Win a Market Basket a la Marketman…

My apologies, my posts have been so darned erratic, and I have no other excuse other than I am so incredibly busy at work, at home and with some other stuff. I promised to announce a winner for the cookbooks I was giving away a couple of months ago, but I think I should just do that together with the market basket I had promised to raffle off to readers as well. Stay tuned, the raffle of the basket will happen within the next five days on the blog…

My thanks to blogmeter, who recently sent me an congratulatory email to tell me that mine was a blog that still mattered, and that I was one of the Top 10 Filipino Business and Finance Blogs for July 2015… huh? BUSINESS and FINANCE? I was amused. A quick email to them seemed to fix the problem, and they kindly replied that I would be in next month’s list of Top Food Blogs instead, oddly still hanging on around 5th place or so, despite my relative laziness of late, and a complete lack of savvy as to how to plump up visitor numbers with tech hocus pocus… I wonder, is that a sign that blogs are really the dinosaurs of the last decade??

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8 Responses

  1. They were thinking stock market, I bet you or they just happened into the occasional post where you give vent to frustrations about certain mindless banking practices and deplorable customer service. They could have assumed too that this blog is a portal for Zubuchon. Even the once venerable New York Times no longer verify the accuracy (and motivations) of their sources, so its hard to say.

  2. No, no,blogs are not the dinosaurs -instagram while instantly gratifying cannot take the place of a good informative fun interesting happy place that market manila is !!!

  3. Hi! I am a ‘silent’ reader so I don’t leave comments that often. I would just like to say that I am glad that you still continue posting blog posts despite your busy schedule. This site has been one of my inspirations about food and travel. I hope you keep up your good work!

  4. accck, did I not award the mohave boards? Will have to do an audit. And now we have construction in the house, so I have to hunt for the books! :(

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