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“Lechichor” (Lechon, Chicken & Chorizo) a la Marketman…

13 Jan, 2016

So the lechon was carrying twin chickens, that were in turn surrounded by several dozen homemade chorizos.

“Red Fruit” Pavlova a la Marketman

10 Jan, 2016

Sometimes, “leftover” and “free” makes wonderful, wonderful things. :)

The Christmas Tree and Creche at the Metropolitan Museum in New York

19 Dec, 2015

The tree and creche go up every year around the holidays at the Met in New York.

Protected: Outrageous Filipino Christmas Parties…

16 Dec, 2015

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

You’ll want the password for the next post…

16 Dec, 2015

The next post about company Christmas parties is password protected. If you knew the old password for these posts, just think the latest version of the genre, and you are in (all lower case). Sorry folks, I can’t make this a public post. :)

The Easiest Roast Beef Recipe Ever…

14 Dec, 2015

I recently read this 2011 article about a roast beef recipe credited to Anne Serrane, that dates back to 1966, published in the New York Times, that sounded too simple to be good. But it is brilliant. Just brilliant.

Christmas Up in Flames?!

06 Dec, 2015

I recently watched a quick news clip about a thief who tried to descend into a house in the U.S. through the chimney and he got stuck. The owner of the house lit a fire, (I wonder if he knew there was someone in the chimney) and the thief died, probably of smoke…

Harrods Food Hall for the Holidays…

30 Nov, 2015

We have been in New York for the past week, and we’ve noticed that retail is not doing particularly well on this coast at least.


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