The “Princess” Has Breakfast…


What can I say, all daughters are princesses to their fathers, no? Even if their fathers aren’t exactly princes’ themselves… It must be just coincidence that one of my all-time favorite movies is Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn, and The Kid really enjoyed her generation’s equivalent movie, Princess Diaries, with Anne Hathaway…frankly, I enjoyed the latter as well, particularly the part where the unknowing princess is told she is a real life princess, and blurts out “Shut Up!!!” at her grandmother, the Queen. Trust me, we practiced that brilliant line at the dinner table repeatedly for our own amusement… Or the scene where the new princess is tied to her dining chair with an Hermes scarf so that she eats dinner with her back totally straight… At any rate, what the heck is this post about? When I wake up in the morning, I am instantly awake and my senses are highly acute. But when The Kid wakes up, she needs a good 30 minutes to warm up and get going. Since she is normally so busy during the day, and she has always done well at school, we figure that early morning is her time, and she can come up to speed how ever she wants. But this morning I came out of our room to find this vision…

Splayed out on the living room couch is The Kid, swathed in a terry cloth bathrobe, her long hair up in a twirled towel. Resting on her lap is a tray which contains a plate with a nice large waffle with clotted cream and maple syrup, a glass of diluted grape juice (note the straw for ease of drinking while practically supine), a cloth napkin and silverware. There is also a tub of clotted cream and a teaspoon in case she needs more. I observed this princess eating her breakfast ever so calmly as she watched her 30 minutes of morning cartoons before getting dressed and leaving for school. She rarely, if ever, drops or spills anything and she deliberately cuts and consumes her breakfast while watching Spongebob or some other silliness at 6 in the morning! It is scenes like these that I shall recall when I am old and my skin has lost all of its elasticity… Revel in the simple joys of life… Eat your breakfast with style! I think this princess would be right at home with Audrey Hepburn at Tiffany’s…


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  1. Well-raised breed with religion for royalty! I, for one act and feel like a Princess in my own house – kingdom surrounded by all the fairies! But definitely in my next life I will be a Princess.

  2. MM, your princess definitely has more going for her than Audrey Hepburn’s Holly….i don’t think Holly ever had breakfast let alone a meal in her apartment with the half bathtub sofa and phone in the suitcase…clearly she preferred her breakfast in front of the show window of Tiffany’s….i’m actually suprised that the Cat survived : )

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  4. I don’t know what I like about this post more: The Kid’s princess-like breakfast (which I totally agree all girls deserve!) or your obvious pride to be her father! :)

  5. “What can I say, all daughters are princesses to their fathers, no?”
    Absolutely! No doubt! If I may quote another Princess movie, Alfonso Cuaron’s A Little Princess, “I am a princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics. Even if they dress in rags, even if they aren’t pretty, or smart, or young. They’re still princesses. All of us. Didn’t your father ever tell you that? Didn’t he?”
    I think it is obvious Miss Michin was never told she was a Princess or pampered like one. LOL!

  6. My 4-year old Boo has always and will always be our little princess, especially to her dad whom she’s got wrapped around her little finger.

  7. you couldn’t have said it any better mm, all daughters are princesses alright. they are the loveliest things that could ever come from men. from the very moment little girls watch a disney princess movie and grasp the concept of royalty, they officialy become princesses.

  8. aaaw!! soo cute.. hehehe! i remember the same thing with my 4yr old daughter.. when she wakes up she’d call on top of the stairs to her dad saying ‘daddy, weh ah yu??” (where are you??) and he would always answer, wakey-wakey na my little princess?? and bring her downstairs.. this is their daily routine.. ain’t fathers cute? i know MM must be very proud of his own princess…

  9. don’t get me started on princess daughter routines and accessories. its crazy! there’s carrying the princess up the stairs in a certain regal manner. dancing and singing cinderella’s ‘once upon a dream’ and i absolutely HAVE to wear a cape (but i get called prince charming so i guess that’s fine). then there’s the poor little sleeping beauty lying down straight, eyes closed, both hands clamped together on top of her tummy, and she remains still until daddy finds her and plants a kiss on her exaggeratedly pouting lips (after which the regal manner of carrying the princess must likewise be performed).

    she has glass slippers (well, it’s plastic really but nobody dare tell her or else!), a pink feather scarf (this i don’t get), a wand (fairy godmother split personality), complete disney princess dvd and costumes, tiaras. hell, even barbie doll had no choice but to get into the whole ‘princess’ marketing fever, culminating in the daddy-nightmare 12 DANCING PRINCESSES!!!!!! AAAARGH!!!! (we have 7 so far….)

  10. Very true. My 3 year old is her daddy’s princess. She would always ask her daddy to dance with her and she would always pretend she is cinderella complete with a reenactment of the scene from cinderella where the prince said “wait… please don’t leave yet. I don’t even know your name… how will i find you?” She even calls her daddy “prince”.

  11. crumbmaster, hahaha!!!! hiding behind a nom de plume certainly has its advantages, doesn’t it? but in case you forgot, princess fiona opted to transform into a she-ogre (ogress?) to become exactly like her husband. peace bro! ü

    ley, tell your hubby someone knows exactly how he feels when he dances with your 3-yr old princess. there is nothing on earth that feels quite like it.

  12. this is so true, we also have our little princess here. after her bath, i would wrap her head with her towel and she would exclaim… i’m a princess!!! :D simple joys…

  13. When my sisters and i were little, we would put upside down pajamas on our heads to make our “hair” extra long. Then, we would braid the legs of the pajamas together to create that Rapunzel-like hair. After our little toilette is done, we’d dance around the room exclaiming “Here are the 3 princesses!” at the top of our lungs. I’ll never forget how pretty I felt with my braided, Christmas-tree printed pajama hair. Haha! :P



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