Seafood Sunday a la Marketman


Seafood Sunday seems like a good idea. It’s market day if you happen to be by the seashore (or even if you are not), it’s time to enjoy a long meal at the lunch table with family and friends, and it happens to be Lent just in case that affects your dietary choices.


Hit the local markets and stock up on whatever looks fresh… young squid, fresh fish, prawns, shrimp, etc.

IMG_3500 (1)

Marinate seafood briefly in soy, kalamansi, dalandan, olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper, whatever you like and throw it all on the grill. Here some baby squid cooked just right (not overcooked), some shrimp with leftover Iloilo made prosciutto wrapped around it (it was delicious, but you can leave out the meat if you desire)…

IMG_3499 (1)

…some prawns and some small talakitok or jacks grilled whole.


An eggplant and tomato salad for that texture and acidic contrast to the incredibly fresh, slightly briny seafood. And yes, somewhere off camera is a nice big bowl of steamed rice. In this case, no utensils required. But Mrs. MM had a fork and knife. :)


7 Responses

  1. Such a seafoodfest is better enjoyed with bare hands or fingers. As bettyQ would say, makanin. Yummm.

  2. Much better than the seafood, I just had from a Chinese Buffet.
    Can’t believe there’s baked lobsters tail topped with cheese on the serving counter (I thought, what an expensive lobster doing here??)
    And when I took a spoonful, yikes, not good at all.

  3. Agree, only barehandedly can one do this justice. Let no cumbersome dining implements detract from the contact of man and seafood.



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