Wholegrain (farro & black rice) Crackers a la Marketman


I suppose I should have known that making whole grain crackers must be amongst the easiest food items to produce, ever. But I didn’t know that. Up top, some black rice crackers are stunning, no?

P1050628 (1)

Start with a cup of whole grain, such as farro, above.

P1050631 (1)

Or black rice from Mindanao, a gift from friends, above.

P1050635 (2)

Boil the grain in water until cooked.


Then transfer to a food processor or a really good blender.

P1050637 (1)

Blitz with or without salt, I suggest generous amounts of salt, until pureed. I went for the rustic look, but you can puree further if you want a smoother cracker.

P1050638 (1)

Spread the puree with an offset spatula on a silpat mat or onto baking paper. Make it relatively thin, though it will lose some of its thickness when it dries out. Place this in a 280-300F oven for say 70-90 minutes until crisp and not burned.


Voila! Nice crisp, nutty, almost horsefeed like wholegrain crackers that are SUPERB with a cheesy dip or hummus or other healthy nibbles. This was so incredibly easy to do. And the results were well worth the minimal effort. The rice ones were smoother while the farro ones remind me that roughage isn’t called roughage for nothing. :)


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  1. That easy? Two ingredients lang (three, if water is included)?

    Totally making these!
    I could add sesame seeds or chia seeds before spreading for more texture, I suppose.

    This is diet food, but not if I pair it with your kalamansi marmalade! :D

  2. I have been experimenting with something similar as part of my lenten abstinence but using chana dal flour (gram for short) instead. Very low on the glycemic load scale and delicious besides. It has become my go to hunger appeaser now, I’m therefore wary of unknowingly acquiring an Indian chee-chee accent.

  3. Thanks! I will try this. When you blitzed the boiled farro/ black rice did you add a little water?

  4. Thanks, will surely do this today. I have about 2 cups black rice left.
    This will be good for my grandson who can’t take gluten.
    We have a family get together this Easter Sunday, will show off with these crackers.

  5. Hi folks… some added advice… try to err on the longer cook time without burning. I find that if you do the minimum cook time, there is a tendency for the crackers to get a bit less crunchy after a few days… so really dry them out to ensure permanent crispness…

  6. Thanks MM! Will try your recipe with quinoa. Getting sick of Tuscan Quinoa Salad with feta, semi dried roasted tomatoes, roasted sweet peppers and baby spinach or baby arugula.

    Saw your fish steaks Instagram pic. They would make excellent confit with lemon, garlic shallots and herbs. It only takes about 1 1/2 hours in low oven temp. Any leftovers which I doubt will make excellent filling for tacos or summer salad.

  7. Maybe dehydrator would work? Then fried to a crisp and puff like chicharon?

    The last picture reminds me of lohua (?) Footloose was after in one of your posts a while back!

  8. Isn’t black rice called pirurutong in Tagalog?, a word I have always wanted to use since its slips trippingly upon the tongue. Same with piruruca which is Brazilian for chicharron.

  9. where did you buy the farro from ? i’m looking to put it on the menu but cant find it



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