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Blog posts are going to be fewer and farther between for the next two weeks as we head to Paris by train while I am in the middle of OLD posts on Paris last November/December…

Meanwhile, I have managed 26 instagrams in just 4 days on the Cote d’azur so you may want to sign up on instagram or follow Marketman there if you already have an account. I am still new to the format, but I am liking the brevity of it while you literally “follow along” on our holiday.

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  1. Thank goodness for IG, for it is a balm for my marketmanila.com withdrawal. :)

  2. Hi MM – I don’t want to set up IG but would like to follow you. Can you make your IG posts less restrictive so you can be followed on FB and online (Webme – desktop IG viewer)?

  3. marilen, you’ll have to ask one of your kids or grandkids to set it up on your phone… that’s what I did. :) dragon, will ask the daughter later today how to do that…

  4. Loving the Instagram posts, Mr. MM!
    I don’t have an account, but I just go to instagram.com/therealmarketman and I can look at the pics. Downside: I cannot follow you nor like the pics. I’ve bookmarked the page though and could be on the page in one click.

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