XO Fried Rice


FAT ALERT! FAT ALERT! You can just imagine the sirens if some moron invented a fire alarm type contraption that could sense when unbelievably rich and fat laden dishes being cooked in your kitchen. It would definitely go off with this one. Marketman’s Fried Rice with X.O. sauce and garlic chips. Egads. I thought I died and went culinary heaven. So easy, so flavorful and yes, so calorific. Place several tablespoons of X.O. sauce in a wok or frying pan and turn the heat up to high. When the sauce starts to sizzle, add some cooked rice and mix well, adding a bit of water if it looks a tad dry. Add some fried garlic chips and serve hot. Omigod. :)


BettyQ’s X.O. sauce is so versatile, she suggests that you can use it not only in fried rice, but as a dipping sauce or condiment for Hainanese Chicken Rice or even steamed dumplings with some soy sauce, as a flavoring ingredient when you stir fry chinese vegetables, etc. And if you are feeling invincible, just take a nice hot cup or two of boiled rice and place a couple of tablespoons of X.O. sauce on top of it and go ahed and dig in… yum. I sent this sauce to several folks and the reactions texted back to me ranged from “I am making fried rice immediately,” to “I ate it three days in a row!”… We still have some in our freezer that we take out and thaw whenever the X.O. feeling sets in. Thank you again, BettyQ!



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  1. It is heaven on earth! Real treat. I did not get around to it yet but I’m thinking of adding flaked dried fried seabass to this rice I imagine it real awesome. Thanks Betty q and MM for your kitchen testing and unselfish sharing of this.

  2. HI MM!

    Can I please know where I can find dried scallops that I’ll need for the XO recipe? Thanks!

  3. i also used the xo for my mongo soup and will use it again as topping for Betty’s pancit malabon recipe since mine is more on the dry crumbly side and not the sauce/paste kind. in LA Chinatown you can find it at the Tak Shing Hong Grocery, 835 N. Broadway LA 90012 tel 213-628-8333, Maria Clara so very kindly gave me the bag with the name of the store ,went there to get mine, you can also get the hibe from that store. thank you MC. there is also another store on broadway that sells the dried scallops that is not on a standard 1 lb package same price $17.99/lb

  4. Chi…(that’s my husband’s name as well)…Where are you? I don’t sell my stuff. If you are closeby, I will just add your name to my list…Coming up with this things to make is just a hobby of mine and I just give them to friends and neighbours. I think I would really like to go back home this winter and I will fill my luggages and my son’s luggage as well with just XO sauce…My contribution to your fans, MM!!!…Yup, that is what I am going to do…Oh, I can’t wait !!!!!

    Which brings me to my next question, MM….how did you pack your priceless mangosteen jam in your luggage…the one you brought to Sister…did you wrap each one in bubble wrap?

    MM, how about doing an experiment using TIPAY?

  5. betty q, is ireland close enough to be added to your list?…hahahah :), i’m just really so curious with this XO sauce, as everyone seems to LOVE it!

  6. Hi Bettyq! I bet there is a real market here for your XO! I’m in Seattle and after reading this post, I took off to my neighborhood Asian store (owned by my next door neighbor) looking for the stuff. Couldn’t find any so I asked my neighbor. He said ‘what you want it fo – Filipinos don’t know how to use? You fust to ask’. So I brazenly said, Filipinos DO know how to use the stuff – lol! Anyway, I know it’s available commercially and I’ll try the larger stores later but I would rather have Bettyq’s homemade anytime! And Beettyq – I wouldn’t dream of asking for a handout – I’m serious about buying it! THANK YOU!

    Speaking of luggage – be sure to check your airline. Most domestic flights have now enforced a 1-piece/passenger restriction!

    The good news from today’s outing was Vigan style longanisa – SCORE! To date, all that’s been available are these miserable sweet sausages. I tried them today and they’re almost authentic. I think they added sugar anyway (bummer) but it’s tolerable – it just makes for messy cooking. It’s also on the tough side but maybe I just needed to cook it longer?

  7. WOW MM . . . those wrapped bottles of XO sauce are great gifts. . . i kinda like this XO sauce than the ones you buy in bottles, it has a better light color. . . XO fried rice mmmm. . . just that and steamed veggies, its already a great meal. . .

  8. Hey Chi! There could be a market for my XO but you know what, I am NOT the business savy type. Have you ever tried a salmon jerky they call INDIAN CANDY? I have perfected a recipe for it. I have friends who literally bring me 50 pounds of salmon a few months ago to smoke them into Indian Candy. I just do this for the FUN of it!!! One day, I gave our garbage guy some Indian Candy and some more stuff. He told me to seriously look into making it into a business venture. I told him exactly what I told you…All the stuff I make is a LABOUR OF LOVE and as such is given only to those people we hold dear to our hearts!!!!

    Anyway, Angela ( one of MM’s commenters )is also from Seattle. She might come here in August. If she agrees, I shall send you the main raw ingredients and a jar of the ready made stuff so you would know how it would taste like more or less…now …don’t even think of reimbursing me for it!!! I DO NOT WANT any $…comprende mi amigo…If you like it , all I ask is for you to share it with others as well!

  9. Bettyq – DONE DEAL! OK, if you don’t want $$, how about something from here you want that you can’t get over there? Just say the word and it’s yours.

    WOW on the Indian Candy! Do you live on a farm that you can do all this ‘stinky’ stuff with impunity – lol!

    Please email me at rqdragon@yahoo.com to continue this conversation.

    Mucho thanks again and best regards!

  10. Betty Q for Sainthood! In fact, by virtue of my other title of “Holy Lolo of Good Times”, I hereby ordain you Saint Betty Q of the Pacific Northwest!

    PS: Special request naman please! That Indian Candy recipe soon. Y’know Lolos don’t have much time left!

  11. NOw…how can I possibly refuse a request from HOLY LOLO OF GOOD TIMES!!!! I must be out of my mind!

    Certain things I have to know first…Silly Lolo…I am assuming that you have a smoker….let me clarify that first…hahah …a FISH SMOKER! Is it the Little Chief or the Big Chief? I only have a Little Chief. Also I need to know if have access to certain ingredients over where you are. If not, I shall have it sent to you if you’re back home via my sister. Are you back in Frisco?…

    MM, I know this is the wrong post…is it OK if I oblige Silly Lolo’s request on this post?

  12. MM,

    Bottles all wrapped up and ready for the XO raffle? ha ha just kidding..

    And now we’re moving from the realm of the infamous fishpan to the fish smoker! Never a dull moment here in Market Manila.


  13. St.Betty Q: Yes, I am in beautiful San Francisco (Seattle ain’t too shabby either).
    No, I do not have a smoker – rather, I have people who do that. I do the fishing only. They do the smoking and like you in the Pacific Northwest, I only eat wild King Salmon (aren’t we lucky?). Yes, I am sure we can obtain the necessary ingredients. I just hope you don’t expect your recipe to stay secret because once my circle of fishing friends hear about this, people will know about it from here to Scotland (my people are Airline Pilots).

    Let’s just hope MM gives us an OK!

  14. hi bettyq – thanks for sharing the recipe! i don’t know when i’ll ever have the time to do this but it looks great =)

  15. Silly Lolo…how about this…if MM gives us his thumbs up to allow me to post your request, I am afraid it would take a looooot of space!!!! I figured from mojito’s commment….alll the way up to lee’s comment…”mabuhay….”….so what do you say…like Chi let’s continue this kuwentuhan …send me an e-mail:bettytrinidad@hotmail.com….I don’t mind it if you share the recipe to yur compadres. Since your peopke have done smoking fish before, then do you still need a detailed version?…I have done this Indian Candy using King, sockeye, coho, even pinks! I prefer using King salmon myself…A warning though Silly Lolo…if you start this, you will find yourself on the water ALL THE TIME fishing since your friends will want to have a steady supply of Indian Candy to last them this coming winter.

  16. Where do I buy these? Looks so good… Bettyq can I have one too? Although I live here in Washington dc… I am just salivating right now looking at that fried rice… hmmmmm…

  17. Betty Q, you are St. Betty Q, Queen of Kitchens and Patron of Pony-tailed, duhat ciggy-smoking, muu muu-wearing, palengke istambays! Silly Lolo of Good Times fame is the Archbishop of Cool, MM is the Archangel! Lee and Apicio are Saints-in-Waiting and I am a mere mortal compared to you all!!!!

  18. Betty Q, you are St. Betty Q, Queen of Kitchens and Patron of Pony-tailed, duhat ciggy-smoking, muu muu-wearing, palengke istambays! Silly Lolo of Good Times fame is the Archbishop of Cool, MM is the Archangel! Lee and Apicio are Saints-in-Waiting and I am a mere mortal compared to you all!!!! (Ps. Can I email you too?)

  19. Hey CecileJ: Yup, I’d love that if we could e-mail each other…I am a stay-at -home mom looking after my 3 BOYS (hubby + 2 kids!!!!)…You work at the Palace? I had a Philippine History prof who was a lawyer (don’t know if he still is!) and I think he used to worked there…Mr. Hector Villacorta. If he still is, please say hello to him for me (don’t know if he’d remember me though…I was the pig-tailed student of his at St. Paul’s). Anyway, hope to hear from you soon!!!!

  20. Hithere! something to share lang, I found this “Fun-nel Crisps” at “Market at the Hills” Corinthian Hills Quezon City, its like churros and funnel cake rolled into one, yummy!

  21. Hi, betty q! I’m at the Press Office. Will look for Mr. Villacorta, if he is still here. Will email you when work is less toxic. :) And hope to see you when you come for a vacation. Sa Salcedo Market tayo tumambay for starters!

  22. Hi Betty q,
    I’m new to MM and I found a lot of positive feedback about your recipes. Can you share the recipe with me too?



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