Sandwiches at Balthazar


The day after we had the pastries from Balthazar, we decided to return to the restaurant to get some lunch if we could somehow manage to secure a table abal2without a reservation. Obviously, in New York’s highly competitive lunch scene, this was like asking for miracle, despite it being mid-week. The place was just jam-packed with folks, including people eating at the bar at midday. We were advised of a 1 hour wait and with Marketman and The Kid prone to sugar lows, we decided to seek lunch elsewhere. That meant a five meter walk to the boulangerie and with one look at their sandwich and snack menu we ordered lunch there instead. Same kitchen, after all. I had a curried chicken sandwich with watercress and grapes that was served on walnut bread. What came is exactly what was expected – meaty chunks of chicken with a curried mayonnaise with sliced red grapes and lots of peppery watercress. The bread was a substantial and delicious wheat bread with large chunks of walnuts in it.


Mrs. MM had a Smoked Salmon sandwich which was served on a pain de seigle with an herbed cream cheese, cucumber slices and watercress. The Kid opted for a deceptively simple but well executed mozzarella, tomato and pesto panini that took a few abal4minutes to make. The mozzarella used was first rate and The Kid loved this sandwich. All sandwiches were $8.00. We ate right outside the boulangerie on park benches placed on the cement pavement. To round off the “lunch,” we had a lemon madeleine and a chocolate chip cookie (both $1.50). Total lunch bill, less than $30.00. We got some drinks a few corners away from a hotdog stand. While we would have loved to sit down in the restaurant and order from a slightly more extensive menu that included typical bistro fare, we were more than happy with the sidewalk lunch. Now fortified, it was time to do a bit of shopping in SoHo…


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6 Responses

  1. Hi MM! Have been reading your blog for several months now – my husband and i used to live in the city (NYC), so when we decided to visit just this May, I scanned your blog for places to try. We tried Restaurant Daniel – which was superb! But that is a whole other story.
    I was just waiting for you to mention sandwiches because according to all our friends (and not listed in Zagats) – we had to go to Shake Shack, Danny Meyer’s burger and shake “shack” on Madison Square Park. The line was really long but the double Shackburger was the most delicious one I’ve ever tried – better than Smith & Wollensky’s, DB burger, Burger Joint, etc. And the shakes were heavenly too. I’m sure The Kid would have enjoyed the shakes and Rocky Road concrete w/c is soft serve, ice cream, choco chips, mallows mixed to make a concrete-like sundae. It was soooo disturbingly good. We went back a few days later to have more! Now, back home, when I miss Shake Shack I log on to their website and click on the webcam just to see how long the line is…imagining how ill take the subway to get down
    there. Yum!

  2. Mikoy, we passed shake shack twice while on cab rides going uptown. We really wanted to try it but the timing was off. I like most of Danny Meyer’s restaurants and I am certain he did a nice job with the shack in the park… perhpas next time. Glad you enjoyed Daniel’s… we always seem to have a great meal there.

  3. Apicio, WHERE do you find these things?? It took a while to download, but yes, for readers curious about the interiors, the link is an interesting one…

  4. MM, those sandwiches look divine… Are there recipes of them in the cookbook? For a better chance at securing a table, drop by at off-hours like 3pm-ish. You must try the French Onion Soup, yum yum YUM!

    Mikoy, I agree that Shake Shack burgers are better than Burger Joint (better ambiance too)! It’s surprising that new yorkers who always seem to be in such a rush are so willing to line up for up to an hour to feed their burger habits, but the burgers, cheese fries and frozen custards really hit the spot like no other burger can. Next time, try the Shack Stack: two thick beef patties, cheese and a huge thick, crispy-fried portobello mushroom.

  5. I’m finally catching up on all the posts I missed while I was travelling. And this post on sandwiches reminds me of the blog The Girl who ate everything, by Robyn Lee. She loves her sandwiches (sammiches) and takes pictures of all the innards (bites into a sandwich and takes the photo). She’s made me want to fly to NYC pronto, just to go on an eating tour with her.

    One sandwich I want to try in New York soon is the cubano, it sounds divine and deadly to the arteries. A trip to New York just for food! Heaven.

    Will you post about Grom’s soon?

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