The Marketmanila Trivia Contest…



And yes, by popular demand, I will autograph the 40 magazines… :)

Here is your chance to win one of 20 40 Yummy Magazines (April 2007 issue) with the feature article on Marketman. I had to purchase 20 of these magazines, they were not given to me by the publisher. Nor is this a publicity stunt for the magazine. And I will be paying for the postage to get the magazines to you. I am doing this as a simple thank you to readers from all over the globe that have come back time and again to this silly site. So here are the mechanics of the trivia contest…

10 Now 20 Magazines will be awarded to residents of the United States (the source of about half of the readers of this blog). I may be going on a trip there soon so I will be able to bring the magazines and drop them off at a U.S. post office and it will not cost an exorbitant amount of money to mail them to you.

10 Now 20 Magazines will be awarded to readers from anywhere else on the planet…with one catch. Philippine residents are welcome to try their luck here. However, if you win and you live in outside the Philippines and outside the United States, then I can only mail the magazine to a relative of yours in the Philippines. Why? Because I just went to the post office and most airmail costs to international destinations for this little magazine run about PHP600-800 and that is 8x the cost of the magazine! Locally, I can LBC this magazine for about PHP100 to most Philippine addresses.

You must answer the following six questions…

1. What was the romantic date when I posted my FIRST rant on Marketmanila? Hint, it had something to do with toilets.

2. What was the full name of the infamous “fish pan lady” who called Marketman an elitist? Please include her middle initial.

3. In December 2005, Marketman reviewed several commercially sold ensaimadas and rated only one as “VERY GOOD.” Who sells this ensaimada?

4. What were the top 3 desserts in the survey results of the TOP PINOY DESSERTS featured on this blog?

5. Please name at least 3 cities or provinces that Marketman has visited and done posts on that start with the letter “B” (e.g., Bamako, Budapest, Bali, Brisbane, Bogota, Biliran,Bacolod).

6. What is Marketman’s shoe size?

Heeheehee. I didn’t say I wasn’t going to make you guys work for the freebie magazines… The first 20 readers who email me the correct answers (10 for North America, 10 for everywhere else) will win the magazine. Please email me at stating your name, what country you currently reside in, the answers to the 6 questions and a functioning return email address. Do not send me your postal address yet. I will post the winners of the contest and ask you to send me your postal addresses within 24 hours, or you forfeit your magazine. This is a simple contest. I dictate all the rules. If there is any dispute, my word is final… Heeheehee. Good luck!!!


39 Responses

  1. haha, i didnt know this would be quite hard. . . arghhh. . . i couldnt answer it all. . . well good luck to you guys. . . hehe

  2. Hmmm, I think it would be easier for me to run to the nearest bookstore and grab a copy of Yummy rather than try to figure out all the answers to your questions. :) Fun idea though.

  3. You always have bright ideas. Sounds like Wheel of Fortune. Best of luck to all my peers!

  4. Oh come on you guys, it isn’t that hard at all… I just woke up and I have two winners in my email from the U.S. already… it should only take a few minutes to get all the answers right, and I don’t expect you to have these pieces of trivia in your memory banks…. :)

  5. hah! i know the answers to all your questions! but then again, i already have the magazine. so i’m just going to let the other guys win.

    i suddenly remembered the “fish pan lady”. whatever happened to her?

  6. What a nifty idea! I’d like to join just for fun, even though I already have two to three copies of the magazine at home. =)

  7. had fun answering the trivia… my friend wasn’t able to bring me a copy so… I had to join.

  8. You guys are TOO FUNNY… I should do these trivia question contest thingees more OFTEN! This morning my hits QUADRUPLED and the site is slowing due to so many people trying to figure out the clues, the average page views have DOUBLED…heeheehee. Good luck!

  9. That was quite a fun challenge Marketman. I hope I had the correct answers and made the cut. Will be happy to have Yummy magazine with your autograph!

  10. Too bad I already got a copy of the mag just 2 wks ago. That’s where I first learned about your site! And have been hooked ever since!

  11. I have to say “same here!”. I bought a copy of the mag and when I read the article about you, I’ve been hooked! =)

  12. i know of everything you asked about but the details you escape me. too lazy to look them up through the search engine. it was fun trying to remember, though. i may have even gotten one or two correctly. or perhaps i just brag.

  13. waitaminute! a signed Yummy magazine?? that’s definitely better that the one i bought. :)

  14. Oh my goodness, my servers are BURNING UP!!! There are so many entries and so many people searching the archives… so many interesting answers… keep em coming!!!

  15. weee!! i hope i get an autographed copy as well… hope i got all the answers.. hahaha!! this is more exciting than our upcoming prelims on nursing…hmm..getting a prize for reviewing your previous lessons.. eh.. not bad!! goodluck to all of us!!

  16. argggggggg, I cannot answer question 5, I only cam up with Barcelona, helpppppppppp :)

  17. RobKSA,
    Although I think I came up with the correct answer to that, I guess to give it out would be depriving you of the joy of discovering. As I was searching high and low early in the morning for the answers, I inevitably came across articles that I’ve already read and yet I still read all over again this morning. It was fun going over those old topics/articles. It was pure fun having a bit of a finger typing furiously and brain exercise early in the morning. =)

  18. Not to nitpick, but I revisited question five after reading RobKSA’s comment and it mentioned “cities or provinces”, so I was surprised to see that one of the sample answers was Botswana, the country. ;-o But as you say, MM, you dictate the rules. I, for one, will gladly abide by them, hehe. Count me in as one of the sources of your server upsurge. I’ve never had so much fun on an early morning…

  19. TOPING, you are so right… I will find an alternative cities or provinces that starts with a B… thanks, will change that now…

  20. Whew! Sent my answers. Sana lang hindi magloko email ko this time… Actually, I already have a copy. Pero syempre walang autograph yun e :)

  21. as i was going thru your posts for answers…… i found……so many more “to die for food articles” that i haven’t read so I hope you write a cookbook with loads of pictures in the same narrative style as your talking to a friend……
    funny, witty, engaging, entertaining and informative…..

  22. Hi MM– you check out rin naman the latest Appetite issue (April-May 07). If my editors weren’t nasty with my copy, your name and your blog appears in the first paragraph of my column (‘Appetease’). The article is about omega 3 rich fish ;-)

  23. MM, did you mess up the Search function this time on purpose (to make it more difficult to find the answers)? wicked, wicked..but so much fun!

  24. MM, please don’t forget to sign my magazine!!! YES!!!! I WON!!!!If i can only show you the dance im doing after i learned about winning hehehe…Well just think about Edu Manzano’s dance at the GKNB show ;-)

  25. awww!!!

    i really have bad timing…

    the only day that I am not able to visit your site and this happens… =( (missed out bigtime!)

    well, congrats to all those who won!

  26. ako din, was sick yesterday and wasn’t able to visit your site and join….waaaa!!!!….di bale my friend won naman eh :)….inggit nga lang ako kasi may autograph yung copy nya :)

  27. thanks marketman, got my copy last friday. i enjoyed teh magazine a lot, and so did my dad. thanks for the prize!



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