Watercress, Watermelon, Feta & Pepper Salad a la Marketman


My suki Mary at the FTI market gave me a bunch of watercress for free yesterday after I spent a small fortune on her stall… it was her Valentine’s offering… isn’t that cute? At any rate, I also managed to buy a small incredibly sweet yellow watermelon and the beginnings of this salad were firmly established. I have featured this salad before, here, but this one is just a slight variation and jazzier in a sense.


Some fresh watercress at the base of the bowl, cubed yellow watermelon, de-seed as much as possible, then sliced cucumbers, some thinly sliced red onion, sliced greek peppers, crumbled feta cheese, some sliced green olives and a few coriander leaves and a sherry vinaigrette and it was the centerpiece of Valentine’s lunch at home, without battling the hordes and traffic/parking nightmares. Delicious, refreshing, and very flavorful!


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  1. Which is the FTI Market? I haven’t read any references to it during internet searches. We always go to Salcedo when we’re in town and finally made it to Legaspi today for the first time. We’re always on the look out for new markets to try! (I mentioned wanting to go to Nasugbu to find pinipig, but was scoffed at–who knew it was so far away?)

  2. Rona Y, FTI AANI market at the old Food Terminal complex in Taguig, roughly 10-12 minutes drive from Makati center on a Saturday morning. You may also want to try the Centris market in Quezon City on Sundays, it has a very large selection of goods.

  3. Thanks! Will see if we can get to FTI AANI next week, but Centris will have to wait till next year as I’m leaving next Sunday early morning! Centris sounds like the kind of market I’d really enjoy, though. Salcedo is great for food, but we like to look at other stuff, too. Legaspi seems to have a wider variety of goods, but it seems smaller.

  4. One of my favorite fruits, MM! That is why I grow watermelons bred for our climate every year. So far, I am the most successful watermelon grower in our community garden. My favorite of all is an orange flesh watermelon called New Queen, an AAS winner several years ago. But next is a yellow watermelon throughout even the rind is yellow…forgot the name! This year, I am planting a watermelon called Sorbet Swirl. To ensure the watermelon will be sweet, I google the brix factor plus all the tricks like withholding the water as it matures so as not to dilute the brix. Anything above 10.5 is good.

    Gejo…if you grow watermelons there, I will send you seeds of all the varieties I have. Bear in mind they are for short summers like we have… 65 to 75 days.



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