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A Crew Trip to Hong Kong

29 Jul, 2014

If there’s one thing I really enjoy facilitating or enabling, it is to take folks who have never/rarely every been abroad on their first trip that requires a passport.

Linarang na Isda / Sour & Spicy Fish Soup

28 Jul, 2014

I think most people in Cebu would associate the soup “linarang” with a a soup from stalls near the Pasil seafood market in the wee hours of the morning that is made with large or small eel and or other fish.

Zubuchon/Zubudagat at Marina Mall is NOW OPEN!!!

27 Jul, 2014

Finally, we are open to serve meals at our Marina Mall location in Mactan, Cebu!

A Pause for the Departed Souls on MH017…

24 Jul, 2014

I have been crazed for three days, but I have managed to get 30 minutes of CNN every night before I pass out.

Before and (Almost) After…

22 Jul, 2014

Things have been a bit slow on the blog over the past two weeks… if you only knew why… :)

South Africa 25 — Wine & Chocolate Tasting at Waterford Estate, Stellenbosch

21 Jul, 2014

Traipsing through several vineyards a day may not be the ideal activity for an 18 year-old on holiday, but our daughter was a good sport about it.

South Africa 24 — Delaire Graff Estate

17 Jul, 2014

Another special vineyard/winery, hotel and restaurant complex that we visited in Stellenbosch is the Delaire Graff Estate.

South Africa 23 — The Farm Shop at Babylonstoren

16 Jul, 2014

How could you resist a visit to the Babylonstoren Farm Shop with still lifes of vegetables/produce like this beautifully arranged and left as eye candy throughout the utterly charming space?


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