Where Can I Find/Buy ??? (2nd Edition)…

A previous post written in 2007 asking readers to write in asking where to find particular ingredients, and where all readers/commenters pitched in to answer the queries, is now officially the most visited post on this blog. Over the last four years, it has received in excess of 70,000 page views, and has spawned hundreds if not thousands of emails sent directly to marketmanila about where folks can buy this or that. Two years after I posted that topic, the comments section automatically closed (it’s a feature the tech guy incorporated into the site to manage the size and volume of files), so many readers have taken it upon themselves to email me directly, often 3, 4 or even 6 times a day on average. I feel like the resident “help desk” for where to find food items or equipment. So I thought it would be a good idea to do a fresher post, so folks can ask their questions here, and hopefully, someone out there can help answer these inquiries… But please, let’s try to keep the questions reasonable, shall we? I have, over the years, received some of the most unrelated, stupid, absurd, patently low-IQ-without-wishing-to-improve-it requests and questions that I simply dump in the trash. Others are interesting, but often repetitive, hence this post. So let me start off with a few questions and answers of my own…

Where can I find a can of Marca El Rey chorizos bilbao?? They often have them at Cash & Carry and Unimart, at the most reasonably comparative prices. Rustan’s also carries them on occasion, expensive.

Where can I find fresh vanilla beans?? I sometimes find my whole beans at Cook’s Exchange stores in major malls, or Flavours ‘n Spices at Market!Market! Mall.

Who sells whole wheat flour?? I have seen U.S. packaged whole wheat flour at (Gaisano) Metro groceries in Manila and Cebu.

Where can I buy real Sagada oranges?? Your best bet, Sagada. Some 95+% of all oranges sold as Sagada oranges in Baguio or Manila are FAKE. It annoys me no end that vendors continue to intentionally mislabel this produce. Pisses me off, actually. And folks in Sagada should come to the lowlands with a tazer gun and stun repeat offenders.

Why is there no cilantro in this country for my guacamole?? Duh, it’s simply called another name, wansoy. Lots of it except at the height of the rainy season.

Why can’t I find the cuts of meat I am used to back home (in some foreign land)?? They butcher the same animal (cow, pig, lamb, etc.) here, but don’t have the same standard nomenclature for the parts as they might in North America. You simply have to figure out the equivalent local part. If you go to a large grocery with a butcher, ask to see his “map” or guide to parts that are often displayed on their walls. Better yet, next time you are home, buy a book of butchered meat and bring it to the butcher with you… they will be able to do a tomahawk steak, find the prairie oysters, cut the hanging tender or isolate the first stomach of a cow if you really, really desire it. Tip the butcher generously for his/her efforts, as you always want the one with the cleavers on your side.

Where can I get jalapenos? Wild arugula? Beets? Endive? Saffron? The list goes on and on… So write in your questions, and I hope I can count on readers to help me answer as many of them as possible, thanks!


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  1. Hi! Where can I get cream fraiche? Can’t seem to find them in local supermarket and major groceries. Thank you!

  2. Hi MM,

    I saw at Shopwise Commonwealth 20 tins of El Rey Chorizos for 1,900 pesos a pop. I love using it for Bulalo and Arroz Valenciana. BTW I love your blog.


  3. Re Fake Sagada Oranges : SO TRUE! Some vendors even say that their grapes are grown in the Mountain Province. Some vendors blatantly peddle these lies even if their supposed Sagada or Mountain Province -grown fruits are the sole “local” produce, amidst their apples, peaches and other obviously imported fruits that they sell.

    Some questions:
    Re brick ovens: Where can I get a compact brick oven? Who can construct it? Where can I buy the bricks that are appropriate for brick ovens (not the lighter ones that don’t retain heat as well, or break easily? )

    Where can I buy a good wok locally?

    What brand of extra virgin olive oil available locally do you recommend the most , based on value for money, and where can I get it? Olive oil for cooking?

  4. You can also use Healthy Options for Whole Wheat, unbleached White, and Rye Flour. Bob’s Red Mill is the brand. Regarding Creme Fraiche, I am tempted to try some online recipes for producing creme fraiche, as all forms of Heavy Cream here are crazy expensive.
    Maybe this technique would suit you?


    If you can’t find buttermilk, there’s always powdered buttermilk, with equal parts water, sold in baking stores. I find mine at the wet market near Pergola in BF Homes.

    You can also take whole milk, add 1Tbsp. per cup, stir thoroughly and let sit for five minutes. Fresh buttermilk.


  5. “And folks in Sagada should come to the lowlands with a tazer gun and stun repeat offenders.” – I love it!

  6. @Gej- I saw a portable brick oven in one of the food fairs held at the WTC, haven’t tried it though. Jerry’s Firebrick Oven – contact nos. 0920-576-0256, 0920-567-9113, 911-4216

  7. Frozen blueberries? They used to carry them at S&R, but they’ve stopped stocking them, or at least haven’t for the past few months. Now all they have are frozen mixed berries. :)

  8. Miguel, frozen blueberries still at Santis last time I looked, but yes, gone from S&R lately. tess, I hve never seen butterflied tilapia, partially because its best practice to buy your tilapia ALIVE, and have the vendor clean, scale and butterfly it before your eyes. If you buy many of these at one market visit, then bring them home and rinse and immediately wrap and place in your freezer for later use. Maricel and Gej, yes, that buy is quite well known, he has small firebrick ovens, and operates out of Cubao, if I am not mistaken. I asked him once to make me a lechon oven in Cebu, but he hadn’t made one as large as the one I was hoping for… Instead, I might just buy his firebricks and attempt to do it ourselves, a daunting task to do right. Mr. Z, yes, I have been tempted to make my own creme fraiche as well… but have never tried. Gej, I buy extra virgin oil by the 5 liter can at S&L Fine Foods, good value for money. Alternatively, Sister, or we, send home greek olive oil in balikbayan boxes as it seems to be much cheaper in some places abroad. Gej, they sometimes have woks in Quiapo, but not as good as the ones in HK, where on the kitchen supplies street, they have thousands at great prices…

  9. Oh my MM… I didn’t realize how much mail and questions you get! That can be so tiring….. I find that most questions I have can be simply answered when i google it. Just sharing :-)

  10. I found garam masala, fennel seeds and fenugreek seeds @ Rustan’s Fresh in Timog, Q.C. and packaged under the label Taj along the spice section. Hopefully they can add more. Theyre cheaper than what I paid for in a spice store in Market Market. I second Gej’s queries as well. Thank you so much for this post MM!

    PS. I found that S&L in Yakal St., Mkt. carries goat’s cheese. That’s one store thats alwAys worth the drivefor me(:

  11. i’m from sagada. there is a season for sagada oranges and that is around december. anytime you see ‘sagada oranges’ being sold outside of this few months, chances are, they are not from sagada.

    also, oranges from kalinga are also good and at times sweeter and bigger than sagada oranges. nagkataon lang na mas famous ang ‘sagada’ brand than ‘kalinga’ brand so even kalinga oranges sold outside (like in baguio) are sometimes incorrectly labelled sagada oranges.

    ang masama, ang daming regular oranges, china oranges, etc na nila-label nila na sagada orange even if these are completely fake.

    i think we from sagada needs to brand these things in the same way that the Champagne region in France passed laws saying that only those produced from the Champagne region can be called “champagne”.

    marami-rami din yung fina-fake na sagada goods aside from oranges. may sagada coffee, may sagada persimmons, etc..

  12. MM, how about good guanciale and pancetta? I noticed in uour blog that you once cooked using guanciale in 2007. Looking for guanciale for amatriciano pasta. Super thanks! Super love your blog

  13. Other than at Terry’s Deli, where can I buy angulas in the Makati area? Thanks for your help.

  14. mekc, it seems even the angulas at terry’s are “fake or processed angullas” and not the real thing. But I suspect any spanish store might have them. guanciale and pancetta at S&L, santis and Galileo Enoteca in mandaluyong. hunter, I also understand that most real oranges from that region have a lot of green left on their skins, as they do not expose the fruit to industrial gases that are used to turn oranges the classic orange color… Taj, is a store, I think I wrote about it, that has lots of Indian spices… girl golfing, I think specific stores that carry specific goods in Manila is a little harder to find with search engines… :)

  15. Angel…If you google creme fraiche..it is basically fermented or cream that is soured by the addition of lactic acid…found of course in buttermilk. But I find that greek yoghurt (which contains the bacterial culture) thinned with a bit of cream does the job. I do not use buttermilk all the time and sayang lang. If you want to make it smooth and silky, just whip the cream lightly, stir the yogurt with a whisk till smooth and fold the whipped cream into the yogurt. This way, you can have your faux creme fraiche , and eat the rest of the Greek yogurt sweetened with honey and topped with granola or layered in a martini glass with fruit compote.

  16. Oh and my turn to ask: Where can I buy those fat round glass jars in small quantities at reasonable prices? Also looking for some bottles where I can put in salad dressings. Planning to use them for Christmas gifts.

  17. Thanks for this. I recall my sister have been asking me to ask you and the Marketmanila community where she can find semolina flour in Manila, hopefully, in small quantities. She has searched and googled but has not found any good leads.

    Many thanks! :)

  18. Pam: I’ve had this link saved for a while: https://litromanila.multiply.com/
    I’ve been meaning to do homemade stuff to give away for Christmas, but I’ve never gotten around to it (meaning, I’ve actually never ordered from them before). Check the photos section, they have lots of nice looking jars :)

  19. where can i find scroll bender in manila?…I want to make chair like yours MM, but with more classical steel bends…:D

  20. Hi MM, where can I find a reasonably priced Dutch Oven? The ones being sold at Gourdo’s or Rustans are quite expensive! Sometimes you can find one being sold at HMR in Pioneer, if you’re lucky. But other than that, I really don’t know where else to look. Those sold in SM are very flimsy.

  21. Aji, try paylesscookware.com then have it shipped through a relative via balikbayan box or thru pobox.ph. I bought a huge 10-quart dutch oven from that site for only US$80 plus.

  22. Where can I find real sea salt? The “dirty salt” found in the wet markets are sometimes really “dirty” in that the salts contain some residues which would not be suitable for cooking, nor consumed as is. The most it could be of use is as foot salts.

    I read your earlier post on Pangasinan salts and other artisanal salts to be found in a shop called Ritual. A friend of mine checked out the shop a couple of weeks ago and was very disappointed at the place and no Pangasinan salt nor other salts were available.

    Many thanks for such an informative post, MM. You should make an app “Where can I find…? which could be updated on a regular basis.


  23. “Who sells whole wheat flour?? I have seen U.S. packaged whole wheat flour at (Gaisano) Metro groceries in Manila and Cebu.”

    CEBU CITY – ONG KIN KING & CO. on Plaridel St. is the “go-to-wholesaler” for most bakery needs. They carry both Pilmico and General Milling brands for Whole Wheat Flour. The smallest size bag for whole wheat is 5 kilos at PhP480.00 per bag.

  24. @Rowi…try the weekend markets like the Legazpi Market on Sundays. There’s a purveyor of Himalyan Sea salts which you can get fine or course. Theyre naaturally pink. The seller is Arthur Tanco, I think. He also sells Agave, a good substitute for honey, and bamboo linens that are luxuriously soft.

  25. Rowi – I love sea salts (esp the pink Himalayan variety) and I usually ask that as pasalubong from the US. I found out recently that S&R and Santi’s have imported sea salts (in grinder containers pa!) and reasonably priced from 250 to 350 pesos.

  26. Hi Artisan – do you think Ong Kin King & Co. would carry the 5-kg bag of semolina flour, too? Thanks!

  27. Hi, MM,
    Where did you get your high butane portable stove and also the kawali? I have been planning to ask you or personally email you but I really feel its inappropriate for me to do that. This topic today is the one I have beeen waiting for to get my answer. I’m bringing it back to New Jersey hopefully I wont have problem with customs

  28. Gej – restaurant-quality woks are available in Binondo (Santo Cristo street) and Quiapo (Villalobos street or Carlos Palanca street). These are the heavy-duty iron woks with riveted handles which they call “fundido”, very much unlike the thin-gauge metal woks available in department stores. Kinda heavy to use, though, but a sure kitchen workhorse.

    Rowi – i get my regular supply of refined, genuine sea salt from Dasol, Pangasinan. It’s something like PhP150 per sack, so to make the trip worthwhile I usually buy several sacks worth, which I store in plastic drums. I can share some with you if we could figure out a way for the exchange.

  29. Elaine, Carol and Papa Ethan – many thanks for your reply and comments. Firstly, I have to say that I am not based in Manila (I live in Stockholm) but will be visiting Manila in December/January. Himalayan pink salts and other exotic/artisanal salts are sold here but the prices are outrageous. Hubby and I are keen on Sicilian salts which are quite inexpensive, and Maldon gourmet salts.

    Elaine, I like Agave too as it has the sweetness of honey but less calories? Am glad it’s now available in Manila. I’ll check the Legazpi Sunday market come Dec/Jan. Does A. Tanco sell it in Salcedo market?

    Papa Ethan – Wow, I’d definitely like to try your Dasol sea salt. With MM’s permission,
    may I contact you by email (mine’s marirow@gmail.com) so we could arrange to meet when I’m in Manila? Many thanks!

  30. MM, I emailed you this question a few weeks ago, but maybe some of our bloggers and readers can respond. Where can i get someone to can or do canning for my few kilos of Adelina’s ham? Me and my family are so obsessed with this ham that we need to bring this to the US. Unfortunately, this food can only be brought through customs and airports if properly canned because they are considered animal products. Thank you.

  31. Can someone esp. those living near and around Pasig tell me please if they know of anyone making a custom made puto bumbong steamer? I had one made for me about 35 years ago from a lady living around Pasig. Maybe the craft was passed on to her descendants?? It had only 1 hole in the center but really made to last …not quite sure what the material was but definitely not like the ones sold commercially. She even had the tubes all wrapped up ready to use.

  32. Carol…is your sister going to use it to make fresh pasta? Maybe Dhanggit can help you if she is still visiting MM’s blog as to her source but I don’t know if she still own this pasta place back home.

  33. Hi Ms. Betty – yes, my sister is excited to use her new pasta maker so she will be using the semolina flour to make fresh pasta. Hopefully, Dhanggit can provide some info. By the way, my Mom lives in Pasig (we grew u[p in Pasig). I will ask her if she knows of any supplier of the puto bumbong steamer. Would you recall if this was made available in the Mutya ng Pasig public market? I can then ask our driver to see if the steamer can be bought there. If we get lucky, I can have that and the palayok sent to you in january through your nephew.

  34. Hi Artisan – thanks for the response. The search continues for semolina! :)

    Hi Rowi – when you get home in Manila next month, then you can get all the fancy sea salts from S&R! :)

  35. Just wanted to share these…
    for Marca El Ray chorizo – you can also get them at Makati Supermarket in Alabang. Some of you may not be needing the entire can…Makati Supermarket sells them per piece.
    for fat round glass jars – Dapitan could be the answer…or if its not too much of a hassle (or betteryet – if you are from the south), try Uniwide Sales & warehouse club along Sucat road and Coastal road…they sell jars, porcelain, etc..its like the shops selling “export overruns” except its porcelain. i’ve gotten plates, serving dishes, etc. under the pfaltzgraff brand for P25/piece…laura ashley accessories are also abundant…they just have a lot – really :-)

  36. Yes, italifood for semolina, and for Tipo “00” flour (great for pizza) and other italian ingredients. Dragon, cool, didn’t know you could go to the home economics department to have something canned! That’s really cool… bettyq, they have the cheaply designed and made ones in divisoria, but they aren’t great… smarla, brie is quite easy to find, large groceries like Rustan’s SM and Landmark should have it, delis like Santis, Terry’s etc. also have it. Hi Rowi. Bummer, ritual normally has the the salts, don’t know why they would have run out. The salts mentioned above are good, but there are other sources of non-iodized salts, particularly in provincial markets. But try ritual again when you come. Himalayan pink salts are from the mountains, from centuries old deposits and highly mineralized. Personally, I have a dozen salts in our pantry, but can live with just kosher salt, maldon, and local non-iodized salts. I will do a feature on a salt that a chef gave me when I get back to manila, but unfortunately, I think it is iodized… but it’s quite nice nonetheless. lookie, our high btu burner was from Abenson or Shoemart, it’s a double ring La Germania. Woks were from HK. sonj, sorry, I haven’t come across matzoh flour, except perhaps once at Metro grocery in market!market! many years ago. jakespeed, cash & carry and healthy options sometimes have the cookies you seek, but not regularly… aji, almost all our dutch ovens were from the states… uniok, I don’t even know what a scroll bender is! :) Pam, San Miguel packaging sells jars in boxes of 24 or so, through retailers or small wholesalers, we get ours from a gas station on quezon avenue somewhere, alternatively landmark housewares section has a decent jar selection.

  37. Hi MM, Where can I find good butter locally? At least, the best quality that is locally available since I cannot source them abroad. Thanks.

  38. That’s where we used to go when we would have our stuff canned for US trips years ago. Not too sure if they still do it, otherwise they would be a good place to enquire.

    Looking at the requests for the foodstuff, I am tempted to import into the Philippines…

    BTW, Maldon has come out with an iodized version…

  39. SMC glass bottles for home use distributed by Synergos at Unioil gas station along quezon ave near welcome rotonda

  40. Hello, have been craving for pinangat na galunggong or tulingan with dried kamias, unfortunately I can only find frozen kamias here in the bay area. Anyone know of a source here in north america. Tried googling pero wala eh..

    Maraming salamat po!

  41. Are Biscoff cookies and spread available in Manila? What about Tortas de Aceite (especially the Ines Rosales brand)

  42. Inexpensive wheat flour can be found at Assad Spice Market at Jupiter street Makati or their Main branch in UN Avenue Manila.

  43. Oh wow, a foodie hotline service. Thanks!

    Does anyone know where we can buy tempeh in Manila? Tofu skin? Fresh curry leaves or even a small plant?

  44. Carol, I bought my semolina flour from Rustan’s supermarket, the packaging looks like this: https://www.flickr.com/photos/14758955@N04/2583631283/ Landmark Makati, Healthy Options and Santi’s Deli all carry semolina, too, but the one from Rustan’s is the cheapest I found.

    antipara, I bought cornmeal from Killion in Quiapo but also found some at Metro Gaisano in Market Market.

  45. Glad to help. I’ve seen quinoa at Healthy Options. Santi’s may have it, too. Unsure if Rustan’s carries it, but their deli section has some prepared quinoa salad, so they might.

  46. i’ve already been to Healthy Option and Rustan’s, but its unavailable (Quinoa). maybe i should try Santi’s. Thank you so much Kim:)

  47. Does anyone know where I can find chipotles? Either whole dried or canned en adobo? Thanks!! :)

    Hi Antipara! Healthy Options regularly stocks quinoa, so if you didn’t find it in your last trip maybe you can ask them to check other branches? :)

  48. Cornmeal available at Pioneer Center Supermarket in Pasig.
    Curry plants sometimes available in Manila Seedling.

    MM, where do you buy bread flour?

  49. Where can I get sundried tomatoes that are just dried NOT bottled in oil? I used to get them in large bags from the Tinderbox in Cebu but haven’t seen any in Manila.

  50. @Tess here is a seafood distributor – they have tilapia too and a host of other kinds of seafood.
    I also get my squid ink (for Paella Negra) from them, it comes in mineral water bottles and I think they process it themselves.
    MIDA Food Distributors Inc.

    2219 Singalong St., Malate Manila, Philippines
    Telephone Number: +632 5240006
    Fax Number: +632 5255068

  51. TRY …





  52. Meg, the UP College of Home Economics has a canning facility beside the HE building in UP Diliman. They provide professional canning services for a fee.

  53. I am so loving this post! It’s like being included in a secret club! Thank you, meekerz and MM for the leads! Hope I can contribute more to this post!

  54. I really want to try to make homemade mozzarella cheese here in Bacolod.. we have fresh milk available most of the time and for years been trying to find Rennet tablet here in Bacolod and Cebu to try out making cheese from scratch. Can someone help me find this Rennet Tablet?where can i buy it?

  55. Wonderful idea, MM! Can someone please tell me where I can get good puff pastry in Metro Manila? Many thanks in advance.

  56. Lydia P: I once found frozen puff pastry and fillo dough in the freezers of S&R in Alabang.

    Hatchin Japanese Grocery also has a branch in Makati (Metropolitan Ave – near Sacred Heart church). But for a smorgasbord of Japanese convenience food, try Choto Stop near MCS along Pasong Tamo, Makati.

    Quinoa – Rustan’s and Healthy Options stock them… but mostly white/beige. None of that pretty black or red ones. Maybe they were out of stock when you went. Helathy Options in GB5 had them on my last trip. Santi’s in Festival Mall didn’t have them; maybe the Makati branch does.

  57. Hi, Lydia P., Last Christmas my Tita was able to get good puff pastry from Santi’s along Timog Ave.

  58. El Rey chorizo has been out of stock (maybe out of production too) in filipino stores in Boston, Queens, NJ for I’d say at least 3 yrs. It is produced by ConAgra a US firm and I hAve been trying to reach them to ask about El Rey.

    Meanwhile I have been using the pinoy version wrapped in a similar green vacuum pack called El Senor Rey, a much much watered down product. My embotido and callos do not taste the same. Using the Goya brand or two other brands of chorizos imported fr Spain still does not cut it.

    I may now need to buy in Manila on my next trip, although getting through customs would be a risk!!

  59. Nadia
    A cooperative composed of farmers’ wives in Nueva Ecija sells bottles of sundried tomatoes with or without any liquids (quite cheap) in them. (They also sell other foodstuffs). This is website https://www.masiglaproducts.com/products.html
    I’ve seen their products in a store in Tomas Morato, but I’m sure they also sell it in supermarkets/ tiangge. You can call them for more info.

  60. @Nadia..I bought sun dried tomatoes NOT soaked in any oil and it’s vacuumed packed(local) in Rustan’s Fresh along Timog. Its about P130-something about the regular sized tomato ketchup in a pack. You might want to check out other branches near you.

  61. Hi MM,
    Thanks for your comments. I’ll check out Ritual while in Manila and hopefully find other salts, preferably non-iodized. Papa Ethan has been kind enough to share his Dasol salts which I look forward to trying come Dec/Jan. I would be very keen to read your write-up on Salts. Mark Bittman has written a book, Salted which featured Pangasinan salt.

    Carol – thanks for the info on various salts at S&R, but this place, I’ve read is for members only. Do they allow one-day membership which they do in some places in the US?

    @Whit – sundried tomatoes sans oil or liquid – that I would like to try and probably buy. I’ll check the website, thanks.

  62. Tofu skin in Manila is available in Banawe Soy Factory along Banawe street in Q.C. Its nearer to the D.Tuazon area and not on the other side where its mostly car repair shops. They come in dried and fresh/frozen form. The staff are pretty knowledgeable on how to prepare it.

  63. Dragon & Lydia P, thanks a lot for giving me info about canning facilities at UP diliman, if this turns out good, then i will be able to can my other favorite meat products too.
    Barang, the closest that you can get if you want the real chorizo bilbao flavor for your embutido is to get the Purefoods chorizo bilbao in cans. They are around 100.00 pesos in Manila and i always stock up on them, filling my balikbayan box to the brim.

  64. I am having the darndest time finding real lime. All the superkmarkets I go to show me baguio lemons or dayap or dalandan.:-P Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    For those asking about dry-packed sun-dried tomatoes, I found mine at Healthy Options. If the branch you go to doesn’t have them, you can ask them to check with their other branches.

  65. @kasseopeia: Thanks for the info on puff pastry and phyllo dough. It seems such a rarity to find a purveyor who would have it on a regular basis.

  66. Phyllo or Filo sheets are always available at Santi’s – good price too.

    FYI, as a Price Club/Costco member, you should be able to access any outlet worldwide, i.e., membership is worldwide. I asked about it here in Melbourne so you actually have a global supermarket with Price Club/Costco.

    If S&R is part of the chain then they should honor overseas membership.

    Re canned goods: despite it being a sanitary process, at the end of the day, what you will bring in is dependent on the inspection officer (good mood/bad mood). Those in the know will always be on the defensive and deny but I personally have experienced such disparity in the US and here in Australia. When I was still in DC, one of my few bilins was authentic Vigan longganisa (canned). A couple of instances, it was allowed in. One time it was confiscated.

  67. tess, try the kitchen section of Muji for a benriner or similar tool. marshaboink, real limes are VERY hard to find in Manila. Dayap will have the fragrance and similar juice, but not the limes perhaps you seek. There are two families of limes, one counts dayap as a relative, the other is bigger and juicier. Green lemons are definitely not limes, so count those out, definitely. fresh curry leaves available at large groceries and weekend markets, you can buy the plant at FTI Taguig market or Manila Seedling Bank in QC. Jack, sorry, I don’t know where to find rennet in Manila… but I do know it is made from cow’s stomachs?! in case you want to make it from scratch… joey, for chipotles, dried, try flavours n spices, your favorite spice shop… I think I saw some along with dried ancho chilies there a few months ago… cumin, there is an indonesian stall at mega mall that sometimes has crackers and such, including emping, but I am not sure if they have tempeh. And there is a thai deli stall in the basement that carries lots of thai spices, et al.

  68. For those seeking rennet or other dairy products, I suggest that you call the National Dairy Authority. (You can ask for their public information officer – government agencies usually have one.) They also sell local butter, yoghurt, and mascarpone before – not sure if they still do it. It’s worth checking out, though, and they might be able to recommend to you places that supply it. https://www.nda.da.gov.ph/

    In fact, people could check out the website of the Department of Agriculture. https://www.da.gov.ph They have a marketing/agribusiness arm that could connect you to small and medium enterprises that have good agri products. Not sure if all of them do retail, but it’s worth a try. And it’s another way of helping local agri entrepreneurs and growers.

  69. If there are any readers here who live in (or are familiar with) the SF Bay Area: Where can I find UNCOOKED suckling pig? Like about 15 pounds? I want to try cooking lechon de leche, but all the sellers I’ve called sell 25-30 pound piglets. Hindi na suckling ‘yon, eh.

  70. Friedneuron…Craigslist is where I found Berkshire pigs. You deal with the pig farmer directly. There is also a site called Localharvest.com? It is a list of organic farmers who sell beef, pork, produce in US and Canada.

  71. Hi chris, Kim and MM – many thanks for the leads on semolina flour! My sister is grateful for this info.

    Hi Lydia P. – puff pastry is now regulalry stocked in almost all S&R branches

    Hi rowi – I don’t think they allow 1-day membership. I am an S&R member and based in QC. If you cannot find any member to bring you to S&R when you are here next month for a vacation, do send me an email and let’s see how I can help you buy some from $&R. My email add is cfigueroageron@yahoo.com! :)

  72. @ elaine, thanks for info on Banawe Soy Factory.

    MM, thanks, too, will check Centris for fresh curry leaves.

    This foodie hotline is great!

  73. MM, where can I find cooking spray such as PAM here in Manila? I’ve looked for it in a number of big grocery shops including S & R but none so far.

  74. MM, thanks so much! I just came across your blog and it is great. Does anyone know where I find turkey ham made into bacon and sausages? It is sold everywhere in the States as it has lower calories than pork. I have only found turkey ham sold here as a cold cut at Santi’s but not turkey ham for frying.

  75. Miguel and Lydia P, I saw some frozen blueberries and puff pastry at the frozen food section of Rustan’s Shangri-la yesterday. I’ve no clue whether that’s good puff pastry, though.

    tess, try Hatchin Japanese Grocery for the mandoline. It was mentioned in a couple of posts above. I bought a surikogi and suribachi set there plus a few other kitchen items. Try Googling for a phone number and perhaps ask if they carry one before you pay them a visit. The folks who helped me in the store seemed quite knowledgeable about their merchandise.

  76. aince: pectin powder is available in retail at Killion in Quiapo. they are located on a street behind “sin kiang heng” (something like that) across kim chiong tin(very fragrant, bacon-smelling freshly grilled hopia – try some!) along c. palanca street.

    dress simply, leave valuables and blings at home and bring a companion. =)

    nadia: sun-dried tomatoes are also available in santi’s. cost an arm and a leg… but i’ve tried oven-roasting tomatoes myself… so, i am not complaining, really.

    jel: powdered skim milk… blumentritt st. one of the retail stores there selling repacked goods like flour, sugar, etc… i’ll try to remember the name.. Mr. R. i think. i know the owner, but can’t recall the name exactly. my messenger knows. Killion should also carry it, likewise, Chocolate Lovers – that castle structure along P. Tuazon, Cubao or the branch at kitanlad st. cor quezon avenue, near welcome rotonda.

    whole wheat flour should also be available at Chocolate Lovers… or try Killion. I’ll post their contact numbers here if i find the time tomorrow. have them at the office. unless you need several sacks, then, i can try to get you in touch with a distributor.

  77. my turn to ask:

    where can i find good green tea powder (matcha) locally? pure 100% matcha powder? people keep pointing me to the sweetened ones in supermarkets that is sold for making iced or hot green tea drinks. i need the one for baking… normally, a deep olive green color.

    also… for those looking for cornmeal… if you buy from bulk sellers/repackers… make sure you indicate where you plan to use the cornmeal. some are produced as feeds for animals.

  78. Ros-Anna: you asked me at our most recent kape-kape where to get Kurobuta. …forget NIkuya! …found out where Sebastian and Refuel gets Kurobuta…from Sloping HIll Farm in Qualicum. They deliver in the Lower Mainland every week…go to Big Lou’s Butcher shop in East Van and Greens Market in West Broadway. Dirk from Sloping HIll told me that they only supply the Berkshire pig to Lou’s and everyone else and they (Sloping Hill) do not make processed ones like hams and smoked salusages and Kuro hot dogs. but he pointed me to those 2 places mentioned above. Now you can make your very own JAPADOGS!

  79. Maricel, Noel, Papa Ethan, MarketMan – Thanks very much for the information!

    Smarla – S & L Fine Foods also sells small brie cheese.

    Cumin – I sell fresh curry leaves (and other culinary herbs, plus others) that I grow at the Kitchen Herbs Farm . You can order through Ani Mo Store near Rockwell (call them first). Contact Number 09474485119. Order week-ends, pick-up Tuesdays.

  80. Nice store name, Gej!

    Bill…you can make your own turkey ham following Michael Ruhlman’s method. I have done chicken ham and it tastes good! I have also made my own chicken tocino and chicken longganisa (hamonado).

  81. Uniok…maybe try yellow pages under IRON works. Scroll bender, MM, is like a power tool and you place the strip of really thick alambre as thick as rebar and then all the machine does is twirl it like the ones placed in gates. I know this because my 2 brothers owned an iron works shop ages ago where they did custom made grills, those scroll thingeys for doors, gates, trellis, etc. for contractors.

  82. Hi betty q! Ani Mo is quite a store. They sell all organic and/or bio-dynamically grown produce. They have quite a variety of produce, both fresh and preserved, from rice, to jams, fresh produce, herbs, meat, etc etc. They also have a unique ordering system.

    I distribute there under the label Kitchen Herbs Farm. Produce comes from as far as Baguio up north to as far as down south as Bukidnon and Cotabato, from several growers.

  83. not looking for anything in particular today but I just wanted to mention that it’s interesting to go through all the comments particularly when you’re filling up a balikbayan box and are looking for other possible goodies to tuck in : )

  84. Hi, Kayenne! For the really good matcha powder, go to Hatchin. They have a branch in San Antonio Village and in Cartimar. I get the matcha powder at around php650 for a small bag. Make sure you get the matcha powder that’s placed in the chiller and not the ones on the shelf. You do have to go there more than once at times because their matcha sells really quickly.

  85. While we’re at it, does anyone know where I can buy ancho chilies in Manila? Fresh or dried would be great!

  86. Anyone know where I can find ready-made pie shells and tart shells? It’s so hard to have to make them from scratch!

  87. @friedneurons

    I bought a 13 pound piglet from Marin Sun Farms in Oakland a few years back and made lechon de leche. You can also get it from the new place, The Local Butcher Shop in Berkeley.

  88. Hi Hayley – there are frozen ready-made 8-in pie crusts in S&R. I haven’t seen tart shells, though.

  89. Hi Carly – frozen cream dory are available also at S&R. They are quite cheap too, less than PhP200 per pack, and of good quality na rin.

  90. Aince,

    Good quality bread flour is usually available at Baker’s Depot At Robinson’s Galleria, beside the supermarket. Their Waltermart branch has closed already.

  91. Cooking spray (pam or crisco–they have had both in stock before) can be found at Unimart.

    Where can I find Candy Canes? I was able to find them everywhere last Christmas but have not yet found any this year.

  92. Friedneuron, three years ago my huband & I wanted to lechon a suckling pig, yung mga 10-15 lbs. Our kapwa pinoy brought us to one of the pig farms here in Santa Rosa (Northbay area) where they get their pang lechon and you choose your cute little pig of 6 weeks or less in age. The owner clips its ear and gets it ready for your pick up date, cleaned and dressed. Kaya lang….nag close na this particular farm. Sayang kasi mura pa naman. $80 lang. But give me time to ask around our kapwas at babalikan kita.
    Betty q, kita mo naman ang nakapaligid sa amin, babuyan, bakahan at manukan:)

  93. Gej, you sell fresh curry leaves? Oh, my heart is so happy and my stomach will soon be! Thanks, I will call Ani Mo. Do they have a landline?

  94. cumin, I also say curry leaves at S&R yesterday, and sometimes at rustan’s. kikas head, they have candy canes at S&R, but not the classic peppermint ones, other flavors… jack, lemongrass (tanglad) at almost any grocery and most wet markets, uncooked and unflavored ducks sold frozen, at Landmark, Cash&Carry, Unimart, Metro, S&R and Rustan’s groceries. bill, sorry, haven’t come across turkey ham as you describe it… Rowi, I don’t think they do one day memberships (they used to allow people to buy but add 3%), but if you visit Manila 2-3 times a year, the PHP700 or 900 membership is worth it…

  95. Jakespeed, Orgran brand is gluten, casein free items. Available in SM Makati.
    I recommend litromanila also. And they accommodate orders immediately too.

    Is truffle oil locally available? And mallow spreads? I used to see mallow spreads in Robinson’s, but not anymore.

    I think a lot of the items are hard to find since people are unfamiliar with the local translation. but hopefully, googling a bit will yield results. :)

  96. Clarissa, truffle oil for S&L Fine foods, and I suspect Bacchus Epicerie and Santis as well. Rowi, I just found good salt from the FTI market, very white, apparently not iodized Pangasinan salt… for PHP20 a kilo. A bargain.

  97. Hi… I would like to ask where can I buy a good quality “chefs knife set” here in the philippines. Thanks and more power to all…

  98. barang: Every year during the holiday season, Seafood City supermarket here in Los Angeles, CA carries Marca El Rey Chorizo Bilbao. I bought 2 cans, first can at regular price of $30 and 2nd can at $20 when it went on sale.

  99. Where can I buy “sinsal” or pork caul here in Los Angeles, CA.? I used to wrap my embutidos with this back in the Philippines but can’t find it even in Filipino stores. I have asked around in Asian grocery stores in downtown LA but they don’t even know what it is and would you believe the Filipino butcher in the Filipino store does not even know what sinsal is.

  100. Eric1747 – i got my knives from Zwilling J.A. Henckels (of Solingen, Germany) at their Megamall branch many years ago. There’s also a branch in Shangrila mall Mandaluyong, though it’s been a couple of years since I’ve been there so I’m not quite sure if the store is still around.

    Otherwise, professional quality knives (the rugged kind) are available in the kitchenware stores in Villalobos and Palanca streets in Quiapo. Ask for the brand “Colonial”. My suki store is called Tiptop Glassware located behind the Mercury Drug branch at Plaza Miranda.

  101. Lilibeth, caulfat is quite common in use for pate and other fancier dishes in the U.S., so most large butchers should be able to get caul fat for you. In parts of the Philippines, it is apparently referred to as “panyo” as it looks a bit like a thin cotton handkerchief, albeit with veins! Eric1747, for top quality knives, check out Bacchus Epicerie at Rockwell, but they are pricey… Alternatively, get standard issue chef’s knives from Quiapo or other restaurant supplies stores and simply learn how to sharpen them yourself… if you sharpen daily, you won’t really miss the very expensive types of knives that much…

  102. Hi Ethan / Marketman, Thank you very much for these suggestions. I will surely visit the stores you mentioned. Best regards… cheers…

  103. @Clarissa – Landmark grocery in Trinoma carries white truffle oil. It’s in the aisle that carries products from Terry’s Deli, somewhere near the fresh fruit section.It is around P1,250 per bottle.

  104. For Pam Spray just buy the Misto olive oil sprayer – just fill it with oil and spritz away. I saw the Misto bottles in Rustan’s before – I don’t know if they still carry it.

    For the Oil with flour kind of spray used for baking pans here are links to recipes for it:

  105. Hello, does anyone know where i can buy kurobota pork in retail quantities? and who does the best prepared turkey in manila? I’m planning to order one this coming thanksgiving.

  106. Hi, Julian, You can buy kurobata in Hatchin in San Antonio Village. For turkey, the best I’ve tried is Carina Guevarra-Galang. SOOOOO good!!!

    HI, Suzette, Kecap Manis can be found in the International Section in the “premium” SM Supermarkets like Megamall, SM Makati, etc. Also in SM Hypermarket in Makati.

  107. @Choy – You can buy buttermilk from Rizal Dairy Farms for about Php60/liter at Market Market, Taguig.

  108. Hiya, Marketman! Thanks for this. Would like to know if–

    –I need to hie off to Tagaytay to get fresh jalapeños, or if I can get them here. I’d rather not get the bottled sort, as I suspect they aren’t as good as the fresh ones.

    –I can actually get porcini mushrooms here in Manila. Fresh or dried, although I do prefer dried porcini mushrooms.

    Thanks again, and looking forward to your reply!

  109. I am a Dutch man living in Manila area some time now and I would like to know where to buy:

    1, Celeriac (Apium graveolens rapaceum) is also known as celery root, turnip-rooted celery or knob celery (Knolselderij in Dutch)

    2, Leek, not the spring onion which they call leeks in the Philippines, but the thick (2 to 4 cm) stems (Prei in Dutch)

    3, Brussels sprouts (fresh or frozen, eventually canned or in glass)

    Thanks for your answers

  110. Pam says:
    Oh and my turn to ask: Where can I buy those fat round glass jars in small quantities at reasonable prices? Also looking for some bottles where I can put in salad dressings. Planning to use them for Christmas gifts.
    Japan Home 88. 3-pcs small ones cost, well, 88.

  111. kikas_head says:

    Where can I find Candy Canes? I was able to find them everywhere last Christmas but have not yet found any this year.
    Metro Gaisano in Market Market, Rustan’s.

  112. Eric1747:

    My first set was from Wusthof- pricey but very good. Then I was introduced to Victorinox Forschner Fibrox by America’s Test Kitchen ( http://www.cooksillustrated.com) Victorinox is ATK’s best knife, in terms of functionality and price. I love their Fibrox handle and the blade! Yes, we need to invest in good quality knives.

    They are made in Switzerland. Check out these websites for details and price. http://www.cutleryandmore.com and http://www.amazon.com
    You can have the three basic knives or the starter set

    * Victorinox Forschner Fibrox Chef 8 inch knife – $ 26.00
    * Victorinox Fibrox 10 inch Bread Knife – $ 25.00
    * Victorinox Paring Knife – see size and price range
    * Victorinox Kitchen Shears – $ 10.00
    ** Victorinox Starter Set ( 4 pc. ) – $ 80.00

    You can ask relatives and friends in the US to buy them for you and they can send it thru balikbayan box ( sea freight) Hope this info will help you. Cheers! , bYS


  113. Jan…vegetables you mentioned are cool weather vegetables like here, they are planted in the spring and harvested in the fall. MM did a post on those vegetables you mentioned …Dizon Farms and I think Mrs. MM saw them at ShoeMart in Makati… I am not sure if they are readily available this time of the year over there for his post was dated in July.

  114. Lilibeth.. Here are 2 butcher shops you might want to try…we were just over there on the week-end. Anyway, try: Mc Call’s Meat and Fish and another one is Lindy and Grundy. You can even tweet them…@mccallsmandf and @LindyGrundy. You could also buy LEAF LARD!!!… I use rendered leaf lard to make my pie crusts for pastel and empanadas.

  115. Jack Vargas, the Philippine Carabao Center makes and sells cheese so they probably carry rennet. They have branches in La Carlota and Bohol, which would be closer to you there in Bacolod.

  116. Jan the Dutch man:

    I usually find Celeriac/Celery Root at Santi’s Delicatessen. They also carry fresh brussel sprouts.
    Timog Branch – 426-83-15
    Rockwell Branch – 403-0144
    call these branches to ask for stocks or to get the numbers of other branches.

    Leeks are commonly available in wet markets and supermarkets. I buy them in our neighborhood grocery.

  117. Thanks for the green tea powder tip, Pam! I’ll go check one of these days… just a train ride away from Cartimar.

    Chocolate Lover’s, Cubao Main Branch – 7241406
    Killion Int’l, Quiapo – 733-8221 / 733-7033

  118. What’s the best way to store salts? I think my place is a bit humid as the kosher salt I bought has clumped together. Are salt boxes the best way to go?

  119. Hi MM,
    Thanks for the info on S&R and membership option. I’ll keep it in mind. There are a number of other food markets in Manila that I have yet to visit, so I don’t think I’ll miss S&R (what I don’t know, I won’t miss :))

    Re: Pangasinan salt at FTI Taguig, thanks for the heads up. Some years back I was at the FTI and also found some sea salt from Pangasinan and it was very good indeed. I enjoyed visiting FTI Taguig and I really look forward to visiting it first weekend in January.
    Papa Ethan has been kind enough to share his salt bounty of which I am very grateful.

    Hi Nel, try drying your kosher salt in the lowest setting of your oven, keeping the lid slightly open to get rid of the acquired moisture and then keep the salt in small airtight containers, preferably small ones, and only use one container at a time. That might help. The humidity in Manila will eventually get into the salts, unless you have a cool and dry pantry.

    Re. Good knives – I’d recommend these brightly coloured knives which are easy on the pocket and very sharp. I had a chance to buy a chef’s knife while in the US and was pleasantly surprised at the ease of use, low maintenance and I just love it’s the dark pink colour!


  120. Nel, I mean lowest temperature setting…

    Re: Knives -…. easy on the wallet, not pocket : ))

    Thanks a lot MM! I have now a list of new places/shops and stuff to check out while in Manila.

  121. Betty Q,
    Can you please share your chicken longganisa recipe with us? I have not tasted longanisa for 20 years because I can’t eat pork nor pork casings. Thanks so much!

  122. Nel…I would highly recommend that you use a CERAMIC or glass oven proof dish if you are going to put the salt in the oven to remove moisture….not a good idea to use a metal cookie sheet for salt reacts with the metal and you don’t want any metal added to your food esp. nickel! This is also true for those who grind their own salt and store them in salt shakers….BEST TO USE A PLASTIC OR GLAS OR CERAMIC CONTAINERS!

  123. Hello MM-philes. Many mentions for Hatchin… here’s the Makati address:

    7602 Sacred Heart St. cor Metropolitan Ave San Antonio village
    Tel# – 8977207

    If I am not mistaken they restock on Tuesdays. On how to commute.. sorry, can’t help you there. I usually park at the bank, then cross the street to Hatchin.

    When you go, try the takoyaki they sell by the entrance. =)

  124. I’ve been back-reading and took some notes. Thanks MM for opening up another “Where can I find/buy???” post.

    Wow! I never realized a lot of folks are looking for Pangasinan salt. Makes me feel guilty for taking it for granted. I’m from Pangasinan and I just get mine from the market sometimes in the nearest sari-sari store. :)

    @penoybalut – I can send you some dried kamias if you want. The hitch is I can only send it by January next year. An uncle who lives in Martinez, CA is coming home next week and will return to the US on January. If you still haven’t found dried kamias by then or are still craving pinangat na isda, I am more than happy to send you a pack or two. It’s kamias season again and we always have an oversupply of fruits so my mom dries them. In fact, we have so much dried kamias my mom just gives them away. :))

  125. @Dragon, Betty Q and Kayenne:
    Thanks for the tips. I went to Santis already, bought Brussels Sprouts and leeks and I even eat the sprouts today for dinner.
    After three years in the Philippines my first Brussels sprouts. Masarap….
    Thanks for you information.

  126. Hi MM! My question is not really about find/buy but it’s about brining a chicken. If i brine a chicken overnight should i put salt again when i rub other seasonings to the chicken before i cook it? Im trying out your roasted chicken with butter, lemon, & rosemary. Many thanks!

  127. betty q: Thank you so much Ms. Betty! I will surely get in touch with them and I’m looking forward to have an authentic embutido this Christmas. Somehow it tastes better when wrapped in sinsal rather than foil. Thank you too for the info about leaf lard. I’m not familiar with it though.

  128. You’re welcome, Lilibeth! When I was a little girl, I would help my aunt make the embutido for the fiesta in our province. I remember wrapping the embutido in the sensal and then we would wrap the sensal wrapped embutido in banana leaves and then steam them over wood fired stove. That is the flavour that lingers in my memory bank. I do not know if others do their embutidos this way but the banana leaves impart a certain aroma and flavour to my aunt’s embutido!

    The leaf lard…MM had a post on it a while back. I am sure if you see the leaf lard, it will then look familiar. What is left after rendering the fat, are bits called lardon…crispy crunchy fat yumminess but not good for the heart goodness that you can top your salads with!

  129. Gourdo’s/Living Well branches typically have some discounting on Lodge cookware – I’ve seen 20% discounts or better recently for enameled cast iron, which gives you a cheaper Dutch Oven than Le Creuset. The Mario Batali cookware they carry has been a pleasant surprise in the price/value equation, as well.

    The five-piece melamine prep bowls were my Gateway Drug :D

    Wusthof three-piece set is nice, think the only thing I added to my knife set was a longer carving knife. Good enough pieces that I didn’t need a serrated blade for most breads.

    I would mention Cook’s Exchange for the Misto or similar oil sprayers. Usually load mine with EVOO, but not for baking. I would prolly use a good vegetable oil with a milder taste.

    If you still don’t have a French Press in your Batterie de Cuisine, Starbuck’s branches are carrying Bodum presses in various sizes, and easily the cheapest I’ve seen in Manila. Skip Dimensione and Rustan’s, unless you need a specific model.


  130. Ann…Ok…since you can’t have pork in any form?, skinless longganisa then is the next best option for you. Buy 1 whole fresh, dressed chicken. Now, debone it. You need some of the chicken fat so do not get rid of it. Rinse the meat and fat under cold running water, drain and dry thoroughly. Keep it cold! Best if you can partially freeze it to make grinding easier lalo na the fat. Before grinding…add this for every kilo of chicken meat and fat….7 tbsp. sugar, 1 tbsp. rock salt, 1/4 tsp. finely chopped garlic, 1 tsp. fresh ground pepper., accent if you use it, if you have curing salt…1/2 tsp. will do. Let it sit in the refrigerator overnight. Next day, while still cold, pass it through the grinder…coarse ground. If you do not have a grinder, use a food processor but ONLY use the PULSE MODE . Also add about 1 eggwhite as the binder and 1 tbsp. cornstarch…pulse until it is coarsely chopped. You could put whey protein as a binder but it tastes like SAWDUST! On the last few seconds while you are pulsing add, about 1/2 cup pineapple juice. The mixture should still be coarse…BEST TO ERR ON THE SIDE OF SHORT PULSES. After removing from the food processor container, transfer to a bowl and slap the mixture against the sides of the bowl for a few minutes. Refrigerate until very cold. For forming into tubes, I find the easiest way to do this is using a disposable piping bag. Lay your wax paper (cut to size you want) on the counter about 5 t0 6 at a time or whatever can fit on your counter and pipe way.What I gave you above is like hamonado. You can add astuete oil for color or a touch of beet powder…just a pinch. If you do not want to go through the trouble of grinding the chicken, I prefer to make tocino…USE CHICKEN THIGHS, flatten between 2 sheets of plastic wrap and use the hamonado recipe. HOWEVER, TASTES REAALLLLLY GOOD IF YOU BARBECUE the TOCINO! If you decide to make tocino, increase the amount of pineapple juice to 1 cup, OMIT THE BINDERS such as eggwhite and cornstarch.

    I have made other flavours pag sawa na ang mga bata sa hamonado. Go back to archives and search for the Lemongrass Paste. Another good one is sate flavoured longganisa. For an Asian flavour, go back to archives and search for my Ginger-Sesame dressing. Do the hamonado proportions, omitting the pineapple juice and instead add the same amount using the dressing.

    BUt the most important part of all, Ann, is CLEAN BOWLS, CLEAN COUNTERS>>>DO NOT CROSS CONTAMINATE UTENSILS!!!!! You are dealing with poultry that given the right conditions, bacteria will grow like a garden weed or faster than a weed! SO, keep everything cold, really cold…you could even put ice cubes in the mixture!

    Now, when cooking, pan fry first while frozen just like cooking pot stickers, use a non-stick skillet. Then when lighly browned, add a bit of water…Cover and let it cook. When the water evaporates, the longganisa will pan fry more in its own fat.

  131. Hayley, you can order all kinds of bases such as puff, pie, voul-a-vent, Tart, and pavlova shells, etc… from Pan Italiano 9127019.

  132. Where can I find fennel pollen? I am looking forward to try out the famous porchetta recipe of Porchetta in East Village. And can you guys give me an idea of how the flavor or pollen differs from the seeds? Is substitution acceptable?

  133. betty q: Thank you so much Ms. Betty. Wrapping it in banana leaves sounds delicious. I can get banana leaves in the Mexican grocery. I will check out MM’s post on leaf lard. I think I can have lardon once in a while :) Wow, and I also saw your post on longganisa which I will also try to make pretty soon…I’m getting hungry already :) Thank you so much for all your help. You’re an angel!

  134. Kayenne,

    I buy my Matcha Powder at Kozui Cafe in T. Morato. If you plan to use this for home use, the sizes they sell are enough. If I remember correctly, I bought a small tin before for 150 bucks.

  135. Hayley, you can order all kinds of bases such as puff, pie, voul-a-vent, Tart, and even pavlova shells, etc… from artisan breads by Pan Italiano 9127019.

  136. Chad, yes, you can substitute some crushed fennel seed of for the pollen. I have written about dill pollen before, it is similar to fennel pollen… As for porchetta’s recipe, they sell a spice mix in little cans at the store so you can do it at home. If you season a porchetta generously, you should be able to replicate the one they sell. Use fennel seed, rosemary, thyme, olive oil, good salt, pepper, etc. and adjust as you prefer…

  137. Can anyone tell me if almond flour is sold anywhere in metro manila? I have searched and searched to no avail. Thanks in advance!

  138. Bluegirl- mabuti sardines may be bought in unimart In greenhills, or in the Karl Edwards bazaar. During Christmas season bazaar

  139. bluegirl mabuti sardines sometime available at Hitop Supermarket Quezon Ave near Edsa and often at SM megamall Supermarket although that was sometime ago.

  140. @joy – almond flour may be almond meal (finely ground almonds) – betty q/artisan please confirm…

  141. Joy…if you have a food processor, grind blanched almonds finely in SMALL BATCHES and you have almond flour. However, if you grind almonds with skin on and not too fine, you have almond meal….coarser in texture than almond flour.

  142. Does anyone know where I can find marsala wine that can be used in cooking chicken or veal marsala? I found one before at both Santis and Ayala Landmark (same brand). However, it doesn’t taste like the one I used to use for cooking in the states. Thanks

  143. Hi Marketman, would you know where best to source Taiwan Chili Peppers by the bulk? My wife has been trying to scrounge around for it for our Christmas giveaway but no luck so far. Would appreciate any help, thanks and more power!

  144. Hi Betty Q – Your Chicken longganisa recipe is so enticingly good. I would like to give it a try but could I use minced/ground chicken? I don’t know how to debone a chicken, and am still practicing cutting it in parts. Normally, for ground meat sold here in Stockholm the supermarkets indicate the fat content but for ground chicken, it is not. Would that affect the meat-fat ratio? Chickens here are in general not fat-laden.

    Could I also use the recipe for making lamb longganisa? That would make it close to doing a merguez, I guess.

    Many thanks for your all foodie tips and recipes. You’re heaven sent : ))

  145. Hi guys, can you recommend a good meat grinder -> manual or electric is fine. I will use it to grind pork/beef lungs (don’t ask *lol*), home use only. Not for business

    Also, in the absence of a meat grinder, will a Blendtec suffice? Or will it turn the lungs into mush?


  146. @joy – I get my almond meal/almond flour/ground almond at Santi’s in Makati. You should call in advance and ask if they have stock.

  147. Rowi…by all means, cut the chicken in parts and get the fat and the meat. Yes, that would affect the meat-fat ratio if Stockholm chickens are not fatty. Chicken fat has a low melting point. That is why I think Michael Ruhlman adds pork belly or pork cubes? in his chicken sausage recipe.

    Sorry, I am not a lamb eater. But if I were to do lamb sausages I would put herbs much like when you are making braised lamb shanks…ohhhhh, that would be good I think! I can just imagine, braised lamb sausages on a bun topped with caramelized onions and oven dried tomatoes and grilled scallions….nakakagutom!

  148. Betty Q has met the match> no lamb?!

    @ Rowi: Aussies are huge lamb eaters so as prolific beef, chicken and pork may be in other parts of the world, they use lamb here for pretty much the same purpose.

    For lamb sausages, you cannot go wrong with garlic/rosemary/mint; honey/garlic/soy.

    @Kassopeia: if you have a KitchenAid mixer, buy the mincing attachment – I mince my own meat now only when I need it which minimizes or eliminates E. coli contamination. It minces/grinds beautifully, fine or coarse grind. I don’t know where you are located but if in Manila, Santis, the area in Manila where you find cookware, Gourdos might be your sources for manual meat grinder. If you are overseas, try the Italian section of town (that’s where it’s readily available here in Melbourne).

  149. Thanks Dragon! Never knew Kitchen Aid had a mincer attachment! Yes, Manila-based so definitely checking this out. I hope they have it for the old Kitchen Aid (20+ years old na) that I have.

    @BettyQ – nagutom din ako sa braised lamb sausages. I’ll make hubad na longganisang manok based on a recipe. Salamat salamat!

    @Joy – I second the motion on bettyq’s comment on almond flour (and almond meal). I soak raw almonds in warm water for an hour (or overnight in the fridge) then blend them in the morning to make almond milk. The stuff I drain out of it, I use like almond meal/flour. Alternatively, I drain and lay on a tea towel for a few mins then blend for almond flour. I add both to pancakes, as I am a baking failure =P

  150. Kasseopeia: if you back to archives on MM’s post on longganisa, he has the attachment…mincer equals grinder…same banana! And yes, it will fit your 20 year old Kitchenaid. I am still using the same one my hubby gifted me when we got married almost 23 years ago…has never failed me yet…not even serviced in all those years and it is still going strong like the Duracell bunny! Kung kapitbahay lang kita, I will you give my spare attachment and the stuffer. I only need 1!!! Don’t ask me why I have 2…it must be my MIL’s influence….when buying something, might as well buy another 1 just in case!

  151. @Kasseopeia: my KA is about 20 yrs old and if I remember correctly, one of the beauties of KA is that it doesn’t matter how old your KA mixer is, attachments will work all the time.

  152. Dragon and kasseopeia, yes, the kitchen aid meat grinder works well, I think I had it on a post while make chorizos a while back. If you are in Manila, Kitchen Aid has a small shop (along with coolers, etc.) in Park Square I gorund floor and they usually have the accessories like meat grinders, stuffers, pasta makers, etc. RickyP, I am not sure what you mean by Taiwan chili peppers (the bigger version of our labuyo, and freshly picked?) or the large dried chilies used in Chinese cooking? If the former, just hit a large wet market like Farmer’s market or FTI TAguig on Saturdays and buy them by the kilo. Otherwise, if the dried version, try the groceries on Ongpin Street in Chinatown which stock the dried chili varieties… JR, for Marsala wine, try Terry’s deicatessen on Pasong Tamo or their other branches… noel, sorry, I haven’t seen cherry syrup specifically. But if you check out Bacchus epicerie at Rockwell or Bacchus at Shangrila hotels, they may have cherry syrup or similar flavorings… joy, if you are looking for really fine almond flour for say french macarons, then best to find a pre-packaged very fine grind almond flour. If you grind your own, it tends to be damper and coarser…

  153. Thank you for all the comments on the Kitchen Aid! Naku bettyq, pagpunta ko dun sa Park Square store na sinabi ni MM, I will buy in duplicate as well. Took me a while to absorb mincer = grinder, must be the caffeine. Hahaha =)

    To the lady looking for a Japanese mandoline – saw one at Hatchin over the weekend. Go na! =)

  154. What a treasure chest of information! [MM, could you not add a permanent page for this thread?]

    @Jan the Dutchman – South Supermarket in Alabang also carries frozen brussel sprouts.

    My question is where to find ras-el-hanout or other middle eastern spices? A 2007 post suggested Spices N’ Flavors, but an email to them bounced and I cannot find more. Any others?

  155. Francisca, some months back, I saw a jar of ras-el-hanout at the Spices N’ Flavors section at SM Megamall Supermarket. Their Market Market branch might be a better option, though. Perhaps they have a phone number online.

  156. Bettyq – many thanks for the chicken longganisa tips. It will be an experiment I look forward to doing.
    Wow, am surprised that you don’t fancy lamb. But we all have our likes and dislikes. Lamb is an acquired taste. I had difficulty in the beginning because of the old wooly smell associated usually with mutton, but I became an instant convert when my husband prepared lamb chops with rosemary, garlic and parsley and he had on the side herbed butter, sarrap! I forgot my apprehension about the wooly taste.

    Lamb sausage as you described it, I would certainly have on my list of experimental cooking. Nakakagutom talaga!

    @Dragon – you’re right. Funny, lambsteaks from New Zealand find their way in Swedish supermarkets but none from Australia.

    @kasseopeia – thanks for the Hatchin address, I’ve been meaning to ask for it. I’ll make sure I’m there on a Tuesday.

    I have 3 new questions – where can I find:
    1. siling labuyo seedlings, not more than 20cm in height? Manila Seedling bank? FTI Taguig? If not, where can I buy fresh siling labuyo? I read MM’s post on siling labuyo and how the real ones are disappearing from the market.

    2. bagoong alamang – raw/fresh and preferrably bottled.

    3. callos madrilena – I love Callos and would appreciate your tips on which SPanish restaurant in Manila serves the best dish or which food shops/delis I could buy it as take-out.

    Thanks and cheers!

  157. Turkey bacon, turkey breakfast sausage, and turkey breakfast patties found at healthy options in rockwell and SR at Fort. That’s answer to my own question. fyi – turkey has 30% less fat than pork but these cured turkey items taste just like pork.

  158. Turkey bacon, turkey breakfast sausage, and turkey breakfast patties found at healthy options in rockwell and SR at Fort. That’s answer to my own question. fyi – turkey has 30% less fat than pork.

  159. Wow, would anybody believe I read every single comment on this post?

    bettyQ, your chicken longanisa sounds enticing but I should probably try it in the states where I can control my kitchen temperature.

    MM, I know you are on holiday but my question is not about food but about eye candy. Trust me I searched your old posts but can’t find the one where you named the artist responsible for the piece above the orange sofa now covered blue. I am so in love with the artist’s work. You mentioned him in the post when Prof Abueva was a dinner guest at your home. Now that I am in the market for a new painting, I would appreciate if you can tell me where I can find his work.

    Thank you and have a nice Thanksgiving holiday with your family.

    BTW, so looking forward to sample the zubuchon where my recipient will “showcase”
    it at his wedding rehearsal dinner.

    So bettyQ, you may have had your Vancouver EB, but I will get to taste zubuchon ahead of you. Happy Thanksgiving as well.

  160. Oh, MM. Please do not bother anymore. Found the February 2011 post and researched the artist who apparently has been an expat and residing in Indonesia for at least two decades.

  161. Hi! Does anybody know where I can buy instant fondant powder? I already went to Choco Lover, Santis, Sweet craft and Gourdos but they have none. I am also looking for a good quality butter that I can buy in bulk.

  162. I am new here, and spend most of the time in Baguio. I am trying to find whole wheat flour in Bagio city… none in SM. Thanks!

  163. TONZ, try gourdos in the Podium mall. Wilton brand.;) Oh-there’s none? I think I saw one.. Or maybe it is meringue powder? If you want fondant powder, why not try the ready made one? Wilton also.:)

  164. Hi! Anyone who knows where to buy thick cream in Manila. The kind that can be used to make riccota?

  165. Hi! I’d like to make Duck Confit but can’t find enough duck fat. Can I replace that with other rendered fat? Also, where do you buy your duck? thanks! :)

  166. Hello! My brother is having a big burger phase and we’d like to try making them from scratch. Any tips on where we can get good quality bread or kaiser buns? Thank you!

  167. Hi MarketMan!

    Can you help me find a wine..It’s called Fragolino (strawberry flavored wine). Don’t really like wines but after a sip of this, I kinda liked it. The problem is, I got a sip of it in Italy! Is there any chance of finding it here?

    Thanks in advance!


  168. Anybody knows if coconut flour is available in Manila? when used with spelt flour can make fluffy healthy pancakes.

  169. @ connie c – you can search the website/ multiply site of andy albao enterprises.I thinks they have coconut flour.

  170. Hi! My daughters are very fond of the flavored milk teas from the different tea shops all over Metro Manila. They crave for it almost everyday. Sobrang magastos and added expense on the budget. Any idea where I can find the flavorings (wintermelon, hakka, etc) that they add to the basic milk tea? Thanks!

  171. Can anyone give me name of a supplier for cuchinillo (lechon de leche) in the Metro Manila area? Thanks!

  172. @gansilagan & @francisca
    there’s a big indian spice store in magallanes commercial center you can get your masala there. another one is this indian spice store near the corner of jupiter & makati ave (beside mcdonalds).

    they have truffle oil in Bacchus rockwell powerplant mall, rustan’s grocery in rockwell mall’s basement and in all Terry’s Selection branches!

    try Baguio Homebaking Essentials (https://thevanillaco.com/Store-Finder/)

  173. How about soy or rice cheese? And no, Healthy Options doesn’t carry it, nor S&R, nor Rustan’s. Thanks.

  174. Hi…i had the chance to scout for Swiss cheese at Rustan’s supermarket in shangri-la but didnt fine one. Can anybody tell me where else i can find it? Thanks!

  175. Hi! Do you know where I can buy miracle noodles, spaghetti squash, fat-free greek yogurt and fat-free cottage cheese?

  176. Mae, spaghetti squash is sometimes available from Dizon farms, at their SM makati lobby stall, but it is not always there. BadFish, they should have Swiss or Emmenthal at Santis delicatessens, Andrea, sorry, haven’t seen soy or rice cheese. Mantra Rain, kosher salt at S&R or Metro Grocery in Market!Market!

  177. Hey everyone,

    Would anyone know a place around Makati or Alabang where I can source compressed yeast?


  178. @Mae, you can buy/order greek yoghurt at Rizal Dairy in Market! Market! (at the outdoor market wing), they have Cottage Cheese as well but I’mnot sure if it is fat-free. They also have Fresh Mozzarella (both full-fat & fat-free), Buttermilk, Ricotta, Quark Cheese, and of course their famous Kesong Puti.

  179. @natzsm Perhaps Flavours n Spices, at Market! Market!? I expect to go there this week for allspice berries. Puerco Pibil!

    Will need Juniper berries later for a corned beef recipe I intend to try.

    Now it’s my turn – any fresh or dried jalapeño available in Metro Manila?


  180. hi, pleasant day..
    maybe you guys can help me, i just want to know where can i buy Muscat Wine and fresh or frozen octopus?
    Thanks a lot.

  181. Tin, sorry, have never seen malted milk powder here… ros, maybe it’s easier to make them? Rovic, fresh octopus at large wet markets like Farmers market and Seaside. Mr. Z, juniper berries (dried) from Flavours n Spices in Market!Market! Mall, fresh jalapenos at weekend markets and S&R chilled sections every once in a while. Ed, compressed yeast from Landmark? Sweetcrtaft, Gourdo’s and Cook’s Exchange. bill, kale is very rarely available from organic grower Herbana Farms in Salcedo Saturday Market… but it’s very infrequent… paella, saffron at Flavours n Spices, or Terry’s Delicatessen. natzsm, juniper berries, dried at Flavours n Spices…

  182. Hi I was wondering if you know where can I buy emPty tartlet shells. :)
    Been looking for one. :) thanks!! More power.

  183. Where can I find limes and lobsters (preferably in Green Hills or Mandaluyong area, but anywhere in Manila/Luzon would do)?

  184. There are importers who bring in Maine or Northwestern lobsters, but I do not have a contact number. Real limes are harder to find. You can get dayap, one of two types of limes in season in markets, but larger western limes are very difficult to find. Chesca, why not make them, they should be pretty simple to make…

  185. Hi! I’ve stumbled upon your site while googling ‘packaging materials for dessert’. I’m sure you have come across those silver (or colored) pouches where they place brownies or food for the gods inside and are completely sealed? Where can I get those? And the thing that’s used to pack coffee in pouches? Where do I get those? I hope you can answer my query. Would appreciate the help.

  186. abat101, try afdell packaging solutions formerly commoners commercial in Divisoria, I think I did a post on them before. They might have the foil packets for coffee and possibly for the brownies.

  187. I am so loving this.. I took notes and now I know where to go for all these products.. Where can I buy rice wine?

  188. They sell rice wine at good groceries like Landmark or Unimart or Metro Market!Market!. Or at Chinese grocers like the one on the first floor of Virra Mall – V-Mall now, or at groceries in Chinatown.

  189. Hi there guys…someone please help me where can i buy ricemilk here in Philippines probably in Manila?

  190. suzette, you can buy kecap manis at sm mall of asia. there’s one restaurant thr, “Martabak” they sell it. :)

  191. Hello MM and to all the readers. Does anyone here knows if Philips brand frankfurters still exist in the market? I am going to try my late grandfather’s recipe that he calls beef pastel. He used to cook it for the whole clan and friends whenever there’s an occasion. It’s a tomato sauce based dish with beef, beef liver and sliced philips frankfurters. It’s an all-time favorite dish. My relatives substitute it with purefoods beef franks. This will be my last option.

    I also need to find corn flour or masa harina for mexican tortilla. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and more power!

  192. Akeeno, I still see the Philips brand frankfurters. They have yellow and red packaging on the can?

  193. I’m happy to report that some Healthy Options stores are now carrying soy cheese. It’s Tofutti (my least favorite) but it’s better than nothing! They carry the sandwich slices individually wrapped in 2 flavors: mozzarella and American.

  194. Hi, does anybody know where i can find ref shelves? Mine’s broken, khit yung 2ndhand lang, please help me,..thanks

  195. My newly arrived items are :

    Norwegian Salmon
    Cream Dory
    Top Sirloin
    Ribeye Bone-in
    Shortribs Bone-in
    Angus Burger Patty 200 grams

    you may contact me @ 09175432101

  196. where can i find real maple syrup here in manila? Are salts for sale in wet market are uniodize sea salt? if not, can you help me where i can find it in manila?

  197. Bacchus doesn’t have Ardoino olive oil on stock. Can I get it elsewhere in Manila? Is there any other Ligurian EVOO locally available? If not, what other brand would you recommend and where to buy it?

    Abby Madriaga and enang, rice milk and maple syrup available at Healthy Options.

    dianne, I’ve seen sugar with large crystals at Gourdo’s and at Soo Na Moo Mart (a Korean grocery) in Ortigas.

    Jen, I bought garam masala from Assad Minimart. They have branches at Jupiter St., Makati and UN Ave., Manila.

  198. Kim, sorry, I haven’t seen it sold elsewhere in Manila to my recollection. Did the store check all branches including the Rockwell one? The best olive oils I have found have been at Bacchus, and occasionally at Terry’s, Santis and Galileo Enoteca… but none of them have consistent supplies…

  199. Thanks, MM. I was told by Bacchus Rockwell that the stock hasn’t been replenished in a while. There’s been some sort of hold-up with their Italy supplier and they can’t give a date as to when it’s coming in. De Cecco was all they were carrying when I was there last Saturday.

  200. Dear Marketman,

    May i ask where i can found molecular gastronomy items here in manila? like agar agar, soy lecithin, etc

  201. Hi! Where can I buy big glass cookie jars? The big mouthed ones with silver caps/covers? I checked out Gourdo’s before but theirs have smaller mouths/opening. Thanks! :)

  202. Hello! Please help me find the distributor of Blendtec blender here in the Phils. Thanks in advance!

  203. Hi MM,

    Where can I find wheat grains/berries? I’ve seen wheat grass seeds but not real wheat grains.

    Thank you!


  204. Hi, where can I find dried beans? Tinned beans are readily available at the supermarket and Healthy Options, and I can get lentils at the Indian grocery, but I’d really like to find dried beans: borlotti, fava etc. thanks.

  205. Hi Marketman!
    I just want to ask if where I can buy chicory fresh leaves and roasted roots? Is it available in SM Supermarkets coz I am from bicol.
    Thank u so much

  206. Hi MM! I’ve been a lurker on your site since my college days, big fan of your recipes especially your adobo :)

    Killion, Sweetcraft and Chocolate Lovers should all have almond flour. You can make your own if you have a good food processor :)

    Enang, you should be able to get salt easily at the market, not sure if it’s not iodized though. Just came back from Ilocos Norte and according to my tita they’ve made it a requirement to iodize their salt?

    Dianne, you can buy Chocolate Transfer sheets at the place I work at: PFESCORP (www.pfescorp.com or http://www.facebook.com/pfescorp) there’s a facebook album for transfer sheets with photos and prices and some other baking/pastry stuff as well

  207. hi i live in bacolod city and i cant find corn meal can u tell me where i can find it pls ty

  208. Hi! Does anyone know where I can buy a meat grinder which is suitable to grind chicken bones? Thanks, Skye

  209. Tin
    I saw malted milk very recently at makati supermarket Alabang.was surprised to see it bec have not seen the likes of it ( remember horlicks?) for a loooong time

  210. Read the whole thread…posts so helpful!
    As Jacques pepin would say…(h) appy cooking :-)

  211. hi! do you know where i can buy avocado oil and almond oil here in manila? can you send your reply through my email.. thanks!

  212. Hi ! Can anyone tell me where to buy himalayan salt plate for grilling in the philippines prefer metro manila also the volcanic slab for grilling ? ty .

  213. Hi MM! Do you know where I can buy puff pasty or phyllo crust? Thanks!

    TRUFFLE OIL is available at Santis, Terry’s, and Deliboys (Connecticut, Greenhills) .

  214. hi am looking to buy corn meal in bacolod city negros can anyone know where i can find it pls ty

  215. @marivic
    Puff pastry’s available at Sweetcraft and Santi’s Deli (look for it in the chiller/freezer area). Phyllo’s at Santis also.

    at Salcedo Market. Also in Santis or you can get them directly from their supplier – Old Kano’s Farm located at Silang Cavite when you’re in Tagaytay area.

    Truffle oil’s available at Rustans grocery, Bacchus (Rockwell mall), and Santis deli.

  216. Hi! Does anyone know where to buy fresh soy beans in Metro Manila? I prefer to make my own soy milk, but I already ran out of the fresh soy beans my Auntie brought from KL.

    And are fresh garbanzos (chickpeas) sold in Metro Manila too, or do I just have to settle for the canned ones? Thank you so much!

  217. Jenny, S&R or large Rustan’s groceries might have uncooked pie crusts… but why buy when they are so easy to make? They sell frozen edamame at large groceries Kria, but still in their shells… I have not seen fresh soy beans for sale from my forays to the markets… nor have I seen fresh chickpeas, the best would be dried, at S&L Fine Foods, then canned at most groceries like Cash & Carry, Unimart, etc. mike, organic carrots from organic purveyors herbana farms and down2earth at Salcedo market. Not sure where to find non-fat cottage cheese besides trying Rizal dairy, open market stalls at Market!Market! Mall in Taguig. lucas, sorry, no idea where to find corn meal in Bacolod… Marivic, puff pastry at Santis, frozen section. Beth, try the stall at Salcedo market that sells HImalayan sea salt, they might be able to give it to you in slab form… ana, try Sweet Haven on Boni for egg white powder. Dom, Santis, Terry’s etc for truffle oil.

  218. Sir MM, where could I possibly be the cheapest source of dry noodles that may be used to make Hong Kong Style Noodles prevalent in Metro Manila. I could hardly find a suitable one in grocery aisles. There are a few ones labeled as Asian Noodle but they come out too pricey.

  219. Hi,

    I am from Quezon City and looking for a supplier or store that sells cream and fruit fillings as well as fruit syrups. I have been searching the net but could not find a lead. Please help…

    Thanks in advance…

  220. hi!where can i buy wheat grains? I have read about the so many good health benefits of wheatgrass,and i’m interested in trying to plant it at home.please help me find where to buy it here in the Phil,preferably in manila.

  221. Hello MM, where can I buy orzo/risoni? The closest common alternative that I have access to is macaroni, but I want to try this one out for a change.

  222. Hey MM, I know oysters are relatively easy to find in an archipelago like ours, but I was wondering if you knew any RELIABLE sources that handle their oysters hygienically? I heard that some distributors even import frozen fin de claire oysters, but as of my last conversation with Werdenberg, they don’t carry these anymore. Any help you could give me would be appreciated. Thanks!

  223. Flatiron3B, you can sometimes find fresh bay at weekend markets like Salcedo, Malipayon (formerly Kitchen Herbs Farm) also sells it, but they mostly deliver to restaurants, and it’s quite easy to grow, so if you have a small yard or place for large pots, you can easily grow your own, seedlings used to be sold at the Manila Seedling Bank in Quezon City. Cindy, S&R carries sweet italian sausage. Burrata from S&L Fine foods, but you have to time to their deliveries and Burrata doesn’t last long… ren, kecap manis, sometimes available at the grocery section of Metro, which tends to have a nice selection of foreign condiments, Dar, sorry, I don’t even know what tartaric acid is. iFoodTrip, head to a large market, and tell the vendors to get some green tomatoes for you the next week or so… Paolo, there are oysters from Capiz, local, but that’s all I have knowledge of, Try Fresh Fields at Market!Market! to see if they still bring them in. Nils, try Cash & Carry near the South Superhighway for a selection of baked beans, Metro at Market!Market! also has a decent selection.

  224. Hi! My mother used to have a locally-made stainless steel melon “stringer”. It recently fell apart after years of use. For some reason, I can’t seem to find it in stores. There are a lot of melon “ballers” but not stringers. I find the stringer easier to use than a grater and produces longer strands. Can anyone help point me in the right direction? Thank you!

  225. Thanks MM and foodie community for the great info on this site. I recently moved to Manila and I’m so pleased to be able to find most things that I need in order to cook. My family is vegetarian and we love the Salcedo market where we buy most of our veggies. I have some questions and hope either you or one of your readers can help me: I have not been able to find corn flour to make tortillas. I have seen some at healthy options, but it’s not Maseca, so the tortillas turn out a bit strange tasting. My second question is about where to buy the best freshest Seafood. When we have company I will serve seafood since I can’t expect my guests to be vegetarian as well. I have a hard time finding octopus, and when I go to the market I can’t quite translate the names of the fish. For example I made fish curry last night, bought tanigue for it, which I was told would be ok, but it turned out to be quite strong tasting and just not compatible with the curry. What is the best fish market in Manila? Is there somewhere that I can find a list of local fish names with a description of their use and taste? Or do your readers have some recommendations of what kind of fish will work for ceviche ( Mexican ) or fish curry (white flesh mild fillets) ? Thanks for your guidance.

  226. Jinny, they sometimes sell them in wet markets. Dayap is available in some weekend markets like FTI Taguig or the Centris one… but its hard to find unless in season which was a few months ago I think.

    Lola, corn flour to make tortillas is a problem, and I find often sought. I sometimes have found the flour at the Metro grocery in Market!Market!, Fort Bonifacio, that carries a quirky mix of imported grocery items. But if you see something you like/need there, buy enough of it as supplies are erratic at best. They have several aisles of “international items” which are worth exploring. For seafood, there are two good markets, the Baclaran Seaside market (I have a post on it in the archives) which is a bit grimy, and bring a driver or cook if you have one to accompany you. They have lots of local fish and also have whole frozen salmon from the U.S., and export grade tuna from Mindanao. Tanguigue is spanish mackerel, and yes, it is a bit strong in a stew. However, very fresh tanguigue is one of the best fishes for ceviche, or “kinilaw” is the local version, bathed in vinegar rather than lime juice, I have several posts on kinilaw in the archives. For fish curry, You may wish to try a large “Maya-Maya” or snapper, or a grouper “lapu-lapu” but these tend to fall apart so you may have to put the pieces into the curry and not stir too much, and a few minutes later the fish will be cooked. Believe it or not, some suppliers do bring in cod, as well as other imported “white” fish. One such supplier (who also has scallops, etc.) is Fresh Fields in the outdoor market section of the Market!Market Mall. If you are an avid marketgoer, and not afraid to “rough it a bit” you may want to try the FTI Saturday market at the FTI compound in Taguig, roughly a 12-15 minute drive from the heart of Makati on an early Saturday morning. Their prices are FAR FAR more reasonable than Salcedo for vegetables. Once you get to know the purveyors, like “Mary” near the front gates, you will notice that she brings stuff down from the Mountain Province, and if you are lucky she will have beets, radishes, arugula, asparagus, fennel, and other western vegetables.

    As for the translation of fish names, if you look up a book by Genevieve Broad on “Fishes of the Philippines” from a good local bookstore, it has a good listing of local fish names. I am guessing you have been to S&R, which tends to have a pretty good selection of herbs and greens as well.

    Oh, one more thing, if you find LARGE “dapa” or “palad” they are the tropical equivalent of sole (not quite, more like flounder) and those would be delicate but nice in a curry. Octopus is sometimes availabe at the Seaside market, but not always. The other good source of seafood is the Farmer’s Market in Cubao, Quezon City.

    Malasugi – Swordfish
    Talakitok – Jacks
    Bangus – Milkfish (freshwater)
    Apahap – Barramundi (farmed, not quite as good as the Australian variety)

    If you have just recently arrived, you have hit the LOW POINT of produce availability in the markets, it will imporve towards the Christmas holidays and peak in January-March… Welcome to the Philippines!

  227. Dear MM,

    I’m so grateful that you have taken the time to provide me with all of this info. I will definitely follow up on your shopping suggestions. I noticed you had a post about baby octopus purchased at Arranque market which I’ve yet to visit. Thanks for your welcome to the Philippines, I feel very lucky to be in such an amazing country and look forward to learning more about local food and continuing to read your posts. In fact I began visiting your blog in preparation for coming here as its such a fantastic source of information.

    Thanks again!

  228. I am new to the Philippines and this is a great place to find information. I am hoping there may be a season for fresh figs? If not there ya go you can’t have everything!
    Heinze baked beans plain are at Rustans Shangri-La I am an Aussie and so I was quite pleased to come upon them.

  229. hely, unfortunately I have never found fresh figs for sale in Manila. They are quite perishable, so I suppose few attempt to bring them in. The closest I have found them is in Hong Kong, and believe it or not, I have hand carried them into Manila! :)

  230. Marketman what is it that when we can’t have something we want we want it more?
    I really would love some baked figs stuffed with goats cheese and wrapped in an Italian bacon of some kind then drizzled with balsamic or honey or both. When figs were freely available to me I hardly ever ate this, contrary critters that we are now I dream of it.Lol I do go to HK a bit so guess I will take the hint. Thank you

  231. Hi Marketman…

    In your Sep 30, 2012 | 6:49 pm reply, you said Malasugi was Swordfish.. All these years I thought Malasugi was Blue Marlin… And isn’t Apahap our local version of Sea Bass?

    Thanks.. You really are very nice. I keep going back to this page every now and then to check out what unique items are available and where..

  232. Rene, yes, barramundi, aka “asian seabass”… link here. hely, sorry, I have never taken a Filipino cooking class. pedroreynante, have never seen a spam slicer! :) Annabelle, try Chinese groceries in Binondo, they should have it. Aleli, they should have hard wheat or bread flour at Metro Grocery in the Alabang area… chubs, edible flowers from organic purveyors at Salcedo market like Down2Earth or in the Centris market, QC. Rose water I have only seen once before, in a small baking goods shop in Mandaluyong, but I can’t recall the name, near Luna Mencias St. I think.

  233. gansilagan you can find wintermelon at chinatown. there’s a chinese grocery near president’s tea house along Ongpin St. It comes in a square block like compressed sugar wrapped in plastic. smells so good!

  234. HI Marketman,
    do you know where I can find apothecary jars here in Metro Manila? Would appreciate it if you can help me!



  235. Marie,
    You can buy Biscoff in Manila through us httpss://www.facebook.com/LorenaAndLoreta. We carry both cookies and spread.


  236. Oh! Also, do you guys know where I can get a NESCO Food Dehydrator? All the leading department and appliances stores don’t have them.


  237. Anon, low fat (not non-fat) cheese is usually available at S&R, Rustan’s and other large groceries. Maebelle, you can make it relatively easily, please google recipe. Tats, they sometimes sell ball canning jars at True Value, like at the Rockwell branch in Makati, but sizes and availability are erratic. No idea if anyone locally carries the food dehydrator.

  238. Hi! Where can I buy red pepper flakes? I can’t find them in any of the leading grocery stores in the metro. :(

  239. Tats Paman, if you’re not picky with the brand, PFESCORP (https://www.facebook.com/pfescorp) carries the Excalibur dehydrator, True Value/Ace Hardware usually carries a couple of cases of the Ball brand canning jars.

    Sam, you can find chili flakes at any leading grocery, they might not have the name red pepper flakes but they’re pretty much the same as chili flakes/red chili flakes. I just saw some at Unimart, Puregold Shaw and Rustan’s Shangrila. :)

  240. @Cindy, Rustan’s Rockwell and Makati are currently selling burrata, taleggio d.o.p., mozzarella di bufala, castelmagno d.o.p., fontina, stracchino, gorgonzola…and the also jamon iberico de bellota! :) i’m on a deli high – they did burrata sampling in their Makati branch earlier. Sooo good.

  241. help…anyone…do u know any online store or store that ships the ff. ingredients? oil of anise,oil of clove, mapleine and smoke flavor…desperately looking..thanks in advance.

  242. Hi, can I possibly find old (but usable) cast iron skillets/cookware in places like Dapitan and other baratillo places in the metro? I do not have budget for branded cast iron, however great they may be, hehehe.
    How about real cast iron sizzling plates? Most malls doesn’t sell the real thing kasi. Hope anyone can help.

  243. I’m looking for advice on where to buy a good stove. We have a Germania stove at the moment but it really is terrible for baking as I’ve discovered over the last six months. I noticed that a while back you purchased a Viking, which I’m considering. I’ve searched online for dealers in Metro Manila but have not found any yet, any suggestions on where I may be able to check?

  244. ok – “creme fraiche” or “Petits Suisses” is exactly sour cream.
    Voila – dont break your head , ne vous cassez pas la tete.

  245. hi. just wondering if u knew where i could buy candies or chocolates that look like medicines or pills? :)

  246. adoboflakes, I haven’t seen fresh apricots in Manila, but if anyone has them, FRESCA stall in Market!Market! might… D10six, sorry, haven’t seen chocolate pills, though they probably exist elsewhere. Gaston, not quite, though technically similar, I think a good creme fraiche is thicker than typically marketed sour cream, depending on country you buy it. In the philippines in particular, local sour cream is definitely not a reasonable substitute for creme fraiche. It’s in the fat content of the milk, not just the process of having it a bit sour. Lola, Viking is sold locally I believe. But so is WOLF, another decent range. Try the showroom near Greenbelt 3? under the Ayala high rise apartments, they have kitchen cabinets and equipment. Otherwise, another showroom on Pioneer street (Focus Global?) with WOLF. I now have turned to HATE for our La Germania in the city, our second in ten years (they last only 5 years on average), which despite buying the most snazzy model they have, is a paltry comparison to a real stove. pantone, for “real” and I gather “branded” cast iron, head to Gourdo’s for Lodge cast iron. Otherwise, I have sometimes found thinner but still useful cast iron plates at SM home dept every now and again… If for commercial quantity, we buy cast iron hot plates in Quiapo for our restaurants, try Sin Kiang Heng. ivy, sorry, don’t know any mail order places that ship that locally.

  247. hello. Im new here. Can anyone tell me where to find fresh curry leaves? I live in Antipolo. Thank you in advance :)

  248. @ Gej, Nacho, MM- I am looking for different chiles for Mexican cooking such as poblano, ancho, pasilla, guajillo, serrano, etc. please. I promised to do a food booth for my daughter’s school as part of their International Evening dinner and some of the ingredients that I found before at Metro are gone when I checked it out this afternoon. Even the masa harina, chipotle in adobo sauce, and tomatillos were gone. Just a lot of pre-made salsas and sauces which I don’t use. Haven’t looked everywhere yet but so far have only seen habaneros in S&R and some small jalapenos at Sidcor. As MM has frequently mentioned how erratic our supplies are, just as I am getting comfortable not to stock as much anymore and hoard or source abroad and when we most need them, they are not there anymore.
    I’ve also gone back to some of the old post to recollect some that I’ve read before and Fred b block of Dauin, Negros Oriental mentioned that he grows tomatillo, poblanos, epazote, etc plus makes his own masa from dried corn. I just read the farm to table post and was going to post there but since I was looking beyond fresh produce, I thought that it might not be appropriate. Of course all these I would love as fresh produce except for the dried corn and cal to make them into masa if I can get my hands on them, that will be great.
    I’m not sure how much people are still looking at this thread since it started a while back but I see that there are some very recent additions.
    If anyone can provide me with some info for Mexican ingredients available at this time, I would appreciate it please. I have a few ingredients at home but not enough to make for a school function. My daughter is crazy right now for Mexican and requested that I volunteer for this instead of other Asian, Middle Eastern, or European countries and few months ago, not too much of a problem except for some dried chiles.
    Still have to check Landmark and Unimart where I saw some Mexican ingredients last Dec.
    Thank you in advance everyone for any leads.
    @ Cess- Rustan’s regularly has curry leaves. S&R, Farmer’s Market, Salcedo, and Sidcor will also carry them. When you find them and don’t need all, they can easily be frozen for future use or always have them nearby. Sidcor also sells the plant and can easily be grown in a pot if you don’t have a garden.
    @CJ- I think I just saw a dehydrator at S&R and Rustan’s recently. If you need one that is more for commercial use, there should be a food trade fair coming up in a few months and they sell them there even if you are not in the trade. I think someone gave a source before as well if you scroll up.
    @ Adoboflakes- it is very erratic when one sees fresh apricot in the supermarket shelves. I’ve seen flat apricots here sometimes a few years ago. They do come in though once in a while at SM, Rustan’s, S&R, and Santi’s. Unfortunately, most if not all of the time, there is no taste since they don’t ripen properly. Metro used to sell them frozen and I would use for bellinis or cooked desserts but they’ve stopped some time ago.

  249. MM–Your website is a fount or information. Congratulations on a brilliant idea superbly executed!!

    I am looking for somewhere in Manila to buy a really good seeded rye bread.
    Also pastrami and corned beef.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  250. Am throwing a sunday bbq party but I was thinking of grilling some Sausages . ANy ideas where we can buy polish sausages here in manila? I have tried kielbasa, hungarian, cheese hungarian, veal bratwurst etc in santi’s already.

  251. ren, Santis is a pretty good source. But you may want to try Terry’s Selection for spanish chorizos and other sausages. S&L Fine Foods or La Brera delicatessen for some other types of sausages. Or S&R chilled section for more of the same sausages as Santis, as well as American Italian style sausages. I have not seen too many polish style sausages in the places I shop… Hermon, try the bread purveyors at the Saturday Salcedo market for rye bread, though its a bit hard to find… as for pastrami and corned beef, Santis or S&L carries it. forward, those fish were purchased at the Nasugbu public market in Batangas. JCM, sorry, no idea other than to point you to a Japanese grocery in Japan town near Amorsolo in Makati… Dulce Flavors n Spices in market!Market! used to have some of the mexican chilies, but the area they occupied is under renovation. And yes, supplies are still erratic… though Metro is your best bet for the slightly unusual spices and ingredients you seek… Cess, fresh curry leaves in good groceries like large Rustan’s chilled sections, or weekend markets like Salcedo or Legazpi or Centris. Specialty stalls in Farmers market will also have a good selection of herbs…

  252. Thanks MM. I did manage to get 2 types of Mexican chilies (ancho and chipotle meco) from Flavors n Spice at their stall in Salcedo market. FYI- they said they won’t get their store back after rennovation but we can order from their stall in Salcedo and pick up in the vegetable section of Market2. They will also phase out their spices once stock is finished but will continue to bring in the chiles since hotels and restaurants are getting from them. They’ll concentrate on imported fruits instead.
    Seems there is a huge demand in Mexican ingredients as Metro didn’t have the tomatillos, canned chipotle, and masa harina that I normally get from them as well as Unimart. Found some at Landmark but had to pay more to get the masa at Healthy Options who was the only one for now that I found had them on stock. I ended up sending by air freight some of the other Mexican chiles from the US and it got in with no problems with customs. Because of your previous blog, I know that we have epazote in Vigan and found a friend with some local connection and just waiting for my supply today.

    @Adoboflakes. My bad, MM is right. I was thinking of peaches rather than apricots.

    @JCM- there are some matcha powder at the Japanese store, Chotto Shop, on Little Tokyo and New Hatchin on Metropolitan Ave, both in Makati.

  253. Anyone know where to buy corn grits in Manila? These are the same thing that people eat in Cebu and parts of Leyte in place of rice.

  254. @ Hermon
    Just saw some corn grits in Landmark now, fresh goat in Farmer’s Market (Cubao) and some Saturday or Sunday Market like Sidcor (Centris). Duck and quail should be available in Arranque Market.
    @ Vivien
    Shirataki or Konjac or Miracle Noodles are available at New Hatchin and probably at Chotto Shop, both in Makati.

  255. Dear MM,

    I bought recently a hummus mixture with the Kasbah brand and frankly I didnt like it. I have been wanting to do a mediterrean menu and would want to know where to buy Tahini for the hummus.

  256. Does anyone know where I can buy puff pastry dough in Cebu? Found a post last year that they have it in Metro Cebu, saw the price tag in the freezer section recently, but no dough.

  257. ren: Tahini paste is relatively easy to make. Roasted sesame seeds, olive oil, and sesame oil. I’ve tried making tahini paste upon googling tahini recipe for moutabal.

  258. Off-topic but:
    Would anybody know where to get food-grade pliers, food-grade welding supplies, food-grade stainless steel wires? I am making a prototype of a type of whisk which is not available here in PH. Ordering thru eBay would cost me thousands so I’d rather try making one instead. :)

  259. Palotski, you can sometimes find quinoa or bulgur wheat at the foreign goods section of Metro Grocery, Market!Market! Mall in Fort Bonifacio. You can also find them at Healthy Options stores in major malls. pantone, sorry, not sure I know a source of those types of materials in the Philippines or anywhere for that matter… Ella, metro does carry it, so does Werdenberg or Santis (but not sure they sell retail in Cebu). If you are nice, and put in a special request, Artisan of Brioche Bakery might accommodate a request for you to buy some of his puff pastry frozen. Check out their new outlet near Zubuchon at Escario Centrale, and ask the staff if you can special order frozen puff pastry… ren, they sell tahini at Santis outlets throughout metro manila. They also have it at S&L Find Foods, Yakal street. I suspect they would have it at Healthy Options stores in malls as well. Hermon, S&L Fine foods sometimes carries rabbit I think.


  261. So sorry this is not food related but does anyone know where to buy dried wheat for floral arrangements. I’ve tried Divisoria, Quiapo, and Dangwa but couldn’t find any. Thank you.

  262. Thanks. I guess ordinary ones would do. I watch cake decorating shows in cable t.v. and see the bakers using tools intended for non-food items din naman. I am referring to the Danish dough whisk and try to see if I could make one because they are only made in Poland. But I managed to make lambing my bf (who’s on the other side of the planet) to buy one for me as a birthday present, hehehe. It’s used for mixing the ing’s prior to kneading (for bread), some reviews says it avoids overkneading the pie crust dough, and it is also for delicate cake batters. I’d like to think I need one because I always over-knead my pie crusts. :(

    How do I go to FTI market and Salcedo/Legaspi market? Sound like there are many food products there uncommon to the usual supermarket finds.

  263. MM where can I buy dried white sage leaves here in Manila. I’m planning to use it for smudging or spiritual cleansing. Like what the Native Americans do. Thanks in advance !

  264. Gino, I have never seen apples specifically labelled organic, and more, unwaxed. gracie, I have not come across white sage leaves. Pantone, Saturday Salcedo market in the heart of Salcedo business district in Makati, in the public parking lot. Legazpi market on Sundays in Legazpi Village/business district, also in the parking lot. Yanni, sorry, haven’t come across dried wheat.

  265. Hello :) I want to know where I can buy Quinoa grains and flax seeds here in Manila aside fro Healthy Options and around how much does it cost?T Thanks and have a pleasant and lovely week :)


  266. Does anyone know where I can find wide rice noodles in Metro Manila like the ones used in Thailand cooking such as Pad Kee Mao? I usually don’t have any problems finding bihon or rice vermicelli but I haven’t seen wide rice noodles on sale here in the Philippines. Thanks in advance.

  267. Just wondering where I can buy Buttermilk in the metro. Also Cajun spices for a shrimp boil.

  268. I have a friend who has moved to Germany. He lives in a city/town called Pchluchtern (almost 50 miles away from Frankfurt). He cooks a lot with kosher salt, but doesn’t know where to purchase it there. Can you help?

  269. I know a place where you can buy 2.7kg of sliced jalapeno for just 320!
    email me if you want to know where. It’s somewhere along del monte.

  270. Ren: You can buy buttermilk at the Rizal Dairy Farms stall in Market Market but you need to call them three days in advance.

  271. Where can I buy raw almonds? I’ve heard there’s a Nut store in Quaipo.. Im just not sure of the exact location.

  272. Hi MM,
    Where can I get those large glass cookie jars at reasonable prices (read: cheaper price), the ones similar to those used in coffee shops?

  273. I get wide rice noddles in Robinsons supermarket, the 10mm ones. I like it wide for pad thai kahit hindi para doon yun. :p

  274. Hi! Where can I buy Daiya cheese/cheddar in Manila? Healthy Options doesn’t have it. I’ve read somewhere that it’s the most delicious and quick-melting GFCF cheese..I have a child who has autism and has just started witht diet. Thanks! God bless!

  275. Hi, where can I find vegan products for baking like earth balance products and ener-g egg replacer thanks.

  276. Steven Chen, I have been trying to find jalapenos for some time now and would appreciate directions to the delmonte place. May I have your email address?

  277. Fresh squid ink and other seafood supply:

    Contact: Sheena Morales
    Mob. No.: 0917 7205562

  278. i want to cook cereal prawns but i dont know where can i buy nestum original cereal. Pls help…

  279. Hi i wondering if anyone here can tell me where do i go to buy FIRE BRICKS STONES that i need for my wodden owen. Im located in Bacolod and I hv try few hardware but they dont hv it and im tired to just walk walk around, it takes to long time and i was cross this site on my searching and i hope anyone hee can give me a lead, a company name to contact with adress pls… need those fire bricks now.

    thx in advance

  280. Try contacting JY Firebrick Oven in Cubao, Quezon City. They make firebick ovens as their primary product, pero baka lang they are willing to sell firebricks by piece.

  281. Hi, where can I buy MASA HARINA/CORN FLOUR cant seem to find in SM supermarkets all over metro manila?

  282. I am addicted to corn tortillas made from Masa Harina flour. I brought two small bags from the states, and would like to find a local place here in the Philippines? Any idea where I can look?

    I see that this is a repeat question, hopefully I’ll find the answer buried within the posts.
    Thank you.

  283. Patrick, masa harina at Healthy options, see post here. Ana Salido, really? ground cumin? any decent grocery should have it in their spice shelf. Ava, same as Patrick. Emilie, must it really only be Nestle… can’t you use other cereals? Eric, squid ink at Terry’s Selection at Pasong Tamo, Ida, try the housewares section of Landmark groceries or SM home department.

  284. Someone from Cebu brought mango flour for me to try out in my baking adventure. She said use sparingly kasi when used too much, pumapait daw. What could I do with it?

  285. I would like to ask where can i buy good quality green peppercorns? The one I bought in Landmark does not have a good taste… thanks

  286. yan, most green peppercorns this far from source are sold in brine. You can get cans of them at some good groceries like Rustan’s, Landmark, etc. or at Santis delicatessens. Dried green peppercorns are also sometimes available at Santis. Sky, sorry, I have not come across soft wheat berries. And pantone, I have NEVER heard of mango flour… matcha powder from Japanese groceries I would imagine.

  287. But but the packaging says it was made from Cebu. I’ll check the maker’s name again, so you could try. It is brown in color, tangy smell, and texture similar to wheat flour. Should be used sparingly though, kasi it’s gluten-free. I made bread and it would not come together and was a disaster, had to feed it to the birds instead after baking.

  288. Myrie, I have purchased dried chickpeas at S&L Fine Foods in Makati, but I have not seen them in Cebu (though I haven’t been actively looking either). joan, try the Carbon market. Bhing, curry leaves sometimes at herb section of Metro, Rustan’s or Landmark groceries. I rarely see nut oils in the market, but sometime Bacchus epicerie has them.

  289. Hi Marketman,
    Would you know if the Home Economics in UP Diliman canning services is still available? I need to have danggit and dinuguan canned. :)

  290. where can we buy gluten maker in manila or cebu? Im planning to buy that kind of machine.thanks and God blss.

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