This is Marketmanila’s 3,500th Post!

Wow! I never thought it would last this long, and that I would have the patience and content to get to 3,500 posts! Even as folks switch to twitter, instagram, facebook, etc., a steady following of say 10,000-15,000 folks continue visit the blog at least 2-3 times a week. Many others have gotten bored and left for good or for months on end, but I continue with the blog as a personal diary/collection of produce, recipes, adventures, etc. Many thanks for your continued visits, and when we all tire, we shall retire. :)

So it’s my turn to ask for a small favor. Have you been to Boracay lately? I swore the last time we were there it would be my first and last visit, but we are taking the Teen (and three of her friends from halfway around the world) there in a few days and I wondered if you had any tips for places to eat, things to do, or things to avoid. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Many, many thanks!

Marketman, Family, Crew & Chocolate Labrador :)

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105 Responses

  1. congratulations marketman on your 3500th post! Please continue this very informative blog. Thank you very much. :-) Try helmet diving/reef walking and parasailing in boracay.

  2. woohoo! time to break out the bubbly, MM! congratulations to everyone, and thank you for keeping this community going. more power, and more posts!

  3. am not a big boracay fan either, but considering its proximity to roxas city, seafood would be your best bet. shop at the palengke and have your seafood cooked, dampa-style.

  4. Next time you decide to bring foreign friends to visit our islands, do consider Negros Oriental or nearby Siquijor. I assure you that our beaches, reefs and communities are more natural and satisfying than the frenzied state of commercial Boracay :) Just like you, the last time I was in Boracay (on my honeymoon), my husband and I swore never to go back.

  5. Nadia, after recent typhoons, is Siquijor a good destination right now? I agree, there are lots of other more stunning places to visit. Last year, we took the Teen and her other friends to Northern Palawan. But at their ages now, Boracay seems like the place to be… Mrs. MM and I will just have to grin and bear it. :)

  6. Yes MM…we have heard of damage to the reefs on the southeastern side of Siquijor, and the marine sanctuary at Apo Island was also badly damaged by typhoons Sendong and Pablo (the sanctuary is actually closed off to all tourists right now to help it recover). Nonetheless, there are still quite a few fantastic sites for diving, snorkelling and beach frolicking. But I understand your point about the teen and the craving for energy-filled activities or parties by the beach. It just reminds me how aging makes us crave for something more natural and serene :)

  7. Congratulations, MM and please do continue on blogging.

    My memory of Boracay was the commercialization of the place. But I also remember walking along their boardwalk and not being bothered by people who were hawking their merchandise (as compared to other places where you get shadowed until you buy). I hope that practice still continues.

    I also remember going to their market and choosing from an array of fresh seafoods that the vendors would immediately cook for you. But I agree, once is enough.

  8. If you are willing to pay the price, I recommend Discovery Shores. There’s just something about the place and the service, and the breakfast buffet is pretty badass. Excellent menu. I think they were actually shortlisted on the Miele Guide for Asia. The beach staff is so well-trained too.

    IMO, the Station One area and beyond will always be the best place to be in Boracay: Whiter, cleaner sand and sea, less foot traffic and quieter.

  9. Congratulations on your 3500th post and here’s hoping to so many more future posts! I’ve been following your blog for some time but this is the first time I’m commenting. I was supposed to make my first comment on the tamarind post but didn’t yet find the time to sit down and write a worthy rejoinder to a topic so close to my heart! But when you ” asked for a small favor”, I just had to reply right away.

    With teenagers in tow, I guess pizza would always be top of mind. Please try the pizza at Two Seasons Hotel in Station 1. Their Quatro Formaggio is simply to die for!

  10. Zuzuni-for their heavenly chocolate sin dessert
    Asya premier suites-for their lovely villas and large swimming pool
    Gasthof-for their mouthwatering back ribs
    Smoke restaurant-for their bulalo soup and sizzling bulalo
    Jonah’s-for their yummy fruitshakes
    D’talipapa-for buying pasalubong and for sutukil style dining

  11. Asya Premiere is a great place to stay and it is on the quieter end of the island. The hotel’s shuttle can easily take you to the restaurants and bars, or arrange for a tricycle to bring you.

  12. Congratulations on your 3,500th post! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, experiences and recipes with us. More power to you and your blog!

  13. MM, station 1 is the best area for you and the family. You can just walk or ask the hotel to bring you anywhere else. I would say Discovery Shores is one of the best, if not the best, at station 1. clubs and parties are generally at station 2.

  14. Congratulations, MM ! You’re the BEST!!! Many thanks for sharing yr wonderful world with us…’s always and ever so interesting and exciting!

  15. Wow, that is a lot of catching up for me. Please keep the posts coming. We will be here to read them. Thank you for all the posts and sharing a part of your life to the marketmanila community.

  16. Hi everyone. Mrs. MM and the Teen have stayed at Discovery Shores before, and we all stayed at Friday’s as well. This time around, we are booked (and have been for a month or more) at The District, near the heart of the action. I guess I am more interested in where to eat, and perhaps some of the tamer nightlife. :)

  17. Many people, like me, are aghast at what’s happened in Boracay. But, I have not seen a place with white sand so fine, waters so clear, that is kilometers wide. Other places have similar beaches…for 300 meters at most? White sand and clear waters, and then five meters from the shore, the continental shelf that is many fathoms deep? The physical attributes of the place are just so difficult to see elsewhere.

  18. Congratulations on hitting 3500 posts! Havent been there yet hahaha. prefer panglao, especially where the sand is like powder fine marble. will be there later this year though.

    Waiting to greet you again when you reach 5,000!

  19. Boracay’s Filipino Buffets are everywhere starting at about US$7 is a steal of the night IF they’re into seafood. If your guest are from the US, I don’t suggest you take them to the ethnic resturants advertising for authentic “Mexican”, “Moroccan” “Italian” and stuff like that. They’d just probably laugh at that, as say NY and SF people are used to I’d say authentic ethnic whatever. lol
    I love Boracay just for people watching and you could be left alone. Other areas locals would suggest, you’ll just stand out more and either be bothered or not have the convenience of things Boracay offers. Your guests I’m guessing will be on vacation after all.

    Bohol beaches though for a more romantic affordable get aways.

  20. Wow!!! Congratulations MM. Thank you for your generosity in sharing a part of your life with us. Will be here reading the next posts and congratulating you again on your next milestone. I wish there was a like button here because there are a lot of informative posts and some posts that just make me smile. Also, through your posts, we have “watched” your Teen grow and I wish her all the best too. Time flies ;)

  21. Salamat for keeping up the blog, MM. Not just prolific but writing with wit and substance.

  22. All I can say is, read this:

    and read this:–shooting-rampage-in-boracay-alarm-islanders

    For me, Boracay is the epitome of Ugly: it is now all about greed, discrimination, and environmental destruction. Sadly I have nothing to recommend anymore. At the very least, avoid anything to do with Crown Regency Boracay Resorts and all other business interests of J King & Sons Co., Inc. They seem to be behind a lot of the harassment of the Boracay Ati.

  23. Congratulations on your # 3500 post!! been reading your blog for a while and loving every bit of it.

  24. Congrats MM. There are a lot of good places to go in Boracay. Real Coffee serves good breakfast items and is famous for the calamansi muffins. There is True food or Kasbah for Indian and Manana for Mexican. Aria is a good place too. Go island hopping and I think you can arrange that they cook a meal for you at the island. Have fun and enjoy.

  25. It’s interesting that there is quite a negative view from some folks on Boracay of today… I wondered how long it would take to get there, it should have happened a decade ago. Sad, but most of the concerns are probably true. Just as the island gets international accolades one after the other, it is no longer the best place to head to…

  26. A hearty thanks and congratulations to you, MM! A suggestion if I may, rather than subjecting yourself to the tourist trap laden and congested shores of Boracay (read: peak season), why not go somewhere within the island of Cebu? The pristine beaches of Moalboal is definitely a sight to see. it’s a 4 hour drive from the heart of the city but the trip is well worth it! :)

  27. I agree with Joe-ker, I always ask friends to bring me back kalamansi muffins from Boracay. I don’t know what’s new in the island since my one and only trip there was in 2005 but my friends and I are looking to see if we can spend a weekend there this upcoming summer.

    Congratulations on your 3,500th post!

  28. We spend time in Boracay last May when we went home was a good stay for us and enjoyed the night life and felt safe..Island hoping was fun..and locals,vendors are very respectful..just very proud as this paradise become more affordable to masses, it changes the tone of exclusivity ..but I am glad that more people can enjoy Boracay!!

  29. Congrats MM!

    I may suggest Discovery Shores for the hotel, i’ve heard good reviews from there. You can also try Chori burger for food or D’talipapa where you will be able to shop for the seafood you like and then choosing a carinderia-style restaurant to cook it for you.
    Hope you will enjoy it this time.. have fun!

  30. Congratulations MM! We will never tire of reading your fabulous blog! =)

    When in Boracay I just stay on the beach (which continues to be one of the best anywhere) and eat simple food (ihaw-ihaw and way overpriced seafood in the market). The former paradise now has way too many chain restaurants, tourist traps, and drunken people running around the island. Stay away from almost all the beachfront restaurants especially those with all-you-can-eat buffets that are horribly overpriced with frankly very bad food. The Mexican restaurant Manana is okay but not fabulous though. =)

    As you said, just grin and bear it, enjoy the beach, and have fun MM and family!

  31. I can highly recommend Aria for Italian fod right at one of teh entrances to D’Mall and they have a large outdoor seating area right on the beach. I ate there twice and the food was of a consistent high quality.
    I stayed at Friday’s and the food was good, the happy hour drinks watching the sunset fabulous.

  32. we were there last week and i can say that Boracay is sooo commercialized plus the water is ‘Malumot’. Its also my first time and i think that would be the last time i would go there.

  33. Kudos MM for the milestone! As far as Boracay is concerned, been there 20 years or more ago…that time when we can still have the freshest catch on the shore and have the locals cooked it for you. i have never been back since then. I am quite keen on trying the Glan beaches in Saranggani if time and budget permits. keep blogging!

  34. My folks were just in Boracay on a visit to the Philippines in January and they enjoyed eating at Kasbah, going twice on a short visit. It surprised me because my dad is a meat and potatoes kind of guy if given his choice and on holiday – so it must be good Moroccan food indeed.I believe Kasbah now has another restaurant at Bonafacio, which I’m sure you’ve tried.
    You’re a great dad for indulging your daughter with Boracay – she will have a great time and memories! I certainly loved it as a teen but by my twenties found it too crowded and outgrew it – I like my beaches quiet and empty. I hope you’re not going for Holy Week – isn’t tat the busiest time of year there? Baguio was always my place for Holy Week.

  35. I don’t have any suggestions to give you for your Boracay trip as I didn’t like the place when I went there ages ago. But I just want to give you a BIG thank you for keeping your blog alive all these years. I’m one of your readers who visit your page almost everyday checking on new posts and/or comments, and re-reading old ones. To say that I enjoy your blog immensely is an understatement. Thank you very much for the time and the patience…..

  36. At one point a few years ago I think you almost gave up on doing further writing for the blog. I would think a lot of your readers, including me, are grateful that this hasn’t happened. There’s an authenticity to your writing and experiences that’s quite rare when you’re on the Internet.


  37. MM,

    Thank you for keeping this blog going. It’s a daily habit to open your blog and it would be a bad case of withdrawal symptoms if this blog ceases.

    Congratulations and a big thank you.

  38. Skunkeye, no, not headed there for Holy Week, we are there in a few days, before the summer rush… and I agree, deserted island is nice. If your parents/family do come back soon, check out Ariara, outrageously priced, but on my wish list of luxurious Crusoe-esque getaways. Or Dedon island in Siargao. But for simple and spectacular, the beaches of Northern Palawan still get my vote… Thanks to all for your kind words re: the blog… :)

  39. 3,500 posts! Incredible! Thank you for your generosity with your time talent and experiences! ! Market Manila is an enjoyable and highly informative daily read for me. The well-written posts (3,500!) and the comments by the MM community have heavily influenced the food we prepare at home! More power! Maraming salamat!

  40. Congratulations on your 3,500th! That’s a huge commitment to the blog, and we thank you for it!

    In Boracay, do try the calamansi muffins of Real Coffee. It’s a bit hard to find, but I think it’s pretty close to where you’re staying.

  41. Thank you MM for giving us free entertainment. Your blog is like a magazine to me.

  42. Tnx JB, for the longest time, been a great fan of this site.

    Boracay has its own charm. Yes it is commercial, so is Phuket, Langkawi and Halong Bay. We can’t have fine accomodation on an island getaway with no commercial establishments. If we want a secluded island, better brace ourselves to some rustic accomodations catered by islanders just like Boracay decades ago. Once large hotels start building, expect the land to change. If we want basic comforts like AC and hot water shower, expect people to redo nature for these. People kept saying that Boracay is exploited, of course it will be exploited by the simple fact that we are going to a previously unspoiled land and exploit it for recreation. Even exclusive high end resorts are exploiters, they just came in to a land earlier than the others. Just my two cents worth of thought.

  43. congrats mm! glad that you did not quit blogging. i am a regular reader, but on hectic days i tend to visit just 1x or 2x a month but i am sure to backread whatever that i missed. again congrats!

    enjoy boracay!

  44. Congrats ! Butch Chase, once an avid motocross athlete has a place that the young ones may like. You may also get some ideas from his menu. Got this from the food channel

  45. Station 2 is too crowded. A lot of touts selling island activities such as parasailing, banana boat rides and others. Dinner buffets that could only best described as filling. Couples in couple/matching/his-her whatever shirts. “Ser-mam massajjj” in a sing-song manner every few meters or so. Hair braiding services that will transform normal boring hair into cornrows that scream “I’m in Bora and your not!” in their Facebook profile pic, with the matching henna tattoo of a lizard in whichever body part you prefer to have it inked temporarily. Firedancers in all shapes and sizes spinning their torches much to the amazement of a captivated crowd of closet arsons and pyromaniacs. Promo merchandisers for all sin-taxed products and telecom providers. Timeshare touts offering free buffet lunch in exchange for being held hostage for the better part of the day. Shisha pipe smoking lounges which I think works in the desert but not in the beach. Some amazing artists doing hand painted shirts. A Lotto outlet somewhere inside the labyrinth of eskinitas where I always make a bet. Lots of lodging places ranging from the classy, the kitchy, to the “you are just here for the beach so don’t bother” places. Shops selling tie-dyed sarongs and linen-type shirts emblazoned with a few palm trees and a “Boracay” script that you should only wear in this island if ever. Oh, there’s a stretch of white sand beach. Yeah.

    Congratulations on 3,500 posts :) And this excludes your responses in the comment section. More power!

  46. Congratulations, MM!

    Try Lemoni Cafe, it’s in D’Mall. When in Boracay, I always go there to eat. Food’s very good, even their desserts and shakes. I always have their Prawn Risotto. Food mostly consistent.
    One of the the owner’s son also goes to Beacon.
    Aria is another favorite.

  47. Congratulations, MM! I look forward to my daily dose of your blog! Station 1 is still the best- Discovery Shores is great!

  48. More power to you! I am a returnee, hahaha… been addicted to Instagram since last year and have not been blog-hopping as often. But we’re still here and you still post compelling content. Keep them coming!

  49. Am currently in Coron for holiday with some foreign friends/family. The water is just so clean! No nightlife to speak of but as someone said, as you get older :) you yearn for different things.

    My last memory of Boracay must be from 20 years ago when my brother and I got smashed from that bar where you get 16? or 21? Shots? And they put your name on the wall? And serve drinks from jam jars. Have heard so many scary things about the water right by the shore that looks clean but isn’t and have not had the nerve to book a trip since we have been back.

    Will eagerly await your next Boracay review and see if it’s still a must do for our next tourist friends that come visit.

    Not many friends visited when we were in frigid Canada, but move to the tropics and suddenly my dance card is full!!

  50. You are keeping our sanity! Many thanks and hope you wont get tired blogging!
    Boracay is for the young..since The Teen is young she will enjoy the place..but alas the Boracay I know last 1986 is nowhere in sight–each year it gets uglier ..hay..but better make the most of your stay there as you are forced to good na.Still the Dos Mestizos and the Jonah’s shake…the talipapa is okay.
    If you scanned the book by Claude Tayag entitled Linamnam–Dos Mestizos and the talipapa food outlets where you shop for ingredients and have it cooked were his recommendations..I used to eat at Banza before but I don’t know if its still there ..its owned by a Portuguese couple..they cook good bacalao dishes..
    The District have their own restaurant..overpriced I guess and its in Station 2–hmm not so nice place but will save you walking time where the action is.

  51. Congrats MM!

    Never been to Boracay and somehow have no desire in going, altho debating to take a peek and give the benefit of the doubt as you do. Everyone I know seems to ask me if I would take my husband to Boracay. Anyway, my nephew and his wife always go there and I asked her what places to eat she would recommend. This is what she told me: “I love Manana Mexican and True Food Indian.”

    Enjoy and keep on blogging!

  52. Oooohh!! Congratulations to my favorite Blogger!!

    In Boracay, I favor “the other side” where it’s more quiet. I’m so relieved to know you’re not going during the Peak Time..

    The old Fairways and Bluewaters is now Sea Wind..I love the vantage point from this part of the island..maybe you could visit there for some snacks and some mango shakes…liked the eternity pool there with the ocean at the background…

    You can take a tour of the island and go to Puka Beach..less people. There is also Mt Luho where they have a look-out point where you could see the whole island. As jaded as I am now of Boracay, I still love the cafes at the new Talipapa…the Teen’s guests will love it

    Have fun and post some pics, MM…

  53. For your Boracay trip, may I suggest the following:
    Real Coffe and Tea – great small place for breakfast or snack. Located at an alleyway right beside Casa Fiesta (near starbucks)
    Hawaiian BBQ – ribs are good and try their shrimps baked in foil (beside yellow cab)
    Manana – great mexican place
    Wahine beach bar – excellent location to watch the sunset and thin crust pizza (place is hard to find but i think its beside Microtel)

    I heard Kasbah is also good as well as a Spanish Tapas resto (forgot the name) located at the backstreets.

  54. Congratulations MM! And a big thanks from all your followers for all the things you’ve shared through your blog.

    My last visit to Boracay was not a pleasant experience so I have decided to forget everything related to it! Well, everything but Jonah’s shake and Aria hahaha…. But here’s hoping you and Mrs MM will enjoy – am sure The Teen and friends will!

  55. Maybe explore Bulabog beach and Puka beach instead? I haven’t gone back to those two beaches in Boracay in ten years but I know they’ll be less crowded and might be good for a picnic. Like many of the previous commenters, I’ve been disillusioned by Boracay. Gave it one final shot just this January but I couldn’t stand swimming because of the algae bloom.

  56. Congratulations on the 3,500th post MM!
    Looking forward to your next fishpan post from your Boracay trip. :-) Just kidding!

    I hope the family will still enjoy the vacation. Even with the problems mentioned and the tourist population density, Boracay is still a nice place to visit.

  57. I really recommend Asya Premier Suites. It is away from all the noise, you have the beach all to yourselves. I was there in Boracay over New Year, my first after 10 years! The first 2 days were spent in the resort, and on the 3rd day we ventured to Station !, I was shocked and appalled at how crowded it was! We would still venture out to eat, but we were totally relaxed in Asya, as its the last resort in Station 3. Just a thought. Restos we liked: Dos Mestizos, Real Lemon for calamansi muffins is still good :)

  58. congratulations MM, idol kaayu tika sir. keep on inspiring small people like us sir. sorry i cannot give my advice about boracay but sure others will.. :D

  59. I just came back yesterday from Boracay to accompany a friend for some hotel viewings for a project so I suppose that would make me an ‘authority.’ So here are my two cents/yuan/won worth – considering those are the currency du jours of Bora these days.

    Your other rabid fans are correct. Discovery Shores gets my vote. Location is just right – quiet Station 1 area but close enough to the nightspots for Station 2. The hotel is very nice, somehow combining privacy in a compact convenient layout. Did not try the buffet but the avian aerial in the coffee shop makes me wish the same for my dream house (emphasis on dream).

    Arya is great for a visit but unless you’re an Arab sheikh on a honeymoon… you get the drift (they have regular Russian visitors who stay from November to February). But I suggest on a lovely afternoon, walk by the beach all towards the end of Station 3 (and pass by gaudy joints), have a drink at Arya while enjoying the sunset and again walk back (or have a jeep pick you up for P250). Do try to visit the Shang for a meal – bfast buffet for a little more than a thousand bucks, or dinner for twice that. The grounds and landscaping are quite nice.

    Restaurants? Epic & Cyma. But Cyma is always crowded. Epic’s new menu by Carlo Miguel (?) is pretty good. But I suppose telling you what and where to eat would be like preaching to Papabile Tagle.

    Oh, the green tea waters of Bora. I believe the organic waste contributes to that, but it comes and goes and if you go far enough towards waist deep waters, they’re okay. Dragon Boat races on April 23(?) so you’ll see teams practicing. Nice.

  60. MM while in Boracay you guys should try to eat at Mañana. They have really good mexican food there!=)

  61. Congratulations on your 35k and thanks for providing a global forum through your digital kitchen…looking forward to another 35k and beyond!

  62. Congratulations MM! I thank you for not giving up on
    Now that you have multiple restaurants under your belt, tv interviews, photo shoot et al (jk) I bet that you’ve never been this busy before, I really appreciate that you’re able to find time and update us with your cooking, your food adventure, rants and everything in between :)
    Thank you and hope to see you post your 5,000 + more posts! God Bless!

  63. Still here, MM. Still a loyal supporter even if I’ve been more of a lurker lately. Congrats on reaching 3500 posts, not an easy feat esp since your posts are always informative, entertaining and well thought out.

    Alas, I’ve never been to Boracay so I have nothing to contribute but I’m sad that the island seems to have deteriorated a lot, all in the name of progress. :(

  64. Congrats MM on your 3,500th post! I would suggest that you take your guests island hopping. However, buy several kilos of crabs and prawns to take with you as some boats will take you to the tip of the island where you can have it cooked and you eat on large tables with benches.

  65. Wow, 3500 posts!…remarkable feat! congratulations, MM!

    Have nothing to contribute about Boracay though my niece kept on saying that she would take me there when I do get the chance to go back home! I can only picture Boracay being like Cancun based on the descriptions above.

    On a side note, I heard that Nasugbu is being developed with beachfront condominiums?

    May I ask, MM, what the weather is like there in Pinas in September and what fruits are in season?

  66. Congrats! You make it too hard to get tired of this blog. Here’s to many, many , many more Market Manila years!!

  67. Hmnn, I took offense at “other rabid fans.”

    Don’t forget to try the ISAW.

    BTW, Jonah’s has closed or was nowhere to be found in November last year.

  68. hi MM, we always stay at Shangrila Boracay. My 8 year old adores the place and we hardly go to out as we use the numerous facilities to the hilt. More power and keep posting! Looking forward to your next 3.5k posts…

  69. Cheers MM! congratulations on your 35xxx posts keep the vibe flowing in writing! and because of that I consider myself lucky to have you as my mentor! and as well as my inspiration!

  70. Congratulations Mr. M! I am an avid fan, but just lurks around. Since you said that you are going to Boracay, do try to go there via Kalibo ( I am a proud native of the place) and try out some interesting things the town has to offer:

    1) the Kalibo Lechon — I must declare that the Kalibo lechon is still the best (better, I am afraid than the Zubochon which I have tried from my brother’s). Email me when you plan to come so I might be able to send you some as a welcome gift, if I happen to be in town. We run a small school there that you pass on your way to Caticlan from the airport so no hassle really.

    2) the Kalibo suman called “latik” —- available at stalls in front of the arrival area. Look for Barang, my favorite vendor. It is suman topped with grated coconut cooked in moscuvado.

    3) if you have time, visit the pina weaving centers in Bgry. New Buswang — the dela Cruz House of Pina or the La Herminia Pina Weaving Center.

    4) If you have more time, you might be able to visit the Bakhawan Eco-park and walk among the mangroves in a man-made mangrove forest.

    5) In Boracay — I tend to agree with many regarding the over-development of the island. But really, just stay in the resorts near Station 1 (a resort called Sur is reasonably priced) and imagine that the other parts of the island do not exist. Take your meals at nearby Fridays or maybe Discovery. Seawind offers buffet dinners sometimes. Many have recommended Aria, but what’s the point, they are in the Fort, aren’t they? If you must, visit Station 3 and look for Dos Mestizos. I still like the paella. Besides the One Mestizo proprietor (The Other One I think has left) is a nice guy with lots of stories. Or, the “paluto” in the Talipapa is an okay alternative.

    6) and oh, on your way back, check out if the Lagatik River Cruise in New Washington town has a scheduled trip. The last time I joined them, they had a buffet lunch in an island and we had fat oysters raised in the Buyoc farm. I heard you can also order the oysters to bring home.

    Have fun!!

  71. Congratulations, MM, on your 3500th post !!! Gosh, has it been that much? I love going back and forth in your archives and I can not imagine not being able to read your posts, in fact, I feel sad when I go into Market Manila. com and you haven’t posted any new ones yet. I get anxious, so keep your posts coming, please. God bless and thank you. This is the best blog ever!!! As for Boracay, I have not been yet. I hope to read YOUR recommendations so I can know where and what Boracay. Enjoy your vacation with Mrs. MM, the TEEN, and her friends. Have fun and have a safe trip.

  72. Just got back from Boracay last Saturday for a 4 day trip. The first 2 days were very malumot near the beach, at around 4 feet deep water level. The last 2 days, were a bit more cloudy and windy and less malumot.
    I guess that’s how the waters are during this summer time.

  73. I know Boracay has become very commercial but one can look at the commercialization as giving people a wider range of choices. There are Filipino, Mexican, Italian, Greek and Morrocan restaurants around. You could visit the Talipapa, buy the fresh catch of the day, and have them cook it they way you like it just like the “Dampa” in Manila.

    When in Boracay, try out different water activities like paraw sailing, para sailing, and snorkeling.

    What I enjoy in Boracay is the early morning walk along the white sand while the whole thing is empty and at night, sitting by the shore at night, looking at the stars enjoying a nice cold alcoholic drink.

  74. Drop by Binggoy Remedios’ Dos Mestizos, still, for me, one of the best restaurants to go to on the island. And they’ve opened Gustos y Gustos deli in the same place, the place I go to for a quick breakfast of home-baked whole wheat bread, Swiss cheese, ham, omelet and the like. Ask for Paul and ask Paul also for directions to Paupatri, an off the road oasis of a restaurant in Boracay owned by a scion of one of the island’s oldest families, Jun Sacapano. Sacapano belongs to Boracay “royalty” but this unassuming man and his wife, Marites work the kitchen like ordinary restaurant crew. Very refreshing. For me, the BEST places are where the owners, the chef/patron (like Binggoy Remedios) are IN the kitchen working, as is the case with Paupatri and Dos. Enjoy Boracay!

  75. District is one of the newest places to stay in on the island. It’s owned by former Ilocos Sur congressman Ronald Singson (who was caught with coke when he landed in HK a few years back but was released on good behavior or something like that), and his dad Chavit. Very nice place indeed. But to REALLY get a taste of sumptuous luxury, for me, even better than Shangri-la, stay at Choy Cojuangco’s ASYA PREMIERE at the southern tip of the island – which is closest to Caticlan. That smashing infinity pool and the oversized rooms are SOMETHING else.. you REALLY are in the lap of luxury, and because Choy’s wife, Marissa is Ilonggo, expect that distinct kind of service which seem peculiar only to Ilonggos, from the service staff. The only thing is its really set off from the rest of the island. I’m not sure about the food, but it shouldn’t be too bad. But you really must visit Dos Mestizos for very good traditional Filipino Spanish cuisine.

    By the way, someone named Dee up there made a comment saying the kalamansi muffins at Real Lemon is good.. not unless the owners Nadine and Lee (daughter and mom, Americans who’ve been living on the island for maybe some three decades now) changed the name, but I believe she is referring to REAL COFFEE, where I like the overstuffed sandwiches and the omelets aren’t bad too!

  76. teddy, darned, just got back a few days ago, would have liked to visit the out of the way restaurants. The district was perfect for the teens in tow, right in the heart of the action. We tried to book Asya Premier but they didn’t have enough rooms. And the Shangrila was just too far from the center of town though I hear it is very nice indeed.

  77. Having just gotten back to Manila after living in Boracay for 8 months, I reckon I do have a less romantic view on the island. They are going crazy building stuff left and right. i fear for what the island will be in a decade! But it still has its nice points. Sunsets are best caught in Spider House’s bar all the way up in Diniwid :) tasty drinks, billiards and a beautiful view of the sunset. Red Pirates’ pub is also a nice place to kick back and you can rent their boat for a barbecue/sunset sail. For people looking for reasonably priced, tasty food I recommend Smokes’. It’s got 2 branches in station 2 and they serve up good bulalo and tortang talong . Not sure if that’s up your alley though MM. Real Coffee is a nice place for brekky/brunch!
    Be careful of the eat-all-you can buffets lined up by the pathway, keep in mind that’s seafood sitting out for a few hours. Check out the dampa so you can choose quality seafood (please please haggle!) and get them cooked in the nearby restaurants :D
    Enjoy your vacation!

  78. Congratulations Market Man! I always have a blast reading your interesting posts. May I recommend Mesa Restaurant in station 2 for superb Filipino foods, great ambiance also. I’m sure your guests will enjoy trying our food.

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