White, Crystal & Silver…


This year we decided to go with a rather wintery theme…just white, silver and crystal, with splashes of red only on the tree. Outdoors we had a few capiz lanterns and hangng near large sliding glass doors were simple straight rows of white Christmas lights. We only have so many choices each year, but I am finding that streamlining to a calming wintery white color palette can be very soothing to the senses in an otherwise harried couple of weeks. Though we eschewed or avoided many large holiday dinners this year, we did have an intimate dinner for 7 with close family friends…


Simple arrangements of creamy white roses in crystal vases set the tone…


Place settings were simple white Limoges China, with large mother of pearl dishes on them, crystal glasses, individual floral arrangements, European style silver (hence placed upside down at the table, to show off the pattern of the flatware)…


Nothing was jarring, even the tablecloth, albeit a bit crumpled in these photos, was a calm neutral color with a pleasant design on the fabric…


Napkins “folded” to mirror the white candles in crystal candle holders were placed in the wineglasses. Little crystal salt cellars finished the look. It was extremely simple and elegant.


The table was set in the late afternoon, as seen in this last photo, and the shadows cast a beautiful light on the tablecloth. I really liked this year’s combinations of colors and table dressing, and will probably use this color/material combination often!


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  1. I love the white-on-white textures: creamy, silky roses, shiny, sparkling silver, the sheen of mother of pearl and pristine white plates. It must be stunning in candlelight. Love your silver and white Limoges china too!

  2. Simple and yet very elegant, no fuss and very minimal design, just perfect for intimate gatherings with family and friends! I love the mother of pearl plate sets you have; is that a “hint” that you served seafoods to your guests? I also noticed that you have a mix and match chairs to go with your elegant table settings, I love that idea, it makes your guests feel intimate but yet it also reminds them this will be a casual and relaxed evening as well. Very nice!

  3. I love it! Beautiful in its simplicity and elegance. When am I gonna get invited kaya to one of these dinners, MM? Hahaha! I’m sure it was another successful intimate event and can’t wait to read what you served to your guests. Waiting with bated breath… :)

  4. simply gorgeous! can imagine soft music in the background.
    merry christmas, mm, and all the best to you and yours in the coming new year.

  5. With Christmas just around the corner and the super traffic each one of us is experiencing, definitely your table setting is definitely relaxing.
    However, I dont mind all the traffics around after spending Christmas in San Francisco in 2005! I would say, there is no better place than home! I really cried that Christmas because it was my first Christmas away from my family and away from home. 2004 was my last Christmas with my daddy! I spend New Year then in Concord, with my cousins sleeping as early as 10pm.
    Happy Holidays to everyone especially to Mr MM’s family. i guess its not only in the kitchen where something is cooking! Am I right, Mrs M?
    My day wont be complete without reading your blogs. Its like being a part of your family vicariously!

  6. At first, I wasn’t quite sure if I liked the napkin arrangement… but, it won me over after seeing the last picture. Very nice!

  7. Blessed Christmas, MM! My gosh! The Mother-of-Pearl plates are stunning!!! I so relate to you too. I found myself turning down large Christmas dinner gatherings just to cope. It’s a blessing to be breaking bread with great friends but I just had to weigh my options… Needed to make sure I had good pacing to conserve energy and manage the calorie intake… Ang tanda ko na…

  8. Fabulous spread!

    A Blessed Christmas holiday to you, Mrs. MM, The Kid. and your crew!

    P.S. The recipients of the shirts and little brown books were very happy campers! Thanks!

  9. Love your monochromatic table setting with hues of crystal and silver – Spelled out Elegante!

  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year MM!

    Nice spread. White seems to be a common theme this year. Our office christmas party also used the White Christmas theme.

    Btw, are the chairs really mismatched?


  11. Your theme glistens amidst all the season’s tinsel and color…our home has always had a white on white Christmas totally void of any shimmer or shine…somehow, it makes the warmth of the season radiate more….love the way the afternoon light shines on your table…



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