Seaside Mart, Baclaran

A must see for the true foodie and market addict. seaside4 A small gem of a market with stunning quality, this is a terrific place to purchase fresh seafood. For several years I had heard about Seaside and often sent the cook off to purchase crabs or prawns at this Baclaran landmark, but only recently have I checked it out for myself.

Its external surroundings and signage belie the gem within. Note the great tag line on their signage that states “very pleasant shopping place…” While I wouldn’t go that far, it is a relatively clean market inside with very fresh seafood and a high turnover at peak hours. Small and compact at probably less than 1000 square meters, the market has just four or five aisles packed with all of the best seafood available from near and far. seaside1 On a recent weekday visit at 8:30 am, there were live spiny lobsters, groupers, 8 grades of prawns, tons of crab, sashimi quality tuna, jacks, sole, etc. and most looked extremely fresh. Prices were high but at 10-20% more than other markets I thought it was well worth it given the breadth and depth of selection. Live spiny lobsters at P1,400 a kilo (P800 for newly deceased), crabs at P280-350 a kilo, prawns at P350-650 a kilo, grouper (lapu-lapu) at P300 a kilo might give some a head rush but just think what restaurants charge for the same thing…

After talking to some of the stall owners, they let on that while coming to the market early (as I usually do, crack of dawn in fact) is good for seafood sourced close to Manila (delivered over land), seaside2it was also good to come later in the morning at around 10-11am to see what the planes from the South have brought with them. Apparently a lot of seafood is sent by airfreight from Mindanao, Negros and Capiz among other sources. A few weeks later I went to the market at 1030am and it was bustling and the selection was superb.

Seaside Mart is located on Roxas Boulevard near the Baclaran Redemptorist Church. On a good day it is just 15 minutes from makati. seaside3Take EDSA to Tramo and then right on Andrews Ave (Airport Road) then go straight to Roxas Boulevard. Turn right and stay on the service road, drive about 400 meters and stop at the Seaside Mart signs. Fruit vendors out front, seafood inside. If you hit the Baclaran church, you have gone too far. Parking is limited and the area just a bit on the seedy side so bring a driver if you can. I love this market and have returned frequently since my first visit.


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  1. Marketman, I think there are 2 “bagsakan” times: in the morning and around 4pm or late afternoon. You might want to add this little bit of info.

  2. hi~could you tell me what time does this market open and close? does it open on saturday and sunday? thank you for your help.

  3. Baclaran is famous market in manila,when i stay with some friends,in st jude st.nichols,i go ewery day in baclaran market,the market where you can bay all the food,meat you can faine here,when i was there,living for some years,i fel that i live in the time Robinson Crusso,its amaizing the old church in Baclaran,the thousand and thousand of people,etc,.the Metro Hotel,when my croatian friend have first nighr with his new married filipina wife,etc.etc,remembrances,from baclaran,manila,pasay city,nichols,etc.

  4. hi i am still loking for some my close friends,myrna lorenzana,from pangasinan,and rachel from manila,etc.did any one know this beautifull gils,.thank you,.myrna live in nichols in the time when i was there to 1994-5.



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