Sorry, I have been rather quiet today… I feel like I am having a relapse of my cough/flu/bug after making 100+ bottles of jam. Yup, that reads 100+ bottles of jam, add that to a previous hundred bottles made a few days ago. We are well on our way to completing our Christmas list. We are ready to kiss this year’s mangosteen season goodbye, it was a very good vintage, and we hope we helped the economy of Jolo and Davao by consuming some 200 kilos of fruit in total!


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  1. Since you wrote about Mangosteen Jams/Preserves..I had been asking about it. No luck yet.

    I remember as a kid, the ice cream was everywhere, and you still top it with heavenly jam.

    You might decide to make some of your bottled Mangosteens as prizes for an impromtu contest :)

    Rest for now…everyone wants you up and about soon.

  2. wow! Congrats for making all those preparations and making mangosteens into jam! Not to mention all those trips…! Hope your relapse will not be that severe. As kulasa said to take it easy!…Take it easy! God bless!

  3. that’s gonna be another addition to my wish list for Santa this Christmas.. one bottle of mangosteen jam!! You’re friends are so lucky to have a special gift this coming holiday!! Get well soon MM…

  4. No wonder you’re wiped out! Hundreds of bottles of jam! Tell me the truth tho’, how many staff members helped? I figure you had a staff of 29…hahaha! Now for me, just this morning, I cooked breakfast, washed the dishes, gathered the garbage and pulled the cans out to the curb. Then I had to wash the wifey’s car! I have a staff of 1. ME!! And I’m 70 years old. I keep thinking I should move back to Manila and live the life. But then where would I get my beloved macaroni-n-cheese? Seriously tho’, do get well and soon.

  5. Silly Lolo, there’s a lot of mac n cheese in S&R :) My guess is that MM has a dedicated staff of five (not including the Mrs. or Kid).

  6. Jeez MM, a thousand bottles of yummy yummy jam isn’t worth risking the return of Raging Flu Bug even if you have several staff helping you out. But congrats for completing such a task, I think I’m getting exhausted just thinking about it haha. Now time for some rest! Get well soon. :)

  7. Hope you feel better soon. Hot calamansi juice, or your tea with mangosteen jam should help (now that you got so much of it) :)

  8. Feel better and get your strength back. That’s a lot of work delegation, micromanaging, quality control inspection what I can say you are the Mangosteen Ambassador. My sister in law is from Davao and visits her mother once a year. She brought back boxes of mangosteen jam and passed them to us. I just left them in our cupboard piling up. They look like a jar of molasses not an eye catcher. When I read from you that it is heavenly – we tried – voila! We finish the whole stash. You open the door to us with this delicious treat. We had it with bananas and coffee ice cream. The seeds are heavenly. Now we look forward to her trip and tell her to ensure there are plenty of mangosteen jam awaiting her arrival to fill up her boxes.

  9. Relapses are worse than the original flu so do get your bed rest and call your doctor. There’s still a good couple of months before xmas really starts feeling like it’s around the corner. Although the carols are playing all over the malls these days….

  10. Did I read right?? You made 100 bottles of mangosteen jam not to mention those others before. No wonder you’ve had a relapse. Now that you’re on your way to completing your Christmas list, why don’t you get that rest you so deserve so that you can continue with all your creative post. Again, hope you get well, and do try to get plenty of rest. You have a gazillion readers out there, including me!:-)

  11. Yay! mangosteen jam! MM, I don’t suppose you’ll have another raffle or something like that hehehe… Get well soon nad God Bless you and your family!

  12. HI EVERYONE, I have an efficient, well-trained, loyal crew at the house and outdoors too. Yes, 100 jars is a heck of lot easier if you have assistance. My sister makes the same in NYC by herself…imagine pitting two bushels of damson plums on your own?! And for the mangosteen, another 8 folks in Cebu peeled them and sent them to Manila in sugar; it worked so well the first time a few days ago, I had them do it again to take advantage of mangosteen prices at rock bottom. AND YES, I will save some jars for a Marketmanila Holiday Contest of some sort!!!

  13. loyal staff means a kind-hearted and unselfish leader, which i think fits you to a T MM.. the stories you shared about your staff biking all the way from Marikina just to bring you one of the best portions from his own livestock (it’s pata if i remember it correctly) is just one of the many other stories that would really show how nice you are as a person.. To bad for those who irked you..

    YEY! a holiday contest on the way! hehehe!!

  14. Please get rest…harder to recover from a relapse. I think it’s the weather, if it’s not rainy and windy, it is so hot like regular summer. I agree with what kaye said.

  15. Flu relapse was so fiendishly difficult to shake off when I was a small boy that mother was prompted to try progressively exotic and heathenish remedies such as being smoked in a tented blanket, exactly how those fish in Cavite would have felt if they were sentient. Must have been the embarassment that finally drove the bugs away though the succeeding plenty of rest seemed to have been the ticket too.

  16. arrrrgghh! no wonder nag-relapse ka, you worked SO hard! now, no excuses; bed rest ka dear MM.and drink plenty of water and juices. let mrs. MM pamper you and baby you … get your strength back. here’s hoping you get well soon!

  17. Ahh, mangosteen jam! I remember last year running allover the markets, supermarkets, tiangges, etc. hunting down a bottle of that darned jam to take with coffee ice cream and coming home empty-handed and frustrated. Then after several months of hankering, I finally hit the jackpot after the nth return to Market! Market! (The tindera even told me once, “Ang dami pong humahanap niyan pero hindi po talaga panahon pa. That demand for jam was probably triggered by MM’s post!) Bought several jars of Kablon Farms’ jam and finally had my coffee magosteen fix! Am raring to join the mangosteen contest, MM!

  18. I was so sad when I saw on TV about the mangosteen in Mindanao, only P 5-10 per kilo, (here in Manila, it couldn’t be lesser than P80 per kilo), and those Mangosteen farmers are asking for help because they could not transport their mangosteen to Manila (or even US) due to the war, in the end, the mangosteens become rotten.. I love mangosteen, and right now I’m having a hard time getting some stock for my own consumption, and then those kind of news come up.. :(

  19. When the body breaks down like what you’re currently experiencing, it’s telling you in a less than subtle way that you need to take it easy and rest. That means, NO blogging, checking e-mails nor working in the kitchen, please.

  20. it’s always nice to receive a homemade gift, priceless! don’t work too hard and hope u get well soon.

  21. danney & MM,

    I have always eaten my fresh Mangosteen pulp and seeds. The seeds are great when cooked, but since there were crunchy and nutty, I always thought it was eaten raw too :)

    Never had a a problem digesting it.

    At AANI in Quezon Circle, they have a bagsakan there for the Mindanao fruits. I saw the Mangosteens at php75 and Durian at php80.



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