Sister’s Fruitcake Recipe

Some folks have asked if I have a fruitcake recipe. I don’t. But Sister makes one of the most wonderful fruitcakes I have ever tasted. It is sort of like fruit with a bit of crumbs and lots of liquor to keep it moist. I never used to be a big fruitcake fan, but in my 40’s I seem to have really taken to a good fruitcake. Please check out this link to an older post on fruitcake, and scroll down to the comments section for the recipe. I have to admit I have never made it myself. And like many of Sister’s beneficiaries, I simply wait until I am given one. I think sister bakes her cakes months before she sends them out so that they mature a bit. I have eaten it some 4-6 months after it was made and it was still superb. Please try to make it as written in the recipe the first time around. Substitutions often mess things up. We know someone who added some pineapple instead of the specified dried fruit and it was a disaster… :) Fruitcake is another one of those iconic holiday baked goods that despite its brilliant history, has also spawned some horrific relatives that while called fruitcakes, should really be called something else… Enjoy!


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  1. LOVE a good fruity, nutty, moist fruitcake! I use Cognac in mine, the aroma is fantastic. Just checked out Sister’s recipe, will try that too. Thanks MM and Sister!

  2. Definitely, not a good thing to be branded a “Fruitcake” person or One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest! Sister’s fruitcake is materiales puertes! As a child of the 60s – fruitcake was a big deal during the Christmas season. As in any madness it wears out overtime like fashion. I still like a good slice of fruitcake with my tea Christmas afternoon. We used to bake ours as early as first week in August, wrapped in light katsa materials and showering it with rhum or brandy once a week- good liquor is a must. If the liquor burns the throat for libation then it is a no to soak the fruitcake. Never made fruitcake for ages. I get them from a Franciscan convent.

  3. Fruitcake,queso de bola and Chinese jamon….these to me spell some of my fave foods during this wonderful season. Wheeeeeeee…..Will have to learn Sister’s fruitcake. My sister (who lives in NJ )used to be my Christmas fruticake source…but since she had a stroke,she has been unable to do this anymore…I never got to get her recipe.So…will learn sister’s recipe….Thanks MM and ate ni Marketman!! hahaha…

  4. Sister,MM or anyone pls. Want to do this right even if it’s late.
    Where can we get candied orange and lemon peel?Is that also available where we but the candied fruits? Also, any source of fresh nutmeg? I have nutmeg but it’s the bottled one.Will that do? What is the difference between UNSULPHURED MOLASSES vs the molasses we buy bottled in the baking section of the grocery? Teehee…Just wanna be sure….Salamat muli…

  5. I have a stash of fruitcake which was delivered to me in September. I was told to store it in a cool place so that it will age. I received a batch of 24 containers. Am now left with about twenty two. I used to order them from Cabela’s when I was onboard the USS Independence and we were deployed in the Persian Gulf in 1993.

    I am a fool for fruitcake.

  6. thanks a heap for the recipe sister, the fruitcake looks sublime! like marisse(classmate! hehehe), i don’t know where to source fresh nutmeg here in cebu, also dried currants. ditto on the unsulphured molasses. would you know of sources here MM? thanks!

  7. thanks for the link, mm! =) still trying to convince wifey to consider whipping up a batch or five… someone told me about a baker’s depot on north edsa, any feedback on that (supaa)store guys? i figured getting her a new oven and ingredients would give me a little leverage (though i don’t think i can afford a viking like yours, mm. not yet, at least. hehe…).

    if i fail to change her (fruitcake averse) mind, i’m considering trying to do it myself. emphasis on ‘trying’, there. =)

    hope you guys are all okay. ingat.



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