Where Are You?

The last time I asked this question was late in 2005, when this blog was just about to turn 1 year old, and when the readership was probably 1/10th of what it is today. In the first year of the blog, it received roughly 2,000 comments, many from readers who still seem to be around today! But Marketmanila.com has grown and today the blog gets some 2,000 comments a MONTH, instead of a year. I went back and eyeballed the folks who responded to this question the last time, and roughly 30-40% of them still comment on the blog today… talk about loyalists! :) At any rate, whenever I get a comment, I am always a bit curious where the reader is logging in from. And I am sure other commenters are thinking the same thing. And because there are so many commenters these days, I sometimes lose track of their locations even if they have mentioned it to me once or twice before. So I thought it might be nice to as the “Where Are You??” question again, so everyone has a chance to “locate” themselves for the benefit of other readers…

While I am aware that a huge number of you are in Metro Manila and scattered all over the United States, I also know there are readers in Ireland, Sweden, England, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, South Africa, India, The Maldives, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Turks & Caicos and Brazil. There are folks in Davao, Zamboanga, Cebu, Bohol, Iloilo, Bacolod, Leyte, Sorsogon, Baguio, Dagupan, etc. as well. So please, if you are inclined, and equally curious, kindly leave a comment and the city/country where you are based or logging onto the website from. Thanks! And folks who did this 2.5 years ago, if you are still around, you all get Marketman’s special “suki” award… thanks for sticking around and being a part of marketmanila! :)


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  1. Hey Marketman, just started reading your blog regularly this year. I’m from Los Baños, Laguna.

  2. Hi, Marketman! I’m one of your avid readers. I never end the day without reading your blogs. I’m based here in Japan.
    More power to you!

  3. hi,mm!
    from vancouver, bc, canada
    comments every now and then but visits your blog 1/365.

  4. hi everyone, i seldom leave a comment but always reading this site. I am from qc but OFW in Brunei…

  5. hi Marketman…….. from the land of kiwis, lamb chops and lord of the rings Auckland, New Zealand

  6. Q.C. still. There is another Chris (or there could be several?) who leaves comments here and in other food blogs. The comments and grammar seem sane and sound naman so I don’t mind sharing my name, heheh. The name’s pretty common anyway and I don’t have a monopoly over it. Although the blog owners can identify me by my my email address, the other readers do not, so perhaps I should use ChrisB from now on. This is the Chris who attended the 1st and 2nd EBs =)

  7. hi! i’m currently doing my graduate degree here in newcastle, new south wales, australia. became a fan since late 2005

  8. hello, just discovered your blog 2 months ago. I’m from the city which is home to Ben’s Burjer: MANDALUYONG!

  9. Our permanent abode is Mandaluyong but work is Saudi Arabia where I’m reading your blog.

  10. I always reading your blog but seldom leaving a comment.Im here in Hongkong.

  11. Hello Marketman, avid fan, rarely drops comments…but never starts my day without reading your blog. Born in Binondo, but read your blog in Sto Domingo, Quezon City.

  12. I’m from Iloilo City, now residing where mangosteen, durian, pineapple, garlic, onions, and other fruits are veggies are soooo cheap the farmers/growers are complaining – Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  13. ‘am in makati whenever i read ur blog but i hail from Obando Bulacan. bumped in ur site just this march 2008 when i’m trying to look for Costa Brava’s address. i certainly find ur site interesting, liked it as much as everybody else, certainly my daily dose of entertainment! ;) tons of information from u and ur frequent commentors. Thanks a lot! God Speed!

  14. I’ve been an avid follower of your blog for a year now and have recruited my daughter, too. I’m from Cotabato City, yes, the city of bombs and kidnappings and etc….

  15. New Manila, Quezon City

    (parang pang Miss Universe ang mga introductions!)

  16. I grew up in Manila, but now live in Tokyo, Japan. Love this site, always my go-to when I need recipe ideas!

  17. Hej from Stockholm, Sweden! Wonder if there are any other Sweden-based readers of your great blog?

  18. Hi MM! I’m from Melbourne, Australia =) Hi Jade! I noticed ur from Melbourne too…hehe

  19. from QC. reads your blog in QC (house) or Pasig (office).
    first time to comment.
    Thanks sa tips & suggestions esp sa food.

  20. Hi! I’m an avid reader, I visit your site 3 to 4 times a day. Makati City, Philippines.

  21. Hi MM! This is my first time to post a comment but I’ve been reading your blog for like 2 years now. Even when I was in Ireland last year I still read your blog. I’m working in Eastwood but living in Laguna.

  22. i live and work in pasay, but started logging on from work in makati about two years ago. originally from iloilo city, where they call me ‘gigi.’ kidding. more mainstay lurker than commenter. i’m not a big eater nor an enthusiastic cook, as my frame will attest, but am strangely predisposed to devouring food blogs, recipe books (on the sly in nbs) and newspaper food columns; not into r.a., though. ;P

  23. Hi MM,

    I access your blog at the office(Makati) and at home (Cainta, Rizal)

    Only started reading your blog after I read the feature on Market Manila in Yummy mag April last year. Wished I’ve known this blog much much earlier.

  24. Hi MM, I’m based in Makati, have been visiting your blog regularly since 2006. When I was studying abroad your blog was the source of a lot of recipes to take away the homesickness. Thanks for that…Cheers!

  25. I live in Plaridel, Bulacan on weekends but stay in Quezon City during weekdays.

  26. I just remembered, am wearing my black Marketmaniac t-shirt today!

    Wala lang!

  27. My home base is Nijmegen, Netherlands (site of A Bridge Too Far story) but my work takes me to post-war/conflict/disaster areas. I am on my way back to nepal in the next weeks where I’ve been working for the last 6 months.

  28. hello from the city of waterfalls, Iligan City! Can’t be without my daily dose of your writing. Now reads it with my 9 year old son whenever he comes tothe office.I let him practice reading your blog and he likes it a lot. Increased not only his vocabulary but expanded his idea on a lot of things, not just foodwise. Thanks a lot, sir!!! ;)

  29. Greetings from the “Ancient Kingdom” of Butuan City (“Thousands of years ago when there was still no Philippines, there was already Butuan”), Agusan del Norte but I hail from Quezon City.

  30. Mandaluyong City!
    P.S. i think you meant “lose” track of locations and not “loose” meaning maluwag. =)

  31. Hi MM, i just started reading your blogs a week ago. and i am absolutely enjoying it (especially the recipes posted!) btw, i am from bacoor, cavite.

  32. Been reading your blog back in 2005 when I was still in the Philippines. Since then I’ve lived in Singapore, and now, in Melbourne, Australia :)

  33. a daily reader in coventry, UK!!!!! since about early this year i think. but also an overseas student from singapore :D

  34. still living in the island of Mindoro—Puerto Galera to be more specific :-)

  35. As you can guess from my NAME, I’m in South Korea, in a tiny agricultural town called Janghowon.

    I’m originally from Cavite City, Philippines.

    PS. Cathee, my brother and sister was born in Butuan City when my Dad was assigned there for his work with Unilab.

  36. Washington DC

    pssst! hey Cathee & Doddie (from Korea): I am also a true-blue Butuanon – born and bred. :-)

  37. was born and grew up in Bacolod, but now working in Ayala Ave, Makati – where I access the site from…

  38. Hi MM. M not sure how long i’ve been reading your blog – perhaps a year or so. I’m from QATAR.

  39. hi MM,
    am from brisbane qld australia…love your food blog, everytime i log on to the net…ur the 1st site i go to…marami akong na tututunan…

  40. hi mm! another bisdak here & im in aj, arizona. your blog is as hot as the arizona weather. been a reader for more than 2.5 yrs

  41. Marketman,
    I was born and raised in Mandaluyong. Moved to the US in ’85 and lived different places (Japan, San Diego, Houston, Dallas, Washington DC). We finally settled here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for over 13 years. Love your site.

  42. Started reading this site last month. I’m almost caught up…you can imagine how many hours I had to spend to get “almost” caught up. Love the info, pictures, and the food. I think this is the only food blog I read that many times has 2 posts in one day!! Anyway, I’m from GUAM…a little island 3 and a half hours east of the Philippines by plane.

  43. I’m in Maryland. I’ve been your reader (i forgot its been awhile). I totally lost track how long has it been.

  44. I married a Filipina over 32 years ago in Makati which means I have a large extended family living in many Philippine locations but mostly in Makati. We have built some apartments in Makati but now we live in Brisbane, Australia. We plan to spend much more time in the Philippines when we retire in the next year or so. I have read your blog most days for the past 9 months!

  45. bacolod city ^_^

    i started reading your blog about a year ago and never missed a day since then. i never left a comment before but i certainly enjoy this blog.

  46. I don’t comment a lot, but I still read your blog daily here in Toronto. Keep up the great work!!!

  47. Hey Marketman! I am currently in Makati but we split the year between Mla, Finland, and Singapore…will be back in Finland on the first week of June.

  48. Hey y’all from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, USA!!

    Love the blog MM! I’ve been a fan since last May (a whole year now).

  49. Still a suki. Loggin in most often from Ortigas CBD, Wack-Wack and Caloocan.Based in Ortigas CBD but hopping from China & VNM.

  50. Hi from SFO but soon San Mateo, Ca. which is about 15 miles south of The City. Are you up for a good time?!?

  51. Daily reader, occassional “commenter”. Did this 2.5 years ago, and still doing it from Los Angeles, CA.

  52. i’m a regular since the beginning of this blog…i’m based here in Maine, USA..mabuhay!

  53. Home is British Columbia, Canada!!!…Like MarkeFan says, with all these Miss Universe-like intros….It sounds like we’re vying for a title here!!!!…hahahaha

    Can I nominate someone for Mr. Congeniality?…I nominate, Lee (from Bacolod) and Silly LOLO!!!!

  54. Hi MM, I never end the day without reading your blog. I’m from Pasig but working in Dubai…

  55. Iligan and Paranaque. Never fail to read your blog, everyday for the past 2.5years!

  56. I have been a daily lurker since 2005 when I discovered your site while I was searching for adobo recipes. Anyway, I was born and raised in Caloocan City but is now residing in Minnesota.

  57. East Bay Area, California. Been reading your blog for over a year now, I think. MM you are awesome!

  58. hong kong… where a branch of La Maison du Paris is soon opening at Pacific Place. Just thought you’d like to know, MM.

  59. I discovered your site when I was in China, continued to read it when I moved to Hongkong, always fitting to read your blog even when I was in Singapore, and still an an avid reader now that I am based in Doha, Qatar.

  60. I am currently based in Canouan Island, St. Vincent and the Grenadines (Caribbean)

  61. Current domicile is King of Prussia, Pennsylvania (home of the biggest mall in the U.S. east coast) though home and heart reside in the island of Leyte.

    I’ve been a lurker for the past 6 months. Spent a weekend months ago reading your complete archive. A weekend well spent!! Now reads your blog every morning with my coffee and bagel.

  62. Im from the Tuna Capital of the Philippines – Gensan! And I always share & forward your blog to my mom who is in Bern, Switzerland.

  63. i found your site thru yummy magazine april 07 issue;
    this is my first time to comment, i liked your style so
    much. i find your entries very interesting and your commenters very entertaining. i’m from lawang bato, valenzuela

  64. I can’t recall how I stumbled into your site. But I have been lurking for about two years now. One year of that is in Victoria, BC and another year in Toronto, Ontario.

  65. Muenster, Germany

    I have been reading your blog almost daily for the last 2 years. If you are passing by Germany sometime in the future, I would really like to introduce you to some German delicacies!

  66. Hello MM :-p
    I love reading your blogs, hope to read more food & resto experience & review in the coming days.
    I’m from Manila.

  67. mabuhay!!! (parang sa miss philippines)
    log-on @work paoli, pa
    but ‘live @ bryn mawr, pa (pa-sigaw like ms universe)
    wave—smile— EXIT (w/ poise)

  68. Quebec, Canada… was surfing about lechon posts and stumbled in yours last year. Thanks a million for the variety of food posts. It lessens pinoy food depression for me.

  69. Hello Marketman,

    I am from foggy side of the Bay Area/SF. My vital statistic are 42″, 32″ and 34″, and I’m 5’6″. Born in Pangasinan move to QC till I was 6 yrs old, then moved back to Pangasinan, when I was 15 yrs old we’ve moved to USA. Currently working in Hayward, California

  70. Windsor, Ontario CANADA! Came across your site looking for fresh lumpia recipe. Love your site!

  71. Enjoying life in the Bay Area — Santa Clara,CA to be exact. I noticed there’s actually several Bay Area folks around here.
    Kumusta kayong lahat!

  72. grew up in Binan, Laguna. moved to US right after college. reside in Covina, CA. read your blog most of the time from my office at the hospital (2.5 miles from home) or when i get a chance during the weekeneds in my home office. i have been an avid reader since the start. thank you for your blog.

  73. Howdy from North Dakota, USA! Can’t thank you enough for this blog. Blessings galore today and always.

  74. from San Diego, CA
    Been reading your blog since my daughter introduce me to your link. Love your pictures and the way you journal everything.

  75. Hello MM,

    Discovered your blog December 2006. Been checking it almost everyday now since then. I live in London, but travel a lot (Europe, US, Asia) for work. Wherever I am, I make sure to check for new posts here at least once a day. Reading your blog completes my day! (I know, it’s a sad life.. :D)

    Keep it up!

  76. Hi!I grew up in Manila but moved to Whangarei, New Zealand year 2000.Love your blog site… something i look forward visiting every morning before work.

  77. Hi, MM.

    Born and raised in Mabalacat, Pampanga. Moved to the US in 1986. Been living here in Milpitas,CA (San Francisco Bay Area) since then.
    Love your blog!

  78. new reader as of may 2008. can’t believe it took me so long to find this blog :). originally from mandaluyong but have lived in the NYC/NJ area for the last 19 years

  79. Surfing in from the kingdom of Mandaluyong. Right beside the moat separating us from the the Democratic Republic of Makati.

  80. Hi Marketman, I’ve been following your blog since last year. I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. I don’t even remember how I got led to you website! Aloha!

  81. Originally from San Francisco and moved to Manila close to two years ago. I have been reading your blog since I moved here. I cannot remember now what the search term was that originally led me to your site but your blog was my lifesaver when it came to finding certain ingredients and food items. Being from SF, I was used to finding ANYTHING I could think of at any store so it has been an adjustment shopping, cooking, and baking here. Could not have done it without your blog!!!

  82. Hi erbie, where in CDO are you? I was born there and spent the first 13 years of my life there!

    Currently living in Makati and accessing the wonderful world of MarketManila from my office in Sucat.

  83. Home is both Malate and Sydney. I love your blog for all the produce info!

  84. Lurker in Guangzhou, China. Super miss Pinoy food! Love your writing Marketman, I check your blog everyday :)

  85. Isang manlalakbay na pinoy na napadako sa “Yours to Discover” city of Toronto. Salamat po sa inyong blog.

  86. I have only been a daily reader for over eight months or so. Originally from Amgeles City, Pampanga now located in Plano, Texas a suburb of Dallas

  87. QC born and bred..lived in WDC, Bangkok and now, Noumea New Caledonia. Might be moving to Melbourne Australia before the end of the year..to those living in Melbourne, EB?

    Can’t remember how I came upon this site sometime March (?) this year and have been reading the archives (and comments) from the beginning. Am now in Jan 07…

  88. it’s my 1st comment but a long time reader from southampton, england…..luv this site

  89. I love your blog and enjoy reading it from San Francisco, CA – home of the famous Sourdough Bread!

  90. Hi MM,
    born and raised in the beautiful City of Legazpi (Bicol). now stattioned in U.S. Naval base in Sasebo Japan.
    love your blog!

  91. For almost 10yrs now, based in Santiago City, Isabela. Work takes me back to Manila half of the week, and the other half takes us nationwide. I read your blog from the car, airports, office. You are page #5 when I open my browser :)

  92. G’day to the people from Oz and to all!
    Originally from Ormoc City,Leyte now a resident in Canberra ,Australia for the last 20 years.

    Hallo to Denny from Leyte.

  93. My daily dose of reading pleasure since a year ago. Blogging from Pasig, lives in Paranaque.

  94. Lives in Makati City, originally from Iloilo City. Been reading your wonderful blog for over a year now, its a great way to start (and end) my day. Thanks a lot.

  95. like most surfers, i seldom post msgs. or comments but I do check your site at least 3x a day :) in Ilocos Norte, in Cavite, and in Makati :)

  96. Hi, its my first time here. I was from Bacolod City but now lives in Idaho,USA.

  97. Born in Manila but now living in Saipan, Northern Marianas Islands. My day is not complete without reading my daily Marketman dose!

    Thank you for your great posts! It helped make my last home visit memorable. You post on the gold exhibit at Ayala Museum came 2 days before I was leaving Manila so I made it a point to visit the Ayala Museum on the last day of my visit! The gold exhibit was breath-taking!

  98. A long time lurker, daily reader from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Never left a comment until now, but really love your site. It’s #1 in my bookmark of “Food”. Marami akong napapa-bilib sa mga recipes mo. Thank you, MM.

  99. Hi! I’m in Melbourne, Australia. 2 years ago I was reading marketmanila from Makati City but haven’t left any comments.

  100. MM! I already relocated here in Singapore. . . last year I was in Maldives. . . back to civilization at last, I’ll miss diving there though. . . :)

  101. hi mm. i’m from the city of pines—> pineapple that is hehehe…. las piñas city!!! in the philippine map, i think we’re below borneo. üüü

  102. a newbie here from Nasugbu,Batangas.. i am dreaming of being a blogger too when i came across your blog.im reading it almost everyday.

  103. knoxville, tennessee site of the 1984 world fair the best bbq in the whole USA . . . read your blog every day for the last 3 months

  104. i’m from cebu but living here now in Springfield,Illinois. i read your blogs everyday and i enjoy it so much!!!!

  105. knoxville, tn site of the 1984 world’s fair one of the best bbq place in the whole USA (born in ala e probi)awesome blog keep up the good work, MM!

  106. “Blessings” from Kingston, Jamaica to MM, Mrs. MM and the Kid (and Billy the Kid too.)

  107. seems like i’m the oldest among your readers-am retired after 30 years in southern california and quietly living here in gen trias, cavite. i seldom post commnts but it doesn’t mean i don’t read our blog everyday. i just love the variety of your topics.

  108. my home is cainta rizal, but I always read your blogs from our office in sucat paranaque.

  109. Auckland, NZ. Great site MM.
    Hey Cherry Pie – would love to know who you are!

  110. wow! i’m the 257th commenter if i’m not mistaken, you have quite a readership mm! congratulations and more power from palatine, illinois…i’m about 45 mins away from chicago :)

  111. I live in Portola Valley, CA–next to Palo Alto. I’m a regular visitor to this site, although I think this is my first post. I’ve traveled to a lot of the same places you have (in Europe) and enjoy recreating the memorable dishes from these trips at home. Inevitably, however, I end up craving the filipino food that I loved growing up, so your site gives me the best of both!

  112. Born and raised in Bacolod City, currently living in Sampaloc, Manila, but accesses the website from Ayala Avenue, Makati. :-)

  113. Hi Marketman. Just want to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog (everyday!). Been living in Yokosuka, Japan for 4yrs now; a California resident for the past 20+yrs.

  114. Seattle WA – don’t have as much time to comment anymore but I still check your blog every chance I get! :)

  115. Vancouver, BC, Canada. Still a daily reader of your blog, and a “user” of many of your recipes.

  116. Mandaluyong and Novaliches Quezon City Philippines! i’m a comeback kid. got “lost” after reading a few of your initial blogs and “found” again about 3 years ago.

  117. hi MarketMan! been a long time reader of your blog. Used to be based in Makati, MM but back in Davao City for good=)

  118. Born, bred, raised, and educated in Los Baños, Laguna (hello mga taga-UPLB). Now living in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I started reading Marketmanila that week it was *first* featured in the Inquirer. The Inquirer used to be my connection to home, I’ve since stopped reading it but still enjoy Marketmanila every day. :D

  119. Hi MM!

    Always start the day with your blog, then go bloghopping from your links…
    I’m from Talavera, Nueva Ecija…

  120. Born in Makati, breed in Parañaque (Heheh! It’s where I call home with hubby and 2 kids). Staid government bureaucrat today but future hippie, duhat-smoking, pony-tailed, muumuu-wearing foodie Mama market istambay with bettyq, Lee, Silly Lolo, Apicio and our guru, MM, if dreams do come true!

    Hi to the Global Pinoys!

  121. Hallo Marketman,

    Reader since 2005. First time to leave a comment.
    Living in Singapore with family since May 2007.

  122. Trulili Bagito, it feels like we’re all sashaying down the Ms Universe runway, di ba? Hi, I’m candidate #298 from Bisdak, now QC-based.

  123. I started reading your blog while i was a student in Wellington, New Zealand a couple of years ago; am now staying in pasig city with my hubby

  124. g’day mate! started reading your blog since 2006…from New South Wales, Australia

  125. daily lurker, rarely comments.

    From the land of Balut and Penoy….PATEROS! =)

  126. Still in Makati, but now reading MarketManila on my own time, instead of the company’s. :-D

    MM, I’m willing to bet your blog is more international than that infamous blog that gets millions of hits! And will undoubtedly last much longer, too.

  127. MM, I already posted my whereabouts…just have to make 1 more paseo at your runway!!!

    CecileJ:…you’ll never know…your dreams might come sooner than you think! What do you say….Lee, Silly Lolo, Apicio,MM?…I will be the bell-bottomed, pig-tailed foodie Mama as well (won’t dream of bringing the hubby and kids to the market tambay!!!)…Tara na Silly Lolo balik ulit sa Pinas!!!

  128. Hello Mr. Marketman. I am a daily visitor of your great site. Many Thanks.. Am from Legazpi City, Bicol.

  129. Hi MM – I’ve been lurking since you started your blog all that time ago(don’t see much point in posting unless I’ve some universal truth to impart!). Enjoy it
    I’m a Brit long resident her in Makati

  130. am from cavite, read your blog everyday, my third blog so far.thank you so much. God bless you!

  131. Hello MM, an avid reader since I discover your site in Feb. this year when you feature Legaspi City market. Being a bicolana I enjoy reading it.
    Been living for 20+ yrs. in The Netherlands.

  132. i’ve been a loyal follower MM, love you and your blog. from st kilda in melbourne, australia xxx

  133. from my neck of the woods,Tandag City, Surigao del Sur. i’ve been a daily reader/rss subscriber since april 2006. more power MM!

  134. Reading your blog becomes addictive MM…It has become a part of my daily routine! Many Thanks!

    -Enteng resides in Paranaque City but is a native of Malabon, M.M.

  135. I’ve been reading your blog since late 2006 when I was working in Makati, I am now in Singapore.

  136. I love visitng your site whether from our Makati home or Rizal home. I also always see to it to visit your blog whenever traveling wherever. Thanks for the multiple sighs of glee from reading your interesting posts.

  137. Hi MM,

    I became a MM fanatic last year when I was working at Cavite.
    I’m here now at Penang, Malaysia after I got married. Brought the marketmanila shirts with me here, always proud to wear it when I do my market/grocery trips!

    Cheers to you MM!

  138. Another reader from sweltering Singapore! Love reading about your adventures; am learning so much!

  139. Another lurker here who loves the site. I live in Boston and family is from Dumaguete.

    Keep up the great work Marketman!

  140. I’m logging on from Israel (on a short holiday). But I study in Philadelphia, will be home in Manila for a few weeks, and will be spending my summer months in Singapore. =)

  141. From makati, to LA, to nyc, to Indiana, and back to makati… Been reading since your first post on the salcedo market years ago.

  142. Hi Market Man. I got married in Dec 2006 and didnt know how to cook before that. Your blog is a wonderful source of recipes not to mention interesting stories. You literally taught me how to cook (to my husband’s delight !). I live in Dubai Marina, Dubai

  143. New York, NY is my primary location! but i regularly log on from Connecticut and New Jersey as well. happy to see that there is a fellow Guamanian (Susan) who is part of the forum!

  144. cecilej,bettyq, and co – is this an open happening? Yes or no, I’ll be crashing the party with my outta-sight painted face and in my groovy tie-dyed muumuu, flowers in my hair, and ratty sandals.

  145. I live in Paranaque but now hitting the keys from Slough,UK. I just visit your site wherever I am. It’s a habit!

  146. From Portland, Oregon.

    This site is part of my daily routine. MM and commenters have been the source of my food cravings, the inspiration to shop-n-cook, and the guiding maestros to offer ideas on how to innovate a classic or how to genuinely make a classic.

    My family and friends thank you… as they have been rewarded with many great eats!

    To those in the Pacific Northwest, let’s plan a meetup and do some cooking and/or eating!

  147. I have only been reading this wonderful blog for about a year. I live in the San Francico Bay Area in Northern California.

  148. 1 more paseo on your runway again, MM, por favor!..

    Hey Chi, CecileJ and anybody else ?….just say when…just got the green light to travel…anytime, guys …I’m game!!!

  149. I live in Las Pinas/Alabang. But I access this site everywhere – as long as I have internet connection :)

  150. Started to read two years ago while I was still working in Singapore and brought back the habit when I joined hubby in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental (which, by the way is ranked #1 by Moneysense as the best place to live in the Philippines and I agree :P). I still visit my hometown of Jaro, Iloilo City occasionally.

  151. No prizes for guessing correctly, but yes, I read your blog religiously from the beer capital of the world, Munich, Germany! The variety of beer here is staggering, and I am going to make it my mission to taste them all. Special cheers to all my Ilonggo kasimanwa!

  152. Calgary, Alberta, Canada – home of Alberta beef, nestled on the foothills of the Canadian Rockies (my new Tagaytay)
    loyal reader & occasional commenter since 05.

  153. Canberra, Australia

    love your work! and love the rapport among fellow comment-ers!

  154. I find your site very informative. I like it when you take photos of your recipes and of just anything that catches your attention (like the bibingka in a street in Cebu, if I remember it right).I grew up in quezon city but now resides in san pedro, laguna.I get to access your site, though, during breaks at my office in makati..

    Keep up the good work and more power!

  155. Originally from Catanduanes, now living in Las Pinas and working in Paranaque City. I’ve been visiting this site for almost a year now, though It’s my first time to leave a comment.

  156. born and raised in manila but now live in qc..daily lurker checking into the website from work in the seat of power, malacañang :=)

  157. Bettyq, chi, and the boys, ANYTIME!!!! Am Manila-based so kahit anong palengke, pwede ko marating!!!!

  158. Discovered this site in Singapore. :P

    Lived in Las Pinas, Makati, QC, and back to Makati prior current.

  159. Hi MM and family!

    live in QC but work in Ayala Alabang – read your blog when i am at work….you rock!

  160. hi MM!

    I’m a certified lurker but I do love your site. Been getting my dosage of your blogs since last year. Am from QC.

  161. hi MM! Long time lurker, first time to comment! I love your blog. Am from QC.

  162. I am a big suki MM!! Still here in Hillsborough, NJ! You are my first read when I get to work! More power!!

  163. Brooklyn, NY! I’ve been really enjoying the blog for about a year now. Thanks MM

  164. I’ve been reading your blog for the past 3 years. I live in Wellington, New Zealand

  165. I am from Batuan, Bohol, living in Tagbilaran City for almost 29 years but currently doing freelance graphic designs in Cebu City.

    I am an avid fan of Market Manila since 2005.

  166. Coventry, england, but grew up in Silay City, neg.occ. been visiting your site since you blogged about you collecting salt.

  167. hi MM! been a fan for a long time..i lived in new jersey for a while, but now am back working in manila…home is in imus, cavite

  168. am from calapan city, mindoro oriental but based in paranaque now. don’t remember when it all started…

  169. Q.C. and San Mateo, Rizal

    if u had ads in here you’d be super rich!
    it could help fund your feeding program.
    suggestion lang :) hehe.

  170. well I have been reading your blog wherever I find myself currently located. since I have been one of your first readers or say fan.. I have followed your blog from different locations:
    Currently am here in Ft Lauderdale
    I started reading you while I was in Athens, Greece….UK, Norway, France, Italy, all over Bahamas when ever I had a chance, airport pit stops.. Amsterdam, Zurich, even when I was up at the ski resort.

  171. I used to live in Berkeley, CA but as of Christmas of last year, I’m now back in Manila! :)

  172. Still in Las Pinas.. bee visiting your blog for a year now.. truly loyal.. =)

  173. I’m from camiling,tarlac. Your blog is a great help for me in my line of work.

  174. dropping by to say thank you MM and all for sharing all this time…been a reader for a year or so,am now in Singapore

  175. Greetings From Southern California!

    I have been a silent lurker of your food blog for about a year now. Mabuhay and keep blogging!!!

  176. I’m from the “confusing” town of Carmona, which is really a part of Cavite and not of Laguna hehehe! But I log somewhere here in Makati.


  178. hi marketman! i’m logging on from manila, either from my place in san juan or ssshhh… from the office in makati. good day!

  179. i left my heart in marikina even though my home is now in antipolo! love your food blog! have tried some of your recipes. yum!

  180. quezon city!!(wow!in my head i sounded like a contestant in a beauty pageant!haha.) love your site! ahhh…website that is.

  181. Hello!

    I am currently in Houston, Texas. But I access your site wherever I am.

    Wow! Amazing Mr. MM! You’ve got readers from all over the world! Nakakatuwa naman…

  182. silent lurker from maddela, quirino :-)but im currently here in manila..love,love,love your blog! i learned about it when from our awesome planet and been a reader since..

  183. silent, happy lurker from maddela, quirino :-) but im currently here in manila…been a reader since late 2007 when I opened a link from ourawesomeplanet.com…love,love,love your site! keep it up! :-)

  184. Hello again.
    I am posting from just outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. US.
    Your blog always reminds me of the wonderful foods I miss.
    But it also helps me introduce new and “unusual” foods to people who would never experience the wonderful treats anywhere else. :)


  185. Enjoyable…delightful…nakakamiss ng Pilipinas. Thank you, Marketman. Through your work, you brought “home” to us here in Los Angeles, USA.

  186. Hello MarketMan,

    I’m still here medyo busy lang. At the moment I’m here in the Philippines ready to go back to United States and go back to work. Rest be assured that I’m one of your bloggers na hindi nakakalimot.

  187. i am the 2nd leticia. i noticed while reading thru the presentations! the first is from brazil. i am now based in milan, italy but i am a filipina,born and raised in a home along the beach of pandan, antique, philippines about 20 to 30 minutes away from caticlan, where boracay is.

    i am glad to have found this blog!

  188. I’m posting at my current location at Boston, Massachusettes but I live in Washington, DC and originally hail from Dumaguete City, PH.

  189. mm, you’re the man! i so love your blog where i found lots of answers to lots of foodie quests that i have… i read you right after i wake up in the morning and before i sleep at night… i’m a number one fan from la paz, iloilo city, way to go mm!

  190. I have been an avid reader from Berkeley,CA – almost since the beginning. My day is not complete without your blog.

  191. hi marketman. i’m currently in bermuda (yes, as in the triangle) but originally from legazpi city, albay. i visit your site every now and then. i hardly cook but i enjoy reading your blog.

  192. hi MM. hafa adai!!!am from iloilo city, but now based on guam. love your blog. visits it daily.

  193. Been a long time lurker.Now also a “commenter”.Born in cavite,raised in baguio,okinawa,marikina,qc. Now live in Cainta and work in PasigCBD.Log on anywhere I am-Sing,Korea,Davao,etc.Used to travel a lot(worked with Joey Pacheco).
    Rina,gave birth in Calgary,Alberta eons ago.My daughter now lives in Missasauga,ont. We may be joining her soon. bettyq,used to visit my sis in law in Richmond BC.
    Enjoying this so much MM!

  194. Before I got married lived at the back of ALi Mall Cubao and when I got married Lived for 8 years in Sta. Elena, Marikina and now in San Roque, Marikina City. Just love your site Marketman.



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