Philippine Blog Awards… “And the Winner is…”


“And the Winner Is…” Would you believe it? THE KID??? Yup! Marketman, Mrs. Marketman and The Kid went to attend the Philippine Blog Awards this evening at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium at the RCBC Building in Makati. After a late start, the awards were rapidly announced and for the Category “Home & Living,” congratulations go out to Toni of Wifely Steps!! After a few more awards, some sponsor donated prizes were chosen and the winners were announced and asked to come up on stage to claim their prizes. The Kid won two Sanyo Triple AAA rechargeable batteries!!! She did the walk to the podium and across the stage with confidence and panache, I must say, and the absolute GLEE on her face was obvious! She has never won anything before… Then at the end of the Main Category Awards, Globe (a major sponsor) awarded five special awards and congratulations go to Lori of DessertComesFirst for the Deliblog Award, which I presume stands for Delicious Blog Award, so well-deserved… So BOOHOO for Marketman, no Main Category Award and no Deliblog Award…


But, APRIL FOOLS EVERYONE!!! I simply couldn’t believe it myself! Out of 60 nominees for the Blogger’s Choice Award… when the emcees said “And the Winner is…MARKETMANILA!!!” Mrs. Marketman had to hit me on the arm and say “That’s you, dummy!” Wow! All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you who cast a vote for Marketmanila! Seriously, award3this is a surprise and an honor. A surprise because of all the other fantastic blogs nominated for the the Blogger’s Choice Award, and an honor particularly because it was based on the votes of readers from around the world. If blogs live and die by their content, bloggers thrive because of their readers! A big thank you goes out to the organizers of the Philippine Blog Awards and their multitude of volunteers and the sponsors who made this all possible. Again, a big thanks to all of Marketmanila’s readers, I am truly speechless. Hahaha! Thank goodness we didn’t have to make any speeches. And I am not at the post-Awards party tonight because it is seriously past my bedtime…I think I was nearly twice as old as the average blogger in the room this evening… Heeheehee. :)


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  1. Wow, you’re quick — a post about the Blog Awards already! ;-)

    CONGRATULATIONS, MarketMan! Truly well-deserved. For my part, I’m not at all surprised you won. With your multitude of loyal readers, it was probably a landslide!

    Congratulations to the Kid, too. Some people tend to be lucky at raffles. I hope this is only the first of her many lucky wins.

  2. congrats!

    you really deserved it. magka opposite seats lang tayo, nasa kanan po ninyo ako naka upo. were just separated by the aisle aheheh

  3. In the final analysis, the award you received proved that content is ‘king’ and yours definitely reign supreme.

    Not only are you prolific but the diversity of your posts naturally attracts people from all walks of life, in my opinion.

    So yeah, here’s a high-five for you MM :) … good job!

    You know what it means though, right? The pressure is up!

  4. Congratulations, MM and to your young precious lady. It’s worth all your efforts to share your knowledge to all of us. Keep it up.

  5. Congratulations…well deserved by the way. Please remember this whenever you feel you have nothing more to say. There are a lot of people out there that look forward to all your postings.

  6. you are the equivalent of the “best actor” ! I knew you would win it. You write with passion and obvious delight in blogging. Just seeing all the comments of your loyal readers show they truly support you. Galing talaga. Glad your family enjoyed the night. Mine enjoyed it as well.

    Congratulations. Really well deserved.

  7. Congratulations!I am soo happy for you. I tried to vote but you needed to have your own blog to do that. IT’s midnight here, logged on just before hitting the bed and I here I am at MArketmanila taking a peek to check for new posts !!! I love your blog

  8. dear marketman, congratulations! do you think we had some votes that were supposed to be for me that went to you? hahahha (just joking, its april fools’ day anyway). our blogs are just above yours in the ballot :) kinda like the Bush-Gore voting. :):):)

    But really, if there’s one who should win, it should really be YOU. well deserved. gleng gleng!

  9. Ha! and to think i felt cozi voted for you.. you really did get us fooled!! cngratulations MM! i knew you would bag one of those glass-thingies.. hehehe!! now you just have to show us who you are so we can congratulate you in person if ever we bump into you.. hehehe!! was also trying to pull one on you..teehee!! Congrats again!!

  10. oops!! typo error there!! it was supposed to be “i felt sad coz i voted for you”.. guess it shows how excited i was while i was typing that.. hehehe!!

  11. Way to go MM! Congratulations, you deserve it! Once again, such a wonderful feat for you and your family. You give so much of your persona in this blog and this accolate is a recognition of your artistic talent and character. If I may say, you are what you write. Thank you for sharing with us many readers and admirers your good taste in food and presentation, not to mention your admirable charity works and good cause. Keep writing and thank you for letting us have a glimpse of your fun and wonderful lifestyle. Keep up the good job! – Teresa

  12. Well deserved! Congratulations. Now be a good dad and buy the kid something she can use her new batteries on.. a new digicam perhaps?

  13. that was some april fool’s joke :-> but you did it! you did it, MM! let’s celebrate…everyone needs to go out and by her/him self a new fish pan! congratulations, MM!

  14. Congratulations to you MM! Way to go!

    So happy to hear you brought home the bacon.. :-)

  15. Hello from LA, Congratualations!! You deserve it and we all deserve. This is like an honest, open minded type of journalism. Our opinion and ideas ignite enthusiasm and rekindle the spirit of friendship.

  16. Great to finally see you and the whole family Marketman. Yes, the award only shows that you have the unbiased, undivided attention of your readers..congratulations:)

  17. I am so happy for you and your family!!! Yey! You had me going there for a while and I must say I was really dissapointed for a split second. Congratulations! I second pixeldose.. Content is King and you are definitely the King!

  18. Congatulations marketman! It’s no surprise at all, one of Marketmanila’s strongest points is your interaction with readers and also the readers’ interaction with one another. MarketManila is not just a blog, it’s a community.

  19. Congratulations, Marketman! Panalo ang manok namin! :)

    BTW, did the Kid play any tricks on you this April Fools’ Day? Chuckled when I recalled the beef cube in the shower from last year (or was that two years back?). Feel like you’ve been part of my daily routine forever! :)

  20. CONGRATULATIONS! You truly deserved it. With your generosity in sharing receipes and other stories, its just about time you receive this kind of an award. You have good karma that’s why, you reap what you sow.(Tama ba ko dito?)

  21. The way the responses went with your call for votes and the responses to your blog, there is no way others can win. Just count the responses here and you’ll know you will be the winner. This is the only blog that I often visit because of the quality of the posts and the internet speed response as well. The other blogs just seems to crawl, I don’t know maybe it’s my connection? :) Congratulations!

  22. Congratulations! you really deserve it… thank you for your wonderful site. More power!

  23. Congratulations! It was great to finally see the man behind market manila. too bad i wasn’t able to shake your hand after the show and tell you that i am an avid follower of your blog. was looking for you, though. more power!

  24. You deserve the award! I dont remember now how I discovered your blog but it made quite an impression on me since I love to eat and go to markets, eating out etc. But you are the best since you come with fresh topics after all these years. Wow, I blog too but you never fail to amaze me! Congrats! and more power to youMM!

  25. Congratulations MM from Downunder!! A well deserved win! You have imparted so much knowledge in such a light-hearted way and it’s always a pleasure to read and learn from your blogs.

    Btw,I got the Yummy mag (brought by a friend this a.m.) and my dh says that you’re photogenic in a shaded sort of way,hahaha! Loved the article about you and the pics looked great!

  26. Wow.You really did it,MM. Dozens of nominees, and you outshone them all. That’s a whole lotta love from your loyal readers, hehe…

  27. Congratulations, MM! BTW, your blog was also featured in this month’s Filipinas magazine.

    All the best

  28. It was great meeting you, Marketman!!! I was absolutely starstruck when I saw you. I had to ask Lori if she could introduce me to you; I simply couldn’t approach you myself. Hahaha! Congratulations MM!!!

  29. Warmest congratulations! Not only is your content well-written, the layout clean and pleasant to navigate, but what you feature is food for the palate, mind, and soul!

  30. I can already tell by the number of posts here that you would win the award,,,,dami mong “pala” ;-), i mean fans pala, Congratulations to both you and the KID!

  31. Congratulations MM! Finally, your hard work got paid off! Now you have a replacement for your dad’s missing silver cup trophy in your mantel :P Hip hip Hooray! Kudos to The Kid too!

  32. GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!! Thank you so much for all of these kind comments and congratulations. Frankly, the win is Marketmanila’s readers’ WIN because I couldn’t have gotten this award without you…so MARAMING SALAMAT SA INYONG LAHAT!!!

  33. yahooooo! congrats! celebration time! great award for a great blog! wooohoooo!

    and yeah, to second melody’s motion, ‘blowout! blowout!’ :-)

  34. CONGRATULATIONS from all of us. We are so proud of you. You truly deserve it. You have lots of blessings for this year. Yepee… a big celebration for Marketman. Keep up the good work and for being a good man always who has a true and funny heart.

  35. Congrats Mr.MM and to your family and staff…you deserve it for all the hard work you’ve been putting to this site…I am proud that i am one of the reader and follower of Marketmanila…Keep it up Mr.MM and hope to read more interesting posts in the days to come….God bless….

  36. Sorry to douse cold water on you, MM, and all your fans out there. But I seriously believe that there were other better, more deserving blogs out in cyberspace that should’ve gotten the award.

    JOKE!!!!! Happy April Fool’s Day!!!!! Reverse everything that I said in the above para. Am so deliriously happy that your site won!!! All of us loyal “Marketers” know that this is a well-deserved award!!!! Am sure the next eyeball is on you!!! Hehehehehehe!!!!

  37. congratulations mm!!! slowly and surely, you are becoming more and more popular, and with this award, your site will definitely attract more and more readers. with the impending numerous articles on the blog awards night still to be printed, expect an avalanche of hits real soon!!!

    i think the fat lady has just finished her song. it’s party time!!!

  38. Mrs. MM and The Kid, thanks for fully supporting MM in his blog. Through him, we not only learn so many new things, but we also have become part of a “community”. as Chris so aptly said. You are one lucky family! God bless you three!…and to the crew and techie staff as well!

  39. My casting the vote for you was just a simple way of saying thank you for all the time and all the love that you put in this site of yours. I am very, so much happy that you won, that you felt and have seen how all of the readers and visitors truly appreciate the passion that you put into this.
    Congratulations MM and once again THANK YOU for making our lives a little better everyday thru this wonderful site.
    Keep on blogging!!!

  40. Congratulations! I’m sure many lurkers (like me), would post their congratulatory message for you. I feel, as if i won the award when all i do is read. Do you know that when i get to the office, every day of my work week your blog is the first is read, even before reading office emails. Please do not tell my boss…wink!


    It’s a well-deserved award indeed! My gosh, I’m so ecstatically happy for you I feel like ako ang nanalo ng award!

    Di ba sabi sa movie na Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come”? So just continue posting about your passions with as much enthusiasm, and for sure, bigger and greater things will keep coming your way.

    Again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, sir, for everything. You are so genuinely generous. You give so much of yourself. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your time, your life, with all of us in the whole blogosphere.

    Thank you very much for welcoming Yummy to your beautiful home, allowing us to photograph you in action in your dreamy kitchen and for feeding us with the scrumptious dishes you cooked for us. It was truly, for me, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    I shall be forever indebted to you for granting me the opportunity to meet you, interview you, and write about you [my very first food magazine article].

    Salamat po for making a dream come true.


  42. congratulations mm! and thank you for everything that you’ve put into this site. have a great holy week!

  43. Congratulations and thank you for the daily dose you give us. Your site is my caffeine in the morning. You thoroughly deserve the award and it shows.

  44. Yes! Congratulations, MM! You won the award that TRULY matters.

    Thank you too for letting us all bask in reflected glory… Blog party! :-)

  45. congratulations to MM, the Kid, Mrs MM, many pats on the back for the Crew, and your website techies.

  46. congratulations, MM! you’ve inspired a kitchen klutz like me to experiment with food prep and cooking! keep it up!

  47. Congratulations and a great big hug … such a joy to hear that you won this award … it validates my taste in what I choose to read …lol

  48. Congratulations MM! You really deserve the accolade!

    Its just too bad you weren’t in your Tux & John Lobb mode, flashing your 007 smile. :)

  49. This is my first time to comment on your blog, I have been reading your blog for almost one and a half year now, and I am one of the lurkers, but i won’t miss this opportunity to congratulate you. Well done and keep the post coming.

    Your one of a kind.

  50. argh! i didn’t get to vote for you! when/where was the voting? well, obviously you didn’t need my vote for you to win — and you certainly deserve it! CONGRATULATIONS!!! where’s the pic of you holding your award???

  51. Idol!!! congratulations :O) sayang I wasn’t able to attend i really want to see the community of bloggers :O)
    The best April fools! hahahaha. I couldn’t believe it when you said boohooo hahahhaa. :) You really deserve it Sir!

  52. congratulations MM! i tried to vote but i’am not a blogger.. you really deserve it.

  53. Kudos to you MM! I read about the blog awards from Toni’s blog. You deserve it by the way! Keep up the GOOD work.

  54. So where in the world are you in the group photo? I kept guessing which one could be MM among the men; medium heavy, stocky heavy or just a regular looking guy, which is which? And the mystery continous to those of us who are thousands of miles away from your favorite markets.
    I sent you my congratulations in one of your latest posts right after I read it on Dessertsonly blog. YOu deserved it.

  55. I wasn’t able to finish reading this blog the other day and was disappointed that you didn’t win. I’m glad that I reread this again, coz I was fooled! Congratulations MarketMan!

  56. Congratulations, MM!!

    [Was out vacationing with family since April 01 and been catching up on all your entries just now.]


  57. I am a newbie in blogging. I didn’t know you were just at my previous office’s building that time. Thanks in advance for accommodating my request to feature you in my personal site.

    God bless you more, MM! :p

  58. Congratulations well deserved!

    I actually don’t get the chance to read other local blogs except for this one because everytime i search for interesting topics i always end up reading your page from a good recipe, to traveling as well as sharing same rants on cebu pacific’s lousy service. You’ve captured the filipino readers interest because it can be felt that you’re doing it from the heart and with a great passion. Thanks MM.



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