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Chimney Bread

19 Aug, 2016

This post is long overdue.

Homegrown Peppercorns!!!

18 Aug, 2016

I just couldn’t believe my own eyes.

Shang Mao Qu Fresh Market, Yiwu China

18 Aug, 2016

The market seemed unusually clean, almost antiseptic.

There are FLAMING BALLS on my feet!!!

17 Aug, 2016

After keeping up a blistering pace walking some 65 kilometers in total over 3 days in China while on a buying trip, we decided to take a breather on our last afternoon and visited a local market and local food store before a dinner of Northeastern Chinese food.

Full-Service Water Chestnut Vendor…

17 Aug, 2016

We were in the middle of the most ginormous wholesale mall on the planet in Yiwu, China.

A Mostly Seafood Boodle for 50-60 people!!

16 Aug, 2016

Seafood, seafood, seafood.

A Normal, Silly, Bizarre Day at the Office… :)

15 Aug, 2016

Our office in Cebu is located in a (literally) converted garage in the middle of a generous lot on a hill.

Preserved Cherry Blossoms… Any ideas?!

14 Aug, 2016

A good friend recently returned from a tour of Japanese temples and brought this unusual ingredient…


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