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Angelina, Rue du Bac, Paris

24 Jun, 2015

Just a few steps down and across the street from Les Toiles du Soleil is the venerable patisserie, Angelina, that was first established in 1903.

Les Toiles du Soleil, Rue du Bac, Paris

24 Jun, 2015

One of the absolute, and not necessarily expensive, joys of Paris is simply strolling through many of the different neighborhoods that make up the city.

Skinning a Butete or Porcupinefish

23 Jun, 2015

I always thought these were called pufferfish.

“Street Food” in Paris — Freshly seared foie gras!

23 Jun, 2015

I kid you not.

Zubuchon’s 4th Anniversary — 4 Peso Boneless Belly Fried Rice!!

16 Jun, 2015

Yup, it’s been four years already since we opened our first restaurant! And as a thank you, we are offering PHP4 (4 peso) boneless belly fried rice for take-away for the first 400 customers in each of our 4 restaurants and 4 Zubu Belly kiosks. A total of 3,200 portions are available today,…

I am back in a few days…

11 Jun, 2015

Meanwhile, you can follow my posts on Instagram by going to this page: without having to sign up for Instagram. But not to worry, lengthier posts with more photos will be up on the blog in the weeks ahead. Thanks to Guits for that link!

@therealmarketman on Instagram…

04 Jun, 2015

Blog posts are going to be fewer and farther between for the next two weeks as we head to Paris by train while I am in the middle of OLD posts on Paris last November/December…

Meanwhile, I have managed 26 instagrams in just 4 days on the Cote d’azur so you may want to…

Mora, A. Simon & La Bovida, Paris

04 Jun, 2015

There are three other cooking supplies or ingredients stores in the same neighborhood as E. Dehillerin, and they are so close together that visiting all of them in one morning or afternoon is easily done.


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