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I have received no marketmanila.com email in two days. If you have written me with a life and death question, well, sorry, you would have died by now waiting for a reply. I should have a new post up by the end of today… but out of curiosity… what would you like to read first, a semi-rant about educational plans that have gone belly up and the various ways I would like to cook their geese, or a post on leisurely lunch at Amansara in Siem Reap? Leave a comment below and catch you all later. :)


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  1. Let’s kickstart with the semi-rant and end with the leisurely lunch. That should leave us in a peaceful mood… :)

  2. It would be better if you post your food tripping in Cambodia and a good Pandesal recipe or puting puto recipe. Thanks and looking forward to hear from you soon.

  3. Something uplifting like good food from Amansara is better than reading negativity now :P But then again, you post occasional rants (or semi-rants) so hmmm… why not?

    I agree with tna’s suggestions that you post the semi-rant first then cap it off with the lunch.

  4. hahaha! i find education plans hereabouts crass business…sorry. But I would like to hear what you say about these things, MM…and then a nice writeup about luch in Amansara.

  5. aye aye to the semi-rant (i wouldn’t mind a full blown rant! we are victims of these educ plans providers)! then appease us with your lunch-capade :)

  6. Let’s hear the rant. Your rant is like the ampalaya in pinakbet—it gives a unique flavor to your blog. I am really curious what your rant is all about. I am sure it is justified.

  7. Bad news is always taken in a much better light after a good meal. Let’s hear about the lunch then proceed to the bad news…

  8. those executives of the pre-need companies deserve a major rant and no lunch for the rest of their lives! no breakfasts and dinners either.

  9. a rant then the lunch pls MM. i always prefer that bad news is delivered first so that i end on a high note with the good. agree with millet that those greedy execs of pre-need companies deserve no meals going forward.

  10. Cambodian lunch, please. Just hearing about these pre-need firms on the news makes my BP rise as it is.

  11. methinks which first,
    To rant or lunch.

    Give food to hunger,
    Supply this anger.

    Amidst these two,
    am stuck considering.

    ‘Tis said,
    ” A hungry man – an angry man.”

    Must I go starving,
    To add ferocity.

    Stuff the starve,
    And bolden rave.

    and these am weighing,
    a way out elucidating.

    !?!?!?#@#**** investments,deposits,e-plan,
    $$PPLLRRBB000000 gone :(



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