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I was feeling a bit sadomasochistic the other night so I decided to tie up a chicken nice and tight… I’m kidding. I’m kidding. Actually, some good friends (a couple) came back from a foreign trip and despite chix2both of them being foreigners, they have gamely adopted the concept of pasalubongs and they never to seem to forget to bring us a nice goody. What is so special about receiving a present from them is the amount of thought that goes into selecting the doodad in the first place. Once it was a superb balsamic vinegar from a trip they took to Italy, another time it was maple syrup from their home country, Canada, yet another time it was several varieties of Kielbasa (a polish sausage) since one of them has Polish heritage, yet another trip it was an egg yolk separator and last week these food loops were sent over… Obviously designed by one of those folks who is looking for a product that will provide royalties for the rest of his/her lifetime as the inventor of something so clever, these bright pink lengths of silicone that snap closed and tigthen are perfect for trussing fowl or other foods ready for cooking…

To be used in lieu of kitchen string/twine which can be a bother plus a hassle to find once the bird is cooked, chix3these easy to use lengths of silicone, otherwise branded as “food loops,” are an interesting invention. Sold in packs of six food loops, I have to recall where I store it so I can find it when needed but its nice to see that constant invention and innovation in kitchen equipment continues to this day. Silicone is the new miracle kitchen utensil material because it isn’t affected by high heat ( good up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit) and is easier to clean, it is pliable and flexible and strong as can be. I first started using silicone spatulas a few years ago and lately I have noticed some muffin tins and other baking utensils in the material. To see more, go to the


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  1. What I like about them is that they are dishwasher safe. I got me a few cooking spatula and a tong. There are multitudes of cooking products made out of silicone, there’s the baking products of course, I’ve seen mittens and brushes as well.
    It’s kinda funny because whenever silicone is mentioned, my first thought is that material used by plastic surgeons for breast enhancement. Who would have thought they are microwave safe, freezer safe, oven safe and dishwasher safe as well. LOL.

  2. wow, I wanna have those. . . hehe. . . butchers twine could be annoying . . . hmmmm they should have made a color coded loops, pink for meat, yellow for poultry, green for veggies, white for pastry. . . hahaha isn’t that a good idea? for better food handling and sanitation. . .

  3. The foodloop has become an indespensible tool in my kitchen since receiving it for Christmas last year. It is so easy to use and clean up is effortless indeed. I’ve used them on poultry, roasts, and even for bouquet garni. Although they don’t recommend using it in a rotisserie, I routinely grill with it and have not encountered any problems. However, when using in a rotisserie, it is necessary to tuck in the tail end so it does not dangle over the fire. I only wish it came with it’s own clip so it can stay securely attached to the loop itself.

    As for other silicone kitchen gadgets, they are simply amazing. I will not be able to do without my spatulas, pans, mitts, and especially my Silpats.

  4. Ah bouquet garni, I too was the lucky recipient of a thoughtful pasalubong round twenty years ago, a French fowl needle and a bag full of yet smaller muslin bags with drawstring opening that’s just ideal for holding varying combinations of fine herbs for whatever dish that calls for it. You have to pay through the skin of your teeth for them as for most things at the William Sonoma sharkshops.

  5. hahaha acidboy, i know what the 1st best use is! ;P

    i;ve been bugging my mom to get those silicone pans–they come cheap in shoemart. sili-pats they’re called– being sold in weird colors like primary color blue, yellow and red. not very kitchen utensil like looking.

  6. I have 2 silicone square pans which I bought on impulse. What a waste of money! Silicone gives an off smell (rubbery)to my baked goods. Moreso, its hard to make tancha the time when used on baking. I used it for my brownies and it came out spongey…



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