Thousands of Hot Meals for The Kids…

Hi everyone. Some of the posts that are coming out today like the pumpkin one were pre-written and pre-scheduled for release, hence the odd timing given the current disaster in our midst. Since yesterday, MM and family have been first making sure that family, friends, neighbors and staff are fine and their homes and food supply secure. After many attempts, we have finally located and spoken to our gardener who resides in one of the flooded areas of Marikina. He and his family are fine, but his home was almost completely destroyed, and today we have started to help him rebuild immediately. Other staff members are safe and their homes miraculously unaffected by the floods. The next phase of assistance has gone out to organizations we are associated with such as a small private elementary school, and relief operations for affected areas near those institutions are currently underway. Blankets, clothing, construction materials, food, water, milk etc. were all being gathered this morning for immediate distribution to the most needy. In a few short hours, the kids and their families at this school have collected thousands of canned goods and used clothing and by this afternoon they will have packed and distributed a minimum of 1,000 care packages with rice, canned goods, noodles, water, clothing, etc. to families in the immediate area who need assistance. In addition, we have already acquired and distributed hundreds of bottles of fresh water, instant noodles and canned goods since Sunday. The next step is to seriously increase the delivery of hot nutritious meals under the already existing reader sponsored feeding programs in Taguig. All schools are still officially closed at this point, but I have just minutes ago reached our contacts at the Taguig public school we have been helping to ensure that when schools re-open on Thursday, we are able to offer daily feeding programs (up from 3x weekly) and if possible, to double or triple the number of children who can benefit from this effort. It is here that I appeal for help from Marketmanila readers located all over the world…

The disaster that has struck Metro-Manila and nearby provinces is so acute that the strain on locally available resources is immense. I know everyone is out there trying to help in any way they can. I have seen friends, neighbors and strangers rush to get food and water to give to those affected by the floods. Donations of money and goods are pouring into the Red Cross and other organizations. But the poorest of our fellow citizens will need A LOT MORE assistance. Therefore, I am appealing to those of you abroad who would like to help to give whatever you can to whatever organization you prefer, whether the Red Cross, ABS-CBN and other news station foundations, church groups, etc. However, I am also opening up the lines for small donations and I will use the funds raised to fund the expanded and increased feeding programs for underprivileged and undernourished kids at the Tenement School in Taguig, Metro-Manila. If you would like to help with the feeding programs, kindly send your donations to:

BDO (Banco de Oro)
Cebu City, Philippines
ACCOUNT NUMBER 609-008282-0
Account Name: Eva Sonia Espana

Last Christmas, this bank account was set-up for donations to the Cebu Feeding program, and many donors sent funds using XOOM from the U.S. For the flood effort, I will transfer any funds received into that account for the next month or so to the stepped up Taguig feeding program efforts. If you would rather give to a more established relief organization, please do so instead. But I promise you that 100% of funds you donate through the above account will end up with the feeding program, and all organizational costs will be shouldered by Marketman & Family. A $50 donation will provide approximately 125 meals, $100 will buy 250 meals. To start the effort, Marketman & Family are donating a minimum of 2,500 meals to this feeding effort, in addition to other relief assistance we are currently already involved in. So please, if you can, thousands of your countrymen need your help. Thank you very much in advance for your generous assistance.

Over the past few years, readers have donated over PHP1.2 million pesos to the feeding programs, which by the end of the 2009-2010 school year will have provided some 60,000 hot meals for undernourished public school students. Thank you for your generosity, the kids really do appreciate your help. :)

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  1. This is really one of those times we urgently need to help our poor countrymen. I trust more on your program MM, so my own small help will be forthcoming…Keep up the noble work.

  2. hi MM, I am currently compiling lists of venues and donation channels for others to reach and donate whatever is needed…I will link this post and include this in the list for reference. Your meals will truly make a huge difference. Thank you for your efforts, more power!

  3. Responding to your appeal MM.

    In addition to my contribution to others, I have instructed my sister to transfer funds to the Cebu account. Once again, I am tagging the amount with .01 cent to identify my share in your effort.
    Good luck in your good work.

  4. I’m in. Just post the info on where to donate.

    If anyone can organize a paypal donation process, that would greatly facilitate making donations from abroad. It can increase the amount donated if it’s made easy. I tried donating through Xoom last year for the feeding program and hit problems.

  5. Thank you for organizing this. The damage and death in the Philippines is so heartbreaking that I’m sure every little bit of effort helps!

    Even though I can’t personally assist in the search and rescue of thousands that are still stranded w/o food, water, or electricity, I’ll offer monetary donations (through here and the Philippine Red Cross) and prayers.

    My cousins e-mailed me to say there is another storm 3 days away . . .

    The entire nation of the Philippines is in my thoughts.

  6. Ok…how about for those of us here in the Lower Mainland…I am talking Vancouver and suburbs, let’s just send whatever amont you would like to donate in 1 shot. This way i think we can save on transfer fees and maybe just add the transfer fees to your donation. Last time Maria Clara and I sent in our donation together and we saved on transfer fees.

    As a token of my gratitude, I would like to reciprocate your generosity, Mga Mrs. over here, by giving you some bake goodies. If you would like to send your donation togther, I will be sending mine on MOnday next week (oct.5?) . So from now, until Friday, send me an e-mail and I can pick up your donations on the week-end. I shall also send to MM your names and corresponding amount here so you will know I am NOT LIKE some of the public officials out there! My and we can arrange date and time…whatever is convenient for you ladies and gents!

  7. I think a PayPal account would be better. That way we save on transfer fees. Those transmission fees could add up to buy more food…

  8. Hi Bettyq,
    Sent you an email via my yahoo account… which may end up in your Spam/Trash.

    website looks great!

  9. You are doing a wonderful thing, thank you! It does warm my heart how many people are helping in this time of need. More power MM

  10. betty q, do you have a paypal account? I can transfer funds to you faster that way. I would like to help MMs program too.

  11. Lou, Sunflowii (Ontario?)…got your e-mail…reply on its way

    Lojet…so sorry. I don’t have paypal …only my son has paypal!. Here is a suggestion…those in US. If you have paypal, LOjet…how about coordinating this if you want to save on trnsfer fees/add transfer fees na lang to your donation…sending all monies received on 1 transaction! I am sure a lot of those based in US esp. with paypal accounts will join you, Lojet, on this…

  12. I’m volunteering to be the coordinator for the U.S. senders. I have a paypal account and I’ve also sent to the BDO account of Belen Desquitado in Cebu before through xoom for MM’s feeding program. I can just change the name and/or account number to the new recipient MM posted above. My account with paypal is under Please send all your donations by Thursday 10/1, so that I can consolidate and send them to the Cebu BDO account ASAP. For paypal senders, make sure you add your name to the comments area so that I can post them to this site when i send out the summary.

    Also send me a confirmation to the same email account once you have sent your donation.

  13. TED, BUD!!! …good for you to step up!!!

    Mga Mrs! …every dollar that you manage to send be even $5…it all adds up! The way I see it …if you want to send $5 by yourself, the transaction fee costs more than the donation. SAYANG! So, let’s pool our resources and do just 1 bank transfer! I will shoulder the transaction fees and you get baked goodies for your merienda! …or kakanin…I will be making ENSAYMADAS and/or chocolate cake and/or kakanin. Now as Ted knows, making ensaymadas is a LABOUR OF LOVE!!!

    See….it is a Win Win situation!

  14. MLQIII posted a Kickstart fund program for folks in USA w accounts. Here’s the link:

    This one will run till the end of Tuesday 09/30/09. It has a pledge goal of $500.00. As of latest update, funds donated amounted to $649.00. I hope it will reach at least $1000.00. There are no admin fees and funds will be donated to the Red Cross or Jesuits of the Philippines (an arm of Catholic Relief Services).

    I donated here because it was easy for me to do so via my account.

  15. Dear Betty Q, Mine will be in the mail tomorrow. I’ll send you an mail. Prayers, good wishes, goods and monetary assistance to our kababayans back home. Thank you, MM for your feeding program & MM fans for their kind & generous contribution. Tulungan natin ang mga kapwa natin.

  16. MM, so far i have a donation for $50 from one person showing up on my Paypal account. Will consolidate whatever i get by 10/1 and send it to xoom.

  17. On our side of the globe, MM, we have to date….$100 (Lou), $100(Sunflowii), $100(from my boys), US$25(Guia). Hopefully, this figure will increase by the end of the week!

  18. Just sent something through Ted. MM, thank you for all your hard work. As I always tell my siblings, your reward is in heaven.

  19. @pinkytab, i just got confirmation from paypal about your donation($100). Thank You. I have now $150 in the paypal account from 2 people.

  20. Hi Ted,

    Just sent $100 from myself and family members. Maraming salamat to MM for spearheading this. This is much more efficient than trying to collect and mail goods from here.

    Blessings and safety to all the survivors. Unfortunately there is still difficulty ahead — media says there are still people stranded without food.

    Condolences to anyone who lost a loved one. Our thoughts are with you.

    Ingat, Christina

  21. Thank you bettyq and Ted for your wonderful efforts, and all of the donors for your contributions, we are starting the increased feeding programs tomorrow if the Taguig school reopens, if not, as soon as they re-open. Salamat.

  22. Hi everyone, Xoom offers fee-free transfers to the Philippine National Red Cross using the code HELPONDOY. It is available up until October 9 Friday. Hope everyone can help anyway and anywhere they can. My heart goes out to all Filipinos in this dire situation. More power to MM for all his never ending efforts to help the poor and needy.

  23. MM, latest update on my paypal account. Donors as follows:
    Lojet $200, Pinkytab $100, Maria N. $100, Irene U. $50,,,grand total $450.00

    Future donors, if possible when you send your donations, please use the direct bank account method instead of other method, so that the full amount of your donation gets credited. MM, I will shoulder the expense of the deductions from paypal. The BDO account will still get the full amount sent by the donors.

  24. Ted, that is VERY kind of you. Thanks. angelbride, thanks for that headsup, very nice of XOOM to offer that service. Any help to the Philippines right now is sorely needed. We have now come across several people who have lost everything in their homes, and are thankful just to be alive.

  25. God bless you all!
    May God and his mercy help us find blessing from this tribulations (in a way it brings us all Filipino and others together).
    and may God bless those people who help and pray for all our kababayans.

    I love them Filipinos too, who were smiling in front of the cameras even after the calamity they’ve just experienced.

  26. Thank you Marketman for your efforts to help the kids of Taguig, especially after this storm. We are residents of Taguig City, and although our village was spared from flooding, the rest of interior Taguig was not. I personally saw places still chest-deep in floodwaters, their homes uninhabitable, and sadly these are people who were already struggling to begin with . We went to ABS CBN Sagip Kapamilya and they gave us 30 sacks of relief goods good for 30 families, while GMA Kapuso Foundation gave us almost 500 sacks of relief goods good for at least 2000 families! Still, it is just a drop in the bucket, and the people there still truly need your help. So, thank you so much for this endeavor.

  27. MM, I have an additional $120 donation sent by two of your readers:
    Flip4ever $100
    Agnes G. $20

    Total amount in my paypal account as of this date is $570.00. Thanks so much to those who donated. I still have not added my pledge to the total, so future donors, how about if we shoot for a $1000.00. Two more days to go.

  28. MM,
    An additional $125.00 got posted to my paypal account from the folllowing donors:
    Daniel J. $50
    xsa_vea $75

    Total amount now on my paypal account is $695.00..Thank You to all the donors.

  29. MM,
    Another $200 donation from Jean Pope got credited to my paypal account. As it stands I now have a total of $895.00. I think with the addition of my pledge, I will end up transferring the goal of $1,000.00 or more to Xoom by tomorrow, depending on more donors to send by end of business here today. What a great effort from all readers/donors.

    Thank You and may God Bless you ALL!!!

  30. Denise, thank you so much for your generosity, the kids will be most grateful. Ted, thanks for all your effort, it is indeed amazing what readers are willing to do to help.

  31. MM: From Canada and US as well, I shall send the ff. from: $100 from Lou (I met today and gave her ensaymadas as my gesture of thanks), $100 from Sunflowii (I would have mailed her ensaymadas pero baka “amagin” by the time she gets it, .$100 from my boys, US$75 from Psychomom, US$25 from Guia. I shall do the bank transfer Oct. 2, MM.

    Maramimg Salamat sa inyong lahat, mga Mrs.!

  32. bettyq, THANK YOU so much and to all the wonderful donors as well. I think with Ted’s batch of funds, and others in Manila, we may bet to 7-8,000 meals worth of assistance. That is just wonderful! And so kind of readers to respond. Salamat.

  33. Hi MM, deposited cheque in the amount of P10,001 for your good cause. Hope I will be able to extend more in the future.

  34. MM,

    Sending a cheque to help in your feeding program. Thanks for all that you do for these wonderful kids. God bless you.


  35. My husband would also like to contribute to the feeding program, I will deposit the cheque today. God bless you!



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