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  1. I’m so sorry MM and family. I’ve been dreading this post since you last wrote about her. She had a wonderful life, and gave much joy and love to your family.

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss MM. I loved reading the snippets about Ginger through the years. I hope your daughter is OK too, I can’t imagine what it feels like to be away at a time like this. :(

  3. My condolences to you and your family. I said my goodbye to Lucky, my dog, nearly a decade ago and I still miss him every day.
    Ginger’s lucky to have such a loving family and I’m sure she’s missing all of you as much as you miss her.

  4. ami, OMG, thank you SO SO much for that. I forgot completely about that video, and it was a joy to see her hopping around the pool with the kids (at around the 18-19 minute mark in the video). And besides, MM dubbed into a deep Indian voice was just too funny not to bring a smile to my face on a dreadful morning… Thanks. Thank you Marie, Karina, Rona and cumin.

  5. The ginger-hued rose is indeed a fitting tribute: not too celebratory, not too somber. I offer my condolences to your loss of a beloved family member.

  6. I’m sorry to hear of your loss, MM. Your posts on Ginger have always made my family smile. She always seemed so content and happy, yes, even with the cone around her neck after her surgery.

  7. Oh, I am so sorry MM! Surely she is now in dog heaven. The rose is a fitting tribute to her. We, your loyal readers will also miss Ginger.

  8. My condolences to you and your family, MM. I lost a pet when I was in my teens, and still feel sad whenever I think about it. Goodbye, Ginger.

  9. Thanks everyone for your kind, kind thoughts. As a tribute to her, I chased stray and neighborhood cats out of our lawn yesterday afternoon as they use it as kitty litter (why don’t they poop in their own houses?)… just innocent fun. Ginger would have been proud. :)

  10. Sorry to hear about Ginger going to dog heaven.

    Not to long ago, we lost our beagle suddenly (died in his sleep) while we were all out of town. It was hard to break the news to my daughter, as I’m sure it was for you to inform IVB.

    Hope you all feel better soon.

  11. I feel your loss. They are unique in all of creation in that a dog will love you more than its own life itself.

  12. A sad post. I remember too well the first dog that my husband brought home for the kids. I cried when it was not able to recover and eventually passed away. I was surprised at my reaction then. I guess that happens when you get close to it and cared for it as much as the rest of the family.

  13. Sorry to hear about Ginger.

    :( Are you going to bury Ginger in your backyard?

    There’s a pet cemetery (Pet Valley) in Cavite where we had our dear cat buried, just in case you are considering cremation/burial.

  14. So sorry to hear about your loss. Its a sad event in the MM family and community. Farewell Ginger!

  15. So sad to hear this. I always say our dogs are not dogs because they’re our kids. My sister has a 16-year olld poodle that they brought over from the US and who has continued to defy all odds, but they know that sooner or ater, the dreaded day will come. Goodbye, Ginger.

  16. Thanks millet, la emperor, Mimac and Cecile. Mimac, she was cremated, and her remains in an urn we will keep until our daughter is home and we will all bury her at the beach house in Batangas…

  17. oh..I have tears in my eyes..pets are so much a part of our families, so sorry for your loss MM and family.

  18. Sending you and your family my condolences. Ginger was well loved and lived a great life. I am taking care of a senior dog myself right now and am trying to do what is best for him so that in the end I will have no regrets.

  19. So so sorry for your loss MM. It’s so hard to say goodbye to a furbaby especially since Ginger has been with you for so long. I can truly empathize.

  20. So sad! I feel for you MM. I have a chocolate lab myself and I would be so overcome with grief if something happened to him. They are such loving and loyal creatures. =(

  21. So sorry for the loss, sir. I just lost my beloved dog too a few months back so I know the feeling :(

  22. So sorry for your loss, MM! Ginger was loved and will definitely watch over you guys in Doggy Heaven.

  23. I hope Ginger goes to heaven for dogs. It’s really painful when someone you really care for passess away. I’m sure there’s plenty happy memories to remember her by.

  24. Sorry for your loss. I also lost my dearest schnauzer KB (ClayB) August of last year. Sadness :(

  25. This is sad. My cousin’s mini pinscher also passed away recently and we are all sad since we all like spoiling her. In human years, the dog was 17 yrs old.



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