Win a Marketman Molave Doodad Board!!!


Cheese and fruit. Jamon Iberico. Bruschetta. Smack an errant teenager on the rear end. There are dozens of uses to this small board made from a fallen (natural death) molave tree that I bought a year or so ago, dried in the garage and had cut and sanded to each unique size/shape. This isn’t the exact board you will receive, as I may have to LBC it from Cebu, but it is representative. Don’t get anal about keeping it nice and tidy. It may or probably will start to crack a little, it is NOT varnished but rather just given a coat of food grade mineral oil, and it is expected to be used, abused and loved all at the same time. Similar type boards were spotted at chi-chi bazaars before last Christmas at a ridiculously high PHP1,800-2,300, but it cost less than that, though I have to admit there was a lot of love and labour (think hand cutting and sanding) involved. It is one of a kind, so in that way, it is quite special to me. :)

Here’s how you can win it. This will require a bit of “work” on your part. But I suspect only a hundred or less folks will put in an entry, so your chances of winning are extremely high. So here goes.

You must hunt through Valentine’s Day posts in the archives from 2005 onwards. There are almost a dozen word clues located at the bottom of each post that you must piece together. Each clue is numbered, so you must line them up sequentially. When you have obtained all the clues, answer the question in a comment below, and that will be your entry to the “contest”. Not all Valentine’s posts have a clue, so keep looking until you get all of the clues. Use the “archives” function on the website to go through the old posts… And make sure you use an email address that works so I can reach you if you are chosen as the winner!


P.S. Any reader can join this contest. The winner will be selected from the correctly done entries. If you live abroad, I can LBC your prize to a relative with a Philippine address that LBC will deliver to (I think there are remote areas of Jolo, Batanes, Palawan, etc. that they don’t cover). If you are a local, and it’s easier for you to pick up the prize from a Zubuchon restaurant then we can do that as well. Otherwise, I will LBC it to you. Thanks.



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  1. About 22.86?

    I am from Manila, but is now raising a family in California. The first time we drove up to Oregon to visit my husband’s family, I heard about myrtlewood, which grows along the OR coast. We visited a store that carried myrtlewood products and since then, the myrtlewood cutting board has been a vice and a guilty pleasure. The grain is beautiful, and the wood hard. It does require some TLC – regular applications of food-grade mineral oil to minimize cracking esp in this dry climate. I use it on fruits, breads, and cheeses only. I chop my onions and garlic on a older wooden acacia board, and a washable plastic cutting board for meats. Your molave board drew me out of the woodwork. How wonderful it would be to look at it and be reminded of home. My parents live in Las Pinas, and can keep it for me until they or we visit :-)

  2. 163. I bought a Jamie Oliver long wooden board (plank) recently to add to my collection of cheese boards and serving boards. Its dimensions are about 28x7inches. It has a nice enough length but now I find it too narrow. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Oh well. Your molave board looks really really nice.

  3. 155

    I don’t want to be greedy but how can I resist trying for such a beautiful board? My mother would love it!

    Btw, jams are safely packed in my suitcase all nice and protected. Thanks for the thoughtful wrapping! I was going to send a photo of me eating the chicharon. Sooooo delicious!

  4. 167.64. That’s a really nice board you’re giving away MM! One lucky winner! Thanks for the mini game and the chance to win! :)



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