The Ultimate Marketmanila Treasure Hunt…


First let’s talk about the GRAND PRIZE, heehee. Talk about being a tease. The GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the Marketmanila Treasure Hunt will receive 3 bottles of jam made personally by Marketman and crew. These jams are like no other… Heehee.

Kalamansi Jam/Marmalade from Luzon

Made from organic hand-picked kalamansi, water and and sugar, this version is thicker than a regular marmalade but with superb flavor and texture. It is perfect on hot pan de sal slathered with sweet butter. It goes surprisingly well with a freshly baked croissant. Rarely will you find a decent commercial kalamansi jam as you literally burn off your fingerprints while de-seeding and chopping this acidic fruit. Bittersweet, and a Marketman favorite.

Mangosteen Jam from Mindanao

Organically raised mangosteen, packed into crates, shipped to Cebu and prepped there before flying in my luggage to Manila and being cooked into jam. This is seriously fruit laden, thicker than most commercial versions and redolent with mangosteen flavor. Unless you purchase mangosteen at its peak, this is a totally extravagant jam to make, due to the cost of the ingredients. I would pit this flavor of jam against the best ones anywhere on the planet. All natural and no preservatives. Superb with a nice banana or even paired with cheese.

Mango Jam from Cebu

Made from mangoes grown on a family-owned orchard in the foothills of Guadalupe, THIS IS MANGO JAM. Grocery versions pale in comparison because they have typically use overripe and slightly damaged mangoes, and they taste like it. This mango jam is a little more liquidy than I would like, as the mangoes in this batch seemed to have a higher water content than usual. But it TASTES like mango and distinct bits of fruit hug the nooks and crannies of your toast like they were made for each other. Even the jelly is infused with serious mango essence that one can only describe as “mango honey.” This bottle would be luxurious if poured over an entire cheesecake.

These are all Vintage 2007 jams, made at the height of the fruits respective seasons, and should keep for several more months. Not even our closest friends will receive all three jams this Christmas… and they come from very limited stocks. So get ready to battle it out in the final contest on’s 3rd Anniversary Week celebrations. Contest description and rules up later today. It won’t be so easy… But where else are you going to find a GRAND PRIZE LIKE THIS??? Heeheehee.

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40 Responses

  1. yes MM, talk about being a tease.
    hope i don’t have so much work load these coming days so i can concentrate on the treasure hunt, he he

  2. Grabe! Sobrang nakaka-excite naman. Daliiii!! I want all those jams. I’ve never tasted mangosteen in my entire life, can you believe it? Kaya bilis! Game na. :)

  3. Woe is upon those of us who live in foreign lands. We cannot play these joyful games.
    May the fleas of a thousand camels……..
    (joke lang)!

  4. Bring it on!!!
    (My folks would be here in a month’s time, so unlike Silly Lolo, somebody can bring these goodies to me if I win!! woohoo!)

    Now, let me wipe off some of my drool.

  5. I love how you keep on writing “heeheehee.” It seems like you’re so tickled by your own tease. It’s cute. I just had to write to leave a comment about that. I don’t know if I’ll even get to answer correctly. But I’ll still try.

  6. yay! woe upon us who live so far away; far, far away :-( but im still gonna join in on the fun. i got my eyes set on the mango jam pero hanggang tingin na lang ako, sabay tulo laway. but do let the game commence MM.

  7. Mr. MM

    you really know how to keep the energy of your readers running :)
    we’re really excited!
    game na!

  8. hahahha….reading your descriptions is like watching those adverts here of food from Marks & Spencers, which say something like “this is not just food it’s M&S food (seductive voice over and gorgeous/delicious looking food) …..hehehehehe

  9. Hi MM, Im really hoping to win :) Just a quick question, for homemade jams – do you store them in the ref or can they be stored just at room temperature? Thanks!

  10. dee, your answer is in the wrong post. as for the jams, these you can store in your pantry at room remperature for another 5-6 months at most, but they must be refrigerated if opened. I sterilized these as with standard jam procedures, so they will last. If you only make a small batch of jam and can’t be bothered to do the double boil method, then you can just put that in the fridge for a few weeks…

  11. hey MM. Have you tried making chutney? Had lime chutney with curry some time back and it was terrific. I’m sure a calamansi/dayap/dalandan chutney would be eaqually good.

  12. Hi Francis, I have made mango chutney with mediocre results, but lime chutney sounds superb… I will have to try that sometime soon… btw, I hear you have transferred to more “international” locations… :) dee, oops, too many folks with the same names… :)

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