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Fresh small to medium sized squid are delicious if properly cooked. asquid1Squid is one of the most plentiful creatures and sources of food in the ocean; billions of them are munched on by fellow ocean dwellers while humans harvest an incredible amount to eat as well. Perhaps the biggest consumer is Japan, where an estimated half of all squid is consumed. Archipelagos such as the Philippines and Indonesia also enjoy these cephalopods. Squid that are edible for humans come from two main families: Loliginidae or squid from inshore areas and Ommastrephidae or ocean going squid, according to the Oxford Companion to Food. Locally, we have lots of varieties of squid and sizes range from tiny say 2-4 inches in total length that are excellent in stews with the squid’s own ink to much larger specimens. These stunningly fresh squid in the photo you see here were about 6-8 inches long and just too good to pass up at a Batangas market recently.

At PHP100-140 a kilo depending on size, quality and pusit8location of purchase, squid have become a little pricier than they used to be. However, I find that they are versatile, easy to cook, delicious and generally good for you. My next post is on a grilled squid recipe that I like but I also eat squid breaded and fried or baked (calamari style), stuffed, stewed, in ink, etc. When I was growing up, squid in our house was always a little too tough, more like chewing gum. Seems we didn’t follow the key rule for squid – either cook it till just done or stew it for hours until it is tender – anything in between and you get really chewy squid.


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  1. Never used to eat adobong pusit, until a friend served me “double dead” adobong pusit resurrected as a pasta sauce. Major yum! I believe some chefs cook squid with a few wine corks to ensure tenderness, and they really swear by this technique. More power MM, you are getting to be a daily habit

  2. by the way… what i mean in ‘double dead’ is cooking the squid twice over, not the newspaper worthy double dead :)

  3. Goldie, I understand there is an enzyme in cork, originally from the bark of a tree in Portugal, generally, that helps to tenderize. I have never tried it myself but have heard about it. Now you have to spread your horizons to a really good paella en su tinta (paella with squid ink) that is divine. Makes your teeth temporarily black however! Thanks for visiting the marketmanila website!

  4. now that sounds really interesting! any recommendations on where to have the best FIRST of this paella en su tinta?

  5. The lowest risk and cost way to test this out is to buy an order of paella en su tinta from the paella merchant at the Salcedo Saturday Market on Saturdays, if you don’t like it you don’t have to suffer in a restaurant and pay through the nose… but if you are willing to head to a restaurant, Alba’s or any oher good Spanish restaurant worth its salt should have a Paella en su tinta offering. Enjoy!

  6. about having the squid rubbery, thats what I was used to
    eating when I was young. NOw, of course I have learned to appreciae good food and learned how to cook this properly.

    Scene: beach side restaurant along Cap D Antibes, just before reaching the famous Roc d Antibes Hotel.. we ordered squid and it was cooked with pesto and aubergines. Heavenly, will post the story and pic soon.

    Trip to France was mainly work but managed to enjoy the markets and food in general.

  7. i’ve seen squid practically just lifted from from the waters of Bantayan island in Cebu, it is almost translucent, the main body or tube glistens as it changes colour…amazing sight, amazing flavour!

  8. Once upon a time I went home to Cebu for a visit and my brother cooked me stuffed squid. It was quite huge so only one squid was prepared. It was stuffed with seasoned ground pork mixed with minced garlic, onion, bell pepper and tomatoes, closed with a toothpick and boiled with water until tender and dry and then oil was added and the squid was fried until brown. Maybe it was only because it was my seldom seen brother who prepared it but the dish is to me quite memorably delicious.

  9. I havent seen or heard anything about pusit until my boyfriend introduced me to this “”yummy”” stuffs and now im telling you im addicted to it i make it almost every week . more power to ya



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