The Man Has Spoken, Again…

Tony Bourdain’s post “The Heirarchy of Pork” combined with the airing last week of the episode “No Reservations, Philippines” attracted 430+ comments on his blog, a very strong response. Many of these responses were complimentary, and several were not. Oddly, it seemed like armchair critics as I mentioned in a few earlier posts, and more often than not, by Filipinos or Filipino-Americans it seemed. I wrote a rather strongly worded/toned post on why I thought Augusto was to be lauded, and I suspect that 97-98+% of the regular readers of this blog would probably agree. So I was pleasantly surprised that the producers and Tony himself apparently DID read many of the comments, and felt it useful to add this following paragraph to his latest blog entry, and I quote:

“Lastly, I want to thank Augusto Elefano for getting my sorry ass to finally make the trip to the Philippines. I would not have done it without his final push. He and his family were lovely to me and my crew — and the fact that they were a bit shy with cameras jammed in their faces — if anything — speaks well of them. I’d rather a shy, thoughtful guy, telling me something real about himself than an “expert” professional anytime. Thanks as well, to Claude, Ivan and special shout out to MarketMan — whose preparations for the Cebu lechon extravaganza made the filming of Apocalypse Now look quick and easy.” – Anthony Bourdain

The Man Has Spoken. So There. Thanks Tony, and on behalf of your Philippine hosts and their crew(s), you are most welcome! Oh, and notice, “Marketman” is alive and well, though struggling somewhat with his alter ego, “Pigman”. :)


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  1. Hi MM! its great that AB posted this entry. Hopefully, all the detractors and side commenters will stop. It’s sad that instead of being proud and happy that the Philippines is finally featured in NR, and that there are great hosts like you and Claude and Ivan, and of course be thankful for Augusto for paving the way for this possibility, they are all spurting negative vibes. Kababayans, let just all be happy and proud of our countrymen’s great opportunities. Way to go, MM! aka “Pigman” :-)

  2. For those of you interested and have not yet seen the episode. Some enterprising person has seen fit to upload it on YouTube. I’m, in fact, watching it now!

  3. MM, thanks again! my sister and i watched it in its entirety 2 nights ago. i introduced her to NR. i’m not surprised with the negative comments. Crabs are alive and well in our society. keeps us all on our toes. sigh…

  4. I noticed he said your alter ego and not your real name this time – perhaps he read your comment about having specifically requested that they not mention it? :)
    Armchair critics are many, yet as AB said, it was Augusto who convinced him to go the Philippines. Enough said.
    My hubby (who “never” reads your blog as he doesn’t have much free time)actually read your “Behind The Scenes” post and was very impressed by your attention to detail and how you and your crew pulled it off. So am I! Congratulations again!

  5. I haven’t congratulated you yet, MM, so congratulations to you and Augusto and thank you too!

  6. Congrats to you again MM.

    I would like to request for a rebuelto recipe naman por favor! It’s what my Lola Isang (my lola’s younger sis) loves to serve us whenever we visit Pampanga – that along with some hot chocolate, pandesal and pindang (tocino)

  7. That’s a nice confirmation from the man himself that all of the Philippine hosts and their families and crews did a great job in showing him around and introducing him to the Philippine cuisine. Job well done guys! and of course to Augusto himself for doing a great job convincing him to finally go to the Philippines.

  8. If it’s any consolation, Marketman, I still look at you through the glazed “lens” of a reconfigured leche flan and an emptied bottle of Alavar bagoong… So, “Pigman” you cannot be…That’s just probably one of the many aprons that you wear.

  9. Reading tha from AB is something. Reading his books,he drives a hard bargain. So there MM!! Hats off!!
    Agree with Pancho A–hahaha to me—my hero!!!

  10. Hello Marketman,

    Now I know that I do have other readers on my blog aside from my immediate family…. hahahah. I have been following your blog for several years now so I was really happy that AB’s show found you and requested you to participate as one of his guides to introduce him to Philippine cuisine. It took me awhile to find your real identity and when I finally did, I found it on the No Reservations website. I wanted to do right by giving credit to all who were involved especially the three main guides. I have made the changes that you requested and hopefully didn’t do much damage by putting your name out there. Thank you for sharing your expertise on Filipino cuisine and giving it the identity it deserves. Also, please give my heartfelt thanks to your staff who helped you in the preparation of the dishes that were included in the show though the main attraction all along was the “lechon”. It only brought to the forefront Filipino hospitality at its best…. :)

  11. I still have a feeling that AB will be back like McArthur :) just look at the posts no other posts about the other episodes garnered such emotions. But its the minority the ones that regardless how brilliantly the show was put together it will still not be enough. Truly I am happy with what Ab has done to portray the Philippines….. I want more :) and lets thank the tireless effort of MR Marketman :) thank you for putting the Philippines in the world map

  12. Once again, kudos to you, Tony, and most especially to Augusto.

    And once again, to those who still want to criticize Augusto, I leave you the words of Theodore Roosevelt,

    “It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by the dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly…who at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who, at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly; so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat.”

  13. @MM: Just want to let you know, if at anytime you sell a shirt (with the proceeds going to your feeding program or any charity) that has a picture of a lechon on it and the words, “Best Pig Ever” on the back, I’d get it in a heatbeat. (hint, hint) =) Although, I’d do the same if you put “Fishpan Elitist” on it as well.

    I’m finally caught up on your blog. Took me almost a week to go through 5 years of posts. I literally have dozens of your posts bookmarked. I can’t believe I had never come across your blog before. Thanks for having such a passion for food and being generous enough to share it with all of us. =)

  14. i skimmed through the 400 soemthing comments and wished that augusto never reads it, i felt so bad for him with some of the comments. the negative commenters also proved the ol’ adage that you cannot please everybody…whining why was this or that not included.

    yes, we’re too nice but not it seems to each other…

  15. I finally got to see the episode! Good show! Congrats and I really enjoyed the Cebu-side!

    I am a Filipino who grew up in Canada (yes–we do call ourselves Filipinos here in Canada), and I can relate to how Augusto feels–I was overwhelmed by emotion when I visited in ’07, we will visit again.

    MM, I hope you put in consideration of doing small guided tours of Visayan cuisine, it is so rich and full of wonder and with your enthusiasm and knowledge, I can’t think of anyone else we’d enjoy hosting a food tour!

  16. galing, galing!

    so proud of everyone who keeps applauding Ivan, Claude, Augusto and Marketman! go Pinoy!

  17. you are, in truth, a renaissance man!! thank you and congratulations – have seen the NR philippines several times now, in reruns, and you did such a most superb job hosting AB- salamat again

  18. Congratulations on the No Reservations Show!You did well:)Now the Philippines will be noticed in the world again but not because of negative publicity but because of great food! Yehey!

    I hope you can do a lechon eyeball here in Manila. The same thing you did in Cebu a few months back.

  19. I just watched No Reservations now and I am having goosebumps! Don’t know if from the delicious-looking lechon or from pride for our cuisine! Thanks a lot MarketMan for doing us proud!

  20. AB NR Philippines is back tonite at 8:00 PM EST on Travel Channel. Got extra dvd for grabs. let me know if you want it MM.



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