What A Joke…

Sa kaibuturan ng aking puso, this is such an utter joke… With 50+ million other Filipinos around the archipelago and across the globe, I watched the proceedings of the impeachment court this afternoon with incredulity, sadness and frustration. Surely, we are the laughing stock of the world, the nation and of ourselves. Talk about “yurakating” (derived from yurakan — to trample upon) the concept of propriety, truth and justice. Gosh, I learned a lot of deep Tagalog words today… So it wasn’t a total waste of four hours of my life.


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  1. He is allowed to talk for close to 4 hours and abruptly walks out without begging the indulgence of the impeachment court…ang kapal talaga ng mukha!

  2. So true, so much talk and drama I couldn’t take! Apart from the fact that we heard excessive hurling of accusations there also was a predictable occurence as a hypoglycemia attack. And that after he said his piece, walked down from the stand, straight out of the courtroom.

  3. Same here, MM. I am disgusted and appalled by this circus of a court. Nakakahiya.

  4. It is a joke indeed. He is 100% sure that not all of those “188 + 1” will sign the waiver so he passed the ball to them and tried to run away.

  5. The forex rate was not Php 2: USD 1 during the late 60’s. And how common was it during that time for people (even educated professionals) to buy dollars? It was even illegal to buy from the blackmarket!

    After issuing the waiver challenge, I think he also said that if none can comply with the challenge, the defense rests or something to that effect. And later on just before walking out, he said “I’m the supreme court justice, I’d like to be excused.” So if that wasn’t a planned walkout, I don’t know what is.

  6. Sukdulan ng pagkakapal ng mukha! His act was such as frustrating waste of the people’s time and money =(

  7. Yes it is sad, frustrating, and not one the Philippines’ finest hours..BUT the United States has the OJ trial, Michael Jackson pretty much staging a concert in front of the courthouse, and Oprah’s trial vs. the meat industry…the list goes on and on…

  8. The Dalai Lama’s favorite term is COMPASSION. I’m having great difficulty with that.

  9. The first impeachment of a US justice occurred in 1805 under a not so dissimilar underpinning. https://tinyurl.com/2tpu4s .Its all a big dance that, as in the 1805 case here proved, may amount to nothing. It will be written as a brief curious kerfuffle soon enuff ;-)

    I did not even know until your post that there was a modern ‘thrilla in manila’ dubbed by this article https://tinyurl.com/coc8kbv Judicialization of politics is not uncommon even here. See Bush v Gore at it’s most flagrant. Also see the Roberts court’s recent rulings on campaign finance (citizens united…) What would be welcome here in these woods if Obama were to follow Aquino’s play book would be to pursue his predecessors (Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Yoo, et al) on violating knowingly various Geneva convention laws, torture, on misleading a whole nation with yet unfounded WMD’s (and endangering many young lives and losing much resources in the process)…etc. And get them sumbitches all in jail. We.Wish.

    But I said toO much…

  10. @Vettievette, All those US trials you mentioned were showbiz people. We expect nothing less from them as far as drama is concerned. They are nothing compared to this trial. We are talking SC judge here. He is supposed to uphold all that is just and good and fair and honest. He swore to it when he took oath to be a judge and he broke it. It is indeed a sad day for all Filipinos.

  11. @bakerwannabe My point is the spectacle of it all and all the manpower/time/energy put into such proceedings. But if we are going to speak about politics I could go on and on about the spectacle in the US (and other countries for that matter) – but, YES, it is a particularly sad day for Filipinos. No disagreement there.

  12. @#14 allow me to wear my cynicism ;-)

    politicians = show biz people
    (see also Raegan, Estrada, the ascendant Pacquiao… et al)

  13. ANOTHER TRAVESTY IN THE PHIL. HISTORY. When it is going to end and when are they can think to improve the integrity of our country & the future of our next generation. Young professionals running away from home country to have a better life & education. SAD! SAD!

  14. and he is the Chief Justice? I thought laws are devoid of emotions so as to succesfully implement ’em.
    Corona’s Team is the technicality masters, and now they’re using drama.
    For real?
    Corona is a joke.
    and why is it that most guilty people of power and money get sick in court?
    Ampatuans, Ligots, Arroyos….tsk..tsk…tsk.


  15. That was the worst soap opera on daytime show! The drama was just horrible. Let us wait for hubris to take its course.

  16. Worst of all he is trying the divert the attention to 188 senators and others. Their time will come. One at time. He is on trial now so face it. Buking na buking na nagmamalinis pa rin Pwee!!

  17. gigi, yes you’re right. The peso/dollar rate was 2/1 in the early 60’s. Then the economy went to decontrol and peso went to 4/1, By the end of the 60’s, it was 6/1. Purchase of dollars was very restricted. If you are fortunate to be allocated dollars for foreign travel, you have to make sure you bring enough cash. No international credit cards since Phil dollar reserves were low and had to be strictly allocated. Import controls were imposed

  18. Nag sign ng waiver kasi closed na yung 78 dollar accounts. Demonyo talaga etong si Chief Justice. Kadiri!!!

  19. never like telenovelas !!!
    will never watch this no matter what kahit news
    This is exactly what is wrong with this country!!!

  20. Was willing to take back everything I said about the “planned walkout” when I heard Corona was in ICU. But then, I read the medical bulletin.

    ” Possible acute coronary syndrome”. What kind of hospital issues a bulletin like that?? When a patient is suspected of having ACS, you immediately determine if it is unstable angina, STEMI or NSTEMI. You give a loading dose of anti platelet unless the patient is going into the cath lab. Heck, even an ECG will already tell you if there’s a problem or not. Even with a 2D echo, it doesn’t take more than 2 hours, along with STAT blood test.

    So what medical intervention was given to CJ Corona that warrants a hospital stay ? Possible??? Well, anything is possible I guess!

  21. Gigi, yup, I’m with you. I once told my cardiologist that my left side went numb after chest pain and he immediately ordered a battery of tests on me, the most instantaneous one being an ECG, and after a few minutes, he immediately assured me I hadn’t had a heart attack… but I still went through all the other tests as well… I think hospitals who issue bulletin’s like this should be avoided. Absurd.

  22. The senate should have a hospital annex. This seems to be the SOP everytime someone has to testify.

  23. How true that the wife of SC’s (or better said, CJ’s) spokesperson Midas Marquez is one of the stock holders of Medical City?

    Do you need further explanation for such crazy medical bulletin?

  24. why is it that everyone who is being made to account for their past acts conveniently run to a hospital when push comes to shove? ees a puzzlement……

  25. After listening to the Thief Justice, the only question I asked was: what did we do to deserve him?

    Cha, the son-in-law of the TJ works at the Medical City (maybe he was the one that issued the medical bulletin?). Midas’ father-in-law is one of the board of directors (if not the chair)….

  26. All in all, the outcome is what matters. So many of the high profile cases do not have a significant outcome – Marcos Millions, Ampatuan, Arroyo – so the histrionic tactics may be effective.

  27. I’m not for or against Corona (I don’t know enough about the case to have a well-informed opinion) — but is there no one on this forum who can and is willing to vouch for his character? It seems that all the commenters are for his conviction, at best ambivalent. And yet we see a good chunk of the SC personnel backing him.

    Just asking.

  28. I know of one who works in SC, and yes, they are really loyal to the TJ. Ask why? The TJ has the sole authority over the disposal of the SC budget, and their bonuses and allowances are way up there. He “takes care” of them.
    Let me say my take on this: The TJ did not act and speak worthy to be called the Chief Justice. If this is the way our so-called “Chief Justice” behaves and interprets the laws, then our justice system is indeed rock bottom morality.

  29. that Corona said he had no household help nor aircon in his house is as Ombudsman Morales aptly call “a certified liar”. Why? because the Girl friday of my parents once worked for the Coronas.

  30. Such a display of arrogance indeed. After saying he wanted to be excused, he walked straight to the door, shaked hands with people. He did not show any sign of physical distress warranting medical attention. When informed that he was summoned back to the session hall, he feigned illness. He wanted to have the last words, instead CJ Corona has hammered the last nail to his coffin. I hope there will be enough number of votes on Tuesday to convict him.



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