Shrimp Salad Sandwiches a la Marketman

A good lobster roll is one of my favorite sandwiches of all time. But good lobster is extravagant and hard to get in Manila, so when I have a hankering, I make a shrimp or crabmeat sandwich instead. With some chervil still in the fridge a few days after I found the herb at S&R (they still stock it, saw some yesterday), I decided to make some shrimp salad sandwiches with chervil and chives.

I used some nice crunchy celery as an “extender” to stretch the poached shrimp meat. I happen to like celery, but others don’t so think about who will be eating your sandwiches before you decide to add celery. The shrimp were brined for an hour so, poached until just cooked, de-viened, and left out on the kitchen counter to cool a bit. Placing cooked shrimp in the fridge tends to toughen the meat, so avoid that if possible. We poached and prepared the shrimp about an hour before meal time.

Add a few tablespoons of good mayonnaise, the juice of half a lemon, some salt and pepper, chopped chives and chervil and mix thoroughly. Don’t overdo the mayonnaise, a lot of folks tend to go overboard, but you don’t want to “hide” the shrimp, just give it some richness while the lemon juice brings freshness and thins the mayonnaise.

Place in some bread rolls of your choice (ideally some hotdog rolls cut on top rather than on the side), in this case I had some baguettes, with some of the bready part inside removed, and brushed the insides with some melted butter. Fill with generous amounts of shrimp and celery and serve immediately. :)

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25 Responses

  1. my kind of sandwich – toasted baguette, heavy on the shrimp and light on the mayo. MM, have you ever had those giant mantis shrimp? just got back from palawan and had plenty of those -they taste like a cross between lobster and crab, and would be perfect as sandwiches.

  2. reading this in the morning makes my tummy growl. great sandwich MM… same with Betchay, this will be in my to do list too.

  3. This post made me hungry. =) We make a shrimp salad at home at sometimes I put this into a sandwich. Sarap!

  4. Love a good sandwich.Nice sub for a lobster roll.Look so yummy!! I love the crunch of a celery..Celery dip with peanut butter,Celery with cream cheese.

  5. I haven’t tried shrimp salad sandwiches before but then again I have just recently become really interested in cooking, thanks to you, MM! :) This recipe is on top of my list of what to cook simply because I have most of the ingredients in my refrigerator except for good mayonnaise. Hard to find good mayonnaise in my part of China but I know just where to buy one :) Have a great week!

  6. They look so yummy. May I know what brand of mayonnaise you use? I like Heinz but I can’t seem to find it here in Manila. Thanks!

  7. Pietra, when I need good mayonnaise, I make it… :) But the European mayonnaises in tubes are nice too. When in a hurry, buy good REAL mayonnaise, look at the labels, and bring it up a notch by adding a touch of lemon and perhaps a bit of olive oil and mix well…

  8. In lieu of the celery whose taste may be off-putting to some people, try using chopped cucumber instead (without the seeds). This will offer the same crunch. Add some salt to offset the blandness of the cucumber. MM – I like the idea of cutting the hotdog buns on top rather than the side. Less mess nga naman. Thanks.

  9. A must on our house shrimp/ lobster roll is a few squirts of our house made LOBSTER OIL!!!!

    MM…am in Florence and guess what…found your shoe place and prices has gone up but still reasonable compared to other stores.

  10. bettyq, glad to hear you found the shoe store, I MISS it and need replacements for mine soon… :) Enjoy Italy! I have a post on your Tuscan Style Salmon Sardines up soon! :)

  11. I want to try this real soon! You’re the best Market Man!

    P.S. I’ve been “quietly” enjoying your blog for a while now. You’re really my go-to guy when it comes to my culinary adventures. God bless you!

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