Zubuchon Restaurant — Mango Avenue Official Opening, Blessing and Eyeball Lunch!

June 25th 2011 was a busy day for MM and crew. First up, the official opening of our Zubuchon Mango Avenue restaurant at 11am. The ribbon was cut by Mrs. MM and the Teen, while Marketman holds on to the pig…

A brief blessing of the premises took place, with copious amounts of Holy water squirted all over the tiny restaurant.

Several eyeball guests including Lee, Moni, Chris et al actually arrived in time for the unannounced official opening and blessing, and they were followed by other guests who sat down to serious business… putting the menu and the kitchen through its paces…

Freezers and chillers were stocked with Zubuchon products and drinks.

An early crowd favorite are these large kamias or iba shakes that have an almost fresh green apple flavor and a tartness that pairs well with the rich pork of lechon. So many folks ordered this at lunch that we actually ran out of kamias for an hour or so mid-afternoon until replenishments arrived. Also doing well is a pineapple mint shake that is sweet, sour and an antidote for the fat! :)

Of course the main event was the lechon, chopped to order on the premises. Fresh lechons arrive at the store at 1030am and again around 530pm each day. In future, additional deliveries will be added as demand increases…

But lechon is just one dish among several you can choose from. Here, some monggo with lechon and lechon broth, and chopped chicharon on top…

Lechon dinuguan made with gata or coconut cream.

Stir-fried kang kong with lechon and chicharon (a personal favorite). And yes, we have squid stuffed with sisig, chicken deep fried in lard, seaweed salads, pickles of all sorts, sisig, etc.

We also sell products we make for our own dishes like this olive oil infused with siling labuyo. Little but potent vials of the chili oil are available for clients who wish to take some heat home… We also serve the oil in-house along with homemade pinakurat and some soy sauce for guests to mix their own sawsawan.

The restaurant is tiny, but as always, we feel it’s all about the details… the furnishing, the menu, the doodads, etc., taking into account that it is just above a fastfood restaurant price wise. Our value meals start at PHP80 a meal with rice and acharra. We are particularly happy about our “open kitchen” which is totally visible through glass… We want customers to see where their food is prepared…

Our little pig logo (the pig is unnamed at this point) is used in a few places like little stands on the tables, on the fridges, packaging, etc. The red stands out against the white, grey and stainless steel theme of the place. Empty walls are waiting for some black and white photos the teen has promised to shoot in the days ahead.

Cupcakes by Artisan Chocolatier were FABULOUS. And he suggested a ZU-BOUCHON to be added to the dessert selection, a small bouchon made with a touch of local tablea… we are experimenting now… :}

Oh, and last but not the least, one of my personal favorite features in the restaurant is our blackboard with specials or announcements. It was done by our bookkeeper B, who apparently has been hiding this incredible talent for working with chalk! However, several folks seem to be telling us that most pinoys prefer to see pictures of the food or they won’t order. Yipes, have to come up with a picture menu… Phew! Major activity 1 for the day, covered. Two more activities to go. :)

Many thanks to RM, The Teen, AT, etc. for many of these photos, my camera conked out a couple of hours later. :( A huge thank you to management and crew who pulled this all together!

One Mango Mall
Mango Avenue, Cebu City
Tel. +

The restaurant is tiny, so please call ahead to reserve if you would like to dine at peak hours or if you are a large group. We are also working out a way to do deliveries to the surrounding area if possible… Thanks.


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  1. Wow! I’ve been a lurker from the very beginning of your blog but THIS is enough reason to come out of the woodworks! Congratulations! One more reason to go to Cebu!!;) Unless of course you open in Manila soon!

  2. Congratulations! I think I’d come to Cebu and visit it again just to have my hands on your Zubuchon. Well done indeed!

  3. Good grief. Been to Cebu twice this year and thank God no more planned! My diet will tank with this kind of food. And that kamias shake looks/sounds awesome.

  4. Congratulations MM! Great food, lovely pictures, wish I was there wrecking my cholesterol count along with you all!

  5. Congratulations, Mr MM! The lechon looks awesome. Crispy pata is one of my favorite Filipino dish. Many great business in days ahead!

  6. Congratulations MM. I’ll definitely visit Zubuchon when I get a chance to go to Cebu.

  7. Congrats MM and co. Your restaurant would be one big reason for me to visit Cebu with the family. Look forward to tasting Zubuchon….can’t wait!

  8. Congrats Mr MM, hope to be able to eat there soon!
    And why not call your logo Zubaboy.

  9. Congratulations, MM and Mrs MM! I hope I get to visit Zubuchon sometime soon!
    I can’t believe you’re already looking for universities for The Teen! Yikes!

  10. Well done! On my next visit, Cebu will surely be on my list of destinations just because of Zubuchon.

  11. Felicidades, much congratulations, next trip home, it will be a little food trek to Cebu for Zubuchon specialities!! My eyes are already feasting on the lechon, the mongo, the dinuguan, the kangkong. Well done, MM !!

  12. Realization = the ability to execute. Congratulations with the recent Eyeball and the opening of your new restaurant. Stick to your guns MM and resist the temptation to hang photographs of the menu.

  13. Wow looks awesome … I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before it becomes a hot “must visit” for both locals and visitors to Cebu.

  14. Congratulations! I wish I was in Cebu, too. Your menu has all my cholesterrific faves! :-)

  15. Finally Zubuchon is now in full swing! Now looking forward to visiting Cebu and getting a taste of ALL the Zubuchon specialties. The kamias shake certainly looks refreshing! I would also definitely like to try the pineapple mint and the lemongrass iced tea! Am amused and delighted to see the Zubuchon cupcakes by Artisan Chocolatier.
    Hearty congratulations Mr. MM and family!!

  16. Congratulations, Mr. MM! Everything looks delicious! I wish you’d open a branch in Manila so I can taste your lechon when I come home soon. God bless!

  17. Congratulations! Hope to visit soon.

    The chalkboard menu above the counter? Keep it. Having backlit, panaflex pics there is expensive and makes your joint look like yet another fastfood joint. The chalkboard’s charming, and looks personalized, and can be revised easily (for free by your bookkeeper, i assume). If you must have pics, have it in a self-produced folder (color printing esp home-made ones are dirt-cheap these days, and you seem to have a good flair for photgraphy anyway).

    Your mascot’s nick? How about “Babs”?

  18. CONGRATULATIONS !!! i was in cebu 3 weeks ago hoping that your restaurant opened already, but i was so happy i saw your stall @ CEBU pre depature area bought lechon and i got the complimentary chicharon. i was amazed because my flight was delayed for 2 hours then when arrived in Manila they can’t get my luggage so another 2 hour wait all those time i was thinking of my lechon… anyway i have to endure another 2 hour drive to my house im thinking ill just make paksiw out of the lechon but the next day i decide take a hot and heat it up on the oven and amazingly the skin still crunchy. one of these days ill come back to Cebu and try it again.
    oh and the chicaron we have it for pulutan and its good !!!! unfortunately they are confiscating it at the port of entry coming here in US.( that sucks)

  19. Congrats MM! That’s one very lovely restaurant you have there. And as usual, the food looks mouthwatering-ly good! Wish you all the best with this outlet.

  20. Congratulations MM and the crew ! Personally, I would posterize the pictures of the dishes you have above, instead of having a centrally-located “picture” menu.

  21. Congratulations!!! I will be visiting Manila and Cebu in September and will surely go to your restaurant to try the yummy dishes — the fried kangkong looks soooo good. Cheers….

  22. congrats, MM. will visit your store next month.Although i am a semi-vegan(no pork/beef) I enjoy reading your food related articles.

  23. Congratulations once again MM! I am not sure if my eyes are failing me but there seems to be something missing in the menu.. Aren’t you serving the stuffed squid with lechon sisig (the one you featured before)?

    And oh please MM, the simple blackboard-chalk menu is simple yet classy. I agree with Getter Dragon 1, you don’t need the pictures..

    The Teen took really nice pictures (and she looks pretty, too!).

    5 more months, 5 more months….

  24. Congratulations, MM. And, yes, no need for pics of the food. That’s only for the Jollibee’s and Chowkings of this world, the predictable and generic kind. I think the “chalk menu” is elegant! It also signals “fresh, artisanal, personal”. Would have loved to be there for the opening – and the lechon munggo!

  25. Congratulations MM! I’ll drop by when I do my trade visits for my accounts in Cebu soon. Yum yum yum!

  26. Gee, looks as though the red traipsing pig is poised to have more cachet than the polo pony and alligator.

    Jolly Bee might be a good business model but far from a style exemplar. If you have installed back-lighted pictures of the dishes, next thing people will ask for are those lurid resin representations of dishes you see in entry-level Japanese restaurants, intensely unappetizing to say the least.

  27. And so, the challenge to name Mr. Zubuchon piggy has begun! The preceeding proposals are top notch but might I also suggest “CHONZI” or “BUCHI” haha… then again, ZUBBI or ZUBBY has a nice ring to it! Congratulations MM and more blessings to come! :)

  28. Congratulations Marketman! Looking forward to stopping by there soon. Will even make this the excuse to fly to Cebu.

    PS. Buchi (as the name of the Zubuchon pig) works for me!

  29. MM,

    If I were ever to open a restaurant judging by the pictures, my business model would be something similiar, how simple..yet very elegant and sophisticated. I am retiring within the next year and am fortunate enough to be married to a beautiful woman from Cebu…So I am looking forward to many a visit to ZUBU chon! Congratulations MM!

  30. Well done,MM!

    Please keep the “chalk board”,it looks more you,fresh,classy and charming! :)

  31. Big Cheers and congratulations Mr MM….do we hear a Manila branch in the very near future????? please please

  32. Congratulations MM! Finally, a reason to visit Cebu…I cannot wait to visit your place!

  33. MM, I’m sure this created more than a buzz in the lechon world. Congratulations and more lechon – to die for!

  34. Congratulation MM and the crew! Seeing all these yummy food served at your restaurant makes me salivate. A reason for me to fly to Cebu when I come back home.

  35. Congrats market Man.

    this will definitely be on my Cebu bucket list.

    great work book keeper B!! that chalkboard looks printed.

    My handwriting sucks, and people who take the time out to print really awesome lettering by hand really impress me.

    I also love the fact that its chalkboard. very classy American Deli style. :)

  36. oops forgot to add, how much are the bottles of olive oil siling labuyo?

    i’ve been looking for a wedding giveaway next year and would love to look in ordering a special batch if thats possible :)

  37. Congratulations!!! will definitely visit your restaurant once i am in your neck of the woods. =)

  38. Congratulations!!! The place looks fantastic! Just the right touch between fast meals and nice touches to set it apart. Love the chalk board and longing to try the monggo with lechon (along with the main event of course!). Next trip to Cebu I am definitely visiting!

  39. Charming as the menu may be, research shows that photos translate to more sales, as they appeal to the fast-food nature of the business: People actually see what they’re going to get. Also, remember that not every customer knows how to read (pre-schoolers, say), or if they do, have trouble doing so (senior citizens).

    Having said that, I’m dying to eat everything on that damned menu!!! I never eat dinuguan unless prepared at home, but for yours I will gladly make an exception, hehe.

    Congratulations, MM and family. Let the pigs fly!

  40. looks neat and polished with all the stainless steel accents…food looks good…hope you make it to the US someday!

  41. Congratulations MM!!!

    “Zubby” got my vote for your mascot’s name, and in the future, i wish to have a Zubby REF MAGNET:)

    All the best to your family and your crew.

  42. most people in every business sector are called by their initials – so why not simply call the pig BPE – obv short for best pig ever!

    congrats on the resto MM – definitely eating here when we go visit my wife’s Lola in cebu!

  43. Heartiest congratulations, MM and…MMF?! (MarketMan Family) Everything looks mind-blowing…let’s hope not heart-blowing as well. Fantastic work! Hope I stumble into Cebu soon. :)

  44. Congratulations Marketman! Hmm have doubts about going Jollibee’s way with the pictures of your menu on top your counter. Starbucks does not have pictures on its counters and yet Pinoys are still crazy over their coffee. I say keep it as it is, classy, simple and less carbon footprint as you do not need to backlight the menu with CFL bulbs. With the sight of the sumptuous lechon sliced in front of me plus the scent of the lemongrass, who needs pictures? And my suggestion for your pig’s name is Zubuchukoy! Here I come Zubu!

  45. Reg and I had a really nice time! Thanks MM, and to your family and the very warm staff! And of course to Joan! And to all the foodies we’ve met kain tayo ulit! Thank you for giving us the reason to visit cebu asap… it was our first time and it was a blast! We had a very sumptuous weekend vacation. And the pasalubongs we bought were very happily consumed!

    Here’s a link to the photos we took:


  46. This makes me hungry! I want to fly to Cebu this minute to try most of your dishes!!! Congratulations!

  47. I love the simple but tasteful interiors. . . and the lechon menu. . . now i’m wanting to fly to cebu to visit Zubuchon!

  48. Congratulations, MM!!!!! Am sure any time now magazine articles are going to be written about your restaurant….I will be on the look out :-)

  49. yummm!!! wish I live in Cebu! Been there twice and ate my heart out at various “landmark” restos both times. Zubuchon will be one on my list too! I hope somebody brings me to Cebu ulit hehehe. Paging somebody…

  50. congratulations, MarketMan!!! will definitely dine here soon… i owe my team lunch here!!! cheers!!!

  51. No need for food photos on the menu board MM. I don’t think you’re that kind of a fast food joint. The zubuchon on the counter and the open kitchen are enough visuals to get people’s appetites going. For those who really can’t order without pictures, maybe (as you mentioned at the eb lunch) an electronic album in an ipad would do :)

  52. Félicitations!
    “Zu-Bouchon”… that’s cute. Zubuchon, the pig with a corkscrew tail (in French, le cochon à la queue en tire-bouchon). :)

  53. Congratulations MM, the management and crew of your new Zubuchon Restaurant. I wanted to attend the eyeball but I had to do an errand for the family last Friday and Saturday. Mango Ave. is just a ride away from home, I’ll visit your place one of this days to try those new dishes you have. I love the look of kamias or iba shake, looks like I can now replace my usual green mango shake.

  54. yiiii! more reasons to visit Cebu City again! looking forward…and is drooling @@
    Congratulations MM!

  55. Am glad there’s more to look forward to when i get to Cebu! Congratulations. Was in cebu last May, and first on my list was a trip to Zubuchon only to be utterly disappointed because of all times it was Holy Week. LOL. Believe me, I was willing to ask for God’s forgiveness for breaking my fast and abstinence should your shop have been open. LOl. Cest la Vie!

  56. Congratulations, MM!! The kamias shake looked soooo good. Looking forward to my visit next year.

  57. Congratulations MM. I will definitely drop by soonest. This is definitely a new destination in cebu.

  58. Congrats MM and the rest of the Zubuchon team!! Cant wait to visit Cebu and have a taste of your yummy lechon!!

  59. Congratulations!I like the simplicity of your restaurant.Keep the chalkboard menu.What matters to me in patronizing a restaurant: Food,Cleanliness and Good Service.I will be missing half of my life if I don’t get to taste your Zubuchon soon!
    BTW, I’d die to have that tiny waist line of the Teen!Amazing!

  60. Hi MM and Family and Crew – congratulations!!!! All your hard work in the past months have paid off!! Very very nice restaurant setting ! I love your interiors and the way you have really made such a small space stand out. Your resto looks very polished and professional, and a great clean place to eat in. Now we have a place in Cebu to go to to bring our balikbayan friends and relatives as well as foreigner friends. Hopefully you can consider opening a similar place in Manila since I know this would be a great place to bring our visiting families and friends. Di na sasakit ang ulo ko sa kaiisip ng masarap na restaurant serving freshly cooked lechon and other favorite Filipino dishes.

    Since the Teen promised you B&W photos for the resto walls, why not have B&W photos of the dishes you are serving? That way, you preserve the great look of the resto and at the same time, you give your guests an idea of what they will be getting from your resto.

    I also have a suggestion for your mascot – ZUBUCHOY!!! From the name Buchoy for cute little chubby boys :), since I have already decided he is a cute little boy pig, he, he, he.

    Oh and lastly, yes, you should have dessert!! It’s a must, so it’s great you are already collaborating with Artisan on that. In addition, I would like to suggest that you also add on the menu a simple Filipino dessert such as matamis na saging or camote with langka, served with crushed ice (with or without milk option), para pampatanggal ng umay after the lavish pork feast. And when it is summer time, it would be great for you to feature ripe mango chunks in crushed ice in your menu. Hopefully, on your beverage list, you can offer a pot of hot mint or tarragontea, pampatunaw (kuno) ng taba and to aid digestion!!! :)

    Many congratulations again and God bless you more amd more!

  61. Aside from the lechon, pritchon and the sisig, I look forward to tasting the shakes – especially the pineapple-mint shake! Sounds so refreshing!!! :)

  62. wow, at last, saw the MM family with the beautiful Mrs. MM and the towering Teen. Thanks for the photos and updates, the resto is cozy & elegant with the dominant white color i really liked=)

  63. Congratulations MM! I know how much hard work was put in for all that, having done it a couple of times myself. That’s the first hurdle and that’s your first sigh of relief. The second hurdle is to recoup the investment and start making money!

  64. Congratulations, MM! All the best to you, family and crew – & please retain the chalkboard menu :)

  65. Congrats! I am waiting for the Manila branch or kahit regular stall in some weekend market. A branch in Tagaytag also sounds good.

  66. Wohoo! Congatulations are in the house MM. After having seen those pixs I can’t help but envy those who are now experiencing Zubuchon and its allied viands..Wow I just hope a Zubu Store finds way in Manila. (“,)

  67. Congrats to MM family and the crew! Thank you for bringing those visitors to our Cebu. We’ve always been famous for our lechon but this blogsite have spread out that fact to those who didnt know it yet :) Daghang salamat!

  68. congratulations! i hope you will have a branch open in manila by the time we take our next trip home :)

  69. Congratulations to your family and crew. I will make it a point to visit your restaurant once I head back to Manila for a vacation.

  70. Thanks, Aisa, for sharing your photos! What a ‘gourmetious’ eyeball evening!

  71. Congrats MM! Food looks great! Wish I was in Cebu… I’ll have my friend who’s returning to Cebu in a month or so to make a trip to your restaurant.
    Love the blackboard. I guess most patrons are used to the pictures on the board menu above the counter but the chalkboard is neat and classy. B&W pics could be posted around the walls of the dining area?
    But I’m betting the future problem you’d be facing is the seating… Dudumugin yang lugar na yan once word gets out!

  72. I’m loving the red brick wall! Good job, MM! Please PLEASE open a branch in Manila! :)

  73. Just got back from dinner at Zubuchon (Mango). I saw you there MM but was so shy to approach you. hehehe.

    Anyway, the lechon was so great and so was the sizzling bangus. Though my colleague complained it was not deboned. The dinuguan was also good, but didn’t enjoy as much the lechon maybe because of the gata. Kamias shake was a revelation also.

    The “best pig ever” is good enough reason for me to come back. But I look forward to tasting all on the menu.

    You can count on my free advertisement & promotion. In fact, my companions during the dinner were the ones really pushy to dine at your resto after being intrigued w/ the shoutouts on FB.


  74. CONGRATULATIONS MM and Family! Can’t wait to fly to Cebu!
    BTW, I love the chalkboard menu!

  75. Congratulations, MM!

    Classic Filipino dishes with a modern and fresh touch – look great and taste great too!
    The fotos of the dishes are so teasingly delicious!

    Keep the chalkboard – it gives a bistro-like appeal. Folks should rely more on their sense of taste and smell, and a bit of imagination makes for an adventurous dining.

  76. congrats sir! good thing ill be relocating to cebu next month. cant wait to eat again the zubuchon!

  77. The iba/kamias shake was amazing that i had two tall glasses for Saturday’s lunch. It was the perfect foil to the Lipitorious dishes of the Zubuchon Crestorant. We had Red Curry Lechon, Binagoongan Lechon, Monggo, Lechon Sinigang, Slow Cooked Adobo… all lovely and quivering with pork goodness. This was just lunch.

  78. If our plan would push through, we will be in Cebu next year for the Sinulog festival and visiting Zubuchon will definitely be one of my top agenda… And I can’t wait to taste that Kamias shake – my, what a novel idea! This is the first time I have heard of kamias being used as such..

    I like the red pig peeking out of the table stands.. That is definitely one classy design. Congrats on the whole design concept. And whoever took the photo of the chairs, kudos! Nice shot.

    Nice job, MM and crew, nice job!!!

  79. Congratulations MM & crew!! I’m drooling just looking at the pictures. I want to order everything on the menu!!

  80. Blessings to Zubuchon! This gives me the added reason to brave the ‘pila’ and renew my passport so I can travel home to Manila and take a side-trip to Cebu.

  81. MM & family & crew, thank you :) It’s been lovely experiencing lechon in all its glory!

    Crispy skin, tender meat, dinuguan na lechon, lechon curry, sisig pasta, crispy pata, sisig-stuffed squid — all balanced nicely with the burong mangga, seaweed and the best-selling kamias shake, yum!

    We’ll be enjoying our lechon-themed pantry supplies over the next few weeks, and will let you know how that goes. Hopefully, it doesn’t signal the beginning of maintenance meds :)

    PS I’m still wondering who ran off with all the mango jam :)

    Aisa! Loved the photo of you with your stash of chicharon :)

  82. From the photos alone, your resto definitely looks like a cut above the rest and there’s a certain charm having the chalkboard up there too(: And btw, Mrs. MM looks amazingly fit! How does she manage with all that food plus the ones you whip at home? Cheers!

  83. Hi MM! I’m an avid reader but first time to comment here. Congratulations to you and your team! My family will be in Cebu on the 3rd week of July and your restaurant will definitely be the first stop :D Hope to see you there! Can’t wait to taste “the best pig ever!”

  84. everything looks very good! congratulations and good luck, everyone! am so wishing for a trip to cebu! love little zooboo peeking out from everywhere!

  85. Congratulations MM!!! … hope to dine here when I visit Cebu next time .. i agree with tenbreedmountaindog, the chalkboard must stay! :D

    what about calling the pig simply : Zubu or Zuby? hehehe

  86. HUGE congratulations, Market Man…to be sure THIS will be the first place I’ll go to as soon as I plunk my maleta in my room at wherever I’m staying when next I’ll be in Cebu!

  87. Congratulations! I’ve already told friends here in China that we’re going on a trip to Cebu to pork out :)
    I think you need to do a survey for the nickname!

  88. Congratulations MM! So happy for you! I look forward to the day you’ll bring Zubuchon Restaurant here in Manila. I know it would happen in the future. *fingers crossed

  89. Congratulations MM! Can’t wait to visit Cebu and finally have my hands on some fresh zubuchon!

  90. Congratulations MM and crew! I hope I can visit this place in the near future. All the best!

  91. CONGRATULATIONS, MM! I wish I were there in Cebu so I can do food-tripping with my friends and family at your resto. Those looks good.

    BTW, you look great and looked so slim now. You did great with your weight loss! Kudos to you!

  92. I too have been a years-long reader but never have commented. Congratulations to you and I will be definitely be coming over to Cebu just to go to your restaurant! Mabuhay Marketman! I wonder how many younger readers there are on this blog?

  93. Congratulations to the success of ur new venture.

    Blackboard, if u add pictures of the food, you might want to add the price on the menu as well.

  94. Congrats, MM. Hope you have more restos to open and more eyeballs to organize. In Manila next time??

  95. Congratulations!!!!I hope to visit your restaurant in the near future, more power! I love the open concept, it’s has a feeling of “tuto-turo style” in a more upscale environment, but at the same time not too intimidatiing! :)

  96. Congratulations MM, your best pig ever I must try. I will be in Cebu this July. Will Market Manila commenters get a discount?

  97. congratulations to you and zubby/ zubu the pig =) can’t wait to sample everything!

  98. Wow, I sure hope I can visit the next time I go to the Philippines! :D Congratulations MM!

  99. It looks amazing. From the pictures alone, this already looks to be a success. I’ve already noted the seaweed platter and the five pork fried rice in my head for future reference, and the kamias shake is something i agree you need to stock more of.

    Congratulations on your awesome new venture!

  100. congratulations, MM. i really would have wanted to be in either of the events. but then, there is always a next time. i will definitely visit your mango resto soon.

  101. Everytime someone I know goes to Cebu, I specifically ask them to get me a kilo of Zubuchon. With the opening of your restaurant, I will have to concoct a reason to go to Cebu. Good Luck, Congratulations and more success to the creator of the greatest pig dish in the world!

    Blackboard: I like it. It makes the place feel so homey. Perhaps you can just make a menu with where all the dishes have their pictures. Or just create a website :-).

    Piggy Name: What about Lei? As in Lei Chon. he he he.


  102. Congratulations!!! Definitely it will be part of my itinerary next time i visit Cebu! I want to taste everything on the menu.
    I know this is too early – but – are you open for franchise? :)
    Also hoping for a Manila eyeball – but i dont think it would be as nice as your area in Cebu.

  103. Wonderful MM, congratulations on yet another project. I was amazed to finally see Mrs MM in the pictures :o)

  104. Congratulations! Can’t wait to go back and feast on the yummy treats that Zubuchon has to offer. Best lechon restaurant, bar none.

  105. Congratulations!!! on your grand opening ..Hoping someday,we can dine at Cebu Zubuchon .all the entrees are among my fave food..Never had Kamias Shake..i am sure it is good!!!

  106. Congrats MM! can’t wait to visit Zubuchon when I head down there in a couple of weeks!

  107. congrats mm! pls pls put up a similar zubu joint in manila!!! i love that there’s beer too.

    on another note, can you be invited to be a speaker at a gawad kalinga-center for social innovation forum on entrepreneurship? it’s held every tues nights at the ateneo school of management SOM 111. it’s relatively new and would really appreciate your personal experiences and your insights on the products created so far, probably something similar to what you and teen conducted in palawan.

    Just for a very brief background, GK is on its second phase, after social justice of building houses for the poor, it now aims to create sustainable livelihood and generate wealth for the poor by looking at entrepreneurs for the communities they’ve built (and in the process, hopefully enticing reverse migration). and there’s a pilot GK site in Angat, Bulacan, some beneficiary families are relocated urban settlers, where we’re also developing a farm that is envisaged to be a silicon valley of social entrpreneurship, a village university for social devt and a social tourism spot. Tony Meloto has big dreams for this and hopes to replicate this pilot site all over the country (there are about 24 potential donor lots of talahib all over the country but there’s a build-they-will-come philosophy, and the demo site has to take off first). i hope you can find the time in your hectic sked (I’m actually secretly hoping you could put up a zubuchon there!!! we already have a piggery owned by the families– what to do with the pigs–e di perfect pang zubuchon!!!!)

    I know you’re an advocate of all sorts, so I hope you’d say yes to be a speaker and I can haul you to the GK Enchanted farm site one of these days. i’ll email you more details.

    and for other MM readers whose curiosity might have been piqued, here’s a feature on the inquirer last sunday about the GK Enchanted Farm site:


    Thanks so much MM and sorry for the shameless plug (but i know it won’t miff you ala fishpan or dutyfree cos you;re the best and it’s for a good cause)!

  108. wait i don’t know why my comment says “china,” i’m from the phils. ohwell

  109. Congratulations! My sister was in Cebu last weekend and what a surprise when I saw her pasalubong! Zubuchon! It really is delicious! I hope you can have a branch here in Manila.

  110. Last year i visited Cebu and one of the main reason is to eat at Zubuchon, unfortunately i went home disappointed as we did not have enough time and my friends dont know where it was. Next time, the resto is there so there is no way I will miss it..hope to get my Zubuchon fix next year …ang tagal, the lechon is haunting me!

  111. hehe yes. yey! pick any tuesday night, or give me a number of tentative tuesday night dates where you might be available, just not next week (and definitely not next year!) cos tony meloto will be out of the country for a dog and pony show for social investments and i want him to be there when you conduct your talk. then we can schedule a farm visit whenever you’re free afterwards (and where you will hopefully be hypnotized to set up a zubuchon franchise which will even draw in more tourists when we launch the gk enchanted farm in october hehe). yey! zero ads in this site but free plugs for gkcsi! awesome!

  112. filet minion, can I sit in at the GK talks, MM’s and others’? I had the fortune to visit a farm in Bacolod at the same time that GK people were there. It was great to meet all the GK people there.

  113. Zubuchon carries Manang Lima’s biko. I wanted to order it at the EB lunch but Lee wasn’t keen as there was the Eyeball dinner yet. Besides, Lee has already had two tall glasses of Iba shake which is perfect foil for lechon-based dishes. So at the Eyeball dinner, I started with biko and ended with biko. Lami kaayo and I enticed Ley and Edmund to try it. I think having had an EB lunch dampened our appetite or pacing as Chrisb and Lee called it. Dampened pa diay ‘to when we had a lot on our plates. Hahaha. Sorry Millet, you should have been there.

  114. Conngrats MM and the crew! Wish you all the best. Ia there a possibility of exporting some of your homemade atchara overseas?

  115. hello gej!
    yes of course, it’s open to all! you may sit in, participate, and hopefully even set up your own social enterprise in the gk enchanted farm. the audience and budding social entrepreneurs are mostly fresh grads (i’m 30 though, and considered “old” and a minority there).

    i don;t know how much tonight’s speaker would interest you but i got a text that it’s a personal financial literacy lecture by guita gopalan. sometimes, there are other entrep speakers too that provide inspiration and narrate the key to their success (or the failures they’ve overcome).

    it’s refreshing how gkcsi is trying to reboot the conventional ateneo mgmt thinking, veering away from being corporate jobseekers to job providers, and trying to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit in them while creating social businesses by bringing the poor along and investing in communities. young and old, lasalle, up, pup, beda, OSY, midlife crisis seekers attend…

    so yes, every marketmanila fanatic, pls do dropby when you can to the Gawadkalinga Center for Social innovation forum: tues nights SOM 111 630pm [but really starts at 7]-845ish pm.
    even when MM doesn’t speak yet, you can just go ahead and show up, and hopefully join us when we go to the gk enchanted farm on saturdays (and wednesdays) at some ungodly hour. hope to see you guys there!

  116. Bravo MM! Looks like another spot to visit when in Cebu. Yun nga lang, after a meal there is a need to hit the road for a 5k run. Congrats po!!!

  117. Congratulations! I hope one day i’d be given the chance to visit Cebu and dine on one of your restaurants :)

  118. Hi Mm, congratulations!! Ive always been a fan of the zubuchon. My kids love it! I lug home 4 kls each time from the departure area :)

  119. MM, given the number of people wanting to go to Cebu just to partake of the BPE, you will further enrich the Tans and Gokongweis so why not seriously consider opening a branch in Manila?? And as filet minion suggested, perhaps GW’s enchanted farm site can be a good source of pigs??? Or maybe start with an outlet/stall for the chicharon, tampalen, etc in Manila?

    I know it is never good to hate on anyone but I am sooooo hating Lee, Aisa, Ging, Moni, Chrisb, Anne (oh, esp her for being the pacing queen), and anyone who had the good fortune of attending the EB!!!

    Zubuchoy sounds like a catchy nickname for the BPE. Bettyq, there’s a big chance Bu-bu will be pronounced Bo-bo by some Visayans…. :)

    Hey, next thing we know, there’ll be lots of people wearing tees with Zubuchoy logos (in keeping with Footloose’s ‘observation’).

  120. Congratulations MM! Please, please,please open a ‘tiny’ restaurant in Manila!!!!!

  121. @MP, LOL! Actually they did sell tshirts with the Zubuchon logo on the EB evening dinner…..and I was able to buy one! :-)

  122. MP…and MM…I forgot about Checo Hell!

    MP…side note…I googled where you are…it reminded me of Genovia…place of Princess Amelia!

    Gej…still can’t get through…I really do not want to subscribe to box. something. I was able to reply to you before without it. Is there some other way i can reply to your e-mails? At any rate, I am formulating another one…a MUST TRY! If I am not mistaken, no one has it there yet according to my sources!

  123. Congratulations MM for the opening of Zubuchon restaurant in Cebu. Will definitely be in our must see list when we get to Cebu soon. i have to wait awhile since David (my baby boy) is just barely 2 months old. We hope to chance upon you there! More power to you MM!

  124. @ MP, fret not. You can content yourself with sarmale in the meantime =) Yup I googled it, and Moldova too, just like bettyQ

  125. Good morning, MM. You must be sooo busy now.anyway, I posted on my fb about your resto and many of my friends and cousins read about it so they are going to check it out.
    Out of topic, also discovered we have a common cousin, Bibing(Isabela)Lopez Davila. Now, I know your last name. How are you related to Jojo, she was my classmate.

  126. Hi Bettyq, I’m, actually based in Jordan but my server is routed through Moldova. I’ve been there once and I liked it – one of the hidden treasures of Eastern Europe.

    Let me take this opportunity to thank you (and of course MM and Sister) for the many yummy meals I’ve shared with a few Pinays who work here. I prepare lunch and dinner on Fridays for Pinays who work for various tenants in our apartment building who are mostly underfed, underpaid, mistreated, and very, very homesick. Some of them have Fridays off so I invite them to swing by my place for some Pinoys treats. I’ve tried a few dishes using MM, yours, and Sister’s recipes and they’ve been big hits. I used to just prepare lunch and dinner for 6 but the group is growing after some have heard of it.

    Now I get requests for your siomai, chocolate cake, mocha cake, and a host of other MM & Sister’s recipes. I am a mediocre cook (to say the least) but you’d think I am the greatest, based on the rave reviews I get from these precious ladies (some are still girls actually, as they lied about their real ages to be employed…hmm).

    We read and discuss MM’s blogs and everyone’s comments during our gatherings. Now my only problem is translating Footloose and Apicio’s comments without losing the essence of their messages… :-)

  127. Oh chrisb, nothing comes close to Pinoy food…but you are right, sarmale is good!

    And thanks for posting the pictures you took – felt like we were there with you (and made me hate you all the more :-)

  128. @MP, I beg your pardon for having put you through the paces. It was just that my dad did it to me starting as a very young person and now that I myself have reached anecdotage, I thought it’s my turn to inflict it on others. The fascination with misshapen fruits and root crops I got from my mom.

    Actually googled Moldova because I first confused it with Moldavia and I actually thought of asking what you could possibly be doing there. Now Jordan, that’s some place. I cannot help but aspiringly stare at your king’s impeccable suits whenever he shows up in the news.

  129. Congrats MM! The pics you posted and from your other guests just made us who were not present in the eyeball lunch or dinner seem to be like we were there too! Kudos to all the decorations…as you said the Teen and Mrs. MM had a hand on it…. food looked really delish, and we are definitely making a stop when we go visit Cebu next year!!! Again, more power to you and the crew…

  130. Way to go MM ! The place looks cool.Will definitely try to go there if ever we are in Cebu.

  131. filet minion, I’ll definitelydrop by within July. Even if I’m too young – ha ha! Thanks1 My e-mail add is kitchenherbs@gmail.com. Maybe we can PM to make arrangments so we can meet there.

  132. Hi Ms. Betty – I hope you can spare some time to send me thye recipe for the chocolate cake :). I am excited to try it now that I have my stash of Dutch processed cocoa, and before I report back to work in a few weeks’ time. I can’t send you an email since you entioned a few posts ack that you have changed your email address. I am still waiting for your nephew’s email also :). I hope he is OK. Many thanks and I hope you are doing well! :)

  133. congratulations MM! i think the menu looks fine the way it is now, no need for pictures, just reading the words lechon! sisig! would be enough to make me crave and want to order right away:)

  134. I’d be in Cebu next week! Gotta find out where we are staying so I would know how to get to Zubuchon. Congratulations and I’m looking forward to the kangkong and dinuguan dish.. Yum!

  135. We tried the lechon crispy pata, the adobong kangkong with chicharon, pansit bihon and the chicharon bulaklak. Everything was great! We particularly liked the lechon crispy pata. True to its name, it was truly crispy! We also brought home a bag of chicharon. My 3-year old daughter eats it after meals and calls it “dessert”. Thanks again, MM, for the treat. We thoroughly enjoyed the food and promise to come back with friends and family.

  136. Wow! I think your handwritten chalk menu is fine w/out pictures. It is a Filipino bistro/fast casual dining. (if I can say that) From reading the posts, your food can stand on its own without a picture. Congratulations again!

  137. Sir congratulations! for sure I will be dropping by when I get home next year. I can’t wait for the Lechon. God bless sa enyuhang tanan ug magmalambo-ong negosyo.

  138. Jec, having been there and eaten these, I suggest the lechon red curry, binagoongan na lechon, mongo guisado with chicharon, slow-cooked adobo and iba shake. Have a slice of biko too for dessert. Absolutely no regrets.

  139. Congratulations MM and the crew! this is another milestone for you all and the marketmanila readers!!!!

  140. Congratulations MM! I just looked at the photos and I’m literally drooling while typing this comment. My friends and I can’t wait to come by the restaurant when we come home in December. Btw, are you all selling the shirts, too?

  141. Congratulations, MM! The restaurant looks great. I will make sure to drop by if I get the chance to hie off to Cebu. Please launch a “Name the Pig” contest. Not that I want to join and win it, but I get a kick out of reading the suggestions – they’re really creative. The red pig logo is also well-designed and a wonderful touch to the ribbon. That pig looks almost happy to be roasted. :)

  142. You have the slow cooked adobo on your menu list??? Wow!!!! Hey, @moni, thanks for the advise. =)

  143. BIG CONGRATS!! looks like you guys are off to a good start. here’s to wishing you all the best!

  144. Lee, salamat guid for your link – viewed the floral arrangements and as they say in ilonggo, sobra guid catahum tahum!

  145. Hello MM Congratulations on the new opening of Zubuchon Cebu, I’m from Cebu and now residing in Davao City, I wish to visit the restaurant soon when I’m in Cebu.

    BTW, The monggos is my special all time viand topped with chicharon.. yummy!!

  146. Congrats MM! I have tasted your lechon and it is the very best…hands down! May your business boom and prosper! I guess I’ll have to fly to Cebu to have this! Any plans to open a branch in Korea?!?

  147. Yum! Hope to drop by Cebu on my Aug. vacation if only to try out your Zubuchon!

    BTW, I love the polo shirt with Zubuchon red insignia you were wearing MM! Will you be selling these shirts anytime soon(in different colors I hope and ladies polos)? Would love to get one!

  148. Anna, it was a pin on top of a polo shirt. :) Hi Chi! Thanks… I need a good, as in really good version of kimchi for the store… we get quite a few Korean clients and I would love to serve them lechon with kimchi! :)

  149. at last naa na jud restaurant serving zubuchon i’ve told my husband to visit cebu again
    so we can dine in your restaurant. Until now he’s still talking about that zubuchon we had
    last year we were in Cebu and everytime he heard of someone travelling to the Phils.
    he always mention the zubuchon in Cebu. Conrats MM and family.

  150. Congrats, MM and family! Very happy for you. I vote for “Zubu” as the mascot’s name and vote no on glossies on the wall as well.

  151. I was finally able to eat at Zubuchon! The iba shake was such a treat. Super lami! And it was so unexpected so it was extra exciting. The food actually tasted like it was made with love. :) Congrats, MM! :)

  152. congratz MM.. hope you could open one here in Manila.. preferably in Makati city :))))

  153. The service was actually really good. We were a big group for lunch on a busy Sunday, so it was hectic for the staff. When one of the pineapple-mint shakes got lost in the hustle, the manager was kind enough to explain what was going on and she surprised us by giving it to us for free.

    The servers were knowledgeable and professional-looking (in full make-up! Which I really liked by the way). They were a bit frazzled when the people traffic got crazy. We needed to follow-up some orders a few times. And some of our orders weren’t reflected on the bill too — but we declared it don’t worry haha. But for the most part they were quick and attentive. :)

    I forgot to tell you the last time, I thought the resto was classy but not intimidating. It’s a really cute concept. We’ll definitely be back :)

  154. Congratulations MarketMan! I went to Cebu for the day last Friday for some meetings and at the top of my agenda was lunch @ Zubuchon. And boy, this was the highlight of my day! I ordered the monggo soup, iba shake, sizzling bangus (for my vegetarian friend) and the zubuchon! It did not disappoint! The crew were very attentive , professional and very friendly — even when the place was bursting with people! I managed to hand-carry back with me 6 kilos of zubuchon for family and friends and 2 tubs of dinuguan — which was divine! Planning another trip back soon! Congratulations!

  155. Hey MM! Congratulations! Definitely looking forward to going home to CEBU in a few months time! Before I only had Harbour Dimsum (Ding Hao) to look forward to! Now I have Zubuchon too! :)

  156. JCo and Lambchop, thanks for all that feedback… I am so happy to hear the meals went reasonably well, and when things did not, they were able to recover… Thanks.

  157. Just curious, not sure if this was already covered elsewhere, and the menu board doesn’t list it… what exactly do you stock in the fridge?

  158. JE, we sell frozen ready to cook sisig, frozen dinuguan, paksiw, slow-cooked adobo, lechon, budbud kabog or pilit. We also sell pickles, biko, lard, etc. In the dry goods section there is a selection of chicharon, chili oils, jams/marmalades, etc.

  159. MM – would you have a price list of the frozen and dry goods? i’m thinking these would be great christmas treats to give out this year =)

  160. Lechon dinuguan?!? I’m salivating already! Congratulation Marketman!

  161. MM,
    have scheduled a family weekend vacation in late october in cebu and zubuchon resto will be the first in our eating itinerary, followed by the corner table, cafe elysa and banri noodle house, all favorably reviewed by you.

  162. very good food and iba shake. .was able to try it last aug 26 right after leaving my bags on the hotel room. .

  163. I can’t wait to go home to Cebu and try out your lechon. I hear my friends raving about it all the time. We need to have lunch! Or if you happen to visit Dallas, we are ready to taste anything you’re cooking. My little Kusina sa Eskina is always open for you!

  164. I can’t wait to try dining in your place. I miss the lechon! What is the business hours for this branch?

  165. wow!! congratulations MM for your success. i wish to visit cebu soo and try zubuchon!
    ive been an avid reader of your blogs. And actually i tried a few of your recipes already. and they are yummy. my favorite was the rolled liempo cooked lechon style, i forgot the namae, yikes! i actually introduced that to my brother in law. and they tried to cooked but i was not there. haha.. i am really passionate about cooking infact i do have my own recipe book that i wrote,experimented and some of the dishes i got from my lola and titas.
    God bless to you and your team!

  166. Hi MM, I am Vic, Mimi from Singapore’s brother. Good to hear that you already have a restaurant in Cebu! Will definitely try your Restaurant the next time in Cebu City.

  167. Finally, brought home to manila 2kg lechon from mango ave. It was very lean and not greasy. Good for people watching cholesterol intake, like me. The fresh rosemary in lechon was a bit strange, but I liked it. I have to “dine-in” next time.

  168. Had a yummy meal last night at your Escario Cebu branch. How could I have missed to order the kamias shake??? Ahhhh…now I have good reason to
    go back next week.
    Your staff is wonderful. Very professional and loves kids. The latter definitely matters to us parents who bring along an active toddler.

  169. Here’s an idea for a cochon inspired dessert: dark chocolate with crisp applewood smoked bacon pieces YUM! Hope to eat at your restaurant in the near future!
    What sauce do you serve with the lechon?

  170. Wow! Food looks great! Is this business open for any franchising offers in the near future? Hope to get a reply soon. Thanks!

  171. How can I order Zubuchon lechon I’m here in Manila? Hope you will open a branch here in Manila.

  172. Is this business open for franchising in the future? Hope to receive response soon. Thanks.

  173. I am one of the best in gastronomic but the Lechon of Zubuchon is not real the best for me one of the best is Cnt end for the people like the Lechon whit less fat is cangs Lechon I will give on Zubuchon the 3 place sorry but wery sorry to be end tell the true

  174. Hi Gino, thanks for your comment. I am not offended in the least, perhaps you simply seek the now classic impact of say a cup of MSG in your lechons which is what most commercial lechons have in their bellies, and it provides a distinct hit that some people associate with flavor, but others know is pure MSG. It’s not wrong, just a different taste and approach altogether. As for Cang’s they don’t sell retail, only whole order, so I would agree that smaller lechons do have less fat, but you cannot compare them to retail purchases, that would be doing apples to oranges, as they say. You may wish to try our whole zubuchon’s for order, I am sure they will have a similar fat profile, because I believe Cang’s (which is a very good name in lechon and DOES offer non-MSG lechons if requested) and us have similar sources for your backyard raised pigs. Please enjoy yourself and eat at CnT all you like. :)



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