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The Mayfair Hotel, London

19 Nov, 2015

The travel posts that follow are from a previous trip to London that I never wrote about. It just so happened to be exactly a year ago, so the pre-Christmas aspects of that trip slot nicely into this current timeframe.

What?! A Backpack?!!

17 Nov, 2015

I am one of those folks that travel with more traditional “hand carry” or “overnight” bags. I don’t like the practical roll-on bags (though I do own one) and would rather hassle with a proper bag filled with proper travel goodies. It’s just a thing. See an old post on the…

Au Revoir, “Silly Lolo”…

16 Nov, 2015

I was on hiatus. And as the days and weeks passed, it seemed easier not to get back to the blog and post one of the many entries I have photos and material for… I have recently felt that social media has gone just a bit too far, and my instagram posts of…

HK Wholesale Flower Market

25 Oct, 2015

We were recently in Hong Kong for a couple of days.

How to Roast Lechons in Your Garage During a Storm…

18 Oct, 2015

Plans started several months ago.

Pigafetta Cebu Opens This Weekend!

15 Oct, 2015

This is the reason the blog has been so quiet of late.

A Presidential Campaign?!

08 Oct, 2015

A moment of madness? Or just stirring a hornet’s nest? I had my GM download the one page certificate of candidacy for President of the Republic of the Philippines. I was just curious. I am so fed up with local politics that it seems bizarre to even consider a real…

Accckk, the new Bond Song is horrific…

27 Sep, 2015

I gained 3 pounds just listening to it (I am supposed to be on a Bond-inspired diet). It’s horrible in my opinion. Go figure. I really like some of Sam Smith’s songs, but this one is just not a Bond song, sorry. It’s evil bad, in my personal opinion. I…


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