Shiitake Mushrooms

Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms have become a more frequent sight in Manila in the past few years. amush1 Best known as the dried “Chinese Black Mushroom” sold in Chinese or Asian groceries, the fresh version is a welcome addition to the list of ingredients available locally. At the market this morning, I picked up these fine examples of what a fresh shiitake mushroom should be: fleshy, substantial and with a slight aroma somewhat garlicky in nature. The fresher the mushroom, the more “domed” the caps will appear and their edges will curl under.

Shiitakes were originally from Japan and grew on hardwood trees. “Take” meaning mushrooms and “Shii” the type of hardwood tree they thrived on, according to Alan Davidson. Today they are cultivated in farms that raise the mushrooms either indoors in sterile beds or outdoors on logs. amush2 The mushrooms I purchased were imported from China. They are superb in Chinese stir fried vegetable dishes or as part of a sweet and sour sauce for a whole fried fish. They also do well in more western style recipes such as sauteed mushrooms in olive oil with garlic that is using to top toasted french bread.

Prices today were P50 per 100 grams of Shiitake. Significantly more than the cost of white button mushrooms but you typically don’t need too much to perk up a dish. Stored properly, fresh shiitakes will last 5 days in the refrigerator.


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  1. Hatchin grocery in Makati is a reliable source for fresh
    shiitake mushrooms, they sometimes have fresh
    enoki too as well as other japanese produce – even shiso
    leaves – which makes an interesting addition to your regular tempura ingredients.

  2. Thanks Rina for all these tips, sounds like your food “black book” of addresses is pretty good…

  3. food glorious food….always serious business for me!
    happy to share the info to those who share my reverence
    for it!

  4. Amin I am not sure what information you seek regarding mushrooms…perhaps you should google them.

  5. hi i just want to know about some experiences in growing shiitake cos i am a student in Cambodia it is related to my subject so i just want to gather some information about it!thank for your help!

  6. the shiitake mushroom i know is the dried ones. and i have two big bags which the hubby bought from mushroom burger tagaytay and i dont know what to do with them. can i prepare them the way you suggested above, thanks a lot.



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