Smashing Apple…


An Apple battery and service rant coming up as soon as our internet speed is restored to normal levels…

Actually, smashing the apple was extremely cathartic. Almost better for me than writing the rant!

Fabulous photos up top all taken by The Teen.

Note: Apple was mealy and past its prime and given to the rabbit for a snack after it was smashed.


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  1. haha… 1st twitter update :) you should put a link on it MM so we can click it to directly go to your website.

  2. Twitter truncates the whole link, doesnt matter how long your url is. I RT (retweeted) to my twitter list :)

  3. is it about your mac?? u have to update us soon or maybe is it connected with the extravagant dinner?

  4. Gina, thanks, I was already writing a post when you posted… Thanks. :) sanojmd, it is about my MacBook, but it has been set aside with news of this latest alleged extravagant dinner…

  5. wooooo. I would dearly love to do that.

    I am starving right now due to the last Nestle Yogurt in my fridge (my dinner tonight) went bad. REALLY bad. It had some sort of unmentionable curd in it, and it had bubbles.

    I looked at the cover for the expiration date. Heck, this wouldn’t be the first time for me. It read “August 17 2009”.

    I am saving it and calling Nestle tomorrow. But right now, I need a mealy apple and a mallet. And maybe some steak. *sarcastic lol*

  6. Hi MM! So your APPLE has a can of worms inside? Such is life! Not easy even for MS-PC-laptop users w all their “automatic” updates you don’t even know about! The latest wreaked havoc w my Google Chrome connection (competition hazard!). We’re just “captive audiences” at their mercy!!!!

    Anyway, have you seen the latest post on The Amateur Gourmet’s blog – re his Dinner at El Bulli’s? Here’s the link:

    No info re cost of the dinner though. Hope it’s not like GMA’s $20,000 Le Cirque orgiastic feast!!!!

  7. The first picture gives me the message it was a good eating apple with that big bite right in there. As I scroll down, I hear your teeth grinding in outrage. Totally agree with Lee.

  8. hey MM…what is that tool you used to smash the apple with?

    in times like that (re: your laptop’s breakdown or for our president’s insensitivies)…i do a mantra…”inner peace,inner peace” —not worth getting wrinkles for!

  9. Denise, my mantra is, better to vent some steam, or let off some lava than accumulate years of frustration and die of high blood pressure. Or do a Pinatubo. :) I have very low blood pressure. 110/70 just yesterday. Heehee. Lee, I love it… Seal of Disapproval. If only I were techinically inclined and could figure out how to imbed short videos on my posts smashing apples or thwacking someone with a fishpan…

  10. might not be your mac, MM. lee said over at facebook that a submarine cable has been damaged, affecting internet service in the philippines and malaysia.

  11. millet, this is about apple service in Manila… but I am losing steam because of the Presidential dinner distractions that are really upsetting me personally.

  12. ..about those dinners (and we still don’t know how many there actually were), my grandma would have said “walang modo” (no manners), while my mom-in-law would have said, “walay ulaw” (no shame).

  13. …yeah..i cant get angry much as i have high blood pressure (darn genes)

    embedding videos…if you can get someone who knows their html and css and your video is uploaded on youtube they can teach you how to do it…but it would take up bandwidth

  14. i have been feeling quite angry recently.catharsis?seems to be worth a try…just to release the pressure.i’ll make apple jam or apple cinnamon of it afterwards.



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