Seafood Lunch at Sugar Beach, Bantayan, Cebu


After shopping at the Bantayan fresh seafood market in this previous post, we took our purchases to one of the cooking stalls at Sugar Beach, left some instructions on how we preferred each type of seafood cooked, and went back to our hotel to pack up and check out before lunch. When we got back to the beach, there was just enough time for a dip in the sea before lunch was being delivered to our little nipa huts…


We had two large grilled fish, a talakitok up top, and I am not sure what the second fish was (acquired from the cooking stall to augment our meal. It didn’t quite look like a maya-maya or snapper, but it was similar.


Next a tray of grilled alumahan or mackerel scad that were so incredibly fresh when we bought them at the market.


We had a pot of simple fish tinowa made with 2-3 small talakitok. The fresher the fish, the better the tinowa.


Deep-fried danggit or rabbitfish.


Salted danggit bihud or fish roe sautéed with tomatoes, onions and garlic. This was wickedly salty, but really delicious. Perfect as condiment to fried and grilled fish.


And some chilled leftover steamed crab from the day before’s bounty of fresh crab. Lots of rice, eating with our hands, and it was a delicious, economical and very satisfying beach lunch.


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  1. I’m drooling… again! Ang sarap, parang gusto kong pumunta na sa Bantayan island! I love fish roe in fried rice, smells funky but delicious. I’ve eaten fried rice seasoned with bagoong alamang too, I love them both. I am just wondering if you have experimented using bihud in your fried rice yet.

  2. The fish beside the talakitok is a type of emperor fish of the family Lethrinidae. It is locally known as katambak in the Visayas. Closely related to the snappers, it is also highly valued because of its nice, firm and white flesh. Good morning.

  3. Nadia, thanks again for that, yes katambak sounds right. I am going to start referring to you as the resident fish specialist! Salamat.

  4. Nadia brings to mind Woody Allen’s Aunt Bea in Radio Days who identified all the flat fish models and won the prize in a radio contest in which an ichthyologist would have floundered.

  5. Kagutom naman! I’m glad my sister from Las Vegas brought me some frozen kamias yesterday so I will make some sinigang na grouper head today– SARAP!!

  6. That tinowa! Oh, the bihud!
    While we usually have grilled liempo, roasted eggplant salad, and adobo from home when at the beach – this meal brings back memories of Sunday lunch in the backyard, back when I was a child.

    I think I know what to have for lunch tomorrow/later :)

  7. No guso or lato? Or kinilaw? Hheheh that salty fish roe you’re saying, is that the dayok?



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