Plagiarism and the Philippine Department of Tourism, AGAIN???…

Wasn’t it just about a year ago that the Philippine Department of Tourism was embarrassed by alleged plagiarism with its proposed “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” logo that they hotly denied was lifted from the Polish National Tourism Office? Despite the denials, the Department Secretary and the President of the Republic decided to junk the new logo, which blogger Spanky Enriquez first brought to light for its striking resemblance to the Polish logo in his posts, here. Well, this isn’t of the same calibre of importance, a national logo about to be splashed all over the globe, but the principle is absolutely one and the same. Possibly stolen intellectual property. And the article stolen? Lifted WORD FOR WORD from! OUTRAGEOUS!

Several years ago, we bumped into a foreign friend of ours on the street and she hurriedly mentioned in passing that she saw mention of Marketman in the website of the Department of Tourism. She didn’t have more details, and I let it pass without further thought. Then the other day, I was looking up top 10 favorite pinoy dishes from my blog, and the search engines led me to this page on the Philippine Department of Tourism website. I took a screen shot of the page up top, so that they can’t say I was dreaming if they pull it off after I publish this post. Take a brief read through the article under the title: Review by trinadelro on Top Ten Foods dated Dec 26, 2008 I AM DOING THIS FROM 10 TO 1 and then COMPARE IT to the following portion of a post I wrote entitled “Putahe Idol — The Results” dated 20 June 2006:

10. Tinola — another satisfying comfort food that is a complete meal in a bowl with protein, vegetables, fruit, soup and flavor — lots of rice, patis and kalamansi on the side, please.
9. Monggo — Definitely a top 10 though possibly one of those highly adapted/adopted dishes from the Chinese Mainland. Nutritious, delicious and economical.
8. Lumpiang Sariwa — Yes. Ever since those Americans pushed all those coconut plantations we had to figure out how to use palm hearts and this is a brilliant manifestation. Some family friends send over this stuff at Christmas after a long, slow simmer in pork lard and it is stunningly delicious and stunningly deadly on the cholesterol meter. I like the accompanying sauce, but oddly, keep my chopped peanuts on the side.
7. Inihaw na Isda — Yes. This was a difficult one to lump into one as voters sometimes specified the fish, but suffice it to say that grilled fresh fish is on most folks Top 10 list.
6. Daing or Pritong Bangus — Yes. And Marketman says you MUST have a fish pan to go with that, Mylai Dimaculangan’s aside…heehee.
5. Pinakbet — Yes. Yes. Yes. An Asian ratatouille? No. A native vegetable dish that can range from horrific to sublime depending on how it is cooked. Acquired taste because of the bagoong, I think. This is definitely in my personal top 10.
4. Lechon — No wonder this is the stuff of Fiesta dreams, folks really do place it in a super high regard. I personally would have it lower on the list. Though I LOVE good lechon skin and ribs, I just don’t think it should be that high up in the rankings…
3. Kare-kare — A surprise for me, but nearly 50% of all voters had this on their list and it garnered the third largest number of votes. I was never a big fan and perhaps I always got bum examples of this dish so after seeing these results I read up on kare-kare and spent nearly four hours trying to make the ultimate version (in a post up next!).
2. Adobo — Duhh. Nearly 60% of all respondents had this on their list of Top 10 Pinoy Putahes. No wonder they say it should be the national dish. And yes, I believe it existed before the Spaniards got here and they named it so due to similarities with dishes in Mexico/Spain.
1. Sinigang — Sinigang na Baboy was the third largest individually voted dish. However, 4 Sinigang versions were in the top 13 dishes so if you grouped them as a “Sinigang” option, this was far and away the absolute favorite. Approximately 80% of all respondents had one or more types of Sinigang in their Top 10 list. I totally agree with this choice. Whether pork, beef, prawn, shrimp, bangus, talakitok or other protein with the sour broth of tamarind (or guava, kamias, etc.) and fresh vegetables, this is truly the number 1 Pinoy dish in my book.

THEY ARE EXACTLY THE SAME WORDS AND IDEAS AND CONTENT! No attempt was made to even re-write it to make it more appropriate for the Tourism website. She left in unrelated references to people (fishpan people) and personal opinions on dishes that I wrote and which are repeated on the DOT website. And at the bottom of the page, the DOT claims copyright over the material published on the page. Do they even know what that means??? Is there no shame? Are people really so damn lazy? Don’t they have any self respect? Are they going to claim they didn’t think there was anything wrong with this???

This is absurd. Let’s consider for a moment the best possible answer, that the writer, a Ms. trinadelro, had asked for and was granted written permission to use the article for the Department of Tourism website. This is not impossible, as I grant such permission often, as long as readers write in and formally ask, and it is for a non-commercial purpose, but I ALWAYS INSIST on PROPER ATTRIBUTION and a LINK BACK to the original material. So EVEN if Ms. trinadelro can show that she sought and received permission from me, there is no proper attribution and no link back to the original article, so the permission is null and void. Worse, the article clearly appears under the byline of Ms. trinadelro, and entitled “Review by trinadelro on Top Ten Foods”. She also has the temerity to title it further by saying “I AM DOING THIS FROM 10 to 1” — which is exactly the way it appeared in my blog.

So here are my questions for the Department of Tourism, and I shall send an email to the Secretary and the webmaster of the DOT website after I finish this post.

1. Who is Ms. trinadelro? Was she a staff writer for the Department of Tourism? Or was she a freelance writer contracted by the Department of Tourism to write an article related to Philippine Food? Was she a subcontractor of the DOT’s website designer? Or was she hired by an advertising agency who put together the website? Was she paid for this article? Is her full name Katrina del Rosario (a fairly common name), or is something else? Does she work as a freelance writer who sells her work on the internet?

2. Once she has been properly identified, I would like to know if Ms. trinadelro realizes that lifting part of an article originally written by me on this website,, and previously read by thousands of regulars on the blog, is universally considered to be outright plagiarism? Even if she can show me that permission was sought and received from me in writing (email), then why is the article appearing under her byline as author? Why is there no mention of source? Why is there no link back to the original source? Who is the responsible DOT staff member who reviewed this article and agreed to publish it without editing it and checking it was an original piece of work?

3. What are Ms. trinadelro’s credentials with respect to food writing or reviewing? How did she do the data collection, the research and compilation of results to write the article. If I recall correctly, this post was based on several hundred reader responses and over 1,200 votes for top dishes that took over two days to collate and rank. Can Ms. trinadelro show me her workpapers to show she did this independently?

4. Is the Department of Tourism so incapable of writing a few intelligent and descriptive paragraphs about filipino food? Particularly since it appears on the government’s tourism website for millions of potential visitors to read before they plan a visit to the country? Why didn’t you just ask me or other food bloggers or food writers to write a piece, and give due recognition to the real author(s)? I have worked peripherally on related types of pieces, even got mentioned in a recent article for Esquire Magazine in the UK for a dinner I attended with DOT representatives, appeared on three international food television shows with a combined audience of viewers in excess of 200 million promoting Pinoy food, and dozens of local newspapers and food magazines as well. Not germane to this discussion, but ironic nonetheless, my father happens to have been a DOT Undersecretary under President Aquino’s mother, Cory…

As a private citizen that has done more than my fair share of promotion for Philippine cuisine and food culture, restaurants, local travel spots, hotels, etc. over the years, I am particularly dismayed to see the Philippine Tourism website so shoddily devoid of properly written, interesting and useful content on the topic of filipino food, other than this likely plagiarized article which is even more bizarre when presented out of context. Shame on the Department of Tourism! Shame on trinadelro, the credited writer! How embarrassing that the DOT got caught for an allegedly plagiarized tourism logo last November, when a full two years earlier, the DOT website already contained what appears to be a plagiarized article from I would like a full and comprehensive explanation from the DOT and the author, a contact address or telephone number for trinadelro, and I would at the very least expect a sincere public apology from the DOT and Ms. trinadelro, if the article was indeed plagiarized. Note: The photos are NOT from the website, but appear to be taken from other websites, some of them with watermark or name. I hope for the author’s sake, she has permission to use those photos as well.

If readers are as irritated as I am, you may wish to send a short email (with a link to this post) to the following people to ask, if in fact, the article in question, was plagiarized by Ms. trinadelro from the website. Thank you.

Ramon R. Jimenez, Jr.
Secretary, Department of Tourism

Daniel G. Corpuz
Undersecretary, Tourism Planning & Promotions

Director Rolando Canizal
Office of Tourism Development, Planning, Reasearch & Information Management



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  1. These people are SHAMELESS!!! Will share this post on my fb wall so that others may know about this nefarious deed!

  2. APA…I was cooking and then I opened the computer and I thought it is almost the end of the year and there are still no contenders for 2011 FISHPAN AWARD OF THE YEAR!


  3. To be caught once is forgivable but anything after that, they should just shut down their website if they continue with their plagiarizing ways. It is utterly embarrassing, ignorant and moronic to be thinking they won’t get caught.

    Another Darwin Awards candidate in the making here. :-)

    Unless of course their intention is to increase their web traffic by provoking MM and his readers. :-(

  4. Can somebody correct me if I am mistaken? As far as I can recall, the first one to have been plagiarized from was the marketmanila logo basket, then came the Zubuchon logo and the biggest yet is this!

  5. Whoever ripped off your article MM is an imbecile, he/she can’t even do a good job at masking what he/she did. I tell you, this current government is ran by, if not plundering, but blundering idiots! This is making me sick.

  6. This is absolutely sickening. I hope the Department of Tourism will immediately take action on this matter.

  7. What a way to start the morning! Let this be heard throughout the country! Nakakahiya ang DOT!

  8. Oh the shame! Is this where my tax money is going to?

    Reviewed by trinadelro? More like copied and pasted by trinadelro!



  10. That is so sad. It’s outright plagiarism. If this can be done to high-traffic sites such as yours, how much more to common blogs and other publications? I hope the new Tourism secretary cleans up the agency well.

  11. MM, I did a quick google.. see link below to an SEO/Article Writer ad..
    xxx – beancounter, I have removed the link, as it may NOT be the person involved — just to be sure. Thanks. MM

  12. Will definitely send emails!!!! Shame, shame, shame….. I hope you get all the proper apologies from them.

  13. Grabe, I don’t know how this people (trinadelro types) sleeps at night….and regards to DOT, they get paid to do a job…they should do it properly, kakahiya! Maybe they thought your post was old enough to be copied and people won’t notice it! Kakasakit sa ulo and to think this “trinadelro” graduated sa university, sayang tuition na binayad nang parents niya.

  14. so sickened so early in the morning. (well, this is “early” for me hehe)

    shared via facebook. sorry but i’d rather humiliate them/her instead of fire off some discreet e-mail. my limited personal experience has been, such people don’t act without some publicly spread, wildly embarrassing fire under her ass.

  15. Hi! Sorry to hear about this unfortunate event. You’d be surprised how many people use the internet without adequate information literacy skills and assume that once a material is posted in the world wide web, it’s considered to be in the ‘public domain’.

    Just a friendly suggestion; have you considered using one of the instant licenses from Creative Commons ( for your content ? If you have an instant license posted on your site for viewers to see, perhaps it will deter them from reproducing and re-communicating your content without proper attribution (at the very least)? An alternative is to add a terms of use in your website.

    Hope you get an apology from DOT and that they at least edit their post and attribute your site properly.

  16. How amusing, that page is not in the site anymore…..your rant probably put them on a frenzied “save our asses” mode.

  17. @Joan- the plagiarized DOT page is still working for me.

    MM- I thought about linking this post on the DOT FB page, but I figured that should be your decision. I agree with Shiko, that they’ll probably remove it and make no apology if it isn’t made public.

  18. xxxxxxx Roxanne- thank you for your well intentioned email, but I don’t want to caste aspersions on anyone until it is confirmed they are the party involved, so I have deleted the link in the event it is not an accurate one. But thanks.

  19. Truly kapal! In this day of “instant research”, I think more emphasis should be made in schools about plagiarism, and start teaching them young. I harp on this all the time with my kids who are 9 and 10. The shocking part for me is lots of times, these people don’t know the gravity of what they are doing!

    (btw, sorry if I’m repeating sentiments–I can’t seem to access the comments of others!)

  20. I’ll give the new tourism secretary a chance to overhaul not only the department’s website, but the entire tourism policy and plans of the goverment—from infrastructure to tourist’s security to service personnel. No amount of sloganeering can entice foreign tourists to visit the Philippines if the basic decency of being honest is ignored and not practiced by an agency tasked to sell the country to foreigners.

  21. To begin with, DOT’s website sucks! There are loads of private companies in the country that have REALLY GOOD and INTERESTING website interfaces. DOT’s website was like done by an amateur! The DOT was suppose to be like a “gateway” for foreigners to get to know our country.

    Second, and more importantly, their content SUCKS! All copied. Hindi ba sila nahiya sa kagaya ni marketmanila na institusyon na sa ganitong bagay? Shame shame shame!

  22. My money is on Ms. trinadelro was an intern. Summer OJT.
    Or a DOT manager/employee’s family member (which the DOT would have paid for “writing” the article).
    But the stereotypical image of any government employee as a slacker without any pride in their work is just as likely a suspect.

    Go get ’em MM! Contact the newspapers and other media outlets. I’m sure they’ll gladly accommodate you.

  23. for what it’s worth, MM doesn’t even need to avail of any creative commons licenses or any other express “rights reserved” notice. he owns the copyright from the moment he created the content. i.e. the moment she stole it (assuming this person with that pseudonym is a she), she became liable. tee hee.

    also, apologies for my earlier bad grammar. edited first part of sentence but forgot about the second part :)

  24. Shame on these guys. Given that the Department of Tourism is equally given national budget as with other agencies, for me this is the highest form of corruption. They could have used the money for R&D instead of pulling out some random blog posts from the Internet and claiming the work as a copyrighted article. Now wherever the money went, we do not know. Sad.

    And to whoever that byliner is, shame on you for sharing other people’s published work for the sake of content and what, prestige? Well, you’re known online now –only as a PLAGIARIST. Intern or not, you should at least have the decency to 1) create an original article; or 2) seek permission to publish from the party concerned.

  25. /facepalm

    I’m having one of those “Eternal September” moments. Reminds me that there are hordes of internet troglodytes out there; who either doesn’t “get” what The Internet is(usually those whose first contact with the internet was through Friendster, Facebook, etc.); or is lacking training/skills on how to properly utilize the Internet, e.i. learning basic Netiquette.

    Yep DOT is now on “save our asses” mode. The entire server is down.

    Yeah right, good luck on the damage control.

    I wonder what will the DOT’s people next move would be to placate MM? Will they send food/wine baskets and stuffs just like the Shittybank Affair? :)

    But then the demands are very clear; its even numbered for easier ref. Kindly answer those questions and skip the finger-pointing.

    Abangan ang susunod na kabanata….

  26. Respect and decency, those are the virtues that is really lacking to numerous government employees and officials. Sad state of our country….tsk…

  27. Dear Mr. xxx (Marketman),

    Thank you for your email to Secretary Mon Jimenez regarding the issue of plagiarism of your blog in the DOT website. I have been tasked by the Secretary to investigate your complaint and I have already started looking into this matter. We appreciate your bringing this to our attention especially as the content or article was posted on the DOT website in 2008 and this is the first time that Secretary Jimenez has been informed of the same.

    In my initial queries with our website developer, I have been informed that the article is no longer in the DOT website and has already been taken down as early as 2 years ago. I was further informed by our website administrator that the link to the article indicated in your email below is sourced or what remains from the server and no longer from the DOT website itself. Nonetheless, rest assured that we will get to the bottom of this and resolve this matter without delay.

    On behalf of DOT, and even if it happened in 2008 and not during the term now of Secretary Mon Jimenez, we apologize to you and your readers for any inconvenience that the incident may have caused.

    Thank you and best regards.

    Very truly yours,

    Atty. EUGENE T. KAW
    Chief of Staff
    Office of the Secretary
    Department of Tourism

  28. Whoever the byliner is, kudos on being resourceful but then again, being stupid and blatantly forgetting to acknowledge source is pure evil especially in the cyberworld, you PLAGIARIST!

    I hope justice will be served.

  29. The DOT site is not really down as I can still access it except for the page on Top Ten Filipino Dishes as the link is not working anymore! Initial firefighting of the DOT Webmaster????……. but the damage has been done.

  30. I saw the the link of this article posted to DOT’s FB account by some individuals. After refreshing the page, DOT removed the posts. I wonder why.

  31. I’m enrage as you are after reading this.
    What an idiot.
    I want to hear the apology too.. (there should be one)
    From someone who keeps an honest blog,
    encountering this kind of attitude is really aggravating.

  32. Apparently, this act of plagiarism predates the “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” fiasco but the webmaster or the people responsible for uploading the content had no conscience at all to take it down or replace it. The new Secretary, Mon Jimenez should not be faulted but yes, he should order a review of all materials, and may I add, all procedures and transactions by his department.

  33. I noticed it was published Dec 26, 2008. I believe the new DOT officials were not aware of the sources of the content. Don’t worry marketman, I’m sure the new group will make sure that nothing like this will ever happen again. Mataas ang confidence ko sa new DOT secretary natin.

  34. I understand how you feel. Being a writer (and photographer) myself, I take it seriously when someone replicates my work and stakes a claim to it. I hope the DOT will not only publicly apologize, but also offer you compensation for this THEFT of your work. And I wish the author would be publicly revealed so she (or he) can stop receiving writing projects for the rest of her (or his) life. Give the work to writers who know what they are doing and take the time to produce their own material.

  35. MM: maybe you need to think about restricting access to your contents? There is the Flash program where your Photographs cannot be copied. I don’t know what program you need for articles, unless you take photo of article and upload as photo. If you need witnesses, I stand as one with your loyal readers. Good thinking you took a screenshot!

  36. I got a better kick out of this post than a caffeine fix at 3am, hahahaha!
    The nerve to cut and paste with impunity! Whenever friends ask me about links to Philippine tourism, I tell them not to click on the DOT site. Obviously.

    One random unrelated question: can anyone share with me why some Philippine newspapers use the abbreviation PH? What’s the value? OK, I am being snarky on the last question, but..any clue? I write PHL, and now confused if I should drop the L in forms, :p..


    A food blogger who uses the online name “Metroman” posted on his website an article claiming that the DOT “possibly” stole his intellectual property by copying a similar article he wrote in 2006. The same article was posted on the DOT website in December 2008, with a certain “trinadelro” as its author.


  38. Their lame excuse (via article) is that it was a test page and was removed promptly. Wow!!!

    Dec. 26, 2008 to Oct. 15, 2011.

    Google cache FTW!!!

  39. I’m willing to bet PHP5.00 that they’ll just wash their hands of it and blame the previous Administration and/or previous DOT personnel despite it still being up and active on their servers.

  40. Thanks for posting the email addresses of the bosses at DOT, MM. I will write them (and so should all your followers), if only to make sure that highly embarrassing and corrupt practices like this don’t happen anymore. This is a very disturbing case as DOT receives a significant amount of funds and the least they can do is to ensure that the contents of their website truly represent what our country can and has to offer… does this mean plagiarism is all that we can offer???

  41. Dear Atty Eugene Kaw

    Once you’re done investigating, would it be possible for you to let us know (perhaps through MM’s blog if he doesn’t mind) the results of your investigation? I think the DOT owes not just MM an explanation but all Pinoys, as well. Most of us Pinoys living abroad do our share to encourage foreigners to visit our country and ask them to check the DOT website before they do. Can you imagine how embarrassing it is to now realize that an article (or maybe more) in the website was a ‘copy and paste’ work?

    I personally think Sec Jimenez was an inspired choice to head the ailing DOT so I am hoping I will not be proven wrong. This may seem a “small” issue but I think the department’s integrity is on the line here. Once it is damaged, it will take a lot to get it fixed.

    Thank you in anticipation of DOT’s prompt action to this issue and my request.


    PS although I live abroad, I pay taxes regularly…

  42. Looks like whoever’s in charge of the DOT’s Facebook account did some wall scrubbing as well to take down “unfriendly” posts as well.

  43. test page? it does not matter…it’s not the page that’s the problem, it was the article. the attempt to pass it off as trinadelros’ own is quite obvious.

    i wish we Pinoys would learn to just own up to our mistakes, take responsibility, and swiftly take steps to rectify them.

    for a test page, the DOT IT guys could have just put a picture of a beautiful beach or the rice terraces or whatever. and i still don’t see why it’s up there three years later. i’m pretty sure google didn’t simply pull it up from the cache or cookies.

    put simply, Garduque is not convincing…his/her “explanation” is even more infuriating.

  44. This is INSANE. Marketman, please don’t be discouraged at all by this type of laziness and thoughtlessness and continue your amazing work promoting Filipino restaurants and cuisine. This is a ridiculous stumbling block but your readers are totally behind you and I know I’ll definitely be e-mailing the people whose addresses you posted!

  45. Sana eto nalang ang ginawa ni tourism secretary…

    top 10 favorite dish…

    10. jolly spaghetti
    9. fiesta meal ( pansit palabok)
    8. champ burger
    7. shanghai rolls
    6. fried bangus
    5. yum burger
    4. potato fries
    3. cheese burger
    2. burger steak
    1. chicken joy…

  46. Just saw this…tsk tsk tsk. akala ko they will improve with mon j on board…meron talagang freelance writer na trinadelro eh.

  47. A few days ago, I was actually checking out the Department Of Tourism website. I found it really bland and uninteresting. It’s an injustice, really, as the website doesn’t portray what our country has to offer with regards to tourism. And now this… incompetency at its purest form!!

    Can we please appoint some erudites in DOT, please?! Like Marketman?! :)

  48. Aha…maybe next time…pull the headless prank on DOT…once they open the cooler….”Hoy,…bakit nyo kinopya and sinulat ko!”

  49. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!! There are a lot of good Filipino writers, why did they hired that woman? Or at list, ask Mr. MM a permission.

  50. Am with you millet . . .
    Lame . . . super lame excuse to claim that it’s only a test page. DOT, just own up to your mistake/indiscretion/bad judgment/recklessness/lapse/oversight/error/screw-up but PLEASE don’t insult our intelligence!

    At the risk of over-simplifying, it all boils down to RESPECT and if I may add, a fair amount of DECENCY . . .

  51. it is really a shameful act whoever did and accepted katdelro’s “photocopy” of your article. it only proves that this regime, its people are incompetent, lazy and yes, unwanting to serve the right way….

  52. sabrina52, to be fair and more accurate, I think the apparent copying and publication happened under a previous regime… :) ted, burjer, I love it, said the way my Cebuano father would say it… :)

  53. Welcome po sa matuwid na daan! Wahaha!!! XD

    Por awrr dirr turisstz, iben dow awrr nashunal kwisin is urijinal, wi steel layk tu kuk een makaw stayl unow :D

    Oh well. When it rains, it pours.

  54. And these lazy people are tasked to promote Philippine tourism?
    And instead of admitting their fault they are giving obnoxious alibis – a test page? Do they really think that way?
    Oh my, no wonder why Philippine tourism industry is being left behind by other Asian countries.

  55. Capital O.M.G! So Shameless!!! No wonder “napag-iwanan na talaga tayo” when it comes to tourism. tsk tsk

  56. I think there was also a complaint regarding the website
    https:// www. cake .com .ph
    if i am not mistaken.
    Maybe an article was lifted from one of the links.

  57. This is shameless and idiotic. Doesn’t this person know that the article can be googled? I am an office employee that pays 30% of monthly earnings to this government in the form of income tax and I honestly don’t believe that the returns I get from this govt is worth the taxes I pay. This govt as most of you have correctly described is plundering and blundering. This is incompetence to the Nth degree. Unbelievable.

  58. FOR SHAME SHAME SHAME! on the DOT – repeat this scenario ad nauseum – and you have shameless people in newsprint, the internet, in schools, criminally passing work as their own.There’s a special section in h_ _ _ reserved for them, Dante’s Inferno comes to mind.

  59. wow! you would think that they would’ve learned from their first mistake. guess, not. don’t they know the severity of the penalty for plagiarizing? weren’t they taught in school how to write a citation for every paper/image/whatnot if they have to get it from a different source? i thought that’s stressed out in every research, essays or any paperwork when a student have to write for class. really. using, “test page” as an excuse. test page my foot! sheesh!

  60. I noticed the page is no longer available! hahaha great idea to print screen the page. I read it and re-read it, and every single word intact! wow! the power of ‘copy-paste’, this is definitely a shameless act, makes you wonder about all other gov’t sites and so called bloggers. This is copyright infringement and they should be penalized for this or compensate you for this! JUST SHAMELESS!!!!

  61. This is really sad and alarming! How can they be so incompetent as to hire some SEO writer and not even validate her work? And given the many Filipino bloggers competent on their own rights, why did they not just asked this bloggers to come up with articles or to link their previous articles to the site?

  62. Atty Kaw, pls don’t blame the previous administration. You took on the job therefore you inherit the problems of Dot. Face it and fix it. Don’t give excuses. Secretary Jimenez is a good man serve him well and dot.

  63. It goes to show the incompetency of the people put in office, by election, appointment or otherwise. It is never about whether the article was used in a test run or not, but the fact that is was published! It has it’s own link, it’s live. Nobody has the right to use another person’s article without permission, whichever way you look at it. You can’t even spin an article about it because the original wasn’t or isn’t yours. It’s blatant plagiarism. And people who are often too stupid, lazy, and just careless do not care to check the facts and their own actions. Grrr!

  64. This is sad. So sad. Last week I was reading a blog post about plagiarism where a member of a restaurant review website lifted 23 blog posts from one food blogger and posted it as her own. I think the restaurant review website has this contest encouraging their members to review as many restaurants as they can in order for them to win a price. So this dumb member lifted restaurant reviews from different food blogs and submitted it to the website. This member is stupid enough not to know that there’s such a thing as digital foot print.

    But this case is way way sadder because it’s DOT’s website for goodness sake! Where on earth is their credibility? And why on earth are they so stupid? Shame on that plagiarist. Shame on every plagiarist!

    Mga magnanakaw.

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