Thin Pork Chops at Telis, Athens


One of the reasons we headed to Evripidou Street, besides the spices and the shop Elixir, was a highly recommended taverna named Telis, whose specialty for the last 30 years has been grilled pork chops. But not any pork chops, rather, superbly seasoned and very thinly sliced grilled pork chops. FoodJunkie (Jo) who is based in Greece, had also highly recommended this modest taverna in her list of places to eat in Athens, so we made sure to set aside one lunch to try it out. It did not disappoint. We got to the taverna a little earlier than we expected, so we were one of the first to sit down to lunch….


The place was a bit of a hole in the wall, but well lit and extremely clean. We got a very short menu, but decided to just go for the house specialty and ordered some pork chops and a greek salad without thinking twice. When the waitperson asked how many pork chop orders, we instantly said “three,” and he walked away with this look like, “whatever you say.” Not to mention he was probably thinking “odd Japanese family with a pork fetish.” A few minutes later, he turned the corner bearing three of the most massively piled high plates of pork chops you have ever seen. Each plate had at least four huge, albeit thin pork chops on a mound of french fries! Between the three of us, we stared at the chops in disbelief, and simultaneously burst out laughing. They were very reasonably priced, so we chalked this up to experience.


Even with our best efforts, we only managed to get through half of the chops and I hope they ate the rest of them after we left as I cannot bear the thought that these would have been thrown out. Brushed with olive oil and lots of oregano and possibly other herbs, the thin chops were seasoned perfectly and grilled briefly. They were excellent. A squeeze of lemon over the chops and fries and this was exactly what we were looking for. The Greek Salad, while great in its own right, was just there to alleviate any guilt we had about consuming so much meat in one sitting. Make sure to visit this taverna after a visit to the Central market and a stroll down the spice street…


86 Evripidou Street


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  1. The chops look great, nice way of presenting it. It’s this kind of treatment that transforms a dish and brings it to a different level (well, to me at least). I bet you wont say “ay, porkchop na naman!” if that is served to you. =)

  2. “odd Japanese family with pork fetish”

    that made me laugh hihihihi=D

    It looks good though, the porkchops, albeit being very thin.

    Forgot to tell you Market Man that I followed you advice about the green peppers and I dont have an aversion for them anymore.=)

    Thanks for the tip in buying green peppers for salads.

  3. Those chops look excellent! Have you done a similar recipe in the past? A bbq get-together is being planned (maybe August). And a good recipe would surely be a hit! *hint*

  4. If you want to try making these any butcher in Chinatown anywhere will have these thinly sliced porkchops. Also used for “Peking porkchops”.

  5. FoodJunkie, getting a lot of new hits are you? :), sister, will just have our butcher slice some up really thinly on an electric slicer, then maybe pound them like a scallopine… Rico, I havent done this yet, but plan to in the weeks ahead… AleXena, good green peppers are delicious, bad ones are awful… asianhorti they tasted great, salty, fragrant with oregano and lots of good greek olive oil, well-salted and pepper. Nice caramelized bits yet still tender. A lot of surface area for added flavor… Also, very fast to cook, I suspect. Don’t forget the lemon for authenticity… Topster, you got it, it just notches things up a level… I am thinking of doing this with the normal soy sauce and kalamansi marinade, but much thinner chops…

  6. I had the same experience when the waiter at the placa keboberie asked us how many kabobs we wanted and I ordered 6 pieces but after watching the other people order and they were ordering dozens, (it was that good), you just can’t order 6. that’s why the waiter looked at us like we were promdis, ” who orders less than 10?”
    what about those chinese waiters in HK, they really take advantage of us not speaking their dialect and doubles or triples our orders for foods.

  7. I’m enjoying your Athen’s posts and mentally putting together a meal of some of the nicest treats you’ve showcased. Mmm.

  8. i love pork chops as well especially with a little fat. sometimes i order from my butcher and request pork chops with still the skin on it. i marinate the pork chops overnight with soy sauce, garlic and a lot of calamansi juice. the next day, i slowly cook them with the marinade until they get tender and has absorbed all the marinade. after that, i dipped them with the scrambled egg, flour and the bread crumbs. i deep fry the coated pork chops until they become crunchy on the outside and tender inside. these pork chops go well with the achara on the side….

  9. Openonymous, be cautious when you you use the word promdis.Since people from the provinces who attend school and go to Manila for shopping is not what you think. They can be sophisticated,knowlegeable and world travelers.
    MM, those pork chops do look good. I am going to try it this week.

  10. Hi MM any chance I can get a copy of food guide from food junkie? Looks like I’m changing my planned trip to nepal. Your post on Elixir, pork chops, salads and the rest really got me thinking and dreaming….:)

  11. Fresh organo has a different zing from dried. I strongly recommend that folks use that. It’s very easy to grow. My mom’s marinada of the month is orgenano, lemon and whatever herbs i planted in pots.

  12. Hi Glecy,
    BTW I am a promdi from the city of malabon, just outside Manila. i was an FOB when i first moved here in Boston in the 80’s, OBTW, FOB is fresh off the boat.
    I apologize to all the promdis and FOBs that i might have slighted when i wrote about feeling like a promdi when ordering at that Athens restaurant.
    Open Onymous

  13. perdoname MM, but I have some info about FOBS: its supposed to be humorous!

    1. Fob 3692 up, 502 down
    First of all…Fob’s are immigrants a.k.a. Fresh off the boat. There are many kinds of fobs (i cant really take credit for this becuz i got this off a site. I added some in)

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    2. Fob
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    3. Fob
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  14. Openonymous…THANK You for making my day with your commment above…I almost fell off my chair laughing which is NOT a GOOD THING for me anyway….just got back from physio and I am HILO to the max (as MS. DADD-F would say!!!)…Hmmmm…You are not SILLY LOLO, are you?

  15. Oh, just so you know, guys…I have lived outside my homeland most of my life. I practically grew up here …and yet, some of Openonymous’ or rather other people’s views up above applies to me!…I had a GOOD LAUGH AT MYSELF though!!!! Life is hard enough as it is (like my good friend Larry says) so it helps to laugh at oneself from time to time to keep one’s sanity!!!



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