Random Drive-By of Top-Down Vintage Car Enthusiasts…

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Unlike Aston Martin’s, Range Rover’s or Bentley’s, James Bond isn’t often associated with Triumph cars, though Sean Connery did drive one early in the movie Diamonds are Forever… But I have always thought of them as a quintessential English vehicle. Convertibles are particularly appealing, at least in temperate countries, but I agree with those of you shaking your heads that if you took one of these for a paseo down EDSA and were beside large non-airconditioned buses you would probably have someone intentionally or unintentionally spit on you or burn your leather upholstery with a burning cigarette butt.

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Early on a Sunday morning in Paris, on my way to the organic market on Boulevard Raspail, I watched as a parade of convertibles, mostly triumphs, sped down the Boulevard, at least 18 of them in all. I managed to snap just a few photos, and I think one of the cars is a Jaguar, of these men/women and their beloved vintage cars.

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It was a fairly crisp morning at say 48-50F + wind chill, so that’s why some of these folks look bundled up. Not sure where they were headed, but I hope it was out to the country for a wonderful lunch in some little brilliant restaurant hideaway.

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I’ve always wanted a convertible, but as I mention above, it isn’t practical in Manila. :)


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  1. …not to mention you’ll probably look like a blacked out minstrel singer after driving a few kms in exhaust laden ambience.

    The positive outcome of German brands like BMW and VW acquiring staid British marques such as Rolls and Bentley is that gas guzzling soggy barges stopped being built. In case you change your mind, replicas of E-type Jaguars can be commissioned from a few hand builders such as Eagle for a fraction of what a vintage costs. David Brown offers a near replica of a DB-5, just like what 007 drove (and quite recently, Jerry Seinfeld drives).

  2. MM, if you do buy a convertible then people would think you have midlife crisis.
    Maybe it’s their version of the group of ferraris, porsches, maseratis and other exotic cars that drive around SLEX every Sunday morning and sometimes have brunch in Alabang?

  3. I was once driving along EDSA just after Ayala and came beside a bmw top down being driven by a young guy. Ahh to be young and foolish!

  4. mr marketman, consider the Subaru Forrester with the optional sunroof as an alternative. Practical, but if you desire the sun basking on your face while driving, open up the roof. Not as open as a convertible, but is a lot more rainproof.

  5. I have a 2004 bmw z4, that’s been sitting in my garage, collecting dust for awhile now as i’m more comfortable driving my SUV. Passive-observer, i used to have that feeling.



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