The Second Eyeball is on Saturday, November 4th!!! Reserve Now!!!


Given the strong response to my previous post on holding a second eyeball, where roughly 60+ folks signified their interest to attend (not to mention spouses, dates, significant others, etc.), I have decided to confirm the gathering. And thanks to Chris, one of my long-time readers and a frequent commenter, who has agreed to hold the event at a restaurant he is connected with in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. I have decided to do this at a restaurant as organizing a pot-luck dinner for 60-80+ people would be a nightmare and after checking on the cost of venues, caterers, etc., it was just getting too hairy. Instead, I would encourage folks to bring a pot-luck dessert so that we have the best of both worlds – an organized and manageable dinner and a spectacularly over-the-top dessert spread. Here are the details:

The Second Market Manila Eyeball
Saturday, November 4, 2006
6:30 p.m.
Gourdo’s Restaurant
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Cost per Person PHP500 plus VAT (that will cover dinner and iced tea or juice)
Cash Bar for anyone who wants more to drink.
Attire – Casual

The restaurant will be closed to other diners and used exclusively for this Market Manila Eyeball. If 40 or less readers confirm, it will be a sit down meal indoors. However, if, as initial indications suggest, we get 60-80 confirmations, then it will be set up both indoors and outdoors, cocktail tables and regular dining. We are still working on the menu but I hope it will be a great meal. More importantly, the eyeball is a chance for everyone to get together and put faces to names and possibly be shocked by how fat and short and old Market Man really is!

If you would like to attend, please email me through the contact section of this website ( and give me your name, return email address and a cell phone number. I promise I will not divulge this information to anybody and will never use it to pester you to buy shoe deodorant or a 2 bedroom closet in the suburbs.
Since space at the venue is limited, I would ask that you limit any additional guests to a spouse, significant other or anyone truly interested in food and the type of stuff covered in Market Manila. I will confirm by return email that you have a space(s) and I will close “reservations” when I have reached 70-80 people. Please indicate if you will be bringing a dessert of some sort so we can plan the dessert buffet. Please only confirm if you can really make it; no-shows will receive the wrath of Marketman. I look forward to seeing you all on November 4, Saturday.

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46 Responses

  1. Ok. I forgot to confirm my dessert contribution — maybe cupcakes from Costa Brava or that secret dessert of theirs – Enganos Bobos — sponge cake with custard filling topped with a slab of whipped cream and crushed walnuts and drizzled with chocolate sauce … My waistline is expanding just typing the description ….

  2. Deng………..I won’t make that day. Won’t be in til November 9, a week late. Can you change it to 2nd Saturday, please…please…please.

  3. Oh man, why does it have to be the 4th? Just booked the rest of the fam’s trip and I’ll be housesitting then. Damn. ;-o

  4. I was all excited to say YESYESYESYESYES, then realized I read the post (and my calendar) wrong — I thought it was Nov. 14! We have to be in Tagaytay (family obligation) on Nov. 4! :-( However, I am so determined to go to your EB that I will see if we can follow to Tag after dinner. This one looks like it’ll be even more fun than last year, MM! Wow, double the number of people from last year!

  5. Yes, yes, please include me and my husband…. I will bring a dessert but I still have to think what kind of dessert will I bring that would be of Marketam standard… heheheh

  6. Man! It’s the kids’ sem break, so everybody will be out of town! I second Naz’ suggestion to move it 2nd week of Nov. Please!!

  7. would love to come but the fare from BNE/MNL return is too much. Please schedule one when I come home- will give you 6 month’s notice- i wish you all the best for a successful eyeball…good luck!

  8. bonjour…am a fan living in paris. haven’t had filipino food since my last visit 8yrs ago. but today i cooked your apritada recipe..turned out really good. wish i could attend your dinner time!

  9. Sounds great! My hubbie and i will both be there. For dessert, have you guys tried the Macadamia Rhum Butter cake from the Tender Trap?

  10. Do I have to confirm? heheh, of course I’ll be there. =) Looking forward to welcoming Mr. & Mrs. Marketman and the kid, and all of you at Gourdo’s.

    I think I have to do ‘special mention’ for Wysgal, hope you’d come ;)

  11. MM, I am sure you have hordes of readers in the States and Canada as well. Why not an EB event when you are on the WestCoast? Just give us enough time to plan our trip. Would love to meet you and your family and discuss FOOD!

  12. I’m chuffed that I’m an ocean away. MM, we want pics and detailed description of all the food! (so we can die with envy and a growling stomach).

  13. MM, I am one of the “hordes of readers in the West Coast” CWID mentioned here. I who would love to be at an EB event – good food, good company.

  14. hi, this is my first post, after being a silent lurker for a while. i must admit this is an interesting activity everyone is looking forward to (much to the regret of those who can’t come). are first-timers welcome in the event? it’s worth considering for foodies like myself. thanks.

  15. to juls: you can enjoy two cakes and i’ll have splenda sweetened brewed coffee and a biscotti maybe. blood sugar rising. poor me, poor me….

  16. but will i receive the wrath of marketman if i petition that it be moved to the weekend after since rumor has it that it’s gonna be declared a very long weekend and wouldn’t marketfamily want to spend a long vacation away from the polluted city?!?

    dear kid and mrs m,
    if you’re out there, please please do convince your dad/ husband to go on an extended vacation during the all saint’s/souls holiday so that the eyeball-foodfest could be held on the weekend after instead.

    i know it’s pretty selfish but i’m pretty sure there are at least a hundred other mm groupies who share my ulterior motives.

  17. Hi MM, Chris told me about this guaranteed-spectacular event of yours. And a dessert event, hey? So close to my heart! I’m far, far away from Manila right now. Let’s see if I can make it back in time to attend. I’m sure your EB will be terrific. All the best.

  18. I can’t email you yet MM because I am not sure if I’ll be back in Manila by the 4th! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! I so want to go!

  19. Hi guys, will be sending out confirmations for the reservations today…I am just a bit swamped. At this moment, I have about 60 reservations so there are a few more…but there are lots of folks who left comments that they wanted to come but HAVE NOT emailed me so its first email first served… Thanks.

  20. will you be featuring diet food on the EB dinner, MM? hehehe

    so we will know that being on a diet can mean good tasting food too.

  21. Will miss this out muna– might not be able to control myself.. Baka sabitan kita, MM ng sandosenang sampaguita lei when I meet you..kumpleto with shrieks and punas ng panyo sa face, tipong Kuya Pip o Kuya Bobot!!

    teka.. kilala mo ba sila? hihihi..

  22. I guess its going to take quite a while before I see you in the flesh Market Man. Usually, I go home during the Christmas/New Year and Chinese New Year holidays… sayang.

  23. I hope it’s not too late for my reservation. I didn’t get to read your blog the past two days as I was soooooo busy with work. I’ll just wait for your confirmation. Thanks, MM! :)

  24. Sayang!!! Anyway, hoping that I would be free (and wishing that there would still be) on the 3rd EB! Maybe by that time I would not have any classes or reviews or boards to keep me stressed!

  25. ay ayew, sayang. adi ak maila sik-a MM. been reading your postings to satisfy my glotunouos eye-brain. be going home to sagada on december……. well maybe when you set up an EB here in the states laengen……

  26. I arrived from Los Angeles at eto with trangkaso at biglang nanibago sa weather sa Pilipinas. Yes I’m bringing my nephew and my driver to attend the meeting. I will bring buco pie and puto Binan.

  27. It will be my first time to attend such gathering. I would love to attend but I dunno what dessert to bring…

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