juice, it’s worth the minimal effort! And since it’s santol season, you may want to revisit this santol juice post that was equally refreshing!


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  1. I miss passion fruit juice. I don’t seem to see anyone selling the fruit here in Cavite. To think than when we still had a vine of the fruit we just threw away the extra fruit due to overabundance!!!!!!!!

  2. i would love to try that! by the way, are there any available pomegranates in philippines?

  3. I love passion fruit juice! When we were still kids, my cousins and I would get the fruit from my grandfather’s passion fruit vine and make some juice. Back then we call the fruit ‘oranges’ since we don’t know what’s the real name. =)

  4. I love passion fruit juice! When we were still kids, my cousins and I would get the fruit from my grandfather’s passion fruit vine and make some juice. Back then we call the fruit ‘oranges’ since we don’t know what’s the real name. =)

  5. since passion fruits here are so expensive, i just buy a frozen mango and passion fruit concntrated drink. that and a pitcher of cold water with lots of ice can be satisfying…

  6. Our former helper used to make this juice when I was still in elementary.. I think she got the fruit from a relative in Calinan.. anyway, it brought back memories, especially of me planting the seeds and waiting in vain for them to grow. And they didn’t. :(

  7. Passion Orange add Guava Nectar so refreshing tha iswhat we call POG here, that decanter is really hard to clean though :)

  8. The pitcher, Nina and Rona, is available at Crate and Barrel. They come in 2 sizes. I got mine at a garage sale last year and I lucked out…got the big pitcher for $2.00!!!!

  9. MM…how about putting your passion fruit lemonade in ice cube trays. When frozen, plop them in your glass and add soda water. I think it is going to look so pretty!

    Bebot, your POG will work as well…frozen cubes just like above and add soda water…beats cleaning the pitchel!…oh, even better make it into GRANITA!!! Then add bubbly or soda water!

  10. out of post: Former President Cory Aquino died today at 3:18 am (Manila time) due to cardio-respiratory arrest… She will always be remembered as the woman who restored the institutions of democracy by leading a peaceful revolution that brought down a dictatorship. May you rest in peace..She is now in the arms of the Lord…

  11. I am amused by the reactions to the pitcher… :) The pitcher is glass, and a standard at Crate & Barrel for the past few years, a best seller I gather. These are the small sized ones, we also have the bigger ones, very reasonably priced and extremely useful and handy, not delicate at all.

  12. we spent a few years of our childhood at Dole Phil, in Cotabato…the american employees from Hawaii brought with them Passion Fruit, which they call Lilikoi….just some trivia…

    we enjoyed the juice and fruit—i remember, nanay made some kind of pie, like lemon meringue pie, out of the juice..try making one, MM..

  13. nice pitcher but the shots are better !
    nice composition MarketMan!
    nice of you to visit bacolod again.

  14. Just FYI: KABLON FARMS is a local brand here in Socsksargen that sells passionfruit concentrate (with kalamansi or guyabano) and passionfruit jelly in bottles. Their farm is in Tupi, So. Cotabato. They’re all fresh, healthy & organic. So far, they have good reviews.

  15. Its the pitcher and professional photo makes this looks very delicious to drink,its a kind of attracting my taste buds! Im familiar with this passion fruit as they says as there is no house with out this in his backyard in my home town many years ago..i remember calling it “mansa flora” or “peras” and we dont eat much of this unless with other kids..its like an accessory vine plant that bear shiny yellow fruits and very attractive indeed, they looks beautiful even not ripe with that green and white spots in it…

  16. off-post: MM, with you permission, I might post your ‘Okra with Aligue’ dish in my blog soon as I got inspired and did my own version and a pasta dish with aligue as well…so thanks again for the idea. I’m also happy to note that I got my best chum Jen Laceda hooked on your blog as well :)

  17. Passion fruit juice is really good and refreshing especially on a hot summer day. I remember having this before our passion fruit vine (or is it trellis) was cut down.

    Love the pitcher!

  18. MM and Millet: since you have an abundance of passion fruit, make it into a PASSION FRUIT CURD! …excellent Christmas presents…then make whipped cream and fold into the curd like creme chantilly. Fill profiteroles with it. Make also a base for St. Honore: puff pastry bottom (docked) and choux paste ring …pipe around the edges about 1/2 inch thick ( do this twice like side by sde and then another ring on top of the bottom ring so you have asort of a pyramid. Bake. Then fill with PASSION FRUIT CREME. To stabilize it, add abit of gelatine (dissolved). Dip the prifiteroles first in dark chocolate or white chocolate.

  19. Want to try this….I’ve tried the Santol juice since I have a santol tree…and it’s so refreshing….

  20. Last year I was able to buy a similar pitcher at SnR Alabang.But I haven’t seen one at their aisles lately.

  21. thanks, bettyq..passionfruit curd sounds interesting. i probably need to use the same recipe as lemon curd and just substiture the lemon juice with passionfruit juice?

  22. Yup, Millet! The color will be striking deep yellow, (nice!!!) and the flavour intensified if you mix it with citrus like DALANDAN. You can leave out the seeds of teh passion fruit if you want but I wouldn’t so people will know it is really PASSION FRUIT! pLAY AROUND WITH THE AMOUNT OF SUGAR THOUGH. i WOULD LESS FIRST and taste it since you can alweays add mre if needed. MM has a post on it but I can give you my proportions of the Lemon curd if you want. I make a huge quantity so just cut it down to suit your needs!

    It is scorching hot here now….we are having a heat wave so you can just imagine the amounts of iced tea we consume. But I don’t let the boys drink those powdered stuff. Just like BAGITO said, PASSION ICED TEA is so refreshing. It can be quite expensive having that at Starbucks all the time. So, I cloned it. I will have the same color if I used the Passion tea bag. But the boys do not care as long as it taste the same. So, I make my own iced tea first…CLEAR ONE is important. Then I make a PASSION FRUIT LEMONADE CONCENTRATE(make a simple syrup, add lemon strips(no white puith!) and let t boil for 5 minutes. Turn off heat, addd the passion fruit juice and let it steep. Then strain. Then in a glass, add the cold iced tea and passion fruit syrup and fill with ice. For proportions, I usually do half iced tea and maybe 1/4 or less of the syrup and fill the glass with ice. For proportuions of PASSION FRUIT LEMONADE CONCENTRATE>>>juice of about 8 passion fruits, rind of about 2 to 3 lemons, 2 cups water and 2 cups sugar. Oh, this time …you have to strain the seeds MIllet! Then bottle it.

    Chris, you are looking for somethg to sell at bazaars? I think this will be a hit esp. in the summer. You have to include the recipes tied to the bottle though to use for PASSION FRUIT SHAKEN ICED TEA!

  23. Millet…another one to make is Passion Fruit cocktail…scoop up the pulp and strain as much pulp as you can in a strainer…then add a bit of sugar. In a champagne glass, put some of the sweetened pulp and top with bubbly…if mangoes are in season, puree thwe mangoes and strain if too hairy…then mix some of the passion fruit pulp amd mango puree and top up with bubbly again…have to served chilled! If you don’t have bubbly, soda water will do!

  24. I forgot, Millet…the Passion Fruit Curd….soooooooo good with scones! Do you know the secret of light, flaky scones? Besides the chilled butter…use CAKE FLOUR! To cut down on the time, I make a BIIIIIG batch of the dry mix and store them in zip plock and freeze! So, when the boys have a hankering for scones for breakfast, I just take what I need and add the liquid and bake….even better….BITE SIZE BLUEBERRY SCONES topped with Passion Fruit Curd (or Lemon Curd)

    Do you make scones, Artisan? Try subbing the APF with Cake flour. I can give you my proportions if you want. It is the same one I use for Savoury scones (bacon rules!), cheese and chives!

  25. Crap! I was just in the US last week, and am not planning to return till next year. No pitcher for me. :-(

  26. i wanna taste the passion fruit…… i wana know how to prepared a good passsion fruit juice

  27. bettyq, thanks for the scones idea. one thing i did not like about scones before was that they tended to toughen up very soon after cooling. i thought it was because of our watery butter here, but susbsituting cake flour for apf did the trick. nice tip about freezing, too. i have a ton of dates in my fridge and am thinking of using them (cut up in small pieces) in the scones instead of dried cranberries.

  28. Hi! everyone, i just wanted to let you know that we are currently processing passion fruit puree/concentrate, jams jellies. we also have freshly extracted passion fruit juice with pulp bits.Our Farm is located in Quezon Province.

    You can contact us through these numbers for orders details about our Passion fruit products. (042-9111363/0245403163) or 09279005793/09223933553.

    Edmund Leo Rico
    Pithecophaga Jefferyi Trading

  29. i did try that mixing, ya its good but drinking the pure syrup of passion fruit is really much more heavenly tastier ,you can really fell the difference

  30. hi..i’m jhess from U.P los banos taking up B.S. Agriculture.. i am working with passion fruit as my thesis. anyone who can recommend me some literature about the fruit? thank you…

  31. Hi, I’m Gale Carillo from UP Los Banos. I’m about to use passion fruit to produce a ready-to-drink juice for my Special problem (Thesis). I badly need to know where we can get suppliers of fresh passion fruit juice. I really hope you could help me with my dilemma. Thank you in advance.

  32. I grow Passion fruits in Eldoret, Kenya. Every week I harvest two tons.

    I would like to get a market to sell to. Please help.

    Peter Maina,
    Mafuta Farm,
    P.O. Box 41,
    Moiben 30104,

    Cell Phone +254725322210

  33. almost 30years ago i used to drink passion fruit juice because one of our MA boardmates (we are only 4 in the b-haus, 2 girls & 2 boys, the other boy w/ a remarkable height had a Malaysian gf, we, girls were already working in a state-run university) who was studying this fruit as his thesis would bring lots of this fruit in our b-haus. can’t remember his name but if he ever read this, i would like him 2 know that I’m 4ever thankful 4 sharing us his passion fruit.

    any pitcher will do for this juice as long as it is not plastic..

  34. hi Emerald! can i get your landline? want some passion fruits. thanks! here’s my number 02-782-7777 (loc 1426).

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