Still Sick… Bear with Me…

I am in the throes of some wicked bug, I kid you not. As if explosive clams weren’t punishment enough, I am now so sick that I am eating whatever I want just to keep nourished. But after a week of refusing to take medication, I have called in the nuclear medicine, my favorite antibiotics that I take once a year or less, that I need to kill “pain in the rear biots” in my system. I won’t name them lest I be accused of now covering drugs (albeit prescription) on this blog. So bear with me, my reactions to your wonderful comments and new posts are bogged down by illness… you have to amuse each other a bit and I will be back soon… next up, some posts on the trip to Ilocos a few months ago. No need to put a comment on this post, just wanted to give everyone an update…


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  1. MM,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you that you recover from this nasty illness soon. I do hope you are up and about soon.


  2. Oh dear, get well soon MM!
    P.S. Take a probiotic supplement while you’re on your nuclear medicine so you won’t get a rerun of the runs…

  3. I’ll keep you company MM; I too am sick and down at the moment.
    Apart from my prescribed medicines I am also drinking salabat (ginger tea), lemonade sweeten with honey, chicken broth and eating plenty of fruits.
    Best wishes and let’s get well soon.

  4. oh dear … get well soon dear MM. heed your body’s SOS and take it easy for a spell ….

    see you in future posts!

  5. Get well soon Marketman!

    Though given you have been sick for quite some time perhaps it is best for you to see a doctor already. A few yrs ago, I was sick with chills & fever. I thought it was the usual flu and that it was worse than usual bec I was tired and worn down. After 3 days, my Mom insisted I have a blood test done and have it checked by the doctor. I thought she was being paranoid… well, she was not. I had dengue!

  6. Maybe it’s the diet … go get yourself some junkfood. But I can relate … I was recently miserable and sick for around two weeks (and missed a whole lot of parties at school because of it!). Get well soon. =)

  7. How can we not comment when our favorite blog meister is down with some bad bug? Get well soon and don’t worry, we can survive a couple of days without your posts so you can fully recuperate!..unless of course blogging is your therapy, then blog away!

  8. MM, yuk, that’s awful . . . here’s a suggestion to rid off the crud, drink lots of fluids, rest, take 60mg of zinc (it really works for any sort of cold or cold related bug), drink calamansi juice (without dilluting w/ water & w/o sugar), and eat lightly. I have always found this combo to work. Get well soon so you’ll feel all betterrrrrr and be :), :), :) all the wayyyyy. We enjoy your blogs!



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