The Flash Floods in Metro Manila Yesterday Were Horrific…

If you are based abroad and haven’t heard about the recent flash floods in Metro Manila, please go to Manolo Quezon’s blog, link here, to read about it and see several photos. If you would like to help, MLQ3 provides several avenues for you to pursue. I do recall the floods that came with Typhoon Yoling which hit in 1972, and yesterday’s floods have been the worst the city has experienced in the last 37 years…

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  1. Do they still think there is no global warming and serious climate change?

    Horrific indeed! Hope the dead count stops at the recent report and those waiting in rooftops get rescued pretty soon.

  2. Prayng and sending help to sister’s in laws in Marikina. I pray everyone will pitch in with prayers and material assistance.

  3. For those living abroad and have Paypal accounts, you may donate thru TXTPOWER.ORG. All donations will go to the Philippine National Red Cross.

  4. Thanks for the link MM. I sent mine directly to the Phil. Nat’l Red Cross as they are always the first responders, disaster trained and probably more efficient in handling their resources. Direct bank deposit is probably the fastest and more convenient way to go.

  5. Thanks for the heads up MM. I forwarded Quezon’s link around to family + friends. I’ll do what I can to donate to the PH Red Cross.

    Terrible. I hope there is some political pressure put on government officials to improve the disaster response. With climate change, it’s not unreasonable to think there will be other intense typhoons to hit the Philippines in the next decade.

    May everyone’s families be safe.

  6. Asking for help for my churchmate here in Korea. He hasn’t slept for 2 days now not knowing the fate of his mother and sister (their house in Pasig was submerged to the roof). He and his wife are abroad (his wife is in Hong Kong).

    To anyone in the Philippines who can help. Pls. help contact Editha G. Pasco or Judith Pasco at @ 41 Bautista Compound, Sta. Lucia Pasig City, please help. Their celphone numbers are 09098922160, 09392 6726 8938, 09063 4953 93, 0908 2191 356…9 (JR), and 0918 731 9607. Any news pls about their condition.

    You can email me at doddiep@yahoo, should anyone can find out where they are and how are they doing.

  7. liked the new look. let’s pray that the rains stops and our people get the help they need. really sad with the bad economy now a terrible disaster.

  8. there are areas who are still has no power, thats why if your family or friends cant text you back in their status. Some of the relatives of my officemates are still missing, please help us pray for everyone.

  9. Watching those people on top of the giant waves then slammed on the bridge did not make me sleep last night! i got a nightmare,,,i can imagine their ordeal to be so frustating and im sure they never survived that…GOD help them….

  10. Gener, actually several of them did survive. They just interviewed one of them on television. Though I believe 2 of them were killed as they were swept away. The loss of lives and damage to property are immense.

  11. i love the new look mm! great!!!

    so sad with whats happening in our country…wake up to all of us!
    My good friend’s mother in law is one of the fatalities at provident village…condolences again to the family!

  12. That is miracle marketman! Havent seen those manifestations yet since im limitted viewing it thru satellite news channels only like cnn,bbc and al jazeera which does not give a complete view of the event. Anyway i can view the devastation as tantamount and coping from it will take time. Most of the embassies abroad are doing their best to accumulate emergency funds/donations which haves a very good response since when i visited them this morning, a lot of people are lined to give donations by all means but im sure it will take time before it will reach those people desperately needs help….

  13. my cousin’s house was one of those that got submerged in water…first time in 30yrs! usually ang baha sa kanila hanggang tuhod lang or waist…but this time was really bad :(

  14. I experienced the flooding first hand… the first time I saw water spurting from the floor of the house (lowest part of the house).. we had to take out water by the bucket for 5 straight hours, otherwise baka maglutangan na yung furniture. You keep praying for the rain to stop but it doesn’t and you get frustrated … but you know you can’t stop hauling water out. Pero wala yun sa kalingkingan ng inabot nung iba nating kababayan. It just breaks my heart to see people still looking for their family members not knowing if they survived. :(

  15. So please, if you can spare anything… old clothes, towels, toothbrushes, blankets, food… anything that would be of help to the flood victims, please do so.

  16. loving the clean look of the site.
    thank you for the link! will do my best to help out from where i am. i’ve been looking at the pics of the devastation online, so horrifying and sad. i will be praying for all the families.

  17. Shame on Cebu Pacific! For those affected by the floods of Typhoon Ondoy! – who have to rebook flights be prepared to charged penalties and to those holding discounted tickets be prepared to pay more. Blast this money hungry company to the media and to your friends.

  18. It is a fact that strong typhoons do visit the Philipppines during the last quarter of the year. Yoling in 1972 was as devastating if not more so than Ondoy. The only difference was that Metro Manila took the brunt.

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