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The Best Pad Thai I Have Ever Eaten…

30 Jul, 2016

Over several decades, I have tried at least 100 different pad thais around the world, and at least 20 of them were consumed in Bangkok, but without a doubt, this particular pad thai was the most memorable, and in my opinion, the best pad thai I have EVER eaten.

Drinks and Dinner at 12/10, finally…

29 Jul, 2016

Our daughter had raved about this small restaurant called 12/10 in an off-beat location on the fringe of Makati a year ago, and we had been meaning to eat there ever since…

Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France

15 Jul, 2016

Our deepest condolences and prayers go out to all those killed and injured in the most recent terrorist attack in Nice, France where a truck plowed into the walking crowd on the shut down Promenade des Anglais.

What is the one Filipino dish you crave for?

12 Jul, 2016

After a long trip abroad and it’s your first meal back, or if you live abroad and are visiting home or you are a foreigner who once lived in the Philippines and are passing by for a visit, what single Filipino dish do you crave for or look forward to eating?

Tinapang Bangus Spread

02 Jul, 2016

We had houseguests for the last few days, who had once lived in Manila some 50+ years ago, and were returning on a nostalgic trip to visit their old homes, school and other places.

Zubuchon Celebrates 5 Years in the Restaurant Business!!

30 Jun, 2016

Time flies while you are crazed with opening and managing a bunch of restaurants.

Stuffed Boneless Bangus a la Marketman

29 Jun, 2016

We have been entertaining house guests for the last few days who have been family friends for over 50 years.

“Cold Cake” on a Xi’an Street Corner

20 Jun, 2016

Our final stop on “The Lost Plate” food tour in Xi’an was literally a sweet, fragrant ending to a lovely morning spent eating and touring markets.


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