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Sometimes when I get bored I play with my food… I am three weeks into my diet and realize I have hit a plateau of sorts, down just about 4-5 pounds, depending on what time of day I am on the scale and if I have pooped or not yet (heehee, it does make a difference you know). If I weigh myself first thing in the morning just after waking, I am as much as 2.5-3.0 pounds less than when I went to sleep. Is that amazing or what? Do I snore so much I work off 2.5 pounds worth of water and fat? Is it possible that I lose more weight sleeping than lifting 10,000 pounds over 9 exercises of 36 repititions each in 2 hours??? I still have approximately five to six weeks more but after this weekend I have to crack the proverbial whip, so to speak. So I was fooling around and trying to jazz up a classic “South Forbes Diet” meal…

Three sides of tuyo (dried fish) marinated in olive oil resting on a layer of chopped ripe tomato on a base of 1/3 of a cup of organic brown rice. Can you just see some shmarmy waiter trying to sell this to you at some chi-chi place for way too much money? tuyo2Served with some sili suka this is a perfect dinner which is relatively low carb and good for you. Add a side salad of mustasa salad and you have your roughage. Throw in a fried egg and it is a heavenly breakfast. And it looks great, don’t you think? I realize I am not a nutritionist by any means but if it works for me, it could work for you…heehee. Enjoy your lower carb, lower fat meal. And oh, if you don’t have one of those fancy stainless steel molds to make these vertical arrangements, just have a really clean PVC pipe cut cleanly and wash it out and you can use that I think…


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  1. *i* would eat that! (and have, actually — my mom makes an awesome burong mustasa that goes perfectly with this)

    wouldn’t do it with pvc though:D

  2. Hmmm sarap! I miss tuyo . . . though i can get them in London it’s just not the same as the ones I can get in Samar where I grew up. I’d try your ‘south forbes tuyo’ recipe. *-*

  3. If you change its name to South Forbes Tuyo Timbale, you can charge them double. :)

    A tuna can (opened on both ends) or a plastic water/soda bottle can be used as an alternative to using PVC pipes as substitute molds. I have used cut-out PVC pipes myself when molds were not available and they were just fine.

    MM: Congratulations on your weight loss. As a foodie, dieting can be even more difficult. It is great to see you are not “starving” yourself and are finding scrumptious and creative ways to satisfy your appetite. Most diets fail when people try to eliminate the food and tastes they love and enjoy. Judging from your recent entries, you are far from being underfed!

    Keep up the excellent work and good luck on your “improved nutritional lifestyle”.

  4. hope you can post more diet meals… both nutritional and filling but would help lose the extra pounds. i’m going to start my diet next week and hopefully lose 5 kilos before the christmas goodies flood in.

    thanks in advance!

  5. I will enjoy eating if all meals are beautifully plated, hehe. . . Yeah I remember Cafe Bola serving plated tuyo with tomato and salted egg arranged in stripes on top of rice, and yeah the name of the dish can fool you, and when you see your order, that is what you get, a pricey plated tuyo meal. . .

  6. The presentation MM is spectacular. Daig mo pa iyong mga chef na galing sa Culinary schools. Deserves foodie shots, nakakapanghinayang tuloy kainin.

    I had tomatoes with tuyo and tinapa (herring) for breakfast courtesy of my bitter-half. No glamorous presentation kaya I can’t help myself eating tons of steamed rice with this combination so there goes the diet and on my way to diabetic land.

    And then this afternoon, my beloved sister treated me to a very nice dinner. I had seared scallops, so, there goes my cholesterol. Oh well, might as well enjoy life for it only comes once.

    Again excellent work, MM, please keep it coming.

  7. that looks awfully nice… no wonder restos charge too much, they put art into the food.. hmm.. but isn’t tuyo high on salt content?? just a thought bit still, it looks and surely tastes good… more diet recipes.. i need a lot fast!!

  8. Timbale of South Forbes Tuyo, Tomato Concasse, and Organic Brown Rice served with Traditional Philippine Cane Vinegar and Bird’s Eye Chili.

    Now you can charge an arm and a leg.

  9. Heeheehee, I love it Chris. I should get you to name all of my recipes if I ever write a cookbook… and Lori of Dessertcomesfirst to photograph it…

  10. Tuyo and its equivalent must be the single most often cause of ethnic applicants being black-balled by coop boards here. In the carelessness of youth we just went ahead and cook them whenever the craving took hold oblivious of the barbed looks the neighbours fling at us whenever the thick smell flooded the hallways. When you visit friends, the smell greets you like a fanfare as soon as the elevator doors part. I soon learned to press the button for the floor directly above or below where I am actually going just to avoid the unspoken disgust that was sure to greet me.

  11. The presentation makes the humble tuyo look stunning. And when dieting, it helps to feed your eyes as well as your smell and taste. I think that’s why I eat lots of japanese food when I’m trying to lose weight.

    Sounds like a cookbook is in the works….

  12. Haha. That would be great. But don’t say IF, a Market Manila cookbook is inevitable with all the recipes you churn out regularly. ;)

  13. Yipee…hubby’s at the airport picking up baby brother, as I write this. Can’t wait to see him…and the SIX bottles of tuyo mom sent me! :D

  14. oh man i love that tuyo. everytime i go home to manila i take about 10 bottles of connie’s tuyo in oil. its a perfect meal for anytime of the day. specially when i’m in a hurry. microvave some rice, chop some tomatoes, and crack open that tuyo bottle.

  15. Lani et al, I’m just worried I’ll write it then only 50 copies will be sold and I lose my hat with the development and printing costs! Heehee.

  16. The cookbook is a good idea. Good (nicelooking) filipino cookbooks are few and far between. the problem of course is pricing. I’ll tell you your market though: aside from the local upper and middleclass foodies, you’ve got 8 million overseas Filipinos with cash, just like the posters on this blog. And with the gastronomically articulate Chris as your recipe namer, i reckon you’ve got a winner.



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