A 775 Pound Pumpkin!


The Autumn or Fall Season was always my favorite time of year when I lived in temperate regions. The spectacular hues of turning leaves, the crisp evening and early morning air, the abundant produce at the end of Summer, and the promise of several wonderful holidays ahead always put me in a seriously good mood. First there was Halloween (terrific if you have kids, and going around in thick costumes in cool weather made more sense, not to mention the sweets!), then Thanksgiving – the ultimate foodie holiday, then of course Christmas and New Year’s which is always FANTASTIC… So you can imagine my glee when I spotted this monstrous pumpkin while driving by a New England nursery last week!!!


At 775 pounds, this mammoth pumpkin was a baby by State Fair standards, I am told, where champion giant pumpkins can top 1,500 pounds after a single summer growing season! But this was big enough for me! :) We were in search of a pot of flowers to give as a present and were thrilled to spot this pumpkin.


Yup, that’s me, squatting beside the thing and suddenly I didn’t feel so fat. It was kind of gross in a way, and conjured images of an enormous sagging body part. Eewww. Hahaha. Can I say that? :)


It was like a scene out of a real life jack and the beanstalk, or at least jack and the giant pumpkin. The thing was so massive it had to be loaded onto a wooden palette and moved around with a pay-loader!


We picked out a nice pot of crysanthemums from a wonderful range of fall colors, and soon we were on our way…


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  1. yay i’m first to comment! love fall too! just went veggie picking yesterday at a nearby farm here in illinois and enjoyed seeing the pumpkins. hubby and i did not get a pumpkin this year but we did get butternut squash to make soup. yum!

  2. So beautiful photos, gorgeous crysanthemums. I like the fall season. I myself just cut a small bunch of my blooming mums and put it in a vase. It looks very nice in my dining table. I love the new Market Manila by the way.

  3. Aww, I want to experience fall season too. The season conjures such vivid visuals for me, even if I haven’t experienced it firsthand. Kinikilig ako thinking about it. Hahaha.

    Wow. Amazing huge pumpkin! In the Philippines, where pumpkins are not as common and/or cheap, we make do with terracotta jack o’lanterns me and my mom bought from one of the plant nursery and garden supply stores along White Plains. We place a small candle inside each one, and leave on the small patch of grass outside our bakod for Halloween. (I think by the time we get cleaned up from Tropical Storm Ondoy, it’ll just be in time to take them out again for Halloween. Yes, we got flooded until inside the house. Ah, oh well.)

  4. you photo with the pumpkin looks like a master touching on his huge pet dog….thanks for sharing this post! nice photos.

  5. wow, those pictures are sooo beautiful! i can’t wait
    to bake pumpkin pies. i have a lso a delicious pumpkin
    soup that was given by a friend and i so look
    forward to making that soup. your pictures just
    inspired me to make all these…
    thanks for sharing with us your pictures and your travel

  6. It reminds me of that character in the first Star Wars movie…. can’t recall the name… memory gap… LOL…. it’s Jaba something….

  7. The pumpkin looks unreal. If it were in a photo with other sofas, I’d think it was something you could sink into, too.



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