Super Blue Blood Moon – Manila

That I captured this image on a basic point and shoot camera, hand-held (with the shakiest of hands), amazes me. But that this event, a Super Blue Blood Moon that last occurred some 150 years ago and will occur again in 20 years or so, is even more amazing. I love that once in a Blue Moon refers to a second full moon in a calendar month, the super moon refers to the size as the moon orbits closer to earth, and the blood moon is due to a lunar eclipse…

The size of this moon wasn’t particularly unusual last night, but the orange tint and the second full moon was worth setting an alarm to go out side and look at it around 930pm in the evening. Imagine if you saw it through a decent telescope. :)


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  1. I get what you mean with current day photographic equipment which started coming into its own as a mass handheld device with Kodak’s Instamatic. Before that, we asked for the presence of the town’s photographer when we wanted to capture any moment for posterity.

    As for the next Super Blue Blood Moon, I trust that I might be able
    to watch that from a better vantage point since…

    …, of my threescore years and ten,
    Twenty will not come again, …

    A E Houseman

  2. Hello,
    Sorry to comment here, but your contact page doesn’t have a form
    I was hoping you could contact me regarding your Lakatan bananas


  3. Hi MM

    This is off topic.

    Hubby and I go back home to Manila at least twice a year and stay for no more than 2 weeks. During those 2 weeks, we don’t go to the same restaurant twice so we can try as many restaurants/food as possible (except for Mamou as we both love their steak, which we find is a bit like Peter Luger’s). That ‘culinary policy’ changed after he went to Zubuchon in Makati (I first went to your Cebu branch 3 years ago and insisted that he tries your lechon). Every time we are home, he now insists on going to Zubuchon at least twice (as soon as we arrive and before we depart) not only because of the food but the service, as well. I’m really happy that we don’t have to travel all the way to Cebu to have good lechon, among others!

    I just wanted to share that. Can’t wait to go back soon..

  4. MP, many, many thanks for your kind comments. I will share that with the crew at the Makati branch. We now serve thousands of folks everyday and well, it doesn’t always go as planned or scripted, so its nice to hear when folks recognize the efforts so many crew are attempting to deliver consistently, day in and day out. Please let me know when you might next be in town, if I am here, I would love to drop by to say hello. It’s always a pleasure to meet long-time blog readers, they seem like family without ever having actually met face-to-face… :)

    alexishyne, yes, a telescope would have been brilliant, particularly because of the unexpectedly clear skies over Manila that night.

    Paul, there is an email in the contact page, but nonetheless, I simply write about food, and don’t have any lakatan sources other than from markets when I come across them.

    Footloose, you either have to visit Manila for a long leisurely meal a la Marketman or I will have to visit Toronto to see it’s apparently SPECTACULAR food markets as an excuse to finally meet and have a coffee with you.

  5. It seems not so long ago when the whole gang was all here talking about the ongoing winter olympics and now another winter olympics is once again upon us. Some of the uniforms are still godawful ugly and a few events still provoke quizzical pause among non-diehards. One of them, my adoptive country’s second-favourite sporting event, curling. I cheer for them as a patriotic gesture but consider it not a sweeping generalization to say that it leaves one cold.

  6. OMG, Footloose, I was just talking about curling with someone the other day. I figured it was something Filipinos might excel at… all we would need is access to mall skating rinks (several in Manila) after hours and a refined sweeping (walis tambo) motion while skating backwards, no?



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