Updated List of BDO Transfers Received

Please click back to this post to check if your transfer or remittance has been received into the marketmanila.com feeding program bank account. So far, more than PHP140,000 has been received through this account. Many thanks for your donations. The children will truly appreciate your assistance. This account will remain open and can accept remittances for at least the next month or so… Happy Holidays to All!


6 Responses

  1. Hi MM. I see from the list that mine (from the BDO Katipunan branch) is the sole donation received on December 5th. I am giving away my share of Christmas ornaments as I cannot make it to the pickup points. Thanks.

  2. The December 8 one would be mine if it’s from the PSE branch…

    Your culinary exploits and your social conscience never cease to amaze all of us.

  3. Am glad to have finally met you this morning!!(Heel and sew). Hope to meet Mrs MM one of this days !!
    I salute you for your worthy project MM!! We’re with you!!
    Great job!!

  4. Is there another pickup schedule this saturday? if not, will give up my ornaments and will simply deposit to the BDO account

  5. San, thanks for your donation! chinky, yes, the last pick up date is this Saturday at Salcedo market again from 8am to 11am… marisse, it was a pleasure to meet you as well. JE, thanks! Gina, thank you!



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