The Pork Lord… :)

I have been referred to as the “Pig Guy” or “Pig Man” but I think FOOD Magazine just promoted me to “The Pork Lord”… hahaha. Amusing to say the least, and yes, I am flattered as well. Pick up the September issue of FOOD Magazine which has a special Food Tour section on Cebu and features several wonderful restaurants and foodie finds for those visiting the Queen City of the South… There is a three-page feature on Zubuchon that is very well written and includes some spectacular photos despite the gloomy, grey day when they were shot.

Many thanks to Nana Ozaeta, Troy Barrios and other members of their team that visited us on the terrace and in one of our restaurants a few weeks ago.

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43 Responses

  1. Congratulations! But i like PigMan better, that’s the maaan!

    By the way, im sure that article plus the title Lord of Pork will gain you a new set of haters hahaha

  2. MM, i sent you an email. hope you will get to read it. Dont hit me with a fishpan or chase me with a chainsaw please… :-)

  3. Is this sold in Manila? If yes, pabibilhin ko agad hipag ko, kahit next year ko pa siya mababasa. Alam nyo po, I am braggin to my friends there in Sampaloc na reader nyo ako, para bang isa ako sa naka-ka-kilala sa inyo, that I am in your “click or hood”, sus, tuwa sila, wow naman daw.. kasi kilala ka nila.

  4. Your Highness ^_* …you are elevated to Royalty,i like “The lord of pork” Congratulations your influence in culinary world is unstoppable!!Advance Happy Birthday..

  5. Advance Happy Birthday Pork Lord :) your minions await your post on your birthday lunch & birthday dinner !!!

  6. Need to have my eyes checked. I initially read it as “Pork Lard” and wondered why the article “The.” My apologies, your majesty. Hehe…

  7. Now I can’t wait to get my hands on next month’s Food Mag!!!
    Advance Happy Birthday MM!!!

  8. Congratulations MM! And advance happy birthday.
    By the way,I agree with. Ging – PigMan is better.

  9. pork man, pork guy, pork lord as long as the cream keeps on flowing !!! i would still prefer market man..

  10. Pork Lord! now that is something I would not mind being called. I love pork and chicken, I especially adore your pork posts and eagerly await them. I have no vices except pork, I used to run a sub 2 hour 21k but when I noticed it got in the way of my “pork escapades” I gladly put on weight in order to indulge in pork. I still run but not too much though I have found other ways of staying fit that could justify my voracious appetite for pork like olympic lifting and kettlebells, they are a great excuse for a high protein high fat and low carb diet…

  11. I don’t know about Pig or PORK LORD. I prefer your other titles! But that is just me….maybe because I have seen toooooo many crime shows, movies and for 5 years been associated with law enforcers that POrk Lord sounds like a …..title!

    We have here a Port Mann bridge. Wouldn’t it be funny if one day, they have a PORK MAN bridge there in Cebu?

    Happy Birthday!

  12. pig guy sounds better for me…. but that’s just me.
    happy birthday MM. i really enjoy reading all your posts, especially the old ones. thank you.

  13. I bestow upon thee, MM…Lord of the Swine!…..hahahahahaha!

    On second thought, I better google it first if there is already a Lord of the Swine!

  14. Congratulations! :D But I think ‘Lord of Pork’ is more accurate as you can misinterpret ‘Pork Lord’ as a lord made of pork.. :P

  15. Happy birthday!
    The little zubu needs a crown!
    Future titles to attain : Duke of roastpigginton, Lechon Czar, His Eminence of Porcine Delights

  16. Wishing you all the best on your birthday…and what appropriate timing it is for the mag article to come out…

    More power to you and your staff!

  17. LOL! i like bettyq’s Lord of Swine as well.
    I like Joan’s greeting too. Sounds very Game of Throne-ish.
    Belated happy birthday! back from vacation and catching up on posts.

  18. August! wow! Kaya pala you are from that hall (my brain cells are clicking and connecting things in place as I think of you and your birth month in awe)! Happy Birthday MM!

  19. Wow kudos MM! Well deserved! Happy birthday to you! :)

    Will you open a zubuchon branch here in manila soon? Pls?!?! I’m sure a lot of us, your avid readers, can’t wait to get our hands on some zubuchon! :p *drool*

  20. Rather you were Pork Lord than some others – haha! Happy Birthday indeed your majesty, and by coincidence I read this mag on the plane from Manila to Cebu. Am off to worship at your shrine! And that piece of baby lamb that flew all the way from Paris is waiting for you. Hope you enjoy the piece of Corsican pig.

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