Singapore Style Curry Flavored Noodles

Mrs. MM and I officially called Singapore our home for nearly 5 years in the early 90’s. While we were constantly traveling (for business) during that time, we always managed to get back to Singapore at least 2-3x a month for a few days. And it is during this period that I somehow fell in love with noodles flavored with curry powder. I never bothered how to learn to cook them at the time, since they were readily available from hawker stands that were not only convenient, but economical as well. While experimenting with local noodles flavors in Cebu a couple of weeks ago, I decided to try one that might approximate the noodles we used to enjoy in Singapore all those years ago… it turns out it was really easy to do…

The versions I used to have had shrimp, char sit (barbecued pork), bean sprouts and other veggies. So to make our version, we started with a bit of chopped lechon (not as flavorful as char siu), shrimp, onions, garlic and lard then when that was soft, added in other veggies, chicken stock, curry powder, bihon noodles (that are supposed to be rice I am told, but are sometimes made with cornstarch now here in the Philippines), bean sprouts and salt and pepper. Ideally, you want a well seasoned wok (not a pathetic kawali as in photos), super hot flames and a wrist of a young one to flip the noodles around like your life depended on it.

Achieving that “wok hay” or breath of a wok is essential to the quality of the dish, in my opinion. The results? Not bad at all. Definitely edible, definitely delicious. Not quite the ones I recall from many a hawker stall in Singapore, but it’s a good start.

P.S. My grey matter is failing, it seems I did another version of this recipe just 4 years ago, here, though it was much more involved with a few more ingredients like sriracha? that I wouldn’t have dreamed of putting in this most recent version… :)


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  1. I remember you mentioned this before, I think, in your Sop Buntot post. I recalled it again of course, during my recent Beef rendang from scratch spree when a search yielded nothing. Lot to learn from our neighbours and close relatives from this area. I also turn out a reasonable facsimile of their Char Kway Teoh using shirataki fettuccine and tofu noodles for a low-carbs version. I swear I could have traveled there more extensively if only my Malaysian colleagues at work had not totally turned me off with their misplaced air of superiority.

    Mother avoided sotanghon made from anything other than mung bean starch which you find out as soon as you soak ‘em. Korean translucent noodle is made from sweet potato starch and yet it is resistant and durable even with careless handling. I think the key in learning to handle them is testing it first in small quantities, just how experiments ought to be done.

  2. Hi Marketman,

    Offtopic: I saw you in that Metro Lifestyle Channel ad on ch52 along with the likes of Claude Tayag, Sandy Daza, etc. That pairing with JP Anglo made you guys look like Tom and Jerry! ha ha ha

  3. Hello MarketManila,
    I am an aspiring millenial farmer growing asian vegetables a few years now on our small rooftop. I’ve stumbled on your blog quite a lot when doing research and found you have great appreciation for quality and new produce.
    Can I send you samples of my vegetables? I don’t think they have this spinach on the market yet, atleast not in Manila the way it is usually grown.


  4. Hi Kelvin, I would be interested in trying your produce… andrew, you mean Mutt and Jeff didn’t come to mind when you saw the same clip?? :)

  5. Great! I’m not sure if you can see my email on your end as it was required from me before posting. Can you send me a message so we can coordinate there?



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