Saturday Salcedo Market

The Saturday Salcedo Market in the heart of the asalc1Makati Business District is less than a year old but clearly a runaway success! The brainchild of several neighborhood residents in nearby apartment buildings, the market lies in the shadow of high-rises much along the lines of charming neighborhood markets in European cities such as London or Paris. The objective was really simple: to give the neighbors a reason to get out and see each other while satisfying their craving for fresh produce, native specialties and homemade delicacies from the best households in the metropolis. With help from Barangay Bel-Air, the vision became a reality in May 2004. Today, the market has 127 vendors or stalls that attract thousands of people on a sunny Saturday. Several dozen more vendor applicants are on the waitlist and market management carefully screens who gets through…

I first visited this market about two or three weeks after it opened. asalc2It differentiated itself in that it started out mostly with vendors offering primarily homemade specialties rather than produce, seafood and meats. It was really more like a bazaar of what the best kitchens in Makati had to offer. As such, it was a bit “sosyal” and it was perhaps the only market where some people actually thought about their clothing before they got there! Another telltale sign of its “breeding” was the late hour at which it used to get cracking… around 8:30 AM or even later. Yikes. I was usually done with marketing and back home snoozing by 8:30 AM! Nevertheless, I completely support the concept, I am thrilled someone is working hard to make this successful, and I added it to my list of markets to go to on Saturdays.

My early market favorites were enormous ensaymadas (made closer the old-fashioned way that I prefer); asalc3the re-appearance of Gil Carandang with his brilliant organic herbs and vegetables; Joey Malana’s varied selection of vegetables from Tagaytay and Baguio; fresh cashew nuts from Palawan; Ineng’s barbecue for a meaty breakfast snack; some well selected flowers (from purveyors who admittedly got their stock in Dimasalang and added a hefty premium but I savored the convenience), etc. There was also Gourmet Farms, carabao milk pastillas, nice sapin-sapin, and a superb stall selling bub-bud kabog that, I kid you not, was ferried to the market in a Range Rover! The depreciation alone on the use of the Range Rover added PHP5 to each bud-bud I am sure…but they were and still are truly superb tasting!

The market is open from 7am-2pm. It is located in the tree shaded parking lot directly across the Three Salcedo apartment building and close to the Makati Sports Club. There are extensive tables and chairs set up under tents so you can enjoy your freshly cooked paella, lechon, barbecue, Korean specialties, etc. while mingling with your neighbors. Kudos to the organizers and let’s hope this is replicated elsewhere in the metropolis!


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  1. I heard mrs. annabelle santiago is organizing a “sunday market” at the roxas triangle/mandarin/urdaneta vicinity, but i don’t know exactly when they intend to start. Will ask for more details…

  2. i’d like to get involve with these kind of market/bazaars…
    I am currently starting up my owb vegetable/fruit business.
    You’re doing a great job.

  3. i hope i can get some more details of other saturday morning markets. It surely is a great venue for social interaction as well as trade to buyers and sellers alike

  4. My friend who has a stall in the Salcedo Market told me that they’re trying to set up something similar in San Lorenzo Village.

  5. Hello again. What hotel is close to Salcedo Market. i would like to explore the area but am not familiar with it anymore. Is there a hotel that is walking distance to the market? Thanks for your help. My friends and I are enjoying your website. Great job!

  6. Marinel, the closest five star hotel is the Mandarin Oriental Makati. I think there are several serviced apartments nearby as well. The market is near the Citibank towers in Makati, if you can recall where that was…

  7. We have a booth at the Salcedo Market, Herbana Farms. We sell organic and natural vegetables, herbs both culinary and medicinal. I was talking to a traffic enforcer and you are correct, as the arrivals of buyers peak about 10am to 12 noon, parking spaces become rare. The said enforcer and the local barangay are perhaps looking into getting nearby parking areas to open their spaces on saturdays.

  8. I’ve heard so much about the Salcedo Market. Any idea how to get there by public transport? If I bring the car, what’s the best route to go through? coming from Quezon City.

  9. Josephine, the Salcedo market is at the heart of Salcedo Village Makati, or in other words, the center of all the skyscrapers located in a parking lot. It’s best to bring a car if you have one. Go EDSA to Makati, turn left on Buendia, left on Pasong Tamo and right when you get to the Citibank branch after crossing Makati Avenue. When you hit Adamson Center Building at the end of that street, turn left and you will be at the market in 50-60 meters. If you go public, take an MRT to Buendia and take a cab to Salcedo… Get there between 730-830am on Saturdays…any later and the picking as much slimmer. It is mostly cooked or prepared food, I like the FTI Taguig Market, Farmer’s Market or Lung Center Market better for fresh produce.

  10. Hi Kai, I think the market is organized by several people but the key contact person has to be Marc Medina, who is often at the market at the organizers booth where they have the baskets… just go and look for him there, I don’t think I am at liberty to give his cellphone number. As for getting a table, I understand they have over 350 folks on their waitlist so it could take a while…

  11. Hi! The market is a friendly place I never forget to go to on saturday. More than that, it was for me one good reason to live in Salcedo. But this “organic” market should fight against the first source of pollution in the Philippines, the plastic bags. Plastic bags are not biodegradable and kill fish, turtles, and are responsible of floods. I often come back from the market with 20 plastic bags. It should give the example and give (recycled) paper bags.

  12. Hello! the idea of paper bag even if its recycled is bad cause it still contribute to killing trees and eliminating one sourse of most valued and needed OXYGEN! I would like to suggest a cloth shopping bag that are available in many week-end bazaars!
    I’m looking for a place to market/sell portable toilets that a lot of people can really use/needs!
    A lot of people don’t know that there is such an appliance/gadget that will make there day!
    My contact cellphone number is 0906 352 2947.
    Thank you!

  13. Good day! we have a bakeshop in san pedro,laguna. Capri bakeshop. we make vegetarian/vegan products like honey banana wheat muffin , oatmeal raisin cookies we use wheat flour for our cookies,no artificial flavoring that contains alchohol. Cholesterol free cakes with vegan icing also available. any interested party please feel free to contact me at 09215641013

  14. I believe whatever kind of bag is used there should be proper disposal. 100% of these bags are recyclable be it plastic or paper. Proper disposal = no flooding too!

  15. Hi! I havent been to the famous Salcedo Market and I know that I am missing a lot =( Anyway, I’d like to know how I can rent out a space for me to share something different. Is there anyone out there who can help me locate the contact person for this? Many thanks!

  16. Iona, you contact market managers who are on site on Saturdays. But I understand they have several hundred people on a waitlist for a spot…so you may have to wait a while.

  17. HI! i hope you can still allow me to join the bazaar pls . How can I get in touch with the organizer. pls email me pls thank u so much. God Bless

  18. hello. I am interested in joining the bazaar. hope you could email me who to contact to, please. Thank you so much. God bless.

  19. Haidee, danny, remy, paula, etc. If you bothered to read the post above and the comments that followed, you would have figured out that I am not the Salcedo market, but wrote about it. Please contact the market directly with your queries. But to dampen some of your enthusiasm, I was told there were some 300-400 people on the waitlest to sell at this market at the last count. And they are looking for very unique vendors with unusual and high quality products.

  20. i’m interested in joining ur saturday market..sana makajoin din me i need to have sideline kc to augment my very short income as a govt employee..talagang gusto kong magsideline anyway ala naman pasok evry sat. and sun.

  21. malou, you have written, a food blog, not the market. Please contact them directly by visiting the market and going to the organizers table. But I believe they have a waitlist of vendors exceeding 300 people, so you may have to wait a while…

  22. hi!! I would like to asked, what are the requirements in order for us to sell?

    thank you

  23. hi ,
    I would like to sell our pandepao ( pandesal with asado inside). please email me requirements that I needed.


  24. Im also interested in joining the bazaar. kindly text me the contact number of the organizer. thanks! 09175789534 / 024742504

  25. Hi Please email us the contact of the organizer.I and my business partner would like to set up a stall there. Thank you very much.

  26. i would like to know if there’ll be market on black saturday. thanks

  27. May I know the contact details of the organizer? My mom is very much interested in putting up her own stall. Thank you.

  28. hello,,looking for Belle Ulit, in referance to Manila markets. I think she works for the city,,and the open markets. Anyone knowing of her,please let me know. Thanks

  29. Hellow, please let me know if the market is open every sunday?
    Im excited to visit the place.

  30. hi, would like to know the requirements to be part of the market..? pls email or contact me at 0917-7882323.

  31. I just want to ask what would be the closing time of the salcedo market, we will go there this sat and it was our first time, thx a lot

  32. I am very interested in joining the flea market. Please email me about the requirements and cost of the rent. Will be very glad to receive it immediately.

  33. for all those interested in getting a booth in salcedo market, you have to understand that there is a waiting list of a few hundreds of applicants. there are several tips:
    *just keep on following up on your application
    *get to know who are currently selling, if possible, negotiate if you can get a small space for your products.

    the organizers are barangay bel-air, they have a tent at the leviste st. entrance or you can proceed to their barangay hall, 40 solar st., bel-air III. enter paseo de roxas gate, makati tel. 895-4408 / 899-6509

    salcedo market is at Jaime Velasquez Park
    located at Velasquez Park and Tordesillas Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City, Metro Manila

    please visit our booth. herbana farms, organic and natural herbs and vegetables
    look for gil carandang

    hope this have helped people

  34. i am interested in joining the saturday market. we raise organic chicken (a antibiotic free chicken)from quezon province and we look for possible market.

    please e mail me some info regarding the application for your saturday market.

    hope we could share our product in metro manila are.

    my contact 09109129235

    thank you

  35. francis, you need to contact the market organizers, maybe visit the market and talk to them there. leaving a message on this food blog will not likely get you the information you need. Some effort would help you achieve your objectives more readily.



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