The Wicked Smell…


That is The Kid in the photo up top, trying to mitigate the effects of the worst smell you can inhale inside a vehicle, according to her and Mrs. MM, and I have to totally agree. I kid you not, she reflexively covered her face with a Kleenex as a natural reaction to the horrible odor. I had the camera out for another reason and quickly turned and snapped this photo. Anyone who has experienced “road kill” in a temperate country that has skunks would claim that the intense waft of “skunk” that permeates the car is just awful. But oddly, I think it is bearable, and it dissipates relatively quickly. So what is the cause of this stinker…


LONGGANISA BURPS, of course! And worse, when you consume it with lots of vinegar and chilli! Yes, I have to agree that driving around in an airconditioned car while several occupants let out silent and not so silent longa burps is the worst possible thing on the planet. Hahahaha! I have written about longganisa burps before, but never did it hit home so plainly as on the recent road trip to Ilocos where we sampled several longganisa and ate them like there was no tomorrow. Breath mints, anyone? :)


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  1. ahahaha oh man how i hate that smell next to skunk. I live in LA by the los feliz area and boy does it stink when a skunk passes by ahaha

  2. haha this is too funny! haha i think i can see the expression on the kid’s face.. i can just imagine!
    another common thing anyone can eat to get the nastiest smelliest burp is Jollibee burgers. hahaha it’s the best burp to release on your brother. hahaha.

  3. Such itty bitty chorizos… I guess good things come in small wrappings ;)

    Ha, how about durian burps? Yuck! Burps are only good on babies!

  4. Hahahahaha! Very funny post on this very early Saturday morning! I have the questionable distinction of inhaling all but one of the “scents” (if you can call it that) mentioned so far. My ratings (in descending order): skunk roadkill (memories of gagging in the car while laughing hysterically with friends during a roadtrip to San Diego), Vigan longa (c/o Via Mare), Jollibee burgers and lastly, the Brazilian buffet “hangover”. Ugh!

  5. Yes, after longganisa nirvana there is always this burping episode regardless where its provenance is – whether fried or grilled. What is the antidote for this?

  6. I read that chewing on fresh parsley will help fight off that funky breath. The Indians chew on anise after meals. I recall seeing a bilao of anise outside an Indian restaurant in Malaysia once and they told me it was their breath mint.

  7. Hahaha. . . yeah Longganisa burps are awful more so when travelling. . . burping inside the car. . . so if ypou plan for a roadtrip try to not eat longganisa before. . . i think it is because the garlic produce gases inside our stomach. . . hehe

  8. longanisa, wow that’s deadly, that’s why i gave it up long ago. it’s not worth the toxic gas it produces. the best remedy for these stuff is drink, a galss of water with a pinch of baking soda. the ashes mix in with the acid, makes all the toxic gas comes out. make sure when you do this stuff, you’re in an open air, or you could be charge with an intent to kill. ha

  9. Hahahaha! This has got to be the funniest post I’ve read yet. But yeah, a longganisa meal can cause uber stinky gas. I remind myself not to eat longganisa during weekdays, coz I don’t want to cause deadly harm on my officemates. Hahahaha!

  10. It’s the worst! This was our Sunday breakfast growing up, and then off to church. Imagine the embarrasment. I have to be craving Longganisa before I choose it over Tocino these days.
    Funny post :)

  11. i’ll honestly tolerate longaniza burps than horse manure, driving around the countryside, especially at “fertilizer season”…. ugh!

  12. Longganiza burps are better then Durian Burps. Since we’re having durian festival here in Tagum city with durians as low as P20.00/kilo(native) and 30-40.00/kilo for highbreeds… my family totally indulges.One night my boyfriend and I had 4kilos of durian and we ate like there’s no tomorrow.Wile taliking before we slep he burped and boy did i say “Ano yan?dighay pa ba yan?utot na yata yan eh!” It really smells lethal, I guess the smell got more awful because w had tuna kinilaw for dinner at my parents’ place….still…it’s okay,we enjoyed the food anyway!

  13. That did it. I’m off to Bacolod Chicken for is as close as I can get to the real thing.

  14. I never had vigan longganisa before, now im very curious to taste one! It looks so yummy with the sawsawan!

  15. if the vigan longanisa burp would be described as, say a hand grenade, then the tuguegarao longanisa would definitely be the atomic!!! it might very well be the scent of armageddon. this is hands down the energizer bunny of burparomas– it goes on and on and on… and you cannot top-off this burp smell. once, after a tuguegarao longanisa breakfast, i had a hearty chinese lunch and the burp right after lunch was still reeking of tuguegarao longanisa. it is so freaking strong that in a small room or a car, the burp-air is almost holographic that you can see the longanisa in front of your face.

    by the way, the tuguegarao longanisa is my favorite!!!

  16. Good Dod, this is so funny! A lot of your comments share the same predicaments with MarketMan, hehehe! Brings back fond memories!

    Back in college, when I used to frequent my friend’s home in Valle Verde, their cook would always serve us Dagupan Longganizas which we would greedily munch down. After being satisfied and full, we’d be on our way to school (UST). The long drive from Pasig to Manila would otherwise be uneventful but it was often punctuated by the pungent aroma of us burping!!! there were times we dared not burp for we did not understand the cause of the mysterious stench then. But as the months progressed and more longganiza consumed, we knew the culprit! hahahaha!!!

  17. haha! MM, have you ever tried longganissa from Tuguegarao, Cagayan Valley? It’s my favorite type of longganissa and it’s loaded up with garlic! It’s especially good with spicy vinegar and the oil from the longganissa can be used as oil for sinangag. really yummy!



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