Rogue’s Spectacular May Food Issue!!!


The food issue of Rogue magazine (May 2014) is one of the best locally published food centric magazines I have EVER seen. Yes, I think it’s THAT good. Jam-packed with interesting articles and fabulous photography, it was late off the presses and I just received a copy today.


If you could only buy one food related local magazine this year, THIS should be it.


Snappy run-downs of the Metro’s best (ingredients, dishes, places to eat) as well as features of foreign locales and food, features on the Moment Group of Burger Bar, Namnam and Phat Pho make for good reading and everything is quite visually arresting.


Neal Oshima’s cover photo is stunning as usual. But some of the imagery within is shocking yet beautiful in the extreme.


The Teen has two brief articles in this issue, one a quick run-down of the Metro’s best milkshakes, and another a guide to different types of fried rice. She is currently an intern in the fashion department at Rogue, but got roped into writing a few food articles for the hefty food issue.


And yours truly even has a little blurb on lard, what else? But even if we didn’t have any articles in this issue, I would definitely say it was more than worth the PHP220 cover price. Browse through the issue before you buy it and see what I am raving about!

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15 Responses

  1. How does one browse through magazines wrapped in sealed cellophane? as I have seen in most stores:(

  2. First honey slathered on a buxom model now splashed milk. Am I alone to detect a recurring theme of their covers; the non-culinary use of food.

  3. Footloose, your memory is razor sharp, I must say. Yes, sex selling food. You need a healthy appetite for both. Connie C, I always just open the plastic, browse and replace. Not a single bookstore person has told me I can’t do that. I always do that for Booksale magazines as well, so I don’t buy doubles of past issues. :) And for those abroad, Rick suggests an e-version, didn’t even think of that option.

  4. Because lard! Been experimenting with it lately also. For Rogue I just usually get digital subscriptions from Zinio. Turns out to about 40% cheaper per issue as well @bearhug0127

  5. Footloose: I am sure you are aware that marketing specialists and editorial boards only know too well how the reptilian brain works and affects our buying decisions . Sex and food have basic imprints ( for survival) in our primitive brain and Madison Avenue has certainly capitalized on it.

  6. But the red dress, the bejeweled hands ( and arms) and twisted cleaver knife ready for action really caught my eye. I wonder what message it is giving my brain?

  7. MM, I maintain a list on my phone of the month/year of the magazines that I already have so that I don’t accidentally buy a 2nd copy.

  8. ami, I used to do a version of that with a printed spreadsheet with over 10 years of data for some 20 magazines, but it got unwieldy at some point, and I realize for food and related magazines alone, I must have some 700-800+ on shelves in various locations! :(

  9. I read somewhere that Isabel Roces is vegetarian or might even be vegan. So that milk must be soy and she would probably cringe at some of the stuff inside the magazine.

  10. Hi Marketman,
    Where can we get good lard locally? We tried frying with it in The UK, where it’s only half a pound for a (chilled) bar…and liked the outcome.


  11. Maria, I haven’t seen it for sale in Manila, but we do make it from scratch and sell it in our Cebu restaurants. Not at the airport stall because authorities don’t want “oil” in the plane cabins… :)

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