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Finally, after the eyeball and a horrible cold/cough that followed it, I can concentrate on the feeding program for 2008. In a post a few weeks ago, I asked you how many would be willing to continue to support the feeding program that we started last year, and which has so far provided approximately 20,000 meals for undernourished public school children in Manila and Cebu. Even though I was hoping to receive pledges for 500 Christmas ornaments at PHP500 each, I realize economic times are really rather challenging, and readers have so far only signed up for 200+ ornaments, roughly half of the reader response to last year’s charity effort. Never mind, I have decided to pursue the program anyway, and have ordered 300 ornaments and will cover that part of the feeding program in a separate post in the next few days. But one of the areas that readers have always lamented was the lack of ability to simply send or transfer a donation or gift to the beneficiary schools without having to come out of the woodwork and make it to designated drop-off points. So I have some good news in that regard:

The good news. If you wish to support the feeding programs initiated by, and reside in the Philippines, here is an easy way to send your contribution:

Head to the nearest BDO (Banco de Oro) branch near you and make a transfer or direct deposit to:

Savings a/c # 609-008282-0
Banco de Oro
Cebu Gorordo Branch
Name: Belen Desquitado/Eva Espana

Mrs. Desquitado is the current principal of the Banawa Elementary School in Cebu. And we have set up a JOINT account with her with the understanding that the proceeds received in that account will go entirely to the feeding programs sponsored by The account has dual signatories, and Marketman has a trusted aide who is one of those signatories and who will oversee any and all disbursements from the account, together with Mrs. Desquitado. Also, Banco de Oro has graciously waived several fees and other costs in an effort to support this program. So there you have it, it’s as easy as heading to the nearest Banco de Oro. I will keep you advised of the total funds received into that account. But if you like, leave a comment here with your name and amount deposited so that I can eventually confirm that the amounts have been received into the account. Again, I reiterate that 100% of the funds you donate will go to the feeding program.

And for those based abroad…

If you reside abroad, and you choose to remit funds to this account by bank transfer, the funds you send will be subject to fees at your bank for sending the remittance (unless they waive them for you) and a $5 fee upon receipt here in the Philippines. BDO has agreed to keep the incoming fee at $5 regardless of the size of the remittance. Alternatively, you can send funds to your relatives in the Philippines and they can make a deposit at a Banco de Oro branch and no fees will be deducted.

If sending money from the U.S.:

Remit funds thru:

Bank of New York
Swift Code – IRVTUS3N
Routing Number – 021000018


Banco de Oro
Gorordo Avenue
Cebu City
Swift Code – BNORPHMM
Account Name: Belen Desquitado
Account Number: 609-008282-0

Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to several readers that have offered help with the set-up of other modes of remitting money and funds. But I think I have to leave those arrangements for next year when I am not so pressed for time. Also, the amounts that are involved so far are quite modest, and to impose on larger organizations is a bit much at this point. You guys know who you are, and I am grateful for your very kind offers to help. Meanwhile, let’s think of the kids. With nearly 35% of our public school children in many areas considered seriously undernourished, any help you can provide this holiday season will be greatly appreciated for the rest of the school year. Proceeds from the Christmas ornament effort will go to the Manila schools to balance out the assistance to the feeding programs.

As an opening gift to this account, Marketman, Family & Crew have donated the ENTIRE proceeds of the recent eyeball in cebu to the feeding program, or PHP50,000. The entire cost of that eyeball (all the food, rentals, flowers, staffing, etc.) was underwritten by Marketman & family, and the contributions that guests made will go ENTIRELY to helping the feeding programs.

Thank you very much in advance for all of your help for the children!!! :)


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  1. Wow MM! Thats very generous of you :) Bless your heart for making this effort especially in these difficult times.

  2. Marketman, my family and I will remit our small donation thru SM here on Guam and have it credited to the account of Belen Desquitado. Merry Christmas to you and your family.!!!

  3. MM, I’m trying to find a way to send my contribution to your feeding program…same amount as last year’s….bec. of favorable exchange rate….. maybe worth a little more. I’ll let you know if and when I find someone..

    Wish I was at your eyeball with all the yummy food!

  4. We all should fast once a week and give the money for the food of that day to those who have nothing to eat. It will help our girth as well.

  5. Hi Marketman,

    I will also contribute to the Feeding Program. I was not able to remit what I promised last year because of some last minute demands at work, but I hope I can still make it up this year… I won’t be able to donate as much as what I pledged last year due to financial constraints, but I’m sharing what I can this year for the children. Thanks for making it possible to send contributions through the bank. this makes it easier for many of your readers. :)

  6. Hello MM

    Missed the first post on this but am very happy to contribute again to this important cause. Plse count me in for one of the ornaments.

    Best wishes.

  7. Now I don’t feel bad eating all the lechon knowing my added calories went to a good cause. I hope your feeding program is open to volunteers on that day to help serve the food, etc. because I’m volunteering myself! Please let us know how else we could be of help.

  8. I am still in for 1 red christmas ornament. Do I deposit the money at BDO or pick up and pay at a designated point?

  9. CecileJ and others, if you want an ornament, please stay tuned for the pick up points and you can give your donations there. The direct bank transfers are for folks who are willing to donate directly without getting an ornament… Thanks!

  10. Glad you chose bdo, I will be able to make a donation then. No need for the ornament- don’t have a tree in my tiny flat. I just want the kids to be well-nourished. We who are lucky take our food for granted sometimes.

  11. when i saw the EB venue all dressed up, i told myself, “wow, kinareer ni MarketMan”, and I mean this in a good way. Regular readers of this blog know how MM likes to go OC over his events to ensure that everything is beautiful, delicious and perfect, in local slang, “making a career” out of the preparations.

    Well, MM has gone OC again at making sure that the meals get to the schoolchildren, leaving no stone unturned. So many times in so many fundraisers, potential donors are turned off because of the lack of donor-friendly mechanisms to ensure that the donations get to the beneficiaries.

    These latest developments will certainly make sharing our blessings easier. Thank you once again, MM and family and Crew, for allowing us the privilege of being able to help and share.

  12. thank you for making a difference in today’s indifferent society…for making use of the resources that you have wisely and generously.

  13. MM,

    Please count me in for the ornaments. And thank you for being an angel … giving us a venue to share our blessings. And letting us know how our small share in this cause can change lives, today, and the future’s. God bless you and your family.

  14. Hi MM.

    Will remit Php 1000 to Banco de Oro thru my sister either in Mindoro or in Manila. I will let you know when this has actually happened. I hope you get more contributions for this laudable project.

  15. From here, we can easilly remit thru Western Union. Money will have to be personally collected at Western Union office by the named beneficiary. Please e mail who I can put as beneficiary

  16. Hi MM,
    I’ve filled out wire transfer forms at the bank before and the form requires an account address and phone number. Could you provide that information for acct 609-008282-0 ?

    Thanks for your all your efforts on behalf of the children.

  17. I missed that survey for the feeding program …but will continue to donate this year. As Obama said, spread the wealth….

  18. I almost pee in my pants with joy and laughter – at long last there is a way now to get connected on this worthy humanitarian program of yours! We crossed the bridge! I, thank you and each and every one of my peers on the success of this program.

  19. Hi MM. I will look into making a donation through the direct deposit. I’m one of those Pinays abroad that want to support in whatever way I can.

    A Paypal account might simply things next year.

    Thanks so much for doing this! Ingat.

  20. Hi MM,

    Just so you know that Php 1001.10 is being deposited today to the Belen Desquitado account for the feeding program from Calapan City, Mindoro. The extra Php 1.10 is only a tag so you know it came from me for your accounting purposes. Most people will be depositing a rounded up amount. My sister who is making the deposit tells me that the transfer will not identify me as the depositor.

    I would have loved the souvenir ornament but let the others who can pick them up in Manila have them. I have the good feeling that you will still reach your 500 mark.

  21. That’s what I like about this blog: eat well and enjoy life without forgetting our responsibility to others.

  22. I remember one of the friends who accompanied me to the eyeball asking if the 1K “fee” didn’t make you “lugi” . Can’t wait to see his reaction when he learns that you donated the ENTIRE proceeds to charity, hehe… God bless you, MM, family, crew–and the children.

  23. ConnieC, that is SO SMART. I love it. Extra 1,10 claimed by connie, will be on the lookout for that! Thanks, so incredibly simple and smart. :)

  24. Sent a small amount via Those overseas may also want to use their service since they have a tie-up with BDO and the fee was only $3.50 for a minimum of $25. There’s also the added convenience of paying with CC or Paypal. Thanks MM for giving us the chance to participate in this laudable project.

  25. Michael, I was also trying to do the same via, but it is asking for the address of the recipient. What did you input?

  26. Michael, thanks.

    MM, the transfer is now in process. I’ll send you the transaction id once it completes.

  27. Thanks, MM! Now, there’s a way! Now lemme read back on that ornament thing, I wonder how I missed that!

  28. Hmm I will be in the phils for just a while, with only dec 8-11 dates (barely) available as I am attending an event. Would there be a pick up point then, MM? I hope so. I’d love to bring back the ornament home with me :)

  29. sometime lurker, still working on pick up locations (trying to get three locations on three different dates) and will post it as soon as I can confirm them…

  30. hi mm – for those ordering ornaments, should we send deposit funds in bdo or just pay you when we pick up?



    1001.10 Connie C, that’s from you!
    1221.12 ($25 thru xoom?)
    1222.36 ($25 thru xoom?)

    Yahoo. The system works… so all of you who wanted to send money from around the Philippines and abroad… you can do so now. Thank you very, very much. And the kids thank you as well!

  32. I think, having set-up a bank account, you’ll have equal or even more responses than last year. Many folks like me were not able to participate last year. BDO is very convinient for readers in Middle East. Will let you know if I am already able to make the transfer. God bless always!

  33. MM, you should probably keep this post on top so it doesn’t get lost under piles of future posts or create a link somewhere in the startup page where it can be easily seen. Just a thought.

  34. To all the generous Netizens who visit this website:

    Here is a plug for MM’s project. I am sure he won’t mind my appeal.

    Besides the fact that the feeding program is a worthy cause with every centavo going to the program, think of your contribution as a form of subscription to this wonderful site where you get interesting ideas and free and endless access to the hundreds of articles in the archives posted by MM. I am sure this” subscription” is worth more than the minimum contribution of Php1000-2500 to support MM’s laudable project. And you know MM does everything with a passion and serious commitment! Keep dem contributions coming and picture the hundreds of kids who will benefit from this program.

  35. MM, the P1,222.36 probably is my transaction. The other might be Michael’s so xoom is cool, and quick. The difference in Peso amount can be attributed on how the exchange rate was determined based on the time of transfer.

  36. I totally agree, Connie C…While preparing for my knee surgery, I HAD TO GIVE UP a few things…one of which is my DIET PEPSI HABIT. I went COLD TURKEY if I don’t want any complications acoording to the surgeon!…so you know we all had piggy banks when we were kids? Well. now that I am older, I upgraded to a BISCOTTI JAR!!! In that jar is ALL THE CHANGE in my pocket each day. and the $1 for my canned Pepsi habit. Early on in the year, I knew that this would amount to a lot by this time…(NOV) …so before I knew it, I had…. to send to you MM, and like Maria Clara said…”it didn’t put a dent in my pocket…”

    So there you are guys, a simple thing to do for next year…don’t you think so?

  37. You and a lot of your readers embody the real spirit of Christmas. My son tells his children that he will never forget the Christmas I took him, his sister and cousins to a poor neighborhood in Las Pinas to distribute lunch to the residents there. There are no slums here in the US but that is no excuse for not exposing the young ones to the plight of other children in other parts of the world. This Christmas I will donate the money I would have spent for the children I buy gifts for to your feeding program. I would like to send them a card with a picture from your feeding program telling them that they have just helped feed several children. May I ask you to send me a picture (jpg format) that I can print? I have remitted the money through I will confirm how much I sent after I get the picture.

  38. God is happy with your big heart. Will let you know when I’ve given my share.
    Bless you!

  39. Thanks for the Xoom information. I just opened an account at Xoom and sent $50 to the BDO account. Hopefully my credit card clears. I receive my credit card every year and pay for it but never bother activating it because I really don’t use it until now. MM, bless your heart and thanks for letting us share in your project.

  40. Here is a suggestion for all of us here in Vancouver….how about a bottle drive. If we start next month Dec….like save your bottle return receipts monthly or quarterly maybe even yearly (don’t know if there is an expiry date…will inquire at Save-ON where I return our bottles and juice containers)…then deposit it in an account (can also earn interest!)…by Nov. of 2009, hopefully we can send a substantial amount to you MM from all of us here in Vancouver…

    Hey Dad… accountant/auditor: what do you think? Is this doable? …will we be taxed on this? or maybe we can make IPON the receipts….hand them to you and if it isn’t too much of a problem for you taking up a bit of your time, redeem them for cash and send just one amount to MM next year for his feeding program…

  41. RobKSA, you are the latest to enroll in the Xoom, ayos ba ang pag-open, I mean safe ba? Did they ask for your checking account number here in the States? I wanted to open also, not only to give to MM’s program but also thinking of doing the same for my monthly remittance for my relatives there and my own children’s ministry in Quezon province. They have an account in PNB, and usually I got charged $12.00 for each transaction. I am afraid though that Xoom will have to get the account number of my PNB there. Natakot na ako kasi I was once a victim of ATM and electronic banking theft. I am afraid din to just try opening their site, tapos when it comes to the page that I am not comfortable and cancel the process, eh ayun at nakuha na nila ang info ko, then I get flooded with things.. or that I am enrolled in something that I did not authorized. Paki-kitulong naman ng pag-clear sa mga tanong ko. Thanks.

  42. EbbaMyra, I really cannot guarantee kung safe nga ang xoom but it is recommended here and another one (virtualtourist) where I also sent a donation to a Christmas affairs of Filipino VT members for Golden Acres. I used my VISA card to do these two transactions (MM and VT). I’m sure if you do your payment through your account number then they will ask you for your account number in the States (BTW, I’m here in Saudi Arabia). What I notice in xoom and other websites is that they always what this “pre-checked options” to allow them to share your info to their partners. In xoom, make sure you “uncheck” that option before you click “authorize”. I can actually go downtown and do bank transfer which is easier and at the same price but I’m lazy and like the convenience of just on-line transfer without leaving your desk.

  43. This is a great cause. I am glad to participate and will remit 5000 pesos to your program c/o my sister in the Philippines.

  44. EbbaMyra, xoom is safe, i’ve been using it for almost a year and i have no issues with it. You will need to register your savings or checking account with them in order to get a cheaper transaction rate, there’s a bit more for cc transactions. But anyway, this is a good time to try them with the minumum $25 and transfer fee of $3.50. I also use xoom to send to my friends, and distant relatives on occasions. You also can see the history of every transactions you made.

    Just make sure when registering to check the box where you don’t want to send your information to their partners so you won’t get junk emails.

  45. Hi MM, I just processed something thru ($30 – PHP 1,462.14). If this goes through without a problem, I’ll try and send more in a few weeks. Thanks….

  46. Hello MM,I have a friend who’s flying to Manila 1st week of December and he’ll just deposit my share for your feeding programme.

    God bless you and your family!

  47. MM,

    Fantastic program. Through my local Rotary club here in Tacloban, we also do supplemental feeding programs. It does so much good for the children.

    If you need anything done here, please let me know. I’m willing to help.

    I’ll talk to the family and see just how much we’re going to pass onto you so that you continue your work.


  48. Hi, MM. Just deposited my donation of P1,000 at the Salcedo Street Branch of BDO. Since I don’t put up Christmas trees, I don’t mind other donors getting my share of Christmas decors. By the way, when I went to the bank, I was told that there is a P50 surcharge for transfers to other provinces. But I mentioned that my deposit was for a donation and when the teller checked, indeed such surcharges are waived. Just so other donors know.

  49. Goldilocks, no need to fax the slip…just keep on a lookout for updates to funds received to check if it has been received, but if you are doing a Philippine deposit, there shouldn’t be any issue at all! Many thanks for your help for the kids!!

  50. Hi Marketman! I deposited P1003 today. I adopted Connie C’s idea of including an odd amount for easy tracking. I wish you, your family, your readers and the kids a very meaningful and happy Christmas!

  51. I wasn’t sure i will be able to pick up the ornaments on any of the pick up dates so i just opted to deposit P2008.06 today. Thank you once again for giving me the opportunity to be part of this. A blessed Christmas to you, your family and your readers!




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