S & R 3 Day Sale, March 16,17 & 18

I probably spend more money at S & R than any other single food source in Manila at the moment so I was thrilled to receive an email notice that they are planning a massive “Power Price-Off” Sale this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I don’t normally plug commercial announcements unless I use the products/services myself, so you can be sure that I will be at S & R when the doors open this Friday. And stocks are quite high, from what I could see the last time I was in the store. The sale is good for all current members but non-members can also shop on those sale days (with a 5% fee added to the bill). If you plan to buy cartloads of stuff, it would be worth it to get a membership before then… The sale is on at all four branches: Fort Bonifacio, Alabang, Congressional Avenue and Paranaque. Happy shopping!


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  1. Do not forget the old saying “early bird catches the best worm!” Have a great day at S & R you all.

  2. Ack! I have work on Friday and will be out of town Saturday! And by Sunday I’m sure it will be just the dregs left :( Oh well, at least I just replenished my yogurt supply! :)

    Happy shopping!!!

  3. Wow thanks for the tip! Got a membership card last January but I’ve only been there twice this year. I absolutely love their Bulla yoghurt.

  4. Crumbmaster, I agree with you on most blanket store email announcements and promotions, but I should have mentioned in the post that the email I received was from S & R Management, so I am pretty sure this is a legitimate and product heavy sale… I think they have a pretty good idea that I spend a whole lot in the store…heehee :) But the proof will be the number of carts I fill up on Friday morning… Oh, and on the second comment, I wonder if I would ever be able to put together a line of artisanal tropical fruit jams…but I suspect I would make so few per batch a smaller food shop or deli or mail order might be more my likely distribution channel…my pricing would be nosebleed material, I’m sure… :)

  5. oh goodness, what temptation! Do I go on Friday and lug the stuff across town, or wait till Sunday (like Joey) and see what remains? Times like these I wish the car wasn’t coded on Friday!

  6. abby, honestly, I can’t recall. But they have double cream or almost clotted thickness for just PHP115 or so, very reasonable!

  7. thanks marketman for the quick response! will go to the sale just to hoard yogurt!hihihihi (^0^) P115 is pretty reasonable, landmark ran out of Ski yogurt tub so i’m looking for other alternatives. thank you again!

  8. I was at S&R Paranaque last week to get a membership (got a free bottle of Smuckers for signing-up). The person at the customer service did mention about a sale that’ll happen this week. Few people were shopping, probably around 15 or so. Thanks for reminding!

  9. For Abby, the Lemnos yogurt at S&R is about P500 for a tub (I think it’s a gallon, but Joey can set me straight). And sometimes they have the smaller cups of thick yogurt with fruit toppings (mango and passionfruit). Those run about P100++

  10. I just noticed some Bulla yogurt and cream at Rustan’s supermarket in Katipunan. Didn’t get to check out the prices though. Rustan’s also replenished their chocolate chip/baking bars. Oh, Ghirardhelli unsweetened chocolate baking bars are available too (for those like me who have not tried it).

  11. apple, I think it is PHP700 for first member, and PHP400 for a spouse or member of same household if you want a second card…

  12. hi, so its PHP700 for the first member, what the meaning of that? My husband can’t come in without a membership? or can come in?

  13. fritzie, PHP700 or so gets you one membership card, your husband or family member or a friend for that matter can accompany you into the store, but you are the only one that can pay using your card or cash…in theory anyways…



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